Monday, 31 December 2012

A New Stitching Year Is About To Begin

The old year will soon make way for the new. Not quite sure where the last year has gone as it hardly seems like 5 minutes since last New Year's Eve!

Anyway I have achieved lots of finishes this last year ( I don't expect to have as many in 2013), had a few abandoned pieces and renewed my love for HAEDs. I've stitched at least 12 Christmas ornaments thanks to Lainey's Christmas All Year Round SAL which I think I'm going to take part in again in 2013. It has been great fun and really makes you want to get on and stitch. I have also made new stitchy friends through blogging and Facebook, made a firm friend through craft club and we intend to get together regularly outside of the club for stitchy afternoons in 2013. 

I'm not going to make any particular plans for stitching in 2013 other than ornaments, the new Little House Needleworks Little Sheep Virtues and hopefully make plenty of progress on my HAEDs. I intend to stitch from my stash as much as possible but obviously I will be buying the sheep :) I'm going to go on auto for them probably with Patchwork Rabbit as Karla is brilliant to deal with. I am hoping just to buy fabric and threads through the year if I need them. I did get fabric for Christmas so have plenty to keep me going on my HAEDs and other things. At the rate I'm going with new HAED starts I probably won't have much time to stitch on much else! I also got one of the Lizzie*Kate Inspiration Boxers. I really want to collect these as they are just lovely. I was surprised to see that they are presented in a CD case. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Ours was quiet but enjoyable. We played games on the Wii, watched DVDs, ate too much, drank a bit and just generally chilled. We had a trip to the sales in Hull on Friday. I don't believe in the sales starting on Boxing Day so won't venture out then. I wish they'd go back to New Year sales like years ago. I'm afraid all this is killing family times and family values but that's just my opinion. At the sales I picked up a half price Charles Dickens book which has his Christmas stories in including A Christmas Carol. Jess set me off my buying me two Dickens books for Christmas then she said she should have got me a special version of A Christmas Carol so when I saw the book at half price I had to buy it!

My dear stitching friends were very kind to me at Christmas and I received some gifts. I feel so bad as I didn't send to anyone other than Lisa and Michelle ( I let Michelle open hers early) but I just can't do it. Anyway I feel very blessed and will let the pictures do the talking. Thank you so much my dear friends xx

 From Michelle
From Lisa
From Christine
From Karan
From Mouse
From Elaine

I pondered over what I could do for Lisa and finally decided on this ornament which she loves.

Shepherd's Bush Do You Hear

Unknown fabric


Started 20th November 2012

Finished 3rd December 2012

Christmas Gift for Lisa

I finally got my last three ornaments made up to hang. I need to be a bit more creative in 2013 with my finishes I think!

And my last ornament of the year was finished yesterday but not made up yet!

Amy Brueken Designs I Believe

28 count Natural Pearl Linen


Started 23rd December 2012

Finished 30th December 2012

I had a new start on Boxing Day. This is HAED Mini The Forgotten. Not a lot done but loving it so far.

I also made progress on HAED Guardian and HAED QS Holly Fairy. I finished page 10 on Guardian and managed 560 stitches on page 11.

Finally my progress on Country Cottage Needleworks Gingerbread Cottage. Photo is awful I'm afraid. Chris  has finished hers and is wondering how to finish it.

So that's my final stitchy update for 2012. No more finishes in the pipeline now until 2013. I have been stitching away on a gift but I don't think that will be finished until next year now unless I get lots of stitching in today!

Thank you to you all for your friendship in 2012 and long may it continue. I love seeing what you are all doing even though I may not always keep up with commenting especially at this time of year. 

So that is it from me for 2012! Wishing you all good health, happiness and lots of stitchy goodness in 2013. 

With much love


Saturday, 22 December 2012

It's Almost Here.

Well it's almost here. We are having a quiet one with just the four of us. I must admit I miss family Christmases of old but the ones who held us all together are long gone. I won't get into it as I'll just end up getting upset and I do love the special time with my DH and my two girls.

I've got a finish to show which was a birthday gift for Christine. I was late posting it but Royal Mail made things worse by taking four days deliver it even though I posted it first class. This is what I stitched for her. Sorry it was so late Christine.

The Little Stitcher Snowdrop

Birthday gift for Christine.

I don't have many Wips that I can post either as one is a gift and haven't picked anything up yet to replace the wordplay I dumped. I was in the parlour with the ladies of Needlecraft Haven on Wednesday evening whilst stitching along with Chris on our December Sal. I am loving stitching CCN Gingerbread Cottage since I restarted it. The colours show up much better two over two. I love the colours. Chris and I have already decided on our next December Sal! Photo is blurry I'm afraid.

No progress to show on HAED Guardian again. I have made a bit of progress but not enough to show. Not sure I'll get any done tonight as I need to get the last few ornaments finished to hang on my tree. Speaking of ornaments just look at this beautiful ornament that arrived from my dear friend Shirlee. I adore it and have it hung from the garland on my mantlepiece. Thank you so much Shirlee for thinking of me xxx

HAED QS Holly Fairy is going rather well. Getting the outline of her hair on page 2 now. I'm hoping to get plenty of this done over the Christmas holidays although maybe not!

Dear June sent me a lovely card and gift for my birthday. The vanilla sachet smells delicious, the threads are gorgeous colours and the ribbon is pretty. Thank you so much June for thinking of me xxx.

An envelope arrived from Barb and I was puzzled as to what was inside. Why do we wonder instead of just ripping open the envelope?! Inside was a Weymouth and Portland  calendar which I'm looking forward to having on my wall in 2013. Ill be able to see the lovely place where Barb lives. I have been nearby but never to Weymouth. One day maybe :)

I am having a new start on Boxing Day (the day after Christmas  ). Originally my surrogate sis Lisa and I were starting HAED Mini The Forgotten but it kind of grew and now there are several of us starting b & w minis and Eileen started up a Facebook group called B & W Mini Nutters! I have my fabric and threads ready and my chart printed. I'm also supposed to be starting my first Randal Spangler design in 2013 but Im wondering if I may have bitten off more than I can chew with so many HAEDs but I'll see how I go. I've chosen one that I was raked with in the Halloween rak event and that one is SK A Dragon's History. I was hoping I'd have enough of 25 count Magic Guide left for it but unfortunately it's not big enough so I'm hoping Father Christmas will bring me some. I've been a good girl this year :)

I think this will probably be the last post I do before Christmas unless I get these ornaments finished so to all my wonderful readers and dear friends Merry Christmas and  Happy New Year. Thank you each and every one of you for your friendship during 2012 and long may it continue. I know I have not been very good at keeping in touch these past few months but in all honesty I've been finding things difficult but didn't want to say anything on here as it is, after all, first and foremost a stitching blog. I need to seriously sort myself out!

Have a safe and Happy Christmas.

With much love.


Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Not Much Stitching ( Picture Heavy!)

There hasn't been much stitching going on recently and all will be revealed shortly! So there isn't much stitching to show this time around! 

First of all I want to show you the ornament that Chris stitched for me for our annual ornament exchange. Chris was a little worried about this as she wasn't sure if I would like it or not but I LOVE it! It is just gorgeous. I have it hung off the garland on my mantlepiece. Thank you so much Chris.

I restarted our December SAL last week as I hated it over 1 on 28 count so I'm now doing it over 2 on 28 count and it looks so much better. I need to get a move on with this as I'm way behind now!

I didn't get anything done on HAED Guardian over the weekend but I did make progress on HAED QS Holly Fairy last week. I'm really enjoying this one. Guardian will be coming out this weekend and, hopefully, I'll get a good bit done. Maybe even get page 10 finished!

I'm afraid I've scrapped yet another piece of stitching. Last night I settled down to stitch the January Wordplay which is my SAL with Barb but I just couldn't get into it. I decided no this is not for me and have decided to scrap it and not doing anymore. The plan was to do all 12 but I just can't face it. I see no point in carrying on with something I'm not enjoying. I find it hard some nights to settle down to stitch so it's best I don't do something I'm not enjoying. I've emailed Barb to ask her if she minds if I SAL with her but on something different. 

I received a lovely birthday card from my dear friend Barb last week and inside it was a cheque for £10. Thank you so much Barb {{{{hugs}}}} I've already decided that I'm going to put it towards buying the new Little House Needleworks Little Sheep Virtues series. Anyone who knows me well will know I love sheep so these are right up my street :)

So that's my stitching news. Now onto what we did at the weekend. We went here!

Well not just there but my other photos are on my phone! We set off from home at 5.20 on Saturday morning to be picked up by the coach in Beverley at 6 am. We got to Marble Arch in London at midday and had 4 hours in London where we walked to Buckingham Palace. We spent a while there taking photos and admiring the view before walking back and going down Oxford Street which was horrendous! It was so busy so you could hardly move at times. We had to be back to be picked up at 4 pm but of course there is always going to be someone who doesn't turn up! One couple were still not back at 4.30 so they got left behind and had to get a taxi to our hotel in Reading. The following day we up bright and early for breakfast and on the coach for 9.30 to go to Windsor. Again photos are on my phone. Windsor is a delightful place and of course the castle is there. We were back on the coach for midday for our much anticipated Harry Potter Studios Tour. This was the main reason we booked the trip. My girls have grown up with the books and films and we were so excited to be going. I took loads of photos but will just pop a few up ( Photos are clickable). Some are not so good as it was so busy you literally had to snap a photo quite quickly. I have to admit I was quite emotional when we went in as it was just so magical! 
My ticket
Doors to the Great Hall
Great Hall
Ice Sculpture 
Common Room
Entrance to Dumbledore's Office
Dumbledore's Memories
Sword of Gryfendor
wands of the cast
Mirror of Erised
Death Eater
Diagon Alley
Carl and I in the Ford Anglia
Abi, Jess and I enjoying a Butter Beer at the tomb of Tom Riddle
Abi knocking on the Dursley's door.

Thank you everybody for your lovely birthday wishes on my last post. I treasure your friendships more than you could know.

That's all for now. Hopefully I'll have more stitchy progress next time. I've had to mark all blogs as read in my reader I'm afraid as there were just too many to catch up on.

With much love


Thursday, 13 December 2012


Was my **th birthday lol and I was spoilt rotten by my family and friends. I had a lovely day. I met up with my friend Gill, who I met through going to the craft club, and she treated me to a hot chocolate with cream and a scone with jam and cream :) We sat in the cafe chatting and I showed her how to grid as she's starting her first HAED soon. Before we knew where we were it was 4 pm. I also chatted online to my surrogate sis Lisa which I always enjoy doing. Anyway next year is a big one and I'm planning on having a tattoo to celebrate but not sure I can wait now that Abi has had one and it looks so good.

The day before my birthday Chris came to visit and we had a lovely afternoon chatting and showing our stitching. Chris is making great progress on our December SAL. I think we have decided already what next year's will be! Anyway Chris and I do an ornament exchange and this is what I stitched for her. I haven't taken a photo yet of the one she stitched for me but it gorgeous. I have it hung from the garland on my mantlepiece. Photo next blog post :)

I am going to let the pictures of my gifts do the talking!

First of all a Wish Necklace from Abi. You open up the clam, remove the pearl and pop it in the necklace. I love this. It's so pretty.

From Chris. Just look at that cute sheepie! Thank you so much Chris. I love him!

From Christine. I can't wait to use this soap as I bet it is gorgeous. Thank you so much Christine.

From my DH along with a charm for my Nominations bracelet. I love Boofle. Abi set me off with him a few years ago.

From Lainey. A wonderful selection of trims, backing fabric, a gorgeous tape measure and a gorgeous stitched piece. Thank you so much Lainey.

From Julie. She said my sewing kit was not complete without this angel :) Thank you so much Julie.

From Lesleyanne. Another cute sheepie for my collection ( can you tell I LOVE sheep?) Thank you so much Lesleyanne.

From Lisa, my surrogate sis. A gorgeous coaster with the words I need to tell myself every single day and HAED Mini Frozen Hearts which I adore. Thank you so much sis.

From Michelle. A beautiful pin cushion with a pretty pin and a lovely Primitive Betty's chart. Thank you so much Michelle.

From Karan. Some gorgeous trims and threads. Thank you so much Karan.

Thank you to each and everyone one of you for your beautiful cards and gifts and for making my birthday so special. I feel so blessed to have such sweet friends that remember my birthday. 

I had better get on now. Still way behind on blogs but no time right now to catch up. Jess is coming home today and I have things I must do before she gets here!

Take care everyone. 

With much love