Thursday, 23 August 2012

Darn It!

Well I was going to post my WIPs today but my camera died while I was taking photos so I'll have to wait now while the battery charges. However I can now post the RAK/ thank you that I mentioned in my last post as the photo for that is on my computer:)

You may remember that dear June kindly offered to send me the chart from Cross Stitcher for the exchange piece that she stitched for Christina. Not only did she send me that but she also RAK'd me with a bag, some lace and a felt bird. I wanted to send June a little thank you for being so kind and here is what I stitched for her.

X Appeal Designs Hugs and Stitches ( freebie )

Polstitches fabric from grab bag


Thank you/ RAK for June

I am so happy to say that June loves it. I just love this polka dot ribbon that I bought from Crafty Ribbons a while ago. I added some small red beads as I was gathering the ribbon and a made with love heart charm on the top. 

I still haven't got my Midsummer Night Designs Remember Me Stitching Pocket finished up properly. I really need to to get myself motivated to do it. It's not as though I have loads to do and the worst bit is done so I need to sit myself down and just do it! I still have loads to make up from my finishes over the last 3 months and before that. I think I've hit a bit of a funk as I seem to finish everything as either a pincushion or pinkeep. My L*K 6 Fat Men is at the framers. It's been there about 3 weeks. It was supposed to be done in 2 weeks but it wasn't ready when I went. I've been in again and it wasn't done so will go again when I've been to the dentist this afternoon. The ladies at craft club said I'm too nice and I should have said I needed it doing for such a date!

On the knitting front I've finished one of Jess' fingerless mitts and am well on the way with the other one. My Crest of a Wave baktus is almost done as I got plenty knitted at craft club on Tuesday. First time I've been since before my f.i.l died so it was nice to get back. 

Hopefully I'll be back with some progress in a day or two. I'm half caught up with blog reading and commenting and it's good to get back to that too. I've missed seeing what everyone is up to.

Until next time.

With much love.


Friday, 17 August 2012


Sorry that I haven't posted in a while but my heart has not really been in it. I've done very little blog visiting either but, hopefully, I will get back to normal soon. Thank you my dear friend Shirlee for emailing me to see where I was.

Not quite sure where to start! I've been stitching but not on many things. I really need to get back to a rotation as I've been getting a bit bored with stitching mostly on one thing. However I think I'll try and finish this before I start much more.

I've actually finished all the stitching on this cream fabric now, apart from the backstitching, and have made a start on the bits done on green fabric. I seem to be able to get one square done a night if I get a move on so I might have this finished in a day or two. 

Barb and I have started a new SAL. This time we are stitching Blackbird Designs and I chose Truly Thine which is an old Loose Feathers design. I decided to stitch in on a Jayne's Attic Count on Me fabric called Carnation using  a Victorian Motto thread Antique Rose.

I have finally got around to starting my August ornament for the Christmas All Year Round SAL. I decided on Little By Little Making Spirits Bright from a JCS ornament magazine.

Speaking of JCS mags I went into my newsagent last week and they had the Halloween special in. Yay! I was hoping they'd get it so was pleased to see it thereon the shelf. There are a few in there I'd love to stitch but not sure when I'll get around to it.

I've also been doing some RAKs. The first one I stitched for Michelle just as a thank you for being such a wonderful friend. The fabric it is on is the fabric I backed it with.

Aliola Bird

16 count sparkly white aida.

DMC Variations

Stitched for Michelle.

I am delighted to say that Michelle loves it. As you can see I used aida which I don't normally stitch on but needs must as I didn't have any evenweave or linen in white. I really need to get some. 

Another RAK/ thank you gift is on the way to someone so, hopefully, I can show that one next time.

I have been doing a little bit of finishing. First one is Just Nan Christmas Sheep. It is a long way from perfect as I found it quite bulky and fiddly but I'm quite happy with how it turned it.

Next is Shepherd's Bush Snowman Treat Bag. I love this!

I've almost finished making up Midsummer Night Designs Remember Me Stitching Pocket. I need to add the trim and finish off the inside.

My Christmas in July sale order arrived from JJ's on Tuesday. It was perfect timing to be honest. I now have two new charts ( Homespun Elegance To Stitch is Bliss and Tree of Life Samplings Beauty and Grace) and some threads for Little House Needleworks Home of a Needleworker Too!

Thank you all for your condolences on my F.I.L's passing. It has been a tough time for all the family. For all his funeral was on Tuesday this week it still does not seem real. Abi is finding it particularly hard, bless her.

Thank you also for your birthday wishes for Jess on her 21st. We just celebrated it quietly. We had already decided a while ago to go out for a meal as she did not want a party so that's what we did. We all came home feeling very full! She says she is not having any more birthdays as my DH's Mum passed away 11 days after her 8th birthday and now his Dad 2 days before her 21st. I must get some photos sorted to post especially the one of her cake as it was gorgeous.

Last Friday I had to pay a visit to the dentist. Oh how I love the dentist- NOT! I'd been having toothache which started in my wisdom tooth but it was starting to affect other teeth too. She x-rayed my wisdom tooth and it was starting to get infected so she wanted to take it out. I panicked and said I thought I might prefer to be sedated to have it removed as I've heard some horror stories. Unfortunately I can't be sedated on the NHS ( national health service) so I'd have to go private at a cost of at least £200. It would also mean me not having my own dentist and I'd have to travel 40 odd miles to get it done. I've been on antibiotics to clear the infection which have made me feel rotten ( I assume it's the pills) and I go back next Thursday for a review. I think I'm going to have to be brave and just let her take it out. I can think of better things to spend that amount of money on!

I must apologise as I accidentally deleted a few comments instead of publishing them.

That's all from me for now. I might have some new starts next time and I might even have picked up BOAF Sally Spencer Sampler again!

Take care everyone.

With much love


Sunday, 5 August 2012

An RAK from June and a Private Exchange With Barb

Hello from a hot and humid east coast of England. I am longing for a thunderstorm and rain right now.

I have been stitching but nothing I can show you right now. I did do a wee bit more on Just Nan Floral Fifteen but I forgot to take a photo. I've also been sorting other bits and pieces to stitch. Barb and I decided our next SAL would be a Blackbird Designs piece. I have chosen Truly Thine which is an old Loose Feathers design so will be starting that on Monday. I shall down at Barb's watching the sailing boats go by drinking Pimms ( I wish!).

I was admiring the lovely piece June stitched for Christina for an exchange and asked June what the chart was. It was from Cross Stitcher and she kindly offered to send me the chart from the magazine. Imagine my surprise when she not only sent me the chart but also she also RAK'd me with a wonderful bag, some lace and a delightful felt bird. Isn't it all lovely? Thank you so much June. You are such a sweet friend.

Barb and I were all ready to open up our exchange pieces on Friday. Royal Mail did well as we both received our packages on the same day. We had decided to do a Shepherd's Bush stitched piece only with no extras exchange. 

This is what I stitched for Barb. I am delighted to say that she loved it :)

Shepherd's Bush Our Hearts Pincushion ( and fob!)

32 count vintage peach linen

Threads from kit

Exchange gift for Barb.

I thought this was a lovely piece for such a wonderful, dear friend and I really love the sentiment of it. I added our initials. ( The chart is now for sale if anyone is interested)

But just look at what Barb sent me! I cannot tell you how much I love this and I sincerely wish I had tried so much harder on mine to her. I just keep looking at it and opening it up. Barb included some gorgeous lilac scissors, an SB Fob Kit, a notebook and pen and some scented tissues in case I blubbed all over! Thank you so much dear Barb. I will treasure it always.

I have the urge to restart HAED QS Holly Fairy. I started it ages ago but the fabric wasn't right so I want to restart it on different fabric and stitch the background this time ( lots of black). I know I should really finish Guardian but I can't bring myself to pick it up at the moment. Maybe when things settle down.

I have not mentioned anything on my blog before but my DH's Dad has been ill. He has had breathing problems for some time now caused by fibrosis on his lungs and spent some time in hospital before I went in for my surgery. A month ago he got called back to the hospital and they had found "anomalies" on his spine and ribs. We knew it was not good as they thought it was cancer which had spread from elsewhere, possibly prostrate. This last Tuesday we found out that there was nothing that could be done and he died this morning. It has come as such a shock, as for all we knew it would come, we did not expect it so soon. At least he is at peace now and reunited with my DH's Mum. Keep your loved ones close as you never know what the future holds.

On a brighter note it is Jess' 21 st birthday on Tuesday. We are going ahead and celebrating as her Grandad would not want it any other way. I can't believe my first born is going to be 21!

Take care everyone.

With much love


Thursday, 2 August 2012

Happy Belated Birthday Julie :)

Monday was my lovely friend Julie's birthday. Friends are so important in our lives and are to be treasured and my stitching friends are incredibly important to me. So I stitched Julie this to show how important she is :)

Homespun Elegance Making My Heart Happy

unknown fabric


Birthday gift for Julie.

You may remember that I stitched this for Karan's birthday but I just love the sentiment of it. I am very happy to say that Julie loved it. Happy Birthday my dear friend.

I've had a couple of finishes since my last post. I wasn't far off finishing my July ornament so here it is. Not made up yet I'm afraid.

Blackbird Designs Christmas Ornament 2004 ( from the JCS ornament mag 2004)

32 count fabric


Started 17th July 2012

Finished 26th July 2012.

I haven't decided on my ornament for this month yet. I have two short listed!

My other finish is this cutie. Not made up yet but I might get around to it today.

Shepherd's Bush Snowman Treat Bag ( kit kindly gifted to me by Shirlee )

Started 16th July 2012

Finished 23rd July 2012

I had a new start. Photo does not do the fabric or threads justice. It is Birds of a Feather Sally Spencer Sampler.

I've sort of been concentrating on Just Nan Floral Fifteen and have almost got the first 5 parts completed. I love the colours.

Finally a while ago I admired Lainey's finish of BBD Willow House. I've loved this piece for a while now and she kindly offered to send me the chart and here it is :) Thank you so much Lainey {{{{hugs}}}} I'll be passing this on once I've stitched it.

Barb and I are thinking of having a break from our Shepherd's Bush Monday SAL and picking another designers to stitch for a while. We haven't decided as yet so watch this space!

Need to get to the PO as Barb and I are having a private SB stitched piece exchange and we are posting out today :)

I must apologise for not having commented on many blogs recently. My reader had nearly 200 new posts in it yesterday so I'm afraid I had to mark them all as read and I will start again. 

Better go and get to the PO!

With much love