Friday, 27 April 2012

A Cup of Tea For Shirlee!

You may remember in the post about my lovely RAK from Shirlee that I said I'd stitched an RAK for her too but had been ages getting it made up. Well I am happy to say that it has arrived with Shirlee and she loves it:) You will see the reason why it made me giggle when I received my RAK from her. The term great minds think alike came to mind immediately as while she was stitching a tea design for me I was also stitching one for her!
Le Chalet des Perelles A Cup of Tea

Unknown fabric

Carrie's Creations Old World Red

Started 25th March 2012

Finished 1st April 2012

RAK for Shirlee

I have another RAK in the post so hopefully it'll arrive at its destination in the next day or two. I'm enjoying doing these RAKs and have another two in the pipeline but doubt I will get them done for a while now.

Last night I added the last few stitches into LHN Summer Splendor. I shouldn't really have stitched on it again until next Wednesday but as I was so close to finishing I asked my SAL partner Mouse if she'd mind and she didn't so here it is:)
Little House Needleworks Summer Splendor

32 count Kiwi Illusions Merino


Started 28th March 2012

Finished 26th April 2012

SAL with Mouse

After I'd finished my LHN I decided to pick up L*K 6 Fat Men Snow Day and managed to stitch a bit more without making any mistakes ( I hope) and think I will carry on with it tonight.
Thank you for all your comments on my decision on HAED Guardian. It's so good to know that so many of you know just how I feel. I've said it before I know but I'm not cut out for such a massive project and I'll just stick to the quick stitches and tiny treasures in the future. OK they've not exactly quick but they're more doable!

Thank you also for your good wishes for my surgery. 2 weeks time and fingers crossed I should have it over with and be back home!

It was our 26th Wedding Anniversary yesterday :) Wow it doesn't seem like a year since it was our 25th and we went away for the night. We didn't do anything this time but my DH's auntie gave us some money to go for a meal or whatever we want to do so I think we'll do that. With all the stresses of late I think it'll be nice to do that.

We're still hospital visiting although I didn't go on Wednesday evening as I wasn't feeling well. It's my FIL that's in, he's been in a week now, and I thought I was going down with cold ( but haven't, fingers crossed!) and don't want to give him it as he has breathing problems. As it is I don't want to pick anything up either or I'd have to cancel my surgery. We've known what is wrong with him for a long time and this admission could probably have been avoided had he told the doctor everything when my DH took him the middle of last week.

Well I better get photos on this post and get it published as I have to be at my Dad's in a bit. I'm meeting with his ex carer who will be taking over my role on his Lifeline list while I'm recovering from my surgery. My sister and I aren't happy about it ( long story!) but it's what my Dad wants so what can we do?

Take care everyone.

With much love


Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Hermitting & Frogging!

Well I hermitted a little this weekend but not much was done and what was done on one piece was frogged last night! Darn and I just remembered I haven't taken a photo of my SB progress from Monday night. I'd better rectify that in a minute! 

So I was feeling pretty fed-up what with one thing and another so not much stitching on HAED Guardian on Friday. I've finally come to a decision on this piece and at the moment I'm not sure if it will work or not but I can't stand to carry on stitching this and it take me many more years. I love this piece but it's taking too long and I can't stand to stitch on it more than I am now so................

See where I'm at now? Well I'm thinking of stitching the angel's wings on the next page along then stopping. Framing it or whatever just so the wings show and leaving it at that. Not sure if that makes sense or not but as I feel right now this is never going to get finished so if I finish it at that point at least I can display it and move on. I just don't want to stitch this much more that I have to. I will probably do another HAED at some point as I've promised Abi I'd start Holly Fairy again but I'll never start another big one again.

Saturday we were hospital visiting ( long story so won't go into it ) so I didn't pick up a needle until gone 9 pm. I'd decided not to pick up Guardian so stitched on L*K 6 Fat Men instead. Here is where I got to.

However when I picked it up again last night I had to frog and restitch and this is where I left it when I went to bed! 

Picture taken of Shepherd's Bush The Journey now. The border met ( yay) so I've now started on the flowers at the top left. 

Finally this is the pile of projects I've picked out to do when I'm recovering! I won't stitch them all but these are what I fancy so will sort fabric and threads before I go into hospital then take one in with me.

Tonight is LHN Summer Splendor SAL night with Mouse so looking forward to that :) Might be hospital visiting again though so might not get much done.

I had my pre-op assessment yesterday and it looks like I'm good to go providing, of course, my MRSA swabs come negative ( no reason why they shouldn't) and my bloods are OK. I am feeling very wound up at the moment and could really do to relax or my BP will be sky high by the time I go! Family stuff is really not helping!

While DH and I were out yesterday I bought some wool. I've taken the plunge and found a couple of shawl patterns free on Ravelry one of which was recommended by a stitching friend. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on wool in case I make a mess of it so just bought some cheap in Boyes. It's a lovely raspberry red colour. I want to finish my snood first though.

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments for Abi on my last post and to those who emailed me ( you know who you are) thank you so much for sharing your experiences. Her ECG was fine but we do intend to keep and eye on things. Abi was saying that since she had the ECG it's not happened!

The weather is horrible here today so not feeling like doing much of anything. I just want to stay by the fire and keep warm!

Take care everyone.

With much love.


Thursday, 19 April 2012

On A Mission

This coming weekend is IHSW so I shall be attempting to stitch up a storm on HAED Guardian providing I'm in the mood for stitching on him! Don't forget to join in:)

My sewing machine has been out and I've finished off three things, two of which I can show. I'm not too happy with my finishing this time. I don't know why but I think I could have done a much better job! First off here's Miss Crescent's Crowne Jolly. I would have liked to add some of the trim that was used on the model but I don't have anything like it and have no idea where to get it so it's staying plain! 

Second one is Bent Creek The Littles Bunny with Peter Rabbit doing a fine job of modelling it :) The winner of the chart is Vickie. Vickie can you email me your full name and address please :)

Progress has not been bad at all this week. I've set myself a goal of trying to finish three of my WIPs before I go into hospital and I think I can do it. Then I can have some new starts when I'm home and feel like stitching! Obviously not Guardian or AotH! Monday was SAL night with dear Barb and more progress was made on Shepherd's Bush The Journey. I decided to make a start on the border so fingers crossed please that it meets! 

Tuesday was craft club and, as I'd finished my ornament for this month, I took L*K 6 Fat Men Snow Day with me and more white stitching was done. I got it out again on Tuesday evening and finally added some more colour to it!

Finally last night was SAL night with Mouse on LHN Summer Splendor. I did not get as much done on this as in the afternoon I decided to do 15 minutes knitting on my snood then had to take it back a few rows and I couldn't rest until I'd found the mistake and knitted a few rows back up. So this meant I didn't pick Summer Splendor up until later on in the evening.

And here is said snood. I'm knitting this in King Cole Mirage. I think I'm about a third of the way and desperately hoping I've got enough wool! I have now got the bug a bit but it won't take over from my cross stitch. When I've finished the snood I quite fancy trying my hand at a shawl but I think it might be too much for me!

Thank you for all your wonderful comments on my last post about my new haircut. I absolutely love it and wish I'd had it done ages ago!

A little more stress this week. There's no wonder I have a fuzzy head! Poor Abi sprung it on me on Tuesday that she thought she needed to go back to the doctors as her heart had been beating fast. It had been happening a while on and off but she hadn't told me. I really wish she had. I wanted to her to go to school during the Easter holidays as they were doing heart tests there in memory of a boy who died suddenly last year but she wouldn't go. So I managed to get an appointment yesterday and although our doctor didn't think it was anything to worry about as her pulse was good and heart sounded healthy she did decide to send her for an ECG which she had yesterday afternoon. It did show her heart was beating a bit fast but the nurse had kept us waiting 20 minutes after her appointment should have been which is bound to get anyone stressed! We haven't heard anything and the nurse said the doctor would be in touch if there was anything.

I'm going to have a blog catch up now and maybe get my sewing machine out again after lunch.

With much love


Saturday, 14 April 2012

A Lovely RAK , Finishes, Chart giveaway, Progress and A Hair Cut!

What a lovely surprise I came home from grocery shopping to this morning. Postie had left a package for me and it was from dear Shirlee:) I opened it up and read the card inside and she had kindly chosen me to be the lucky recipient of an RAK from her. I had to have a giggle to myself as I stitched an RAK for Shirlee a couple of weeks ago but haven't got it made up yet! Shirlee posted about liking tea on her blog and I commented saying I love tea. I never drink coffee and haven't done since I went off it when I was pregnant with Abi. Here is what Shirlee sent me and it is perfect for a tea lover like me:)
Thank you so much Shirlee. I will treasure it always {{{{hugs}}}}
For all I haven't blogged for over a week I have been stitching but with it being Easter and DH has been off I haven't had too much time for PC time although I did catch up on blogs yesterday afternoon. We went to Sewerby Hall on Easter Sunday as they had some medieval jousting on which was brilliant! I do have photos but have to sort through them yet.
Last weekend I spent some time with my hunky angel and this is where I left him on Saturday. 
I haven't picked him up yet this weekend as I just wasn't in the mood for HAED stitching last night. I might do a bit tonight though whilst watching The Voice.
SB SAL night with dear Barb went quite well although I did start the basket in the wrong place and had to frog that! This piece is growing much faster than I expected as it's such a joy to stitch.
Nothing much was stitched on L*K 6 Fat Men so I haven't bothered to take a photo. Hopefully I'll get a good evening this next week on it.
I did, however, do better on LHN Summer Splendor, my SAL with Mouse, on Wednesday. This is another lovely one to stitch and it's stitching up beautifully. 
On Thursday I fancied a new start after finishing a birthday gift and as I'd already sorted fabric and thread for Bent Creek The Little Bunny I started that and finished it last night.
Bent Creek The Little Bunny
35 count white linen
Started 12th April 2012
Finished 13th April 2012
I won this chart in Tricia's giveaway so would like to pass it on. If you would like to be in with a chance of being the next stitcher just leave a comment on this post and I'll pick a winner next week:)
I didn't go to craft club on Tuesday as we went out for the day so when I'd finished the bunny I picked up my April ornament for the Christmas All Year Round SAL and finished that.
Miss Crescent's Crowne Jolly
Unknown fabric
Started 3rd April 2012
Finished 13th April 2012
I'm hoping to get my sewing machine out after lunch to do some finishing:)
I made a start on my snood last weekend. I have to admit I hadn't got far before I made a mistake and pulled it back out to start again! It's going OK now but it's a good job Winter is a long way off as I think it'll take me ages!
I'd been getting sick of my hair. I've been growing it for well over a year but couldn't cope with it any longer. Everytime I look in the mirror I just see an ugly middle-aged woman so I did some searching on the net, printed out some photos and made an appointment with my hairdresser to get it cut. She actually thought I'd change my mind as I went for a short inverted bob so here's how it looks. At least my colour will be gone quicker now! I'm really pleased with it and it's so much easier to manage.
Finally some furry fiends! Here's Wesley and Fozzy.
They are both so much fun although we've not managed to stop Fozzy chewing the bars of his cage. They both do it but he does it worse!!! 
That's it for today. If I get this finishing done I might be back sooner than I have been this time!
Thank you for all the lovely comments you left on my last post. 
With much love

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Some Progress

I can't believe it's a week since I last posted. I think because I only have progress to show on my WIPs I sort of didn't feel like posting  in case you all get bored with them! I do have a finish but it needs making up and popping in the post and I hope to get the finishing done over the next few days then get it in the post after the Easter weekend.

I'm still stitching away on HAED Guardian and wondering if it's really worth putting a photo up. As anyone knows who stitches these or anything like them progress is slow if you only stitch a couple of nights a week but in all honesty if I did more I'd turn tired of it! It is good to have it out again and be stitching regularly on it ( for now!).

Barb and I stitched on our SB pieces on Monday evening. She started Poor Robin and I carried on with The Journey. I didn't think I was going to get much stitched on it but I did. I love how it's coming along and am quite pleased with my conversion to DMC. 

Tuesday evening I started my final Lizzie*Kate 6 Fat Men ( SAL with Lisa) which is Snow Day. As you can see I've done the border and a teeny bit of snow. I've loved stitching these cute snowmen and will miss them when I've finished the whole piece.

Last week I started Little Needleworks House Summer Splendor and Mouse joined me:) This pic is my progress from last night and Wednesday last week. I'm using DMC and Kiwi Illusions 32 count Belfast Merino. The cream flowers don't show up too well though so I think I'll have to backstitch around them. The house should be cream so I'll probably decide on another colour for that. 

I wasn't going to go to craft club on Tuesday as my washer broke last Thursday and an engineer was coming out to it Tuesday but of course they couldn't give me a round about time. Thankfully I have an insurance on it so nothing to pay out! Anyway the engineer arrived and was gone by 10.15 so I gathered all my stuff together and dashed to the museum. I made a bit of a start on my April ornament for the Christmas All Year Round SAL.

I went out and bought some wool the other day. I'd seen Hazel stitching the Deramores KAL snood and really loved the look of it but never went to find the pattern. Last week I decided to go back through the Deramores FB page, found the link and downloaded the pattern. I didn't want to get the Rowan wool as it's quite expensive and you need 2 balls so onto Ravelry I went to see what I could use instead! I ended up buying King Cole Mirage and Abi chose some so I could knit one for her. Watch this space!!! Lol!

The Easter weekend starts tomorrow so I'm hoping to get plenty of stitching in although we're going out one day depending on the weather! We had higher than normal temperatures for Spring these last few weeks then yesterday, wow, what a change! Still I have to admit that I was glad of the cooler temps but the high winds- no thank you! We missed the snow too which was a shame but we did get much needed rain.

I haven't got any photos of the new hamsters ( Wesley and Fozzy!). I tried to take some of Fozzy the other day but he wouldn't stay still long enough. He is trouble with a capital T as he's a huge bar chewer but he chews the bottom bar of his cage that hard it lifts a bit and bangs against the plastic bottom! Abi and I came home armed with lemon juice yesterday and wiped it on the bars as that is a solution we found on the internet! Wesley is a bit more laid back ( at the moment!) and just plods along like tomorrow will do!

Now I would normally talk on my other blog about stuff but I've kind of given up on it so if you don't want to read look away now! Lol! I've been considerably fed-up of late and in truth I don't think I've felt this bad for a long while. I had come quite a long way since the way I was early last year but it has been quite a struggle the last few weeks. I think lack of sleep is not helping and I worry too much about things. I think because I'm a stay at home Mum people think I'm just there regardless of what I'm doing or how I feel. I can't really say anymore than that as my blog comes up on Facebook and I don't know who reads it! And I feel so alone even though I have my girls and my DH. My stitching is truly my therapy. Anyway enough of that!

That's it from me for now. I caught up on blogs yesterday and loved reading about and seeing what you are all stitching. 

Take care everyone.

With much love