Monday, 28 February 2011

Some Finishing Off:)

A while ago I finished Little House Needleworks Poinsettia House and after much searching online for some fabric and trim I finally found some lovely London gingham from one of my favourite Ebay sellers Favourite Fabrics 1. I also picked up some lovely East of India ribbon from her. Unfortunately when it arrived my fabric was too white so out came the teabag and I tea dyed it for a more creamy look to match the fabric I'd used for PH but you can't see it at the front. I also wanted some trim for the outside of the fabric "frame" so bought some in Boyes along with the little poinsettia trim that I've added. Anyway here's the picture. It's not a good one but it gives you an idea of how it looks. It was really dull when I took it so I struggled to get a decent one. Thank you KarenV for emailing me on how to make this type of finish :) I shall definitely be using it again as it works out much cheaper than framing and is perfect for smaller finishes :)

I also finished and made up the Prairie Schooler Summer Pinkeep from the Gift of Stitching Magazine. This is a fun little design which now completes my set of pinkeeps :) The fabric it is on is the one I used for the backing.

Prairie Schooler Summer Pinkeep

Unknown 32 count fabric


Started 17th February 2011

Finished 24th February 2011

Another finish is the pincushion from the Blackbird Designs Winter Wonderland chart which Lindsay kindly lent me. I will have the chart back to you ASAP Lindsay; thank you so much for the loan:) This was a very quick stitch and would have been finished off as well but we ended up having a bit of a busy weekend.

Blackbird Designs Winter Garden Pincushion

32 count Vintage country mocha linen


Started 22nd February 2011

Finished 24th February 2011

Just one more piece of stitching to show and that is my progress on BBD Valentine Rose, my SAL with Valerie, Jane and Lisa B. I only stitched on this on Friday evening as I just couldn't be bothered on Saturday evening but I am very happy with my progress. If I can get two good evenings this week I am hoping to have it finished and move onto the next one:)

This year Abi will be leaving school and going into 6th form so in July she'll be going to the year 11 prom which means prom dress shopping! As I'm sure everyone who has done this will know the dresses are not cheap but our local retail outlet was having a prom event last weekend so we decided we'd have a look. They were still rather more than we had hoped to pay but I had saved some pennies. Abi chose a shorter dress and a long one then we patiently waited in the queue for her to try them on. As soon as she got the shorter one on she didn't like it but the longer one was a huge hit! As soon as she got it on she said she felt like a princess and I must admit, with tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat, I had to agree! One of the assistants came and laced the back up for her then before we knew it she'd fetched all the other assistants in to have a look at her! I felt so proud. Anyway I want to share a picture that DH took when she tried the dress on again at home:) I dread to think what I'm going to be like on the night itself!

Saturday afternoon Jess rang her Dad for help. She'd bought a flat pack bookcase and was trying to put it together but some of the holes did not line up. So off we went armed with a drill through to see her and help put the bookcase together. I am quite ashamed to say that I didn't really want to go as I knew I'd end up in tears and sure enough I did. It's the first time we've actually sat down with her to talk about her wanting to change course etc at university. I won't go into detail but it's a huge worry for my DH and I wondering what is going to happen and what she's going to do plus there's the extra worry of where she's going to live as they seem to have got into their heads that they'll be better off renting privately rather than going with a university vetted company but my DH and I don't think they will. Still they think they know best so we just have to let her do her own thing, make her own mistakes ( or not!) and hope she comes out of it OK.

On Saturday evening Abi announced that she was taking me out on Sunday to cheer me up. When I say taking me out it did actually mean me driving us to where she wanted to take me- lol- but she wouldn't tell me where we were going until we set off. In the morning she dyed my hair for me so my greys are now fairly well covered and not quite as noticable. They look more like highlights now! Then just after lunch we set off and she treated herself and me to the cinema and we saw the film "Paul" which was absolutely brilliant! So damned funny. I love Simon Pegg!!!! Loved him and Nick Frost in "Hot Fuzz" so seeing "Paul" was a must!

Well I had better dash and have a blog catch up:) Looking forward to seeing what you are all stitching and stashing! I am hoping my BBD Stitcher's Journey book will be here this week :)

Thank you for continuing to visit me and leave comments :) They are very much appreciated.

Love and hugs


Thursday, 24 February 2011

I Am At A Loss For A Title!

It's a lovely day up here on the Yorkshire coast after the rain we've had. The sun is actually shining which would normally make me feel good but unfortuntely it's not doing anything for me! Lol!

I have been stitching quite a bit as usual although if only I could get off this PC of an evening I'd do a lot better! Sunday evening I started the next Shepherd's Bush ornament that Chris and I are stitching and that is Santa's Flight. I really love these SB ornaments and will probably need to buy another tree to display them on :) I had got more stitched on this but I had a visit from the frog and had to rip some out. The bottom row of flowers is one fabric thread lower than it should be but I am leaving it!

As usual on a Monday I was SAL-ing with Barb and Colleen on my Shepherd's Bush piece Emmauel's Song. Do check out their blogs to see their progress too. Barb is stitching The Journey and Colleen is stitching Checkered Sheep :)

Tuesday I had planned to stitch on Prairie Schooler Summer Pinkeep, which is my SAL piece for the PS SAL over on Needlecraft Haven but Lindsay has very kindly lent me the Blackbird Designs Winter Wonderland chart so that I can stitch the pincushion from it so I started that. I'm going to stitch a bit more on it this evening and also pop a few stitches into the PS piece.

Finally last night was SAL night with Lisa and Lesleyanne, more frogs visited, but I am happy with what I stitched. I have been roofing and next week the window frames will, hopefully, go in!

Another SAL I would love to do is the Jardin Prive one here but I think if I were to stitch it I'd want to more at my own pace. Hazel set the ball rolling on Needlecraft Haven and Claire is moderating a SAL on there so I'm probably going to join in on there. I need another WIP like I need a hole in the head but it is such a pretty piece ( in three parts) with the most gorgeous colours.

I had some lovely post from Michelle on Tuesday :) She has recently been on holiday to South Africa and she sent me these gorgeous ribbons, lace, buttons and tassle she had bought at the craft fair. See the tassle? That was made by a 4 year old :) Isn't it amazing! I'm 47 and I can't make tassles anywhere near as perfect as that. Thank you so much Michelle, I absolutely love it all and thank you for thinking of me :) I hope you've received the email I sent.

Tuesday also brought my JJ's Super Bowl sale order. The postal service did an amazing job as it was only shipped on Friday. Very good going seen as things from the US seem to have been taking forever!

It's half term this week but we haven't done much. We did have a bit of retail therapy yesterday as Abi has been saving money so she bought a couple of things. She also had a winners sachet in a packet of Batchelors noodles and inside it was £20! Lucky girl :) I had some birthday money left so I treated myself to a new shoulder bag in New Look. I also bought the new Art of Knitting magazine as I fancied knitting the throw but having worked out the cost of collecting all the issues I have decided against it. I could probably buy a pattern and knit one so much cheaper! Abi suggested it would be nice to do one as family heirloom so I will see what I can find. The idea of attempting to knit a hat went out of the window a long time ago as it seemed way too confusing and I did get a lovely one for Christmas from Dorothy Perkins with a scarf to match!

So we're over halfway through half term and I am already dreading being on my own again. I was very much looking forward to this week but my mood has meant that I haven't enjoyed it as much as I had hoped and last night I was a mess. I am sick of feeling like this.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week. I am hoping to be back in a few days with my finished up, ready to hang, LHN Poinsettia House. I have all the bits ready to put together so watch this space!!!

Take care everyone!



Sunday, 20 February 2011

As Promised..........

Here is my finished Drawn Thread Spot of Autumn. I enjoyed stitching this and it has now spurred me on to get Spot of Winter stitched too, then I can pass both the charts onto Barb :) My colours are not quite the same as the chart as I didn't have the suggested threads but I think I'm happy with them!

The Drawn Thread Spot of Autumn

28 count evenweave

DMC & Carrie's Creations

Started 12th February 2011

Finished 15th February 2011
On Thursday I made a start on my PS piece for the SAL over at Needlecraft Haven. As I don't actually own any PS leaflets I decided to stitch the Summer pinkeep from the Gift Of Stitching. Clare setting up this SAL was brilliant incentive for me to stitch this as I've had the other 3 done for ages so thanks Clare! This is what I managed to get stitched on Thursday evening. 

Finally BBD AotH #2 Valentine Rose, my SAL with Valerie, Jane and Lisa B,  has grown a bit over the past two evenings. The brick laying is about done and see those darned window frames??? Well they just would not go right! If I hadn't had to frog them so many times I'd probably have the roof on! Lol! Still love this though and I'll be putting my maternal grandma's name on this one. Unfortunately I've been unable to pinpoint her exact birth year so I think I'll stitch the year she married my grandad instead as I've managed to find that. 
Once I'm done on here I think I'm going to settle to a little stitching and start my next Shepherd's Bush ornament from the JCS ornament magazines. I've got my thread sorted; just need to cut some fabric.

Tomorrow evening is SAL night with Barb and Colleen so more lovely SB stitching :) I love my SAL evenings as it's so nice to know that there are people out there stitching along with you :) 

Has anyone seen anything they really can't live without from Nashville Market? So far I've seen three things that I would absolutely love BUT I'm going to be a good girl and stitch from my stash like I said I would and sell my charts when I'm done to try and save some pennies up! I just heard from Karen at Wasatch Needlecraft and she's getting the BBD booklet A Stitcher's Journyey out to me so I'm looking forward to receiving that. Also my JJ's order is on the way :) so I will have a few bits of stash to look forward to.

Yesterday I received my first appointment for counselling but it's not until towards the end of April. Quite a wait but my GP did say there'd be one. I'm very apprehensive and not sure I actually want to go but I know I have to.
That's all for today :) We've had a busy morning sorting Abi's bedroom as we bought her a new bed a couple of weeks ago and have had to move stuff in her room round to make it fit lol. She's really happy with it but now has to start putting all her things back!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and thank you for visiting and for your lovely comments :) For those who asked the DMC I'm using for the house in Belle Pepper is Variations 4140 :)

Take care everyone.

Love & hugs


Thursday, 17 February 2011

Ellen's Prize:)

Back in November I held a blogoversary giveaway and Ellen was the winner. I did ask at the time that the winner be patient with me in getting something stitched up and posted to them but I honestly did not intend for it to take me until now. However Ellen has truly been very patient with me and I finally got her prize out to her last week and I received an email from her yesterday to say that she had received it safely and that she loves it so I am one very happy stitcher :) It's always nice when you stitch something to have it be received so well. Anyway I chose to stitch this for Ellen as she loves Little House Needleworks and the colour blue :) I was very pleased with my finish on this :)

Little House Needleworks Singing the Blues
28 count Bay Leaf fabric

Thread Gatherer Silk 'n' Colors & DMC
Started 26th January 2010

Finished 5th February 2010
Prize for Ellen

I finished Drawn Thread Spot of Autumn on Tuesday evening but won't show it until I have it all made up into a mattress pincushion. I'm hoping to do a bit to the finishing this afternoon.  

Last night was my LHN SAL night with Lisa and Lesleyanne and I have been brick laying! I don't have the suggested thread for the house so I looked through my DMC Variations and chose one of those. I love how it looks!

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my finishes in my last post :) I appreciate them all so much. I love getting and reading comments :)

Just a quick post today :) 

Take care everyone!

Love & hugs


Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Happy Birthday Barb!

Today is my dear friend Barb's birthday and as she is a sheep lover, a fellow stitcher and a very dear friend I thought this design was just perfect to stitch as a gift for her. I finished it into a pinkeep with a pocket in the back and added some Kelmscott heart shaped thread rings. I do hope you like it Barb :) I loved stitching it :)

Elizabeth's Designs Stitchin' Friends
28 count Bay Leaf linen
Started 5th February 2011

Finished 10th February 2011
Birthday Gift for Barb

Another finish was for my DH for Valentine's Day. We don't normally exchange gifts, just cards, but this year I decided I wanted to stitch a little something for him and this is what I did. I had planned on stitching this for his birthday at the beginning of January but it just did not happen!
The Sampler Girl My Everything

32 count fabric
Carrie's Creations Old World Red

Started 10th February 2011
Finished 12th February 2011

Valentine's Gift for my DH
On Sunday evening I finally finished my first Shepherd's Bush ornament of the year! This one should have been finished in January but I got a little behind stitching other things. Chris finished hers well in time and started the next one! I love this one and am looking forward to making a start on the next one on Sunday.

Shepherd's Bush Earth's Delight
From the JCS Ornament Magazine 2010

36 count sand linen

Started 16th January 2011
Finished 13th February 2011

Whilst I had my sewing machine out finishing TSG My Everything I also made up TSG Wonderful Life which was my final finish of 2010 and here it is! Notice the tiny jingle bells? Love it! I'm really pleased with this.

Finally my WIPs on Shepherd's Bush Emmanuel's Song from last night. Colleen and I travelled to Barb's place ( in spirit ) and this is what I got done:) I didn't read the instructions properly ( duh) so the last but one row I stitched is one fabric thread out so I am debating whether to leave it or take it out and restitch it.

Thank you all for your lovely comments on my Snow Garden finish and Valentine's Rose start. I think Valentine Rose might be dedicated to my grandma ( my Mum's Mum) but not entirely sure yet!

***Life alert, please bypass this if you want to *** Thank you also for listening to my ramblings again. I was rather surprised by my sister's reaction to my GP visit. She did look down her nose to begin with when I said I was taking a step back from my Dad as I couldn't cope with everything going on there and things with Jess. She just said Oh dear! She did, however, become more sympathetic when I told her I was going  to be going for counselling as it was bringing up things from my teenage years when Mum suffered from depression. It's not easy being 14 and having your Mum stop going out, then stop getting out of bed and trying take her own life twice.  My sister had moved away then. I thought I'd dealt with it and understood it but now I'm not wanting to get up in a morning ( thinking I won't have to deal with things if I stay in bed!) but am pushing myself because I have a husband and two daughters and now I'm struggling to understand why she couldn't. I know she was very ill. Anyway enough of that. Even though I know I'm still posting my stitching it's time to get back to it being all about stitching with the odd bit of  other stuff! Lol!

Not sure what I'm stitching tonight but it'll probably be more on Spot of Autumn then tomorrow is LHN SAL night with Lisa and Lesleyanne! Can't wait :)

Until next time, take care everyone and thank you for visiting :)

Love and hugs


Sunday, 13 February 2011

Snow Garden Finish!

Wahoo!!! On Friday evening I put my final few stitches into Blackbird Designs AotH #1 Snow Garden. Even though the dye lots of the GAST have caused some headaches I have absolutely loved every single stitch of this although I will admit I am ready for the brighter colours of Valentine Rose! After much deliberation I decided to dedicate this one to my Mum so have added her initials, her year of birth and her parents initials.

Blackbird Designs Anniversaries of the Heart #1 Snow Garden

36 count Rosewood linen


Started 6th January 2011

Finished 11th February 2011

I made a start on Valentine Rose last night and this is my progress. I'm stitching this with GAST, one WDW and DMC!

Wednesday evening I picked up Little House Needleworks Be Merry- Belle Pepper which is my LHN SAL piece with Lisa and Lesleyanne. I am throwing myself into my stitching as much as I can in an evening as it helps me relax ( most of the time!) and forget stuff so I managed to get quite a bit done on this. I am loving every single stitch on this as it's such a gorgeous design.

Yesterday afternoon after finishing stitching a wee gift for my DH for Valentine's Day I decided to start The Drawn Thread Spot of Autumn. I've had this kitted up since I finished Spot of Summer way back last year so thought it was time I stitched it up and then not leave it as long to stitch Spot of Winter!

Another piece I really should have stitched ages ago is the final Prairie Schooler seasonal piece from The Gift of Stitching. I stitched three of them and never got around to stitching the last one. Clare who hosts Needlecraft Haven has set up a PS SAL on there so I'm going to find the chart and sort some fabby and threads for that.

I had a lovely RAK from CarolR the other day. For those of you who don't know Carol is a designer of some absolutely gorgeous charts. Do go take a peek if you haven't already. I already have a couple which she sent me in a trade but haven't got around to stitching them yet. Anyway she very kindly sent me Sew Lavender which is absolutely beautiful and as you can see I have it printed out with every intention of starting it soon. Thank you so much Carol {{{hugs}}}

Whilst catching up with blogs the other day I had a wonderful surprise. Dear Becky had picked 4 names, from the comments she had received on her Halloween Cove finish, to receive a goody bag from her and one of those names was mine!  Thank you so much Becky {{{{hugs}}}. 

Later on I intend to pass on the kindness of my fellow bloggers and have a giveaway but it may be a while before I get myself sorted and have time to stitch something nice up. 

I have just updated my for sale page so please go have a look and let me know if there's anything that is of interest :) Thank you :)

Finally just want to say thank you to all those who left such lovely comments on my last post. I am definitely not finding things easy right now but am hoping, as time goes on, that I will improve and things will get better. My DH had that chat with my Dad yesterday but whether he actually takes notice we shall see. I need time to deal with everything and heal. I know some people might not understand although I have not come across any negativity from anyone as yet. I am just waiting for some backlash from my sister if my Dad tells her but I will not hold back if she starts!!!! I am here, she is not and although she's only 20 odd miles away she may as well be at the other side of the world!

That's all from me for today! Thank you all for your friendships, your comments, your advice and your wise words. You are all wonderful and I treasure your friendships.

Love and Hugs


Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The Kindness of Fellow Stitchers and Bloggers

I know I've said it before and it has been said many times on blogs before but stitchers and bloggers are well and truly the kindest people I have ever come across. They are always there with encouragement, a friendly ear, wise words etc etc and I want to thank each and every one of you who have commented or emailed me.

A while ago I picked up some pom pom trim to send Christina as she had not seen it anywhere near her. She emailed me to say that she had something in her stash that she thought I might like and look what arrived the other day! She had won this in a giveaway but as it wasn't something she would stitch and knowing I had quite a collection of needlerolls she sent it to me. Isn't it gorgeous? Thank you so much Christina xxxx I hope you have received the email I sent you:)

Then on Saturday, after placing a small order with JJ's in their Super Bowl Sale, I received an email from Jennifer to say that I had been sent a $25 GC from a blog reading friend to treat myself to the BBD book. So the new BBD book ( A Stitcher's Journey) is now pre-ordered but not from JJ's as Jennifer took the GC off what I had ordered ( it included a BBD chart) but from Wasatch Needlecraft as Karen is offering 15% off all Nashville pre-orders :) so in a round about way the GC is paying for it lol! So a HUGE thank you, thank you, thank you to whoever kindly sent the GC for me. I cannot thank you enough or tell you how much I appreciate it. I have absolutely no idea who you are but lots of hugs are coming your way.

I have been stitching away since my last post but can only show a couple of things as the others are gifts. I have finished stitching Ellen's prize and it is half made up so I am hoping to have that finished and in the post to Ellen tomorrow after a long wait. Friday and Saturday I stitched on BBD AotH Snow Garden. Still not finished but nearly there! I have decided that I will add my Mum's initials and birth year to this one. Hopefully it will be finished next time I pick it up and I'll be able to move onto Valentine Rose. As much as I love Snow Garden I am ready for a bit more colour! I'm looking forward to seeing how Valerie, Jane and Lisa B are getting on.

Sunday I stitched on a few things one of which was Shepherd's Bush Earth's Delight the ornament that Chris and I decided to start our year long SAL with in January but she has finished it and started the next one and I am still stitching away! I forgot to take a photo though so will leave it now until it's finished!

Last night was my SAL night with Barb and Colleen so out came Shepherd's Bush Emmanuel's Song. I managed to finish the cross stitch band I was stitching last week and get four more bands done so I am happy!

Looking forward to tomorrow evening as it's LHN SAL night with Lisa and Lesleyanne is joining us too so Be Merry Belle Pepper will be coming out.

Well I have been to see my GP this morning. I did consider cancelling my appointment but I don't think my DH or my dear friend Barb would have been too pleased. Barb did threaten me with a stern talking to :) I do wish I'd written things down ( yes I know Lisa you did tell me to!) as I ended up quite tongue tied and felt utterly ridiculous but my GP was very patient. She has suggested that I take a step back ( not going to be easy) before I end up not loving my Dad anymore ( I really don't want that to happen), take some time to myself and also suggested counselling to try and help me deal with things from when my Mum suffered from depression when I was a teenager. These things I thought I had dealt with and understood but being a Mum myself and trying to deal with not coping too well I now realise there are things that I don't understand and am now struggling to deal with it. There is also the issue of my eldest DD blaming me for things going on in her life ( a cop out is what my youngest calls that!) and after 18 months on her course she has now decided that she can't stand to do chemistry anymore and is looking into changing courses which will mean starting over. So we have that to worry about as well but we have said if she is not happy doing that course then what is the point of carrying on and have given her our blessing to change. So I think everything is just piling up on me at the moment. My GP suggested that my DH speak to my Dad which I know he won't be happy about but it's as she says if I do it I'm going to see his reaction and will end up backing down. So yes I am human; my life is not perfection, just the same as everyone else :)

On a happier note my DH has booked us a night away for our 25th wedding anniversary and I can't wait. I think it's what I need and although it's not until April I am so looking forward to it.

Right better dash, catch up on blogs, then maybe do a little exercise and a little stitching :)

Thank you for listening to me again :)

Take care everyone.

Love & hugs



Thursday, 3 February 2011

First New Start For Feb

It could be the start of a few; who knows!!! Lol! Lisa and I decided a while ago that we'd have a Little House Needleworks SAL ( well a few LHN SALs actually) this year so yesterday I started Be Merry- Belle Pepper and she started Winter Band Sampler and then we are going to swap charts and do another! I have to say that neither of us could wait to start but we were both very patient and waited until the day we said we'd start. Here's my first evenings stitching on Belle which I well and truly enjoyed. I'm stitching her on 32 count vintage country mocha linen using a mixture of CC, DMC and Carrie's. She is going away now until next week as I have other things I need to get on with but I can hardly wait to pick her up again.

Monday evening was my SB SAL night with Barb and Colleen but as we had to fetch my Dad home from hospital and get him settled I didn't get too much done. However I am loving this piece and look forward to Monday evenings stitching on this.

My wedding anniversary sampler is going rather slow and I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet soon and make a slot for it one evening a week as I just don't seem to be able to find the time to pick it up much in an afternoon. This is my little progress on Blue Ribbon Designs Stitched With Love :)

My 3 months on the stash wagon are now over :) So I'm going to have a wee treat in the JJ's Superbowl Sale this weekend, then see what comes out at market ( already know one thing I would LOVE but it depends on how much it is. I may have to wait until Christmas as it's the new BBD booklet), and if there's anything I simply can't live without then it'll be stitching from my stash for a while! I think the idea I had before of having a treat once I've stitched so many charts is perhaps a good one:)

That's all my stitchy news for now. I need to get caught up on blogs if I can today and also need to order some material and trims to finish LHN Poinsettia House! 

My Dad came home Monday evening but is very unsteady, then Tuesday morning I had to get him out of bed as he couldn't get up, then couldn't get his trousers on, couldn't remember where he'd left his shoes or his false teeth. I just don't know how long he can actually carry on at home. I had a word with occupational therapy about him not being able to get up , and they discussed it with the district nurse and intermediate care and they have decided that, for now, he needs a hospital bed at home! I am going to see my GP next week as I'm finding it hard to cope with everything at the moment, for all I am not his main carer as he has ones that go in, but it's opening up so many things with looking after my Mum in my teens etc, things I thought I'd dealt with and understood. My DH is encouraging me to go as he's worried about me. I thank God I have him as he's my rock and my girls too. My stitching saves my sanity too!

Well that's all from me for now. Sorry if my waffling puts you off visiting but it just helps sometimes to get things off my chest. I noticed my visitors/ comments had dropped off a bit but I do still keep it mainly a stitching blog as that is what it is supposed to be.

Take care everyone especially those of you in the US with all the snow. Stay safe.

Love and hugs