Friday, 14 August 2009

My Lovely Angel!

As promised I'm back with an update on HAED Guardian. It's just about all I've stitched on so I've managed to get quite a bit stitched and I just love how this looks. Selina's artwork is just gorgeous and Michele of HAED's charting is perfect:)
Last night I did a little bit on HAED TT Purple Dragon. She was feeling neglected so I had to bring her out:) I think I will do more on her night. I don't really have much left to stitch and she'll be finished:)

My hospital appointment did not go well yesterday. I won't go into it that much as I know you don't really want to hear it but there seemed to have been a mix-up and they did not have me down to see a specialist. The audiologist was very apologetic so now I'm waiting to see if I get another appointment although after I said I felt that my symptoms had been brushed under the carpet she suggested I ring the secretary of the specialist so I'm plucking up the courage to do that now! LOL!

I'm taking a blog break for a couple of weeks so won't be writing, reading or commenting- sorry. I hope this won't put you off coming back to me when I start up again:)

Take care everyone.



Tuesday, 11 August 2009

A Finished Roll:)

Thank you to everyone who left Jessica Happy Birthday wishes for her 18th! She sends her thanks to you all. She had a brilliant birthday. We had a small family together which was great fun and she was a little tipsy! On Saturday evening we took her for her first legal drink at the pub then on Sunday she went for a Chinese meal with her close friends. So she had a fantastic birthday weekend! Here are a few pics of her from Friday:)

I had a lovely email from Helen ( stitching granny) saying she'd received my birthday gift and how much she liked it. I was so happy that she liked it. This is what I
stitched for her.

Blackbird Designs Bluebird's Needles and Pins

Unknown fabby


Stitched for Helen.

And at last my Shepherd's Bush roll for July is finished an made up. I love the colours in this one. It's so pretty.

Shepherd's Bush English Christmas Roll

Stitched with fabby, threads and beads from kit.

I have no other stitchy pics at the moment as when I've had time to stitch I've just been stitching on HAED Guardian. It's all I want to stitch on at the moment and I'd love to finish the page before I put him away again. Question is can I bear to put him away now I have his lovely face to look at! LOL!

I am back at the hospital again this Thursday. Last Thursday's appointment, in my honest opinion, was a waste of time. I explained to the consultant all my symptoms and he seemed to just ignore them all apart from the pulsing and said that some people could hear it but it is driving me balmy! He had a look in my ear said everything looked fine and has decided to send me for a hearing test. My appointment for that came through on Saturday and according to the letter I'm also seeing another specialist. Go figure! Let's just say I will be a little forcefull cos this is taking over my life and making me feel crap more often than I want to be! Sorry to vent but I'm sick of it!

Well that's me for today. I'll post again at the end of week with my progress on Guardian and TT Purple Dragon will be back out too after not stitching on her last week,

Thank you to everyone who continues to visit me and comment. It seems to have been a little quiet of late so thanks to those who are sticking with me:) I appreciate it:)

Take care everyone.



Friday, 7 August 2009

Happy 18th Birthday Jessica!

Today my beautiful, insane eldest daughter is 18 years old. I do not know where those 18 years have gone but, boy, have they been good:) I never thought being a mum would make me feel so much love and joy:) She is the light of my life and I love her to bits even though she can be a bit annoying ( she blathers on so much at times!), she is my lovely daughter:)

Here she is when she was a baby. I promised her no embarrassing photos so this one is a cutie one.
I can't remember how old she'd be on this but no more than a couple of weeks I would say:)
And here she is ( now this is embarrassing- Mum broke her promise!) this morning doing her daft look when she'd just got up and was opening her presents! She did say she'd use this as her Facebook profile pic!

Dearest Jessica- I am so proud of the young lady you are turning into. I hope all your dreams comes true:)

A while ago Barb ( no blog) sent me the kit of Shepherd's Bush Happy Birthday and I decided to stitch it for her. I added the 18 on the cake and made it into a needleroll and she loves it:)

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

An RAK For Lynda

A while ago Lynda very kindly offered to send a Blackbird Designs chart I had on my wish list which she had two of. Stitchers are such kind people and I do like to repay that kindness when I can. It may take me a while to get around to it but I do try:) Anyway I decided to finally finish up Blackbird Designs My Pink House and send it to Lynda as a thank you and I had a lovely email from her to say she received it and loved it:)

Blackbird Designs My Pink House

Sugar Maple Fabrics but I can't remember the name


RAK for Lynda.

Today is Helen's ( stitching granny) birthday but I can't show what I stitched for her as I'm not sure she has received it or not yet so I'll save that for another day:)

I haven't got much else to show other than some WIPS. Sunday evening, as always, was Winter Wingding night. I'm now at the bottom. Unfortunately the picture does not do this piece justice. There is an owl ( minus it's eyes) at the bottom but you can't see it. It was difficult to get a decent picture as it's so dull here today
Monday night it was time for hunky HAED Guardian to come out to play and I decided that I just can't put him away at the moment so he came out again last night as well. He's also coming out tonight and tomorrow night if I get chance to stitch then:) I just love how this is looking
:) It's so nice to actually see his face.
I didn't get my Shepherd's Bush needleroll for July finished in time as I didn't quite get the stitching finished but here's where it's at now. Just needs the lace stitching on and I can finish it up:)

I had a message from Barb ( no blog) asking if I would like SB Emmanuel's Song kit. She'd found it when she was having a tidy up of her stash. Well it's Christmas and it has sheep on it and it's a gorgeous design so I said yes please and she sent me it:) Thank you so much Barb. It is greatly appreciated and I know I will have great pleasure stitching it:)
I've got a busy-ish day tomorrow shopping for drinks for the small family get together we're having for Jess' 18th on Friday and I also have to pick her cake up. Then I have my appointment with the ENT specialist in the afternoon. It hasn't been bothering me as I've been so wrapped up thinking about Jess' birthday but now it's near I'm in a panic!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week. I must say the weather is leaving a lot to be desired at the moment. Abi and I had planned a nice long walk on the beach but it's raining:((

Take care everyone and thank you to those of you who continue to visit and comment.


Sunday, 2 August 2009

The Winner Is!

I'm a bit late but it is still the weekend just! I typed all entries into a and here is the list it came up with:

  1. Deborah
  2. Angela
  3. Kate
  4. Staci
  5. Jane
  6. Nina
  7. Diana
  8. Hazel
  9. Karen
  10. Elisa
  11. Clare
  12. Sharmila
  13. Ginnie
  14. Paula
  15. Michele
  16. Michelle
  17. CJ
  18. Ellen
  19. Lesleyanne
  20. Julie
So Deborah is the winner!! Congratulations! Deb I have your addy but please can you email me just to confirm it:) Thanks:)