Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Some Proper Finishing!

My sewing machine has been working overtime so I actually have some finishing up done. I can't show all of them though as two of them are winging their way somewhere as I type so will show them once I know they've arrived safely at their destinations.

First proper finish is Shepherd's Bush Feed My Sheep. I just did a simple finish with a bow on the top. I put this one with my little collection of sheep :)
Next one is another simple finish for The Sampler Girl Jane Austen Winter. I added a ribbon for hanging and a couple of Mill Hill Snowflake Treasures. This will hang on my Sampler Girl on my stairs:)

Last one I can show is Shepherd's Bush Merry Be. I have to say that I LOVE how this turned out. I certainly don't want to put it away and not bring it out until next Christmas.
I finished the stitching on my January ornament for the Christmas All Year Round SAL. I really love this one and am so glad that I chose it.

Sisters & Best Friends Believe ( JCS Ornament mag 2000)

Unknown fabric ( think it's 28 count Polstitches)

GAST and Carrie's Creations

Started 15th January 2012

Finished 28th January 2012

I had chosen my next one but changed my mind and am now going to stitch this one from The Cat's Whiskers.

Friday evening I made a start on the next BBD Aoth Swan Lake. I'm using DMC for this as I didn't have enough of the GAST. I wasn't sure I was going to like this one but I really like how it's stitching up.
Finally last night was SAL night with Barb and Colleen and we went to Barb's cosy abode where we had tea, coffee cake and choccie biscuits. ( virtually but oh how wonderful it would be to do it for real :) ). I had a small new start of the SB 2011 Fob. The piccie is a little blurred as I took it in a hurry this morning before I went to craft club. I think this will be my last small SB for a while I fancy something a bit bigger for my next one.

I can't believe it's February tomorrow. Where did January go and where is the snow??? We have had a mild Winter so far but it looks as though February might be the big chill. I long for some snow! So as it's the last day of January I have survived my first month stitching from my chart stash ( yay me!). One down, five to go!!! I have to admit that late last week I was close to caving  but I stayed strong as I'm determined not to let myself down! I do it too often.

That's all for this time. I really need to spend some time catching up on blogs in the next few days to see what you've all been stitching:) Thank you all your lovely wonderful comments on my last post and for visiting me:)

Until next time......... keep stitching!

Much love


Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Merry, Merry Be

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments on my box finish for Chris and my Christmas Tea finish. Thanks for the tips on sewing on chenille trim too. I'll be trying them next time I use it:)

On Monday evening Barb and I travelled ( virtually) to Colleen's lovely house over the pond. While there I had a happy dance so may I present......

Shepherd's Bush Merry Be

32 count Light Taupe Evenweave


Started 20th December 2011

Finished 23rd January 2012

I'm hoping to have it all sewn up in the next day or so.

I can't show what I started on Sunday and continued stitching on Monday once Merry Be was done as it's for a thank you gift. What I will say is I had to frog it!!!!

At craft club yesterday I managed a little progress on my ornament for the Christmas All Year Round blog. I need to get this finished by the end of January so may add a few stitches before craft club next week. 

Last night was SAL night with Lisa. Here's Snow House. I'm really pleased with what I got stitched and love how it's looking.
Last week Gillie bought a chart from me but it turns out it was just her cunning plan to get my address so that she could send me this! ( Not really- she really wanted the chart!!!!)

Gillie started stitching this when I mentioned my Halloween tree on my blog last year. Isn't it sweet?? Needless to say I'm hanging it up now instead of waiting for Halloween! Thank you so much Gillie. I love it {{{{hugs}}}}

I set on with good intentions to do some finishing but I have no enthusiasm for it. Enthusiasm for the stitching -yay- enthusiasm for the finishing- nay! This is as far as I got; picking backing fabrics and trims. There are other stitched pieces under the backing fabrics!

Not sure whether to have a new start tonight or finish off stitching my start from Sunday. I seem to want to start everything I have at the moment!
I received my appointment to see a gynaecologist today. I go on 21st Feb so can't wait to get the ball rolling and hope they agree on surgery. 

That's all for today. Until next time..... keep stitching :)

With much love


Saturday, 21 January 2012

Happy Birthday Chris And A Few Finishes

Today is my dear friend Chris' birthday and I decided I wanted to do her a box finish. Chris and I met online on a stitching forum a few years ago and since then we have met up several times,  as we don't live too far away from each other, and have become good friends. I have just had a text from her and she loves her gift so I am very happy:) 

Blackbird Designs Love Letters
32 count light taupe fabric

Started 11th January 2012

Finished 13th January 2012

Birthday gift for Chris
This is from the Joyeux Noel booklet. I replaced the word Noel with Chris. Happy Birthday Chris!

Tuesday evening was SAL night with my surrogate sis Lisa and I finished Snow Fun and made a small start on Snow House. Snow Fun stitched up so quickly.
Lizzie*Kate 6 Fat Men Snow Fun

32 count amber linen

Started 3rd January 2012
Finished 17th January 2012

A little progress on Country Cottage Needleworks Snowflake Serenade next. I have changed the colour of the wording White Christmas as the grey colour the chart suggested didn't show up very well on my fabric.
Next "finish" is the bonus block on Blackbird Designs Anniversaries of the Heart. This one seems to have taken ages with me taking a break from it so I'm relieved it's finally done! I'll start Swan Lake next week I think as I have something else I want to stitch tonight!

Blackbird Designs Anniversaries of the Heart Bonus Block

36 count rosewood linen


Started 7th October 2011

Finished 20th January 2012

At long last I got the chenille trim sewn on Christmas Tea so here it is! I found the chenille trim quite difficult to sew on so does anyone have any tips please? :) 

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my giveaway wins yesterday. I cannot tell you how lucky and blessed I feel to have won all those goodies. Thank you again to Kate and Myra :)

My new camera had to go back to the shop as there was a mark on something, possibly a sensor inside the camera, which showed on my photos. Thankfully I was able to exchange it for the same make and model and this one appears to be fine. I will know better when I get the opportunity to get out and take some photos as it didn't always show up on my stitching photos.

Until next time...... keep stitching!

With much love


Friday, 20 January 2012

Lovely Post Day

Yesterday I had a lovely post day so my postie ( not my regular one) was my best friend! It was so much nicer than getting bills and junk mail!

First he arrived on foot with this lovely chart from Barb which she has recently finished stitching. Of course she knows my love of Shepherd's Bush rolls so when she asked me if I would like the chart for Tiny Garden Roll when she'd finished with it I immediately said yes please! I'm looking forward to seeing Barb's finish of it. Of course this will be coming out sometime for our SB SAL on a Monday evening :) Thank you so much Barb {{{{hugs}}}}
A little later on postie came back in the van and delivered two boxes for me. Just before Christmas I was so happy to have won Kate's 100 Followers giveaway on her blog and as Kate had emailed to say she'd posted out my prize I knew one of them must be from her. I excitedly opened up the box and inside found a big tissue wrapped package. 

Inside was all this. I had seen Kate's Christmas bauble filled with ORTs of her blog and thought what a wonderful idea it was and now I have one of my own:) Kate filled it with trims, thread, charms, chocolate and needles. See the little book with the bird on the front? That has needles in it and there is also the chart to stitch the wee design on the front. I have never seen those before and just love the idea. As you can see there is also a bag of lavender ( I LOVE lavender), some gorgeous fabric and a sheepy notepad. Kate well and truly spoiled me and I already have an idea for the trims and lavender:) Thank you so much Kate {{{{hugs}}}}

The second box was from Myra. I was delighted to win her New Year giveaway of one of her gorgeous handmade birds and thread catchers. Again I excitedly opened the box to find not only a bird and a thread catcher but also a delightful little pouch and some Hershey's chocolate bars. I have been very good and only eaten one bar so far and I did offer to share it with my DH but as he doesn't like dark chocolate ( yay!) he declined my offer! Unfortunately my photo really does not do Myra's beautiful creations justice. They are just gorgeous. I have some artificial poppies in a vase so I have hung the bird from one of those and he looks so sweet. The thread catcher and pouch will be going with me to craft club:) Thank you so much Myra {{{{hugs}}}} again I have been spoiled :)

I'll be back another day with some progress and to show a birthday gift I stitched. I still need to get that trim on Christmas Tea ( someone give me a kick please!). I've also been looking through my chart stash to try and decide on what to start next but then I really feel that I should finish CCN Snowflake Serenade first so not sure what to do! I did pick out Stacy Nash Primitives Love Sampler Bag and Pin Keep so I still might pop a few stitches in that soon. I've also been very good and picked out all my ornaments for the year for the Christmas All Year Round SAL!

Until next time.......... keep stitching!

With much love


Tuesday, 17 January 2012

A Birthday Gift for Lisa and A Winner!

Yesterday was my surrogate sis Lisa's birthday and I wanted to stitch something a little bit special for her so I did this. 

Blackbird Designs Tulip House Stitching Companion
32 count fabric

Started 6th January 2012

Finished 8th January 2012

I stitched up the pincushion too and backed it with the same fabric as I lined the box with.

Blackbird Designs Tulip House Pincushion

32 count fabric

Started 10th January 2012
Finished 11th January 2012

I am very happy that Lisa loves it :) Happy Birthday for yesterday :) xx

Do you remember this that I last picked up back in November? Well it now looks like this after two evenings on it. 

I really wasn't sure I wanted to pick this up again as I'd been enjoying having no big pieces to stitch but now I've picked it up again I'm glad I did. Fingers crossed I can get this block finished this weekend then move onto Swan Lake.

Last night was SAL night with Barb and Colleen. They both came here ( virtually of course:) ) and sat by the fire having tea and cake, chatting and stitching :) Lol! Barb is stitching the beautiful Tiny Garden Roll and Colleen is soldiering on with the adorable Checkered Sheep. I think I might have another finish next week as Merry Be went very well last night!

Sunday evening I decided, seen as I was a bit behind in joining and starting my ornament for the Christmas All Year Round SAL,  to start my ornament. I stitched a bit more on it at craft club this morning. It is Sisters and Best Friends Believe from the 2000 issue of the Just Cross Stitch ornament magazine. I'm stitching it on some Polstitches 28 count fabric with the recommended GAST except for two of them.

Finally I used a random generator to pick the winner of the BBD LF Peacock Pin Keep. The winner is..................

  1. Lois
  2. Shar
  3. Lisa S
  4. Southpaw Stitcher
  5. Elisa
  6. Hazel
  7. Cucki
  8. Solstitches
  9. Gillie
  10. Karen
  11. Gracie
  12. Mouse
  13. Shirlee
  14. Kaisievic
  15. mollycaff
  16. Tatkis
  17. Butterfly
Timestamp: 2012-01-17 14:18:44 UTC

Lois please email me your address and I'll get the chart in the post to you over the next few days!

That's all for now. Cranberry Tea is still waiting for the trim to be sewn on. I was going to do it at craft club but I've never sewn chenille trim on before as I've only used it on boxes and pin keeps and have glued it on. 

Until next time............. keep stitching :)

With much love


Friday, 13 January 2012

Feed My Sheep

My third finish for 2012 and second one I can cross off my stitch from chart stash list is little little cutie!

Shepherd's Bush Feed My Sheep ( as kitted)
Started 2nd January 2012

Finished 9th January 2012
SAL with Barb and Colleen.

I loved stitching this one up and now have to decide what to do with it! I'm thinking a simple pin cushion finish.

Once that was finished my next SB was an easy one to choose. I'd started Merry Be at the last craft club meeting before Christmas and hadn't picked it up since so I decided to carry on with that. I'm using DMC on 32 count evenweave but I can't remember the colour without going in m fabric box! Lol!

I've stitched a bit more on Country Cottage Needleworks Snowflake Serenade. It's slow but sure and I'm loving it. 
I made lots of lovely progress on L*K 6 Fat Men Snow Fun on Tuesday evening. Both Lisa and I thoroughly enjoying our SAL on these cute little men!

I have joined Lainey's Christmas All Year Round blog. I'm sure how I missed this but I really like the idea of stitching a certain theme each month and I can do these at craft club on a Tuesday morning. I haven't made a start on this as yet so I may be a bit behind getting this month's done but I'll give it a damned good go! This is what I've chosen to stitch.

That's all my stitchy progress:) I've got Plum Street Samplers Christmas Tea sewn up but have to sew some trim on yet so will show you that another time.

Don't forget my giveaway of BBD LF Peacock Pin Keep. I'll pick a winner after the weekend.

Until next time......

With much love


Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Yiota's X-Stitch Kit Review

I received an email at the weekend from Yiota asking if I'd do a review of one of her kits. I do not have time to start stitching one at the moment but she was happy for me to review one and stitch it at a later date. 

For a start the site is very easy to navigate. There are lots of lovely kits to choose from and something for all tastes and experience levels. My eye kept going back to the same kit over and over, as I just love robins and anything Wintery, but this one had already been reviewed. However my second choice had been reviewed twice so Yiota kindly sent me my first choice.

The kit arrived today which I was very impressed by. You know how impatient us stitchers can be when it comes new stash! It was well packed in a card backed envelope clearly marked with Do Not Bend. The kit itself is packaged in a plastic sleeve keeping all the contents clean and tidy. As you can see I chose Robin Birds which I love. 

The Madeira threads are all wound onto bobbins so that you are ready just to pick up your needle and stitch. One of my pet hates with kits is when you have to spend time sorting  the threads before you can set on and stitch so having them ready wound is a big plus for this kit. 
Having stitched other artwork from other designers I was a little apprehensive about this kit however I need not have been. The chart is very clear with easy to read symbols on 2 A3 sheets of paper. This will make stitching so much easier than having small symbols on A4 sheets so that is another big plus.

There is a very clear, concise instruction sheet.

The kit includes an ample sized piece of white aida so you can start stitching as soon as the kit pops through your letter box. 
So all in all I am very impressed with this kit and give it a definite 10 out of 10. I would highly recommend these kits. Please pop over to www.yiotas-xstitch.com and have a look for yourself.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

A Wee Giveaway

You may remember a while ago I stitched and finished this. Dear Barb very kindly lent me the chart but when I'd finished with it she decided she didn't want it back. Soooooo I would like to now pass it on to someone else who would love to stitch it. There is also a needlebook chart which I have stitched but not got around to making up yet.

Anyway if you would like to be in with a chance of winning Blackbird Designs Loose Feathers Peacock Pin Keep chart please leave a comment on this post.

There are just a few rules! You do not have to be a follower but you must be a regular commentor on this blog. Please do not post this to your blog as I just want it to be for my regulars. Finally if you win please pass this chart on to someone else when you have stitched it.

Good luck everyone!

I'll be back another day with a finish so that is now 2 crossed off my Stitch from Stash list!

With much love.


Saturday, 7 January 2012

Two New Starts and A Finish!

Here I am with my second post of 2012. This week has seen two new starts and a finish and I must say that I am thoroughly enjoying my stitching so far in 2012!  

Monday evening saw Barb, Colleen and I back to our Shepherd's Bush SAL. We had all enjoyed it so much in 2011 that we decided to carry it on this year and I have must admit that while Barb and I took a break from it for the last couple of months I really missed it. I was feeling a little lazy and low so I really didn't feel like sorting fabric and threads so went for simple kit. This is Feed My Sheep which Barb bought me for my birthday in 2010. Barb knows how much I loves me some Shepherd's Bush! I think I might have a finish next Monday. 
Lisa and I were chatting before Christmas about our L*K 6 Fat Men SAL and as she wanted to do some secret stitching for her DH on Wednesdays I said I was happy to move our SAL to another evening if she wanted so we decided that from the first week in January we'd stitch it on Tuesdays so this is my other new start. OK I suppose it's no exactly a new start but I think each of these blocks can be classed as one! I chose to start Snow Fun.
I decided that I wanted to get Plum Street Samplers Christmas Tea finished before I started anything else new so I stitched on this Wednesday and Thursday. I cannot tell you how much trouble I had with the blackbird! The amount of times I had to pull it out is nobody's business but let's just say it almost took flight across the room!!! I wouldn't mind but it's a mirror of the red one which I stitched no problem! It's not exactly right as after finding I'd made a mistake again I decided I wasn't going to pull it out yet again! You may notice that I haven't stitched the snowflakes. The thread I'd chosen didn't show up on the fabric and neither did a few others I tried so I left them off. I love this piece so much and already know how I'm finishing it.
 Plum Street Samplers Christmas Tea

25 count opalescent Silkweaver Stormy Skies ( I think!)

Crescent Colours & Carrie's Creations

Started 25th December 2011

Finished 5th January 2012

SAL with Michelle.

I got my Kelmscott Designs Miniature Monogram Hornbook finished of yesterday. Love this so much and it will be very handy. I have popped it into my Travelling Stitcher pouch.
Finally I promised a photo of what I bought with my birthday GC from Colleen. I'm looking forward to stitching both of these. This year is going to be my year for stitching smaller charts so hopefully I should get plenty done. The only biggy I plan on is finishing my BBD AotH and once that's done going back to HAED Guardian and try and stick at it!
I haven't been to craft club this week so no progress on SB Merry Be. I should be going this next week so hope to get plenty done while I'm there. 
I have been catching up on your blogs and seeing lots of lovely new Crazy starts and getting enabled! Of course I'm being a good girl and not buying especially as I'm feeling really good about stitching from chart stash :) Tricia is joining us too. Welcome aboard Tricia:) 
I had a visit to my doctor yesterday and she's referring me for surgery so I see lots more stitchy time  sometime in the future! I know I won't get seen for a while so it will probably be well into Summer ( if that) before I get the surgery.
That's all my news for now. I think I'll pick up CCN Snowflake Serenade tomorrow.
Until next time, keep stitching.
With much love

Monday, 2 January 2012

Last Finish of 2011 and First of 2012

Happy New Year Everyone!
Just a quick post today to show my last finish of 2011 and my first of 2012.
I finished up the December SAL piece on Friday with a wee bit of time to spare for 2011! I loved stitching this so much. I don't know if Chris started hers as she has tennis elbow and had to have an injection so hasn't been stitching much. Lesleyanne was stitching L*K Snowman 2010. 

Tra La La Snowman
32 count Cobblestone linen

GAST, Crescent Colours & Carrie's Creations
Started 1st December 2011

Finished 30th December 2011
Lisa and I had a new start on New Years Day. We did this last year and decided to do it again. We decided on Kelmscott Designs Miniature Monogram Hornbook and here's my finished stitching. I have to mount it yet but will wait for a few days and do it. This is the first finish I can mark off my list:)

Kelmscott Designs Miniature Monogram Hornbook
32 count fabby ( unknown)
Dragon Floss Lasting Friendships
Started and Finished 1st January 2012

Yesterday saw the start of my stitch from chart stash challenge of 2012. As you will know I'm hoping to keep this up for at least the first 6 months of this year but I am allowed the last BBD LF chart as I'm on auto for those plus any fabric and threads I may need for charts I'm stitching. This is just to get my chart stash down :) I have a few friends joining me including my surrogate sis Lisa, Lisa B, Claire, Colleen and Lesleyanne that I know of:) So good luck my fellow stitch from stashers lol!
I received my birthday GC order from Wasatch Needlecraft on Saturday. Thank you so much Colleen {{{{hugs}}}} I look forward to stitching what I chose:) I haven't taken a photo as yet so will have to show what I chose in another post but I will tell you! I chose Carriage House Samplings Wash Day with the fabric and Little House Needleworks Snow White.

I've stitched some more on Plum Street Samplers Christmas Tea and have the verse stitched and a bit of the vines. I'd like to try and finish it this week if I can. Tonight I'm back to the SB SAL with Barb and Colleen. I've really missed our SAL night. I haven't decided what I'm stitching yet but I think I'll pick a kit for ease lol! I'm feeling too lazy to sort fabric and threads!

Finally it's time to reflect on 2011's stitching and what I achieved. I did have a lot of finishes and I'm rather proud of some of the finishes I had particularly my BBD pin keep and the LHN Travelling Stitcher pouches. I have lots of things that I would love to stitch in 2012 including some RAKs if I get myself sorted out.
I must apologise again as I've just marked all the new posts in my reader as read as there were over 200. I'll start over tomorrow and see what you're all stitching in this New Year:)

Until next time......
Much love