Wednesday, 23 September 2015

September Stitch from Stash

Well I seem to be getting a bit bad at this blogging lark. I keep saying I'll get better at it and commenting but it just doesn't seem to happen and I know I'll lose readers etc if I don't comment. I'm trying really hard but.....

So first off my  September SFS report.

Brought fwd :£67.25

Spent :£30.26

Earned :£20.00

Balance carried fwd : £81.99

I am done with my autos now except for the Shepherd's Fold. I just have 2 more of those to come then I will try even harder not to buy anymore charts/ kits! Having said that I do want to get some more sheepy ones before the end of the year as Barb and I are going to be doing a sheep SAL! Next year I intend to just buy fabric and threads. Yes it'll probably be famous last words as I seem to be useless and let myself down every time!

Plenty of stitching has been done since the last time I blogged. One I can't show as it's a gift and the the one I've just started is for Mouse's quilt so I won't show that until I've finished it and she has it :)

My lovely robin is growing steadily but if I am going to finish it for February I am going to have to stitch more than one evening on it. 

So as soon as this is finished my robin will replace it in my rotation. Lots of holly still to do yet!

I didn't stitch on A Full Heart for a couple of Thursdays but last week I got back to it and I have almost sown all the grass! It all looks so pretty and I am so pleased I finally decided to sign up for this.

Barb and I finished Holly Jolly but I don't have a photo yet as I just have to finish making it up. Last week we started Christmas Birdhouse and here is how far I got. Doesn't look much like a birdhouse yet does it lol? I am going to love this one though.

I am steadily making progress on Clara Ellen. I don't look forward to picking this up but I think that is because I have been away from it for so long. Mistakes have been made already but believe me there are lots of mistakes in the whole piece! 

No post would be complete without a cottage! So her's my October Cottage. Will it be finished for October? Hmmm we will have to see about that one!

I received the JCS Christmas ornament mag today and I have to say I am a little disappointed in it this year. Barb and I going to stitch an ornament a month from it and I am hoping I will find 12 that I want to stitch! I think I will as there are a few that caught my eye but not like other years where I've wanted to stitch more than I didn't want to! Still I will keep buying it every year as I enjoy collecting them and have every issue since the year 2000.

That's all my stitchy news for this time. 

Take care everyone.

Until next time.

With much love

Sally xx

Thursday, 10 September 2015

A Happy Finish!

Hello everyone! Tuesday night I had a finish and it's a finish that I absolutely love. I enjoyed stitching this very much and it's been a lovely change as I have been a bit bored with my stitching of late.

Lizzie*Kate Happy ( bonus designs from Things Unseen )

32 count Nougat linen


I think I have become a little bored because I've had so many series going on as in the cottages and the garden journal.  Don't get me wrong I love them but I think stitching the same sort of thing for months on end is getting to me! I picked up my AotH again and I'm already fed up of that! I think once I am finished with all these I will have to rethink the way I stitch and make sure I have a better variety ( as in no series or only one series at a time! ).

Speaking of the garden journal I made a little more progress on December's Holly. It is looking rather pretty even if I say so myself. There does seem to be a lot more work in this one somehow.

As for the cottages I made a start on October. I hope to get on better with this one as I'm so last minute with them now.

Clara Ellen is growing a little week by week but it will be slow!

I didn't stitch on my fold last week as I wanted to make a start on the cottage ( I didn't stitch at all on Wednesday when I would usually stitch on it )  but I will be back to that this week. I only have 2 more of the fold to get now so my collection will be complete in October :). I bought a paper mache box last week to mount the first fold on and keep the other bits in but I shall have to cover it to make it look nice. As much as I would really like the proper box I can't justify spending all that money.

Barb and I are hoping to get Holly Jolly finished this week but I think I may have a bit too much to do to. Love this one!

Finally my lovely robin. Getting there with page 5 :)

Last week my DH and Abi were on holiday from work. Jess should have been but because she changed jobs she didn't have it. We worked round her though so she could come the wildlife park. We only normally go once a year but Abi desperately wanted to go back and see the tiger cubs again so we thought why not. It was a little chilly but we had a  brilliant day and between DH,  Abi and I we took well over 1000 photos! I'll show just a few of mine  here :).

That's all my news for now. I must some finishing done before I post again!

Take care everyone.

With much love

Sally xxx