Wednesday, 26 September 2012

A Little Progress

No more making up finished as yet but I have stitching and knitting.

A little progress was made on HAED Guardian. Not as much as I would have liked but I did finish my 8th page and gridded ready to start page 9. I do still have to fill in where I ripped out the metallic on the angel's wings yet but will do that a bi at a time. I have to say that my love of HAEDs has been renewed and at the moment I'm at my happiest with my stitching when I'm stitching on the two I have on the go. 

Monday was BBD SAL night with Barb and I had quite a good evening on this. I love how it's looking on the pink fabric.

Not much stitching was accomplished last night so not much progress on HAED QS Holly Fairy. I did finish the black along the top 20 rows of the first page. Yay I can move onto a different colour now:)

Sunday I picked up my ornament for the Christmas All Year Round SAL and did a little bit. I need to get this finished before Monday!

Knitting now. My knitting seems to call to me quite a lot lately so I'm making quite good progress on my Arsenic and Old Lace Afghan. I finished the first square which doesn't look that square and also managed to finish the second square at craft club yesterday. The first one is quite tight and the second one isn't so I shall have to be careful when I join the first row of squares to the second row. I'm really enjoying this though.

I have sorted through my chart stash and been quite brutal so have updated my for sale/ trade list which you can find in the tabs at the top of my blog. If you are interested in anything please email me ( email in my profile). Prices do not include postage.

Yesterday I had my second post surgery follow-up appointment for the gynae surgery I had back in May. Well what a carry on! When I went for my original appointment and my first follow-up I was seen very quickly. This time I was called almost an hour after my appointment should have been. We were so fed-up! My DH took me and Abi came with us as we were popping to see Jess ( she goes to the uni in the city where the hospital is) afterwards. It was only when I went and asked when I was going to be seen that a nurse wrote on the board that they were an hour behind. There was only one doctor there from my consultant's team. Not very good. Anyway I explained my concerns about not feeling any different and she said that if she examined me she'd only find what the last doctor had in that everything was healing nicely and looked as it should. I think she must have seen the look on my face as she did go on to say that she would examine me to put my mind at ease. She said that everything was fine and it's never going to feel the same as it did but now I really feel as though I've gone through surgery for nothing. I just may as well have not bothered. She also made me bleed which she did not tell me about but I saw the instruments in the disposal bag when she'd finished and walked away. I was so p****d that I didn't ask why. I am guessing that I won't be seen again. I just wanted to cry when we got back to the car. To top it off the short journey from the hospital to Jess' house took an hour because of road works ( yeah road works and rush hour) and by the time we'd got to her house, done a little shopping in Boots, grabbed a bite to eat and got home it was nearly 8 pm! We left home at 3 pm. Needless to say I couldn't wait to settle down with some stitching and watch Holby City! 

Do you remember several weeks ago I had my wisdom tooth out? Well my tongue still feels strange! Apparently it's normal providing it tingles. Lol! 

Well enough of my ramblings. I'd better get off here and do a little housework before I go my exercises.

Take care everyone.

With much love


Friday, 21 September 2012

Making Up

Hmmmm this new layout is a little strange! It'll take some getting used to I think. Why do they have to change things that work just fine????

I've been busy with my sewing machine but still have a few things to finish yet. Some are Christmas ornaments and I'm going to finish those as a flat ornament. I was going to get SB The Journey done but when I came to sew it up I'd cut my backing fabric too small! Duh!!! I really shouldn't be allowed!

So here's the Christmas ornaments I've finished. All have been shown before but just not sewn up. I've finished them simply as I don't seem to be able to turn my mind to doing anything else at the moment.

This pin cushion will be going to Nic, who I don't think reads my blog, as a thank you for sending me a knitting magazine I was after from a couple of years ago.

Onto my stitching progress now. Since my decision to abandon BOAF Sally Spencer Sampler I've felt a bit happier with my stitching. Not fully back in the swing yet but definitely getting there. I have been thoroughly enjoying HAED QS Holly Fairy ( artwork by the wonderfully talented Jasmine Becket- Griffith) although it has been simple so far as it's all black! There will be some other colours in it next time I pick it up! This is almost the first 20 rows of the first page done.

I had hoped to get my 8th page on HAED Guardian ( artwork by the equally talented Selina Fenech) finished but it didn't happen. Hopefully it will tonight then I can start on the 9th page. Just 22 to go! If I was a one at a time girl I'd have it finished so much quicker but I just can't stitch one thing!

My BBD SAL with Barb is growing slowly but surely. This photo is awful though as the fabric is supposed to be pink!

Finally I started my ornament for the Christmas All Year Round SAL. It's a free choice this month so I decided to stitch Shepherd's Bush The Angels Sang.

Sadly I've had no takers for my BOAF Sally Spencer Sampler WIP so will have to rethink and probably just sell the chart. Life's too short to stitch on something you hate that much it makes you not want to stitch! I'm also going to be going through my stash next week and having a sort out anyway so watch this space!

Well I had better end here and catch up on some blog reading and commenting. It's when I have no enthusiasm for that and I end up aimlessly surfing the net that I know I'm low:(

Thank you for all your lovely comments and for continuing to visit me even though I haven't been visiting you. It means a lot to me.

Take care everyone.

With much love


Wednesday, 19 September 2012

BOAF Sally Spencer Sampler

Just a quick post for now. I'm trying to do some finishing, not getting far and getting very frustrated! Anyway remember my WIP?

Well I hate it! Don't ask me why as I don't know. I loved the design so much when I saw it stitched up by KarenV that I bought the chart but now I can't stand to stitch it anymore. This is what it looks like finished.
Sally Spencer Sampler

So I was wondering if anyone was interested in buying my WIP with the chart and threads ( GAST). I can't afford to give it away as it cost me about £25 with the chart, threads and fabric. So I would like to sell it for about £15 plus postage. So please someone take it off my hands so I don't have to keep stitching it lol! If you are interested please email me ( email is in my profile).

Fingers crossed I'll be back in a day or two with some actual finished pieces!

With much love


Wednesday, 12 September 2012

A Stitching Crisis Lol!

A stitching crisis indeed! I blame all those weeks of having nothing else to do but stitch whilst I was recovering from my surgery. It was all very nice at the time but now I'm struggling. I won't say that I hate cross stitching but I'm finding it hard to get myself motivated. In my attempt to get back to how I was I've even picked up HAED Guardian again. I really feel the need for my hunky angel to help me out here and hear my pleas for some good things to happen to give us some hope and not just a fear of doom and gloom that we seem to have these days. I think part of my problem could be that I feel so despondent. I've gone off track a little there! Lol! I don't seem to be enjoying my stitching as much as I did and I'm not even sure that I like the few things I'm stitching on at the moment. So what to do? Start a load of new stuff? Persevere with what I'm stitching and see how it goes? 

Anyway enough of that. Time to show some actual stitching and some knitting. 

Barb and I both finished our Blackbird Designs last week so this Monday it was new start time. I chose Small Token and here's the little bit I stitched.

Last night I decided on a new start. Possibly going to be a big mistake as it'll mean I have two HAEDs on the go but I promised Abi I'd stitch this one for her. I did start it ages ago but the fabric wasn't right for my plan not to stitch the black background so this time I'm stitching the background. This means lots of black and here's my 400 stitches from last night. As you can see I'm using Magic Guide fabric which is brilliant! You just wash your piece when it's done and the marks wash out. Saves lots of times spent gridding:)

I've made a bit of progress on BOAF Sally Spencer Sampler. Not enjoying this as much as I had hoped.

As I said earlier I have picked up HAED Guardian again. I'm not sure if I will actually stitch the whole thing so I will just see how it goes. This chart was gifted to me for a reason by my surrogate sis Lisa and it means a lot to me. I think I managed about 500 stitches over two nights.

I've finally remembered to take a photo of my framed Lizzie*Kate 6 Fat Men. I still haven't got it hung on the wall!

Lastly some knitting. At craft club a couple of weeks ago I finished my Crest of a Wave Baktus. I'm really pleased with how it turned out but when I was sorting some needles for my next project I realised I'd knitted it on smaller needles than I should have! Duh! 

I had to get Jess' mitts finished before she moved back to her student house and I did. She wanted hers red and black and I love how they look. Oh that is her hamster Wesley getting in on the act!

Finally I started a new knitting project and this will be what I take to craft club with me each week and I may well do a bit at home when I've had enough of stitching in an evening. It is the Arsenic and Old Lace Afghan which I found on Ravelry. It is a huge undertaking but so far it's looking OK. This is my first block. I'm knitting it in Woolcraft Aran.

I'm hoping to get the enthusiasm back for blog commenting properly too. I feel so bad that I haven't been doing much but I just seem to be able to get myself motivated. I think I need a swift kick up the butt!

Need to get my finishing stuff out too and make a start on the boat load of stitching that needs making up ( OK boat load is a bit of an exaggeration but for me it's a lot!

Take care everyone.

With much love.


Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Finishes and Stuff

I can't believe it's nearly 2 weeks since I last posted. Anyone miss me? Lol! I honestly don't know where the time has gone but we have been busy what with one thing and another.

I have been stitching and have had a few finishes. I finally popped the last few stitches and did the backstitch on Just Nan Floral Fifteen. I was thinking earlier when I took the photo that I was ready to stitch it all together but I've just realised I need to sew the beads on! So glad I realised now.

Just Nan Floral Fifteen

Country vintage cream and country vintage green linen


Started 19th July 2012

Finished 29th August 2012

It's going to be fun ( not) putting it together!

I didn't quite get my August ornament for the Christmas All Year Round SAL finished in August but never mind. I did leave the border off as I think I like it better without.

Little By Little Designs Making Spirits Bright

36 count linen


Started 15th August 2012

Finished 2nd September 2012

Barb and I have been stitching away on our BBD pieces on a Monday evening and I finished mine this week. Not sure what I'm going to decide on next but I loved stitching this one. The chart is now for sale

Blackbird Designs Loose Feathers no.6 Truly Thine

28 count Jayne's Attic Count on Me Carnation

Victorian Motto Threads Antique Rose

Started 6th August 2012

Finished 3rd September 2012

I've made very little progress on BOAF Sally Spencer Sampler but at least it's a little progress!

I had a new start last night of the Home Sweet Home chart from Cross Stitcher which June kindly sent me. Love this so far.

I finally got L*K 6 Fat Men back from my framer but haven't taken a photo of it yet. I've had it over a week and it still isn't even up on the wall! I need to stop stitching larger pieces as I'm running out of wall space!

My DH had another week off last week but we spent much of it at his Dad's house trying to get it cleared out as it is sold subject to contract. Obviously they have to wait until everything sorted before it can go through but we all want to get it cleared so we can move on. Not forget but move on. It has been a very emotional time for us all. However we did have a day out on Thursday and we went to Whitby. Well what a day we chose! When we set off it wasn't too bad but as got on our way the rain started to come down. It rained and rained and rained some more! We got wet through and we were so cold as the wind was howling! We did enjoy it though and I've got quite a few photos of the abbey ( cannot believe it cost the four of us £23 to get in to see it! A bit of a rip of I think personally!). Trying to get photos was fun in the wind!

My visit to the dentist went OK and I was very brave and had my wisdom tooth out with just a local. I will admit I was very scared but it's done and will only cost me £49 instead of at least £200. I still haven't got full feeling back in my tongue but I know that can take a while to be right again and my gum is still healing from where the wisdom tooth was ( and boy was it a huge tooth!). 

Well I had better go as I'm off cleaning kitchen cupboards at DH's Dads after lunch ready for the new owners once it all goes through.

Will catch up with everyone is stitching soon.

With much love