Wednesday, 13 December 2006


Just a quick blog entry today! I've been to the doctor's this morning for the results of my 24 hour EGC and my blood test. My own doctor is off this week so had to see somebody else as I didn't want to leave it until Monday. Anyway my ECG was fine and so was my blood and as long as I feel OK she's happy to leave things as they are for now. I told her that I still get the odd palpatation and sometimes my chest feels tight and when it does I feel like I'm going down with cold but we've come the conclusion that this is all stress related due to things that have gone on over the last few months. I was telling her about my Dad and she understood completely. Doesn't help the fact that I am scared I'm going to have a heart attack because of the stress etc. It can't be doing me any good.

I took Abi with me as I'd got an appointment for her. Doctor won't give her anything and says it has to run it's course so we called in at school and asked if they could arrange for some work to be sent home for her. She's missed 10 days already and it's just ridiculous.

Three more thank you's today to Claire for the gorgeous birthday card and for granting my wish on the SMO board for the Rainbow Gallery Petite Braid, and to Linda and Ryan for the lovely birthday card. So pleased to hear that you are OK Linda. I was worried about when you hadn't updated your blog for so long. Also thank you to Fudgey for the lovely ecard. The picture on it is Nadia Tate's Pinecone Fae and she is gorgeous. Makes me want to start collecting ACEOs!

No stitching finishes today. I did a little bit on SMO Dream a Little Dream but then started to feel ill so packed in and laid on the settee. So I think I might try and do some this afternoon as long as I feel OK but I'm tired as I was ages getting to sleep last night then was awake when DH got up at 5am and didn't go back to sleep again:(

Looks like Blogrolling has finally fixed the updating thing! Not before time really!


Anonymous said...

pleased your results came back OK. lots of love Julie x

Heather said...

Great to hear your results are ok Sally, I was wondering about them.

Sounds like your Birthday celebrations will be running into a few days this year, and why not!!!!!

ish said...

So pleased everythings ok

Hope you had a fantastic birthday

Ish x

nancy said...

Yea! I'm glad the test results went well! Now to get Abi feeling better!
You use blogrolling, huh? I've not tried that yet ... ok, another thing for 'one of these days'. *lol*