Monday, 31 May 2010

Giveaway Winner!

Just a quick post today to announce the winner of my wee giveaway! All 57 entries were put into a random generator and the winner is............ drum roll please..........................................................











11.Nemetne Adri







18.Dragon Watcher


As you can see I haven't copied the whole list here as it would huge!!!!! Congratulations Ranae!!!  I have your address and I will get the etui and fob in the post as soon as I can but I will email you and let you know when I post it:)
Thank you to everyone who entered. I can't believe I had 57 people wanting to win something stitched by me. I hope those of you who were first time visitors will return:)
I am hoping to get caught up with my blog reading and commenting tomorrow as Abi is at the hospital on Wednesday and we're not sure what is going to happen. She's been referred to an eye specialist as the stye she's had since last October is showing no signs of improvement so the last doctor she saw decided it best to have it removed. We don't know until we get there if it's going to be done that day but we are hoping so as she just wants it over and done with now.
Take care everyone!

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Prize FROM Christine and Other Stuff!

I have lots to show you today! Lol! First of all postie came with an envelope for me from Christine. I won her blogoversary draw a while ago and just look at this beauty that was inside :) She said in her note "better late than never" and let me tell you this was well worth waiting for :) Thank you so much Christine, I absolutely love it! Email on the way:)

I decided I wanted to stitch up a little RAK for Barb earlier in the week. Barb is a wonderful friend who always has kind words, lifts my spirits and has sent me needleroll charts and also kindly sent me SB Emmanuel's Song. Now I know she is a keen reader so I decided to stitch the Victoria Sampler Friends Count bookmark for her and now I know she has received it and loves it I can show it here.

Victoria Sampler Friends Count Little Learning Bookmark

28 count evenweave

DMC threads

Started 24th May 2010

Finished 26th May 2010

RAK for Barb

As I said in another post I made a start on Drawn Thread Spot of Spring and intend on trying my hand at a mattress pinkeep with Lisa. Well the stitching is now finished, I have the back stitched with my initials and year so now I just have to work out how big I need the sides then when Lisa is ready we'll have a go at putting them together! I really enjoyed stitching this and can't wait to do the others.

Drawn Thread A Spot of Spring

28 count evenweave


Started 18th May 2010

Finished 26th May 2010

My final finish for this post is The Sampler Girls At Home With Jane Austen the SAL I have been doing with Barb, Lesleyanne, Hazel and Tracy. This has been such a joy to stitch and I look forward to stitching more of Tanya's designs. I think I'll be saving up to have this one framed. Thank you so much ladies for SALing with me:)

The Sampler Girl At Home With Jane Austen

36 count flax linen

DMC and Crescent Colours

Started 9th April 2010

Finished 27th May 2010

You will not believe this but yesterday afternoon I was feeling pretty fed-up with myself. Thursday afternoon I started to feel unwell and was really peeved as I was supposed to be visiting Chris yesterday but had to cancel because of that. Then yesterday I had one of those stupid headaches that are something and nothing but made me feel yuck! If that makes sense. I just wanted a quiet afternoon and had a sudden urge to pick Chatelaine Spring Morning up. By the time it came to preparing something for tea I really did not want to put it down! So here's my progress and I think it'll be coming out more often now.

I am hoping to get block 5 finished on CHS SoHRH tonight. This is last weeks progress so I have done more since this piccie. I am really enjoying this block but not looking forward to the biggie that I'll be moving onto next!

My final WIP is, of course, Just a Thought Sampler Garden Casket and here is the finished casket top. I love these bunnies! I'll be making a start on the casket bottom tomorrow, fingers crossed!

Just a reminder that there is still time to enter the giveaway in my previous post. I will drawing a winner on Monday :)

Finally my stitching plans for next month will, hopefully, see HAED Guardian being stitched on regularly again as Lisa and I are having our own UFO night again this time on Wednesdays. I really feel the need to get back to this again as I need a guardian angel of my own:) lol!

I hope everyone in the UK has a wonderful bank holiday weekend. It's typical bank holiday weather as it's raining and a bit chilly! And to all my friends in the US have a safe Memorial Day:)

Take care everyone.


Sally xx

Monday, 24 May 2010

A Wee Giveaway:)

As promised I am back with a wee giveaway:) I missed my blogoversary last November plus I've been lucky enough to win three giveaways lately so thought I'd stitch something up especially. So this is what you can win by simply commenting on this post:)

Lody Steward A Stitcher Cannot Fail Etui and Fob

28 count evenweave

GAST and Carrie's Creations

From The Gift of Stitching issue 38

I will leave this open until next Monday so please leave a comment if you'd like to win this.

Take care everyone!



Thursday, 20 May 2010

Peppermint Twist Revisited!

At last I have made the effort and finally made Blue Ribbon Designs Peppermint Twist up into a pinkeep. It's all I seem to make things up into these day ( and needlerolls!) but one day I will surprise you all and try something else! Anyway I backed the pinkeep in some red fabric that was in a fat quarter Christmas fabric bundle from The Viking Loom, which I bought ages ago, and used some green trim from the pack Mylene sent me then added red pins. I am pleased with the way it turned out. I intend on keeping it out all year long:)

CHS Shores of Hawk Run Hollow is going very well! Lol! I am loving block 5 and hope to get a real good go at it again tomorrow and Saturday. Fingers crossed I can get this one done for the end of the month then it'll be onto huge one in the middle, which I am not really looking forward to!!

I am also hoping to get The Sampler Girl At Home With Jane Austen finished by the end of the month :) I am still loving this piece so much and have actually stitched a little bit more on this tonight. It's such a pretty piece with a lovely sentiment.

My final WIP is Just a Thought Sampler Garden Casket. I am working on the casket top at the moment. Aren't those bunnies cute? lol!

I have had a small new start. Lisa and I were talking ages ago about having a go at a mattress pinkeep and doing it together but I've never got around to stitching something suitable until now! I decided on Drawn Thread Spot of Spring so that was my new start. It's such a lovely little piece and I intend on stitching the other three and making them into mattress pinkeeps too.

At long last I received my Shepherd's Bush kits from Fobbles today. As you may remember I ordered them back in mid February but they were out of stock so had to be ordered from SB. it's been a long time coming due to a lost package, then the Icelandic volcano halting flights etc but it's here at last :) I don't have a piccie of my goodies but I ordered My Pins and the 2009 Scissor Fob but as that was no longer available I got the 2010 one instead :) Beverley also included a Fobbles pen and a cute little button tin. That'll be my last stash for a while as with the price of everything going up I will have to good unless I desperately need fabby or threads. It's not as though I have nothing to stitch though as I have plenty to keep me going for a long time! Lol!

I'll be having a wee giveaway soon so keep a look out. I've stitched something up especially:)

At long last the weather here is warming up :) Just as long as it doesn't too hot!!!!

Take care everyone!



Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Another Roll Down

First of all I must apologise for my lack of "life" in my last post! Let's just say I was having "issues" and feeling really low. Feeling a wee bit more with it today!! I've set off several times with the good intentions of getting caught up with blog reading and commenting too but got so far then failed so I'm hoping to do that later today :)

So without further ado here's my latest Shepherd's Bush Roll. This time I chose Birdhouse Roll ( thanks to Barb for sending me the chart x) but it's a bit different as I didn't have the brown beads needed so decided to leave the beads off all together and stitch those parts instead plus I didn't have a birdhouse charm so I stitched that as well! I am pleased with it though and am still really enjoying stitching these rolls. I shall miss them when Chris and I have them all done, although we do have a bit of a way to go yet!

Shepherd's Bush Birdhouse Roll

32 count Vintage Country Cream Linen


Now onto my WIPs of which I just have two to show this week as I haven't  stitched on Sampler Garden Casket since my last post. I didn't get much stitched on The Sampler Girl At Home With Jane Austen but I did get the house built so that's a big chunk of it done. Hoepfully I'll get a better go at it this week. Barb and Lesleyanne have finished theirs and both of them look gorgeous :) I absolutely love this piece and the verse really sums me up as I do love my home comforts :) There really is nothing like staying home for real comfort.

Finally another house building effort on Shores! The lady in last week's post no longer looks like she is standing in mid air although at one point before I got the white rail completed she did actually look like she had a zimmer frame! Unfortunately two of the colours in the house are so close you can't really see the difference but it wasn't until I'd got a fair bit stitched that I actually realised and I refuse to frog too much on 40 count linen so it's staying as it is! Jane and Nicki how are you getting on?

I was almost very naughty yesterday and stood by my stitching drawers comtemplating a new start! I had no idea just what I wanted to start but the thought was definitely there but I walked away and got the thought out of my mind lol! I think it's still there a bit but I really shouldn't. I need to get some stuff made up rather than think of new starts as Peppermint Twist and 4 Wishes are rolled up waiting to be finished to hang! And I think there could be more lurking somewhere!

Last Friday Chris came over for a visit. We had a lovely afternoon chatting and showing our stitching as well as having cuppas lol! It was really good to see her as we've not seen each other for ages and I hope we can get together again soon.

It is so cold over here at the moment. I turned our heating off a few weeks ago and am refusing to switch it back on again but it's freezing! We've actually had a couple of frosts this week. There's no wonder I can't get warm when I go to bed then I can't sleep because I'm cold! Lol!

Hope you are all having a wonderful week. Thanks for visiting me and for all your lovely comments. I appreciate them very much xx

Take care everyone!



Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Shores Block 4

Looks like I am now back on track on CHS Shores of hawk Run Hollow! Block 3 seemed to take me forever but I stitched block 4 in record time and even made a good start on block 5. So here is are a couple of pictures.

Next up is The Sampler Girl At Home With Jane Austen, my first and most certainly not my last of Tanya's JA designs. I'm stitching this as a SAL with Barb, Lesleyanne, Hazel and Tracy. I am absolutely loving this peice.

Finally my Sampler Garden Casket sides are complete and I've made a small start on the casket top. I'm quite relieved to have the sides finished!

I made a start on my Shepherd's Bush roll for this month today :) I was in the mood for something quick and simple although I haven't finished it yet! I chose the Birdhouse Roll this time, the chart for which Barb kindly sent me.

I had a wee bit of post today. Tanya at The Sampler Girl was having a sale on Jane Austen charts and as I had a bit of money saved up in my PP account I treated myself to Return to the Sea With Jane Austen and Northanger Abbey and I am looking forward to stitching them both in the future :)

That's all for today.

Take care everyone.