Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Five Down, One to Go

Another fat man bites the dust! This time it's Let It Snow , which I finished last night, and this one seemed to stitch up so fast! I'm really looking forward to starting the last one next Tuesday and I'd love to have this finished before I go in for my surgery early May. I think I can do it :)

Lizzie*Kate 6 Fat Men Let It Snow

32 count Permin Amber linen


Started 6th March 2012

Finished 27th March 2012

Not much else to show as I'm working on a little RAK but I do have some progress on HAED Guardian. Not much as I can stitch all evening on a HAED and not see much for it!

Monday as always was SB SAL night with dear Barb and dear Colleen. I do hope Colleen is OK. I frogged the green that I wasn't keen on and restitched it with a lighter one which I think looks much better. I finished the grass and planted the flowers and gave the shepherdess a crook:) 

Yesterday I received a lovely surprise from my dear friend Michelle. She had been to the stitching show at the NEC and she very kindly sent me this.

As some of you know Blackbird Designs is one of my favourite designers so this is just perfect for me. Thank you so much Michelle for thinking of me {{{hugs}}}

Tonight Mouse is joining me for my new start Little House Needleworks Summer Splendor. Mouse started hers as one of her crazy pieces back in January but hasn't done any on it since so I'm very happy that she is joining me in stitching it.

We have two new family members at the moment. No photos as yet as I haven't taken any but both Jess and Abi decided after much heartache to get another hamster each. Abi has taken a long time to decide but after Jess came home with one ( her Dad took her to look on the way home from uni last Friday) she decided she'd like to go look on Sunday and the first one she saw she fell in love with. They were both quite tame as they are used to being handled and they are both so sweet! I'm hoping having them around will help me ( pet therapy!).

Well I'd better end this here as tea is almost ready and the girls are hungry. 

Until next time.

With much love.


Saturday, 24 March 2012

March Ornament & Other Suff!

This week I've been trying to get my March ornament for the Christmas All Year Round SAL finished. I didn't go to craft club on Tuesday ( I was having a CBA day) which is where I normally stitch my ornaments and I knew I would not get it all done next week so I spent a couple of evenings this week getting it finished and it's even sewn up! 

Blackbird Designs Joy ( 2011 JCS Ornament Mag)

32 count cobblestone linen


Started 6th March 2012

Finished 22nd March 2012

I've had a change of mind on my ornament for April. The theme is snowflake and I was going to stitch the Little By Little one from last year's JCS mag but I've now decided on Miss Crescent's Jolly from the same mag. 

I've also got my Stacy Nash True Love Sampler and Pinkeep stitched up and aged. I am a bit cross with myself as I didn't have any tan wool for this and I didn't want to buy any ( trying to save some pennies) so I used calico instead and it doesn't look right I don't think. It's not too bad now that I've aged it but please remind me the next time I age something to use tea instead of coffee!!!! It stinks! 

Whilst looking at Pinterest on Thursday I came across something that I thought Abi might be interested in so I printed it out and showed her it when she got in from school. Her immediate reaction was "Will you stitch it for me......tonight?!!!!". I promised her that as soon as I'm finished my ornament I'd start it which I did and here it is finished.

Mockingjay Pin ( found it here) 

28 count opalescent white line


Started 22nd March 2012

Finished 23rd March 2012

Not quite sure how I'm going to finish it yet! For those not in the know this is from The Hunger Games books the first of which has now been made into a film which Abi and Jess have gone to see today.

Just a couple of progress pics to show now. Mondays, of course, is SB SAL night with Barb and Colleen ( does anyone know what's happened to Colleen?? We know she was having computer problems but that was a few weeks ago). I carried on with The Journey. I frogged those dark green leaves as I didn't like them and changed them for a lighter green which looks so much better. 

A little more of the snowman on L*K 6 Fat Men Let it Snow my SAL with Lisa. I feel as though I'm on the home stretch with this fun piece now as I only have one more block to go after this one. I've loved this one and will be sorry when it's done.

I'm getting HAED Guardian out again tonight for bit. I'd really like to start a QS or TT but not sure I dare when I can't stick at this!

Next week I'm going to have a new start and I've sorted threads and fabric for LHN Summer Splendor and Bent Creek The Littles Bunny and as I won both of these in giveaways last year ( thank you Mary Ann and Tricia!) watch out for me passing them on when I've finished with them:) I also want to stitch up another RAK and fabric and threads are sorted for that too.

I was sad to hear that the Gift of Stitching is to stop publishing soon. Although I'd stopped getting it when my sub ran out last year I did enjoy the getting each month when I was subbing and did buy the March/ April issue not that long ago for the Heartstring Samplery design. 

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post. My trip to the dentist was OK as far as trips to the dentist go although the cavity was quite deep so I did feel it as she was doing it. I was in a lot of pain afterwards when the injection wore off too for a day or two but it seems to have settled down now. I hope so as I really don't want to go back! As I walking there I kept telling myself that I'm a grown woman and I shouldn't be scared but I just can't help it!

Time to publish this and catch up on blog reading for a bit :)

With much love


Monday, 19 March 2012

Two Finishes for IHSW :)

I had a very productive IHSW :) I managed to finish two things so I was very happy:)

Here's one.

Blackbird Designs AotH Swan Lake

36 count rosewood linen


Started 27th January 2012

FInished 18th March 2012

After much deliberation ( the whole time I was stitching it!) I decided to personalise this one with my sister's name and birthdate. 

Second finish.

Stacy Nash Primitives True Love Sampler Bag & Pinkeep.

Unknown fabric


Started 3rd March 2012

Finished 18th March 2012.

I have to finish this into the bag and pinkeep but need to go stash diving to see if I have any suitable fabric. I get a feeling I have but it may not be big enough.

So that's two more crossed off my stitch from chart stash page!

Both those charts are now for sale. Please email me if you're interested ( email is in my profile)

I also stitched on this for WIP night on SSS&DDDC on Facebook and ISHW. Please excuse the bluey tinge on the photo. I'm not sure what happened there!

Just a few WIPs photos from last week to show too. Last Monday was SB night with Barb and Colleen and I had some good progress on The Journey. I've decided to frog the darker green leaves as it's not a good sub!

Tuesday at craft club and last night I stitched a bit on BBD Joy which is my March ornament for the Christmas All Year Round SAL. 

Finally progress on L*K Let it Snow my SAL with Lisa. 

Not sure what I'm going to start next to replace the Stacy Nash piece. BBD AotH will be on hold for a while so I'll probably stitch on Guardian in its place.

I have an appointment at the dentist for a filling tomorrow afternoon( I HATE the dentist) so depending on how I feel when I get back in I might get my sewing machine out and make up the bag and pinkeep.

That's all for now. Thank you all for your wonderful comments:)

With much love


Wednesday, 14 March 2012

I Sew'd My Heart and A Couple of RAKS

Thankfully my DH knew how to blur out my maiden name on my finish of I Sew'd My Heart and how to is now firmly lodged in my brain for the next time I need to do something like that! I had a little "Duh!" moment when I realised where I was going wrong:) Anyway I personalised it with my maiden name and added the year 1970 but I'm now thinking I should have stitched a later year. Did schoolgirls of old stitch samplers are the age of 7????

Heartstring Samplery I Sew'd My Heart

32 count Vintage Country Mocha Linen


Started 3rd February 2012

Finished 11th March 2012

I have to say that I just love this piece and it is definitely my favourite finish this year so far. If you're interested in finding out about this design and how to obtain the chart please read here:) I don't know how I'm going to this yet. Any suggestions?

The two RAK's I entrusted to Royal Mail yesterday have safely reached their destinations. First off this little pin cushion arrived at the Mouse house.

The Primitive Hare Please Enter Your Pin

35 count coffee dyed fabric


Started 8th March 2012

Finished 10th March 2012

RAK/ Thank You for Mouse.

Mouse kindly sent me some pretty pins so I stitched this up as a thank you for her:) 

The second RAK went to Jane as she's been very much under the weather with a nasty chest infection. As soon as I saw this design I just knew I had to stitch it for her. Those of you who know Jane will know she has two of the cutest little bunnies called Tilly and Oscar so I thought this would be nice for her :)

Pilgrims & Pioneers 1820 Bunnies and Tulips

35 count coffee dyed fabric


Started and Finished 8th March 2012.

RAK for Jane.

 Mouse and Jane love their little gifts and that makes my day :)

I've got another piece all finished up from my finishing pile. My Feb ornament The Cat's Whiskers Joyeux Noel.  Please excuse the dull photo.

I have been stitching on my WIPS SB The Journey and L*K 6 Fat Men but forgot to take photos of them so will save those for my next blog post. 

Still catching up on blogs too so if I haven't got around to you just yet I will do soon. 

I was intent on maybe doing a little stitching this afternoon but I guess I'd better do some housework instead!

Thank you to those of you who take time to read and comment on my ramblings :) It means a lot to me.

Until next time:)

With much love


Monday, 12 March 2012

My Finishing Pile............

Is almost done! I really can't quite believe I've finally got my butt into gear and finished stuff I stitched last year. I mean come on it's March! So I'll quit rambling on and show what I've done.

All stitched last year!

My Big Toe Designs A New Day, hanging pinkeep finish with gathered  ribbon edging.

Silver Creek Samplers Dandy Dreams, hanging pinkeep with gathered ribbon edging.

Blackbird Designs Needlecase from Peacock Pin Keep. 

Tra La La Snowman, big pinkeep with chenille trim.

I just have CCN Snowflake Serenade and The Cat's Whiskers Joyeux Noel to finish off now and I'm up to date-almost!

Some progress on Blackbird Designs AotH Swan Lake. I finally got those darn swans done. Fingers crossed I'll have this finished by the end of March. I think this weekend if IHSW so I'll probably stitch on HAED Guardian as well as this. 

My red basket. 

I've finished two RAKs, well one is a thank you really, and they are going in the post in the next couple of days:) I've also finished Heartstring Samplery I Sew'd My Heart but I've been sitting here looking blank trying to blur out my maiden name with our photo editing software and can't work it out so I'll leave showing that for another day. I'm hoping my DH will know how! I have to say that this is my favourite finish so far this year :)

That's it for today. Thanks for visiting me :)

Much love


Thursday, 8 March 2012


Was my dear friend Lesleyanne's birthday and after much deliberation I decided to stitch her this. 

Le Chalet des Perelles Un Peu D'amour et D'amitie

28 count Silkweaver Tutti Fruiti Linen


Started 25th February 2012

Finished 28th February 2012

Birthday gift for Lesleyanne

Now I am terrible at making decisions as to what to stitch so it always makes me so happy when I know that the recipients love them so I'm happy to say that Lesleyanne loves this! I backed it with calico and ruched some pink gingham ribbon around the edge.

Today is another dear friend Jane's birthday and this is what I stitched for her.

35 count lightly coffee dyed fabric

Victorian Motto Sampler Threads

Started 28th February 2012

Finished 2nd March 2012

Birthday gift for Jane F.

I am also very happy to say that Jane loves it! I backed it with calico and added a pretty trim that I bought in the local cardmaking/ scrapbooking shop. Wish I'd taken a photo of the trim as it's really pretty.

You may remember that I decided to take part in The Primitive Hare's contest to stitch her design May Love. Well I finished the stitching a while ago and have finally got it made up and I think I am now allowed to show it. I am not 100% happy with my finish and I know that there will be far better finishes than mine but I am just happy to take part:)

The Primitive Hare May Love

32 count linen dyed in cranberry and raspberry tea

Carrie's Creations Old World Red

Started 19th February 2012

Finished 24th February 2012

I have put this in my red basket. Yes I've started a red basket after seeing a few on blogs. I already have a few red pieces that I have stitched and that have been gifted to me so I have a small start!

Right WIPs now! Monday was SAL night with Barb and Colleen so I continued with The Journey. As you can see I now have a sheep:) and part of a dress. 

Tuesday I started my next L*K 6 Fat Men my SAL with my surrogate sis Lisa. I started Let It Snow so am leaving the long one, Snow Day, until last as I think that will probably take the most stitching!

At craft club on Tuesday morning I started my March ornament for the Christmas All Year Round SAL. This month I chose Blackbird Designs Joy from last year's JCS ornament magazine.

Finally last night I stitched more on Stacy Nash Primitives True Love Sampler Bag. I really love how this is looking and it's stitching up quite quickly too. 

Not sure what I'm stitching tonight. I may start an RAK that I'm coffee dying some fabric for. I never seem to be able to get that mottled effect though which is very annoying!

Off to have a cuppa and a catch up on blogs now before I set about some finishing. The pile is getting bigger. I get so far then the enthusiasm goes!

With much love.


Monday, 5 March 2012

February Ornament Finally Finished!

A wee bit late but better late than never! The theme for the Christmas All Year Round SAL for February was Christmas Tree and here's mine.

The Cat's Whiskers Design Studio Joyeux Noel

28 count Jayne's Attic COTM I think it's Sweet Pea!


Started 7th February 2012

Finished 3rd March 2012.

I love this one. It's such a pretty design. This month is a free choice month so I've chosen Blackbird Designs Joy from last year's JCS ornament magazine. I need to get my fabric and threads sorted ready to take to craft club with me tomorrow.

I've not much else to show as I've been busy getting a couple of gifts done. I did have a new start on Saturday and it's something I've had in my stash for ages which feels good as I can definitely call it a stitch from stash piece! This is Stacy Nash Primitives True Love Sampler Bag, or at least the start of it! I've picked some fabric scraps from my stash as when it's done and made up it's going to be aged so thought it didn't matter what I used. I think this might stitch up quite quickly.

Last night I picked up Heartstring Samplery I Sew'd My Heart and finished the all the stitching barring the name at the bottom. I'm not quite sure whether to stitch it as Beth charted it or use another name. I will decide before I pick it up again.

Tonight is SB SAL night with Barb and Colleen and I'll be carrying on with The Journey. Tomorrow night I want to get back to my L*K 6 Fat Men SAL with Lisa as I missed it last week. Hopefully at the weekend I'll pick BBD AotH back up again too. I fear if I don't get on with it it'll become a UFO!

I'm afraid I caved and ordered the Little House Needlworks/ Shakespeare's Peddler pattern/ thread pack from Anita's Little Stitches. I figured that as I had some birthday money left I wasn't really breaking my stitch from chart stash promise and I'm going to keep it to stitch as I recover from my surgery! 

I am behind on blogs again! I just seem to have so much bother keeping up these days but I will try and catch up a bit tomorrow if I don't get chance today. 

Thank you for continuing to visit me and for all your lovely comments :) I cannot tell you how much I appreciate them.

With much love.