Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Happy Birthday Barb!

Today is my dear friend Barb's birthday and as she is a sheep lover, a fellow stitcher and a very dear friend I thought this design was just perfect to stitch as a gift for her. I finished it into a pinkeep with a pocket in the back and added some Kelmscott heart shaped thread rings. I do hope you like it Barb :) I loved stitching it :)

Elizabeth's Designs Stitchin' Friends
28 count Bay Leaf linen
Started 5th February 2011

Finished 10th February 2011
Birthday Gift for Barb

Another finish was for my DH for Valentine's Day. We don't normally exchange gifts, just cards, but this year I decided I wanted to stitch a little something for him and this is what I did. I had planned on stitching this for his birthday at the beginning of January but it just did not happen!
The Sampler Girl My Everything

32 count fabric
Carrie's Creations Old World Red

Started 10th February 2011
Finished 12th February 2011

Valentine's Gift for my DH
On Sunday evening I finally finished my first Shepherd's Bush ornament of the year! This one should have been finished in January but I got a little behind stitching other things. Chris finished hers well in time and started the next one! I love this one and am looking forward to making a start on the next one on Sunday.

Shepherd's Bush Earth's Delight
From the JCS Ornament Magazine 2010

36 count sand linen

Started 16th January 2011
Finished 13th February 2011

Whilst I had my sewing machine out finishing TSG My Everything I also made up TSG Wonderful Life which was my final finish of 2010 and here it is! Notice the tiny jingle bells? Love it! I'm really pleased with this.

Finally my WIPs on Shepherd's Bush Emmanuel's Song from last night. Colleen and I travelled to Barb's place ( in spirit ) and this is what I got done:) I didn't read the instructions properly ( duh) so the last but one row I stitched is one fabric thread out so I am debating whether to leave it or take it out and restitch it.

Thank you all for your lovely comments on my Snow Garden finish and Valentine's Rose start. I think Valentine Rose might be dedicated to my grandma ( my Mum's Mum) but not entirely sure yet!

***Life alert, please bypass this if you want to *** Thank you also for listening to my ramblings again. I was rather surprised by my sister's reaction to my GP visit. She did look down her nose to begin with when I said I was taking a step back from my Dad as I couldn't cope with everything going on there and things with Jess. She just said Oh dear! She did, however, become more sympathetic when I told her I was going  to be going for counselling as it was bringing up things from my teenage years when Mum suffered from depression. It's not easy being 14 and having your Mum stop going out, then stop getting out of bed and trying take her own life twice.  My sister had moved away then. I thought I'd dealt with it and understood it but now I'm not wanting to get up in a morning ( thinking I won't have to deal with things if I stay in bed!) but am pushing myself because I have a husband and two daughters and now I'm struggling to understand why she couldn't. I know she was very ill. Anyway enough of that. Even though I know I'm still posting my stitching it's time to get back to it being all about stitching with the odd bit of  other stuff! Lol!

Not sure what I'm stitching tonight but it'll probably be more on Spot of Autumn then tomorrow is LHN SAL night with Lisa and Lesleyanne! Can't wait :)

Until next time, take care everyone and thank you for visiting :)

Love and hugs



Rachael xxx said...

What wonderful gifts you made!!
I hope you sister starts to help out with your Dad!
And well done you for keeping positive when it is hard to do so(Hugs)

Kate said...

Gorgeous gifts Sally. Love the SB ornament and TSG Wonderful Life.
Trying to stay positive is a great start - I hope you are able to work through the issues and come out stronger for it.
Take care

KarenV said...

I really like your Wonderful Life finish Sally, it turned out great. Nice progress on your WIPs too, the SB one is very pretty.

Hazel said...

Gorgeous gifts and finishes Sally. I am wanting to do all the Shepherds bush ornies from the JCS mags. Lovely to see how yours has stitched up. x

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely gifts you have made. My favourite is the TSG one - love the colours. Take care - sending hugs. Looking forward to Wendesday night lol.

BeckySC said...

Sally, gorgeous stitching all around! What wonderful projects you have stitched and finished! BEEutiful work as always :)

Kathy A. said...

Lovely, lovely stitches. Your gift for your friend Barb is wonderful and a sweet birthday gift.

Vonna said...

Sally all your stitching WIPS and your special finish for your friend is just gorgeous :) From the start to the finish!
And we all have times and trials in our life and sometimes its just good to write about them and get them off your chest. So no worries we all will be here to help and support you by listening and hugs :)

Elaine said...

Sally that gift for Barb is just beautiful, I;m sure she will treasure it.
My everything is such a lovely piece too.
Wonderful life is finished beautifully.
Hang in there sweetie things will get better, hugs!

Cath said...

Beautiful stitching .
Hope things work out with your family, and you feel better about things soon .
Take care , XXX

Julie said...

Super gift for Barb and a lovely piece for DH, i bet he loved it.

I really must sort out my SB ornies and get cracking on one

Christine said...

Great stitching Sally. The sheepie design you've done for Barb is gorgeous, she'll love it. I love how Emmanuel's song is coming out too.
Try and stay positive, I'm sure things will get better soon

Meadows08 said...

Wonderful finishes!

You're so smart to talk to someone unbiased about how you feel. I hope it helps quick. HUGS

Little Rabbit Miniatures said...

Wonderful gifts Sally! I love the sherpherds bush ornies too!

Lucy said...

Love all the finishes...may have to make the sampler girl for my hubby for our anniversary!

Anonymous said...

What lovely gifts, Barb is a very luck friend. I'm glad that your sister has shown some understanding of your feelings, and I hope that continues. ((((Sally)))

Beth said...

Okay, so how does one get on your friends list - just joking, but that giftie for Barbara is fantastic!! I like both of your other finishes and your ornament. I really think Emmanuel's Song is just beautiful.

Life sure can be difficult, and you are doing a great job working your way through those difficulties. I hope the counseling helps, and I am glad your sister saw the light a bit. Maybe even she will put some effort into helping out. Could happen.

Lois said...

What lovely gifts and finishes Sally. Glad that you've had a chance to talk to your sister. You have had to deal with things in your younger days that many would never have too, even as adults. I hope things start to get a little better for you as each day passes.

Sue said...

What beautiful stitching Sally, and I love your finishing. Happy to read that your sister is trying to understand how you are feeling, keep on staying positive and carry on doing those wonderful stitches. Love and hugs x

Petites xxx et Cie ! Mon petit coin de Paradis said...

All your stitching is just gorgeous!
Love / Bisxxx

valerie said...

Great finishes! Lovely gift for Barb and your DH! Hugs to you. I'm going through my own rough spot with aging parents and siblings who honestly, don't care.

Solstitches said...

The gift for Barb is gorgeous and I love your two Sampler Girl finishes too.
Beautiful stitching as always!


jane said...

Lovely stitching Sally, the gift for Barb is beautiful, I'm sure she will love it.
Hope things improve for you soon, trying to stay positive is hard sometimes I know but we are all here for you. (((hugs)))

Catherine said...

Sending good thoughts your way!

All of your stitching is lovely and since I love sheep, I really like your present for Barb!

Ellen said...

Gorgeous gifts for Barb and DH! Love your SB and TSG ornaments, I am inspired to stitch SB ornaments from the JCS magazines.

Take care and keep stitching!


Dani - tkdchick said...

Sally your finishes are just lovely.

You know I'd be tempted to leave that row that's a thread out if its not going to make a difference in the scheme of things!

DonnaTN said...

Your stitching looks wonderful. I'll keep good thoughts coming your way for you and the whole Dad situation. Is it just me or does your DH look a little like Elton John?

mbroider said...

Beautiful WIPs, Sally!! Emmanuel looks fine to me, if i were you i would not redo (sheesh)


Ginnie said...

Lots of lovely things, I really like My Everything as it is such a sweet verse.

Scattered Threads said...

How beautiful your finishes are Sally and I am sure your recipients will be very pleased with what you stitched for them.
Hope your family situiation will work out for you soon.

Sharon said...

Absolutely beautiful gifts, I love what you stitched for your husband. Sounds like you have made steps to being more peaceful, that's always a great start!

Barb said...

Sally I loved it !!!!!!!! You are such a talented lady and a special one.
I think you are being very brave tackling your demons and you are sweetie,just one day at a time and one day all will be well.
Love the Wonderful Life -you are and enable you- everytime I read your blog I find something I need to have lol.I went hot foot last time to CarolR and got the Lavender chart -Oh dear.
Take care keep smiling you have a lovely smile

Andrea said...

Fab finishes. Wonderful Life is jsu gorgeous.

Lisa said...

What a cute pressie you made for Barb, I'm sure she loves it. I love the little cushion you did for Carl, just perfect.
Well done on finishing your SB ornie, and finishing up Wonderful Life.
Emmanuel's Song is looking gorgeous.