Sunday, 27 October 2013

It's Amazing.......

What you can achieve when the Internet is down! Last Sunday Abi and I went for a wee walk and when we arrived back home we realised the Internet was down and also our landline. DH was up at  Croft near Darlington watching some rallycross so I decided to get some ornaments properly finished. They had been half finished for weeks so I set about sewing up, sewing on trims, making cording etc and these are what I finished up with! So pleased with these new additions for my ornament tree.

This week I have also been sorting backing fabric and trims for more ornaments and as tomorrow is supposed to be a very nasty weatherwise ( worse further south than for us but the wind is already whipping up here) I thought I would sit and get these done. I did buy some more ribbon on Thursday as I wanted some gingham for one ornament and while in the local arts and crafts shop I noticed some rather cute ribbon with bunnies on and some with reindeer on which I couldn't resist. I have plans for the reindeer one  but no idea what I'm going to use the bunny one for! It was too cute not to buy it just in case!

I planned to finish a couple of pieces as stand ups yesterday afternoon and got my DH to cut some polystyrene for me but I've only got one done as the other one didn't look right as I was finishing it. I'm really chuffed with this one though which you may remember was my December SAL with Chris that I finished earlier in the year.

I have been a very busy little stitcher this week. I've had 3 new starts, a part finish and lots of progress.

New start no. 1 is February's Primrose by Cottage Garden Samplings. I just had to start this once I'd finished January's Snowdrop as it is another gorgeous design. Love the colours.

New start no. 2 is Patience, a sheepy, which I'm stitching along with Barb. I finally recieved Wisdom and Friendship but not  before having to ask about them. I'm just happy to have them now :)

New start no. 3 I can't show as it's for an ornament exchange and I'm not sure if my partner reads my blog or not so better to be safe :).

I only managed a little  bit on Little House Needleworks Song of the Seasons with Barb and the ladies in the parlour over at Needlecraft Haven on Wednesday so picked it up again on Thurday. It was going very well when I realised, somewhere along the line, I'd messed up! Thankfully it is easily fixable so will put it right before I pick it up again next week.

No HAED stitching for me this last week. I find it easier to put it on hold and get things I need to get done out of the way. I may get an evening in next week.

Friday night was another SAL with Barb :). This time Jardin Prive La Pensee Positive and I managed to get part 2 finished ready for part 3 coming out soon.

I almost finished part 1 of the Lizzie Kate Holly & Hearts Mystery Christmas Sampler last night. Not much to go now :)

I need to get caught up with Plum Street Samplers Mary's Sampler as I haven't stitched part 4 yet and also get on with my ornament for October as it'll be November before I know where I am. I'm also way behind on  blog reading!

Stay safe everyone in the storm overnight and tomorrow.

Until next time,

With much love,

Sally xxxxx

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Finally Finished- Or Is It?

A few blog posts ago I showed you an unfinished ornament I had found in the 2006 JCS ornament magazine and I'd left it out to get it finished! Well here it is finally finished.

Full Circle Designs Moonlit Joyride

Unknown fabric


I say finally finished but now that I look it's not! I have a few stitches in the sleigh that I haven't done! Well it's near enough a finish!

I have a second finish. Yes it is finished! I haven't missed anything on this one. It's my Monday night SAL with Barb piece.

Little House Needleworks Little Sheep Virtues Simplicity

32 count Vintage Country Mocha


We can now start Patience which I'm looking forward to. I see the ONS I'm getting these from has the next two on site so why oh why haven't I received them yet. I thought the idea of auto was you get each one as they come in stock and not have so long that there's 2 to send? What is your idea of being on auto for somethinG?

I have been managing to keep up to date with Plum Street Samplers Mary's Sampler. Love how simple this design is. So sweet.

I made a start on my October ornament for the Christmas All Year Round SAL. I had a change of mind as I was going to stitch a Mosey and Me one from last year's ornament issue but I ended up with My Big Toe Designs Always in my Heart from the 2011 issue I think. Here is my start on 36 count Vintage Exemplar from Lakeside Linens. I decided on this one as I wanted something on my tree in memory of my parents and my parent- in - law. I'm stitching it with the recommended WDW.

Barb and I have also been stitching up a storm on the Jardin Prive Think Positive SAL. I was determined last night to stitch, stitch, stitch on it as I want to get part 2 finished before part 3 is released at the beginning of November. Nearly there!

I got the big tree trunk and a few flowers stitched on LHN Song of the Seasons Mystery. 

A little bit done on HAED QS Spirit of Winter Robin.

Finally more on Lizzie Kate Holly & Hearts Mystery Christmas Sampler. I don't seem to be able to get a good photo of this.

And look at the beauties I received from The Crafty Kitten. The second part of the LK Christmas mystery ( this girl knows how to do autos!) and I'm afraid I could not resist when Dawn said she was getting the LK Stocking ornaments in so I asked her to put my name on one! 

Did I tell you I'd received my JCS Ornament magazine? Yep it arrived and I picked out 23 ornaments that I'd like to stitch. Notice I said that very quietly?! It's a pretty good issue this year. I must admit at first glance I thought nope this is not as good as it has been other years but after a good look through it I had a change of heart.

I've been emailing dear Shirlee a bit lately and we've decided on a New Years SAL! I'm so excited for this but alas it means more stash buying ( insert sneaky looking grin here). You may have seen some new stash she posted a while back and one of the charts was Lone Elm Lane Snow Angel. Well I had seen this on Pinterest and fell in love with it and I was telling her that I loved it too so she suggested a SAL sometime so I said why not and how's about in the New Year :). I am going to make it a treat to myself for my big 50 birthday that's coming up in December. It'll be last treat of the year and there will be no more chart buying except for the autos. Once my sheep, Garden Journal and Holly and Hearts autos are done I will just have the Frosty Forest one. I have to do something to make me proud of myself!

That's all my news for now. My doing more regular blog posts didn't work this week! I'm now going to catch up on all your blogs for half an hour :)

With much love


Monday, 14 October 2013

January's Snowdrops

I think this is possibly the most beautiful finish I have had in a while. I just love the colours and the sentiment and it's this one that made me want to collect the whole series. I'm halfway there. I doubt very much I'll have all 12 by the end of the year but never mind!

Cottage Garden Samplings My Garden Journal January's Snowdrops

40 count Pearl Grey Newcastle Linen


Started 8th September 2013

Finished 13th October 2013

I have also finally finished part 1 of Little House Needleworks Song of the Seasons mystery and made a small start on part 2. Wow I think part 2 will take a while!

Part 2 of the Lizzie*Kate Holly and Hearts Mystery Christmas Sampler is on the way to me from Crafty Kitten and as the weather has been horrible here I stitched quite a bit on part 1 in the hope of getting caught up but I didn't make it! It is looking gorgeous though.

Finally I made a start on Plum Street Samplers Mary's Sampler SAL and got caught up with parts 1 and 2 before part 3 came out. Part 3 is sheep :)

This evening I'm hoping to get LHN Simplicity finished and tomorrow at craft group I want to start my October ornament. Oops I forgot to take a photo of the Think Positive SAL. Oh well will do that next time!

Before I go I have added some finishes of mine that I would like to sell. They have been on display in my home a while ago but I put them away in a cupboard. I thought maybe someone might like them and will give me a little stash money for them lol. I have added prices but feel free to make me an offer.

Until next time.

With much love


Friday, 11 October 2013


I had an email in my inbox that saddened me greatly. It was from a lady called Katie who is a friend of dear Cathey who we all joined in the Pumpkins for Cathey day not that long ago.Please pop on over and read her blog if you have not already done so

Dear Cathey has lost her brave fight against cancer. A fight she fought with dignity, humour and amazing strength.

RIP  Cathey.  Thinking of your husband, sweet little Junior and your family and friends. You were an inspiration to so many. You will live on in the hearts and minds of so many people whose lives you touched through blogging.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

A Mystery I Have Fallen In Love With!

Well I thought it was time I started to  try and blog a little more often so that my posts aren't filled with boatloads of my projects every time! Now whether I will keep up is a different matter but we will see how it goes. I really want to try and get back into it more and get back to forums too. Well one particular forum that I really used to love posting in.

So I have lots of stitching planned over the coming weeks / months. I finally started the first part of the Lizzie Kate Hearts and Holly Mystery Christmas Sampler on Saturday evening. Let me tell you if you're on the fence about stitching this do it! I wasn't sure whether to sign up for it or not but I am so glad I did. I didn't want to put it down and have loved every single stitch so far. The second part is on the way to The Crafty Kitten so must get my stitch on before it arrives, and gets sent to me, and get part one finished. Of course I went perusing a US ONS' Facebook page and wished I hadn't as there was a picture of the second part. Oh my God I love it! Another reason why I love it! All I will say is "A Christmas Carol"! Anyway here's what I got stitched on Saturday. My friend Gill and I are starting our stitching afternoons up again so it'll be coming out again this afternoon!

I got more stitched on Cottage Garden Samplings January's Snowflakes. Not too much more to stitch now. Wonder if I can get this done for the end of October? 

Friday and Monday were SAL evenings with Barb. Friday was the Jardin Prive Think Positive SAL. I have cheated a little on this and also took it to craft group with me yesterday so I could get caught up and finish part 1 which was duly done!

Then Monday was sheepy night!  I was very pleased with my progress and I now just have the sun and the border to stitch on Simplicity.

Almost forgot my progress on LHN Song of the Seasons seen as I forgot to take a photo last post!

Last night should have been HAED QS Spirit of Winter Robin but I am thinking of maybe just stitching on it one evening a week until Christmas. It very much depends. I have signed up for a Christmas ornament exchange and once I get my partner's details I want to get on with that. I don't do much stitching for Christmas presents as there are so few people in my family left now who actually appreciate it so I tend just to stitch for one friend in particular and I'd like to get that done in good time too. I also have my annual ornament exchange with Chris and our traditional December SAL which will be Country Cottage Needleworks Silent Night which I am really looking forward to.  I also found an ornament in one of the JCS ornament mags that I hadn't finished stitching, a photo of which, with more stitched now, you can see belowplus I have printed out the Plum Street Samplers SAL, Mary's Sampler, to start sometime when my suitable fabric arrives today. I had all the threads which is a miracle for me!

Still impatiently waiting for my JCS ornament magazine! Fingers crossed for this week!

That's all from me for today! I'll leave you with Meeko and sunset over Hornsea Mere :)

With much love


Friday, 4 October 2013

Lainey's Birthday, Stitching & A New Family Member

It's a been a wee while since I showed any stitching so thought it was about time I blogged to show you what I've been up to. I have to say that I was humbled by all the Pumpkins for Cathey posts that popped up last Friday and I was honoured to have taken part. Just goes to show there are some wonderful people in the stitchy blogging community showing our love and support for such an inspirational lady. 

Anyhow last week it was my dear friend Lainey's birthday. After much deliberating about what I should I stitch for her I came across a cute freebie on Facebook and decided yes that is perfect. I am very happy to say that Lainey loved it :)

Fearn Abbey Needleworks Little Lambs

Sparklies 32 count Pisces


Birthday Gift for Lainey.

I have had another two finishes. First my ornament for September for the Christmas All Year Round SAL. I must admit I have been thinking that I wouldn't do this again next year but now I'm thinking I will! I've enjoyed it so much and have 12 lovely ornaments at the end of the year. That is if I get my finger out and get them made up!

My Big Toe Designs His Gift

Can't remember the fabric


Started 3rd September 2013

Finished 17th September 2013

My other finish is this one. Need to add buttons.

Little House Needleworks Little Sheep Virtues Faith

32 count Vintage Country Mocha


Started 15th August 2013

Finished 24th September 2013.

Oooh just remembered I have another finish! Silly girl! How could I forget my SAL with Lainey, Mouse and the ladies in the parlour at Needlecraft Haven?!

Little House Needleworks Curly Q Ewe

36 count Flax linen

Crescent Colours & DMC

Started 22nd May 2013

Finished 25th September 2013.

WIPs now. My Lizzie*Kate Hearts and Holly Mystery Sampler is still not started but it will be, hopefully, tomorrow evening. I have to get a move on as the next part will be here in a few weeks.

On Wednesday with Barb and the ladies in the parlour at Needlecraft Haven I went back to stitching the Little House Needleworks Song of the Seasons mystery. I'm still on part one. No photo as I intended to blog on Wednesday and took my photos then! I have now almost finished part one :)

As I'd finally finished Faith I started Simplicity with Barb on Monday evening. I just got the sheep stitched. Hopefully this one won't be running away due to the grass dying off like the last one did! Patience finally arrived last week so at least Barb and I have another one in the pipeline when this one is finished. 

Barb and I started another SAL the other Friday :) I love my SALs with Barb as she is such a special friend and we have achieved so much since we started stitching together virtually a few years ago. We started the Jardin Prive free SAL Think Positive. I haven't finished the first part yet and I stitched the fence in the wrong colour but I'm not frogging it! I downloaded part 2 yesterday after Barb reminded me it was ready :)

I am getting on well with Cottage Garden Samplings January's Snowflakes. Really loving this. I am so glad I chose 40 count to stitch this one. I took it to craft group with me on Tuesday as I didn't have time to kit my ornament for October up before I went.

Finally a little progress on HAED QS Spirit of Winter Robin. I have to admit that I am enjoying my stitching so much more now I am sticking to just one HAED. I feel bad that none of my others are currently getting stitched but it's the way it is for now!

I am impatiently waiting for the Just Cross Stitch Ornament issue to drop through my letterbox. I subscribe through Country Designs here in the UK and the ornament issue is part of the sub. I know people who have ordered the single issue through them have received their copies so starting to wonder where mine is although Chris hasn't got hers either!

My plan next year was not to buy any charts and just buy fabric and threads when I really need them. Well that has now sort of flown out of the window! What should pop up on the Country Cottage Needleworks Facebook page but a new 9 part series called Frosty Forest. Now anyone that know me well will know I love Winter designs and as I love the sound of this I'm signing up for it. However it is ALL I am going to buy chart wise next year! Enough is enough and if I can go a year with just that series I shall be so proud of myself. I was going to do it this year but things happened and my stash treats have been a great comfort but next year I need to put on my big girls panties and just deal with it! Lol!

So I bet you're all wondering who the new family member is. Well here is he!


He is Abi's new little furry friend who came to live with us almost 2 weeks ago.He was only about 6 weeks old when we got him and hadn't been handled so we're going through the taming process. He is doing incredibly well though but is still a little nervous at times. He is quite a character and we love him to bits!

That's all my news for now. 

Until next time.

With much love