Thursday, 24 February 2011

I Am At A Loss For A Title!

It's a lovely day up here on the Yorkshire coast after the rain we've had. The sun is actually shining which would normally make me feel good but unfortuntely it's not doing anything for me! Lol!

I have been stitching quite a bit as usual although if only I could get off this PC of an evening I'd do a lot better! Sunday evening I started the next Shepherd's Bush ornament that Chris and I are stitching and that is Santa's Flight. I really love these SB ornaments and will probably need to buy another tree to display them on :) I had got more stitched on this but I had a visit from the frog and had to rip some out. The bottom row of flowers is one fabric thread lower than it should be but I am leaving it!

As usual on a Monday I was SAL-ing with Barb and Colleen on my Shepherd's Bush piece Emmauel's Song. Do check out their blogs to see their progress too. Barb is stitching The Journey and Colleen is stitching Checkered Sheep :)

Tuesday I had planned to stitch on Prairie Schooler Summer Pinkeep, which is my SAL piece for the PS SAL over on Needlecraft Haven but Lindsay has very kindly lent me the Blackbird Designs Winter Wonderland chart so that I can stitch the pincushion from it so I started that. I'm going to stitch a bit more on it this evening and also pop a few stitches into the PS piece.

Finally last night was SAL night with Lisa and Lesleyanne, more frogs visited, but I am happy with what I stitched. I have been roofing and next week the window frames will, hopefully, go in!

Another SAL I would love to do is the Jardin Prive one here but I think if I were to stitch it I'd want to more at my own pace. Hazel set the ball rolling on Needlecraft Haven and Claire is moderating a SAL on there so I'm probably going to join in on there. I need another WIP like I need a hole in the head but it is such a pretty piece ( in three parts) with the most gorgeous colours.

I had some lovely post from Michelle on Tuesday :) She has recently been on holiday to South Africa and she sent me these gorgeous ribbons, lace, buttons and tassle she had bought at the craft fair. See the tassle? That was made by a 4 year old :) Isn't it amazing! I'm 47 and I can't make tassles anywhere near as perfect as that. Thank you so much Michelle, I absolutely love it all and thank you for thinking of me :) I hope you've received the email I sent.

Tuesday also brought my JJ's Super Bowl sale order. The postal service did an amazing job as it was only shipped on Friday. Very good going seen as things from the US seem to have been taking forever!

It's half term this week but we haven't done much. We did have a bit of retail therapy yesterday as Abi has been saving money so she bought a couple of things. She also had a winners sachet in a packet of Batchelors noodles and inside it was £20! Lucky girl :) I had some birthday money left so I treated myself to a new shoulder bag in New Look. I also bought the new Art of Knitting magazine as I fancied knitting the throw but having worked out the cost of collecting all the issues I have decided against it. I could probably buy a pattern and knit one so much cheaper! Abi suggested it would be nice to do one as family heirloom so I will see what I can find. The idea of attempting to knit a hat went out of the window a long time ago as it seemed way too confusing and I did get a lovely one for Christmas from Dorothy Perkins with a scarf to match!

So we're over halfway through half term and I am already dreading being on my own again. I was very much looking forward to this week but my mood has meant that I haven't enjoyed it as much as I had hoped and last night I was a mess. I am sick of feeling like this.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week. I am hoping to be back in a few days with my finished up, ready to hang, LHN Poinsettia House. I have all the bits ready to put together so watch this space!!!

Take care everyone!




Michele said...

Emmanuel's Song is stunning!

Vonna said...

My goodness Sally, you just crank out the stitching! All is lovely and beautiful and I can't wait to see all your finishes all finished up!

jane said...

Lovely WIPs Sally, I just can't decide which one I like the best. I like that Jardin Prive SAL but not sure if I want to start something Nice stash from JJs too.

Lesleyanne said...

Wow Sally you have certainly been stitching up a storm this week. As usual everything looks stunning and I can't wait to see how you finish Ponsietta House. Great gift from Michelle. Hope you feel better soon. The sun was shining here today as well.

RuthB said...

What lovely stitching! You are right, that Jardin iece is very compelling. So far I'm resisting, but it may end up being too much for me to bear.

Congrats on all your wonderful WIPs.

Colleen said...

Emmanuel's Song is coming along beautifully. I love it. I'm looking forward to seeing your SB ornie tree with all the new ornaments you are whipping up. I'm holding my ears & shutting my eyes, as I should not be getting myself into another SAL; but the Jardin Prive is lovely. The new stash additions from JJ's are wonderful.
Enjoy your time with the girls. Your moods will get better & going to your appt. in April will help. We're all here for you.
Hugs across the ocean.

Hazel said...

Lovely wips as ever and yes, I too, need another wip like a hole in my head but I just couldn't resist. Bought the first two charts tonight but I haven't received them yet. x

WendyCarole said...

Emmanuel's song is lovely.

Gladyou to got to buy something nice. I saw the ad for the noodles and wondered if any body ever really wins!

Thanks for my blog comment xx

Carol said...

You sure have some beautiful WIPs, Sally--each and every one! I love watching your progress on Belle Pepper--there is just something so appealing about that piece, isn't there? Nice gift from Michelle and wonderful new stash--that always helps lift the spirits :)

Brigitte said...

Your WIPs are all gorgeous. And some won't take long to get finished.
I also saw the design by Jardin Privé and it's sooo tempting, but so far I Haven't joined. Yet.

Kate said...

Gorgeous Sally - Santa's Flight is a lovely one to stitch. Great progress with all your other WIPs.
Would love to join the Jardin Prive SAL but it's just out of my reach at the moment.
Stay positive x

Nancy in IL said...

Sally, thank you for your visit and comment on my blog. A visit to yours is always so pleasant. I am constantly amazed at how you get so much stitched in so short a time. I always love all you stitch. I see you caved and bought from JJ's. I did too, but I've given up stitching from my stash, lol! I gave up on it once I started stitching again after not feeling well enough to stitch or do anything else for that matter. I'm glad you've continued to stitch throughout your issues. It's good for the soul!

Andrea said...

Lovely WIPs. I'm afraid Emmanuel's Song has to be my favourite, although all are fab. It's just the colours are so scrumptious. Great stash too!

Christine said...

Great work Sally, Emmanuels song gets more beautiful every time I see it!

Beth said...

All your WIP's are beautiful!! Glad you had some fun retail therapy!!

Mylene said...

All are beautiful WIP's, Sally.

A happy weekend!

Pointed Stitcher said...

Your stitching and stash are great.

Barb said...

Oh LOR Sally ,I thought I had commented for you on Thursday when you posted but must have pressed the wrong button. Well you know I am capable of that dont you.
The wips are just so "Sally" and arent they just so beautiful. Loving Emmanuel , (but of course I would wouldn't I) I too keep looking at the Jardin Prive SAL it is just so pretty ,but I have managed to resist so far.
Hope you are ok , and things are looking up.
Take care sweetie

Michelle said...

Lovely work in progress Sally - you have put me to shame as I haven't stitched since we came back from holiday. xx

Jane said...

So much lovely stitching Sally, how do you choose which one to stitch on at each time, it must be very hard when they're all so delicious!
Half-term has come and gone so quickly and we were all really lazy but at least we actually have seen the sun, I do find the brighter days really help pick me up - have a good week (I've given up on the noodle eating, none of our packets have had nice surprises!!!) xxx

Julie said...

Lots of lovely progress as always.

Great stash from JJ's and what fast service

I've resisted the Jardi Prive .. so far!

Lisa said...

Sally, to say the frogs have been visiting you've still managed loads of gorgeous stitching, you put me to shame.
Your SB ornie and Belle are my favourites, they are looking so nice.

Suzanne said...

I had to have a laugh at your title of the post, I always have trouble with a title.

Lovely stitching you have been doing. Your projects are all so beautiful.