To Stitch From In 2019 and Beyond!

  1. Blackbird Designs Willow House
  2. LHN Moonlight
  3. Shepherd's Bush French Heart
  4. Shepherd's Bush Blackberrie Sampler
  5. DMC Floral Ornament
  6. Homespun Elegance Winter Patches
  7. iStitch Designs Sew Lavendar
  8. iStitch Designs Sew Peaceful
  9. iStitch Designs Sew Winter
  10. iStitch Designs Sew Advent
  11. iStitch Designs Sew a Brown Bunny 
  12. Shepherd's Bush Tiny Garden Roll
  13. Indigo Rose Mary's Pin Pillow
  14. The Snowflower Diaries Angel's Blessings
  15. Celtic Rose Needlecraft Sheltering Robin 
  16. Cottage Garden Samplings Christmas Sampler
  17. Country Cottage Needleworks Snowman Trio
  18. Barbara Ana Designs Christmas Robins Scissor Fob
  19. Abbey Rose Designs Angels Watching Over Me
  20. Lilli Violette With You
  21. Jardin Prive Histoire De Moutons 2
  22. Jardin Prive Histoire De Moutons 3
  23. Jardin Prive Histoire De Moutons 4
  24. Stitchers Anon Designs Marley Was Dead......To Begin With
  25. Stitchers Anon Season of Love Heart
  26. Stitchers Anon Season of Peace Heart
  27. Stitchers Anon Season of Joy
  28. Stitchers Anon Season of Faith
  29. Jardin Prive Histoire De Moutons 1
  30. Country Cottage Needleworks Santa's Sampler
  31. Stitchers Anon Holmsey Hare's Winter Wonderland part 1
  32. Stitchers Anon Holmsey Hare's Winter Wonderland part 2
  33. Stitchers Anon Holmsey Hare's Winter Wonderland part 3
  34. Little House Needleworks Here's My Heart ( free chart with newest CC threads)
  35. Little House Needlework House Rules
  36. The Primitive Hare Santa's Home Treasure Box
  37. Little House Needleworks Autumn ABCs
  38. Plum Street Samplers Kringle and Woodard
  39. With Thy Needle and Thread Oh Tannenbaum
  40. With Thy Needle and Thread Snow Birds
  41. Little House Needleworks Winter ABCs
  42. JBW Designs French Country Love
  43. Stitchers Anon Designs Fergus the Red Nosed Reindeer
  44. Stitchers Anon Designs The Year of Holmsey Hare December
  45. Little House Needleworks Spring ABCs
  46. Lizzie Kate Winter Smalls
  47. Little House Needleworks Wool Needlebook and Fob
  48. With Thy Needle and Thread Have Ye Any Wool
  49. Lizzie Kate Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful
  50. Lizzie Kate 3 Little Words Dreaming is Free
  51. Lizzie Kate 3 Little Words Be Kind Always
  52. Plum Street Samplers Woolemina
  53. Erica Michaels Designs Little Flock
  54. little House Needleworks Summer ABCs
  55. The Prairie Schooler 2018 Santa
  56. Little House Needleworks Honeybee Samplings
  57. Stitchers Anon Designs We Three Kings
  58. Stitchers Anon Designs A Little Bit of Magic
  59. Tra La La Coeur de Cygne
  60. Silver Creek Samplers Taking it E- Sea
  61. Erica Michaels Designs Ebenezers Silk Blessing
  62. Country Cottage Needleworks Merry Christmas
  63. Country Cottage Needleworks Forest Deer
  64. Little Dove Designs Christmas Wishes
  65. Shepherd's Bush I'm Dreaming
  66. Au Fil de Martine Les Perce-neige
  67. Little Dove Designs Friendship Sampler
  68. Raise The Roof Designs Christmasland
  69. With They Needle and Thread Candy Cane Wishes
  70. Sue Hills Designs Study In Blue
  71. Plum Street Samplers Wool and Flax Co.
  72. The Scarlett House Samplers
  73. Little House Needleworks Needlework ABCs ( on loan from Mouse)
  74. With Thy Needle and Thread Snow for Christmas ( passed onto me from Lainey)
  75. Little House Needleworks Queen Bee
  76. Shakespeare's Peddler A Saviour's Praise
  77. Just Nan Frosty Chillingsworth Mouse ( Abi wanted me to stitch it for her!)
  78. The Scarlett House In The Berry Beginning
  79. A Needle's Dance collaboration Hands on Design, Ink Circles & Summer House Stitch Workes
  80. The Scarlett House A Perfect World
  81. Prairie Schooler 2019 Santa
  82. Hands on Design Stitching Is My Heart's Desire
  83. With Thy Needle and Thread Pink Sparrow Sampler
  84. The Prairie Schooler Christmas Eve
  85. Chessie and Me Lulu's Flock