Monday, 31 March 2008

Where My Heart Blooms

I decided to have a couple of evenings stitching on BBD Where My Heart Blooms this week but ended up not stitching on Friday at all as I wasn't feeling too well so stitched on it Saturday and Sunday evening instead and I am delighted with the progress I have made. The only things that I don't think show up well enough are the GAST Shaker White flower centres ( eyelet stitches) as my Shaker White isn't quite as white as I would have liked but I think I'll see how it goes.Yesterday I stitched all the beads on Just Nan Queen of the Needle and am hoping to finish the last bit of stitching and beading tonight! I have had so much fun with this piece and am looking forward to stitching another JN sometime soon.

Saturday was reveal day for the S&S/ JA SAL challenge, which was Blue Ribbon Designs Alphabet Tree. This design is a retired freebie but Belinda kindly let us use it. I had already stitched it once but was happy to stitch it again. I can't show it yet as it's on it's way further up north as one of my PIFs! As I said a while ago I decided that I would choose three people to receive a PIF from me as PIF sign-ups were very slow so that's my first one done:)

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and thank you for all your lovely comments and good wishes. I must just apologise to Sammy Jo as when she read my warning bit on my last post and not to read if you didn't want to hear about blood tests she thought it was bad news, but the reason I did it was so that anybody who didn't want to read about it and me moaning could skip it! So sorry about that Sammy Jo.

Have a wonderful week! Hopefully I'll have a happy dance by the end of this evening!


Friday, 28 March 2008

RR & Sea Stars & Test Results

Thank you for all your lovely comments on the PS pinkeeps in my previous post:) Look out for the Summer one sometime in the future!

I am well ahead with
Tracy's RR as I have now completed page 2. I had a bit of a problem deciding which bits to stitch in GAST Hyacinth this time so I hope it isn't too much but I must admit I rather like the effect:) So roll on to receiving Jane's next but that isn't for a few more weeks yet! I am really enjoying this RR and am looking forward to everybody getting their pieces back in July ready to be made up:)

Tuesday was my Ink Circles Sea Stars day with Karen and I finally got the octopus and the ship's wheel finished and another motif started but, again, I have noticed that I have missed a bit, this time a bit of the ship's wheel so I must remember to stitch that bit next week! I seem to be getting good at missing bits! Lol! It's nice to get back into this piece properly again and feel like I'm making progress.

So that's all the stitching I have to show for today. I still have my S&S SAL challenge piece to make up so as it's wet and windy today I might just have a go when I've finished this. I'll be stitching on BBD Loose Feather's #29 Where My Heart Blooms tonight and possibly over the weekend too. It depends on what takes my fancy so it'll either be that or LHN Winter Wonderland.

Do you like my new header?! Lol! I've been wanting a nice view of the town where I live but didn't want to use anything I found on the Net for copyright reasons. Anyway DH treated himself to a SLR digital camera a couple of weeks ago and went out last night and took some photos of the mere and that's now my header! This is a beautiful sight to see coming into where I live and it is the largest freshwater lake in East Yorkshire.

WARNING!!! If you would rather not read about my blood test results then please feel free to stop reading now! I rang the surgery on Tuesday afternoon and the lady I spoke to said they back but seemed reluctant to tell my anymore so I was going to leave it at that as I was going to make an appointment to see my doctor anyway. I had to laugh when she suddenly blurted out that I was menopausal, that she didn't like giving news like that to women of a certain age and that I was too young! Lol! So I managed to get appointment the following day ( we have a ring on the day for same day appointments here). I was a little confused, to say the least, as my levels of oestradial say I'm menopausal ( and that level is most likely the cause of all the headaches I keep getting) but my FSH says I'm not quite there yet so it's not at a level to cause full blown hot flashes and sweats. Anyway my doctor says that HRT would help the headaches but I really want that to be a last resort as there are so many conflicting reports and new research going on about it that even doctors can't keep up. Also it can cause strokes and as my Mum had one and never recovered I don't want to increase any risk there might be. So I'd already been doing my own research for alternatives and came across Menopace which has especially formulated for menopause and is approved by BUPA so I bought some and started taking it yesterday. I'm keeping my finger's crossed that it will help as I just want my life back. I know it's not an illness but it can make you feel so lousy that you can't function properly and that is just how I've felt this past month or so. My sister wanted me to let her know how I'd got on ( which surprised me) and she has suggested I take up Yoga and has recommended a DVD by Barbara Currie so, as I need to tone up and lose some weight, I'm going to have a go. If it'll help I'll try it! So that's that! We'll see how I get on over the next month or so with the Menopace and hope they help.

If you've got this far thank you for reading:) I hope everyone has had a good week and have a wonderful weekend:)


Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Prairie Schooler Pinkeeps.

Well the Prairie Schooler pinkeeps from the February issue of The Gift of Stitching were calling very loudly the other week so I started the Spring one, seen as Spring was on it's way, then when the snow and the icy artic winds came for Easter weekend I had to stitch the Winter one as well so here they are!

I loved stitching these but am a bit disappointed with my finishing off. I didn't have any thin enough ribbon so used what I had but I may well get some different ribbon next time I'm near the arts and crafts shop. So I just have the Summer one to do now.

Last night was Just Nan Queen of the Needle night and, although I haven't quite finished it, the end is most definitely in sight! This has been such a delight stitch and all the more so with having Helen to stitch aong with so thank you so much Helen. It has been brilliant! Finger's crossed I should get this done next Monday although I have the beads to add yet

Once Queen is done I might make Mondays my Bygone Stitches A Quaker Christmas night and hope I can get it stitched for Christmas. My threads have arrived with Jayne and she's posting them to me today so I should be all ready to go for the following Monday. I still might re-dye my fabric but Ill have to "borrow" some coffee from my Dad as I'm not buying another jar just for that! Lol! I used the other small jar I bought experimenting!

My S&S SAL challenge is stitched and now I just have to finish it off. I thought I knew what I was going to finish it as but I'm not sure! I may well stick with it as I've searched for something different but just don't want anything too complicated at the moment! Lol!

Easter weekend was very quiet but it's just the way we wanted. A bit of chilling, a bit of visiting, just the right balance! Of course the weather has been somewhat chilly and wintery! We had snow overnight on Saturday and Sunday and a little bit last night too but it soon went as the sun came out unfotunately! It was lovely watching the snow come down yesterday afternoon. So we didn't get a white Christmas but we did get a white Easter! Lol!

I'm going to ring the surgery later today to see if my blood test results are back then, if they are, I'll have to wait until tomorrow to get an appointment as it's my doctor's day off today.

That's it from me today! Tonight I'm hoping to stitch on Ink Circles Sea Stars and get that octopus and ship's wheel finished! Lol! I'm a bit behind on blog reading at the moment but will, hopefully, catch up over the next few days bit by bit:)

Saturday, 22 March 2008

It's Freezing!

'Tis a wee bit chilly here on the east coast of England this Easter weekend! The wind is rather brisk and the wind chill makes it feel much colder than it actually is. We've seen rain, hail and snow today and, if I'm honest, I'm hoping for a good ole snow fall over night! Lol!

I've been busy doing a bit of stitching in an evening, although I did get the first page of Tracy's RR stitched up and the second page started on Thursday afternoon after several games of Chinese Patience with Jess. She was quite disgusted at how fast I picked the rules up and beat her on my second attempt! Lol! Anyway here's Tracy's RR. She is using a lovely 28 count Brittney fabric and GAST and WDW.

Last night I stitched a bit on BBD Loose Feathers #29 Where My Heart Blooms. I have almost finished the house but got a bit bored with it last night so stitched a bit on the stem and leaves of the flower. The house should be finished next time it comes out! I must say that I am loving stitching this and can't wait to see what the next installment will be. I am hoping to keep up with the designs as they come out and my plan is to hang them all in my hallway after it gets decorated in the summer.

Finally this is my fabric and threads for Bygone Stitches A Quaker Christmas. I dyed this piece with coffee but I'm not 100% sure that I like it yet! It looks a bit dirty in places so I may do it again. What do you think? I'm waiting on the rest of my threads as Jayne ordered the Old World Red so I'd get all the same dyelot.

Well I'm going back to my stitching now. I'm hoping to get Blue Ribbon Designs Alphabet Tree finished tonight for the S&S SAL challenge. I'm stitching it using ............................. Yeah Like I'm going to let that slip!! Lol!

Have a wonderful Easter Sunday and Monday and stay warm:)


Thursday, 20 March 2008

Queen is Nearly Finished!

I did not stitch on Just Nan Queen of the Needle on Monday as I had something else I wanted to stitch and finish so I decided to do a little last night instead. I still haven't tackled the over one ladybugs so I really must remember to do those or they won't get done! I managed to get one side of the lacy effect bit done and a butterfly so I was pleased with myself seen as I haven't been able to stitch for as long as I would like to. I feel a bit bad stitching on this as Helen has lost her mojo and hasn't stitched on it for a couple of week so Helen I hope you get your mojo back soon. {{{{hugs}}}}

On Tuesday I finally stitched a little bit on Ink Circles Sea Stars. I didn't do much but I almost got the ship's wheel finished. I thought I had but looking at it this morning when I took a photo of it I realised I had some bits to fill in and I've also missed one of the octopus' tentacles off so I will have to put that right next week! We can't have a seven-legged octopus can we?! As many of you will know I'm stitching this with Karen so please pop over to her blog to see how she's doing.

My Monday stitching was a wee pressie for Julie and now that I know she has received it I can show it:) It is Blackbird Designs Bluebird's Needles and Pins from the book With Needle and Thread. I used 32 count fabric ( possibly mushroom but not sure!) and instead of the WDW it is charted for I used GAST. I am really pleased with the way it turned it.

And look at the lovely surprise postie brought me today! It's an Easter present from Julie. Thank you so much Julie; I love it and I'm going to hide it out of the way:)Here's what was inside. Isn't it cute and yummy:)
I'm hoping to start the SAL challenge tonight then get it finished and made up over the weekend. I think reveal day is 30th March ( correct me, Karen, if I'm wrong) so I need to get my finger out and get on with it.

I made a start on Tracy's RR and am loving stitching on the fabric she chose and the threads are so pretty. I'm hoping to finish my first page this afternoon.

I just remembered I had an update of LHN Winter Wonderland but I forgot to take a picture so it'll have to wait until I stitch on it again! Speaking of LHN have you seen the upcoming new releases??? I HAVE to have Wool Needlebook and Fob so I'm afraid I have pre-ordered it with the R&R fabric from Mary Kathryn so now I really must stop buying charts other than the BBD Loose Feathers. Julie the next one is due out possibly this week. No idea what it is yet though!
The girls finish school at lunchtime today for their Easter break and go back the 8th April. I'm looking forward to relaxing, not having to get up so early in a morning and spending some time with them:)

I think that's all for this time. I can't think of anything else at the moment. Thank you all again for your well wishes. My results might be back this afternoon so I don't think I'll bother ringing the surgery until Tuesday as you can bet your bottom dollar that if I ring they won't be back! Still not 100% but never mind. Have a wonderful Easter weekend everyone. It looks like it's going to be bitterly cold and wintery here in the UK:)

Oh and I have set comment moderation now as I've had some spam comments recently and would like to nip them in the bud before they get to my blog. Shame people have nothing better to do!

Sunday, 16 March 2008

New Start!

Yes I know I will never finish anything if I keep starting something else but at least it's something I can finish fairly quickly unlike a HAED!! Lol! I've had Little House Needleworks Winter Wonderland kitted up for several weeks but just not got around to starting it so finally decided on Thursday evening to start it. I was going to stitch Ink Circles Sea Stars but decided against it with it being over one. Anyway I am stitching Winter Wonderland on Polstitches Nature's Grace 28 count Jobelan, which is lovely, using DMC, Crescent Colours and GAST. I am really enjoying stitching this especially as it's ages since I stitched an LHN design:) This is two evenings stitching.

Friday was my SAL day for Blackbird Designs Loose Feathers #29 Where My Heart Blooms. Unfortunately I'm finding that I can't stitch for as long so I'm not getting as much done as I would like so I still haven't got the house finished yet! I had hoped to have this one finished by the time the next one comes out ( which is soon!) but we were late starting the SAL as lots of people hadn't got all their supplies including me. It's a lovely design and I am enjoying stitching it:) Stitched on 30 count R&R Korty's Special Blend using GAST and WDW.

Wednesday evening I decided to stitch on Just Nan Queen of the Needle. Monday is my normal night stitching on this but with me not feeling well I didn't stitch at all. I didn't stitch the over one ladybugs but moved onto the next bad instead and got that stitched so tomorrow I'm onto the last band once I've stitched the ladybugs. I shall really miss not stitching on it once it's finished.
Thank you to everybody who left good wishes for me with my headaches on my last post. I'm still not feeling 100% ( far from it if I'm honest, hot, cold, feel like I'm going to pass out, mild headaches now rather than migraine) but I'm carrying on the best I can. I am not convinced that the cause of my problems is menopause but we'll have to wait and see. My blood test is tomorrow but I can't see me getting any results back before Easter as the surgery will be closed Good Friday and Easter Monday. Sorry to moan as I know there are people out there who are going through far worse things but I have no one I can talk to with my Mum and MIL being gone and my sister is next to useless.

Thank you also for all your lovely comments on my stitching:) They are very appreciated and I hope you will all continue to come visit me:)


Wednesday, 12 March 2008


I have been so bored these past couple of days. The headache I had returned, much to my annoyance, and by Monday evening I was so fed-up I was in tears. My DH was angry that I hadn't been to the doctors so I finally went today. I now have some pills especially for migraine but he also wants to check my hormone levels again as it's about a year since they were done last. He thinks I could be in menopause now which could be causing headaches but if I'm honest I'm still not convinced. I go Monday to have blood taken and once the results come back he wants to discuss HRT with me, but I really don't want to take it. However feeling the way I do a lot of the time I know I'm going to have to do something.

Anyway enough of that! I haven't done any stitching as yet this week so no Queen or Sea Stars updates ( sorry) but I do have some bits to show you from the latter end of last week. First off I stitched Victoria Sampler International Heart England, one of my goals for this year. This was so quick and simple, I really didn't have to think too much about it. I finished it off as an ornament with a ruched ribbon edge but this didn't go quite to plan as I was going to use three lots of ribbon but ended up only using one as it was too thick. The heart isn't that brilliant either as I haven't quite got the hang of stitching them up yet!

Friday is my Blackbird Designs day so here's the progress I made on Where My Heart Blooms from last Friday. I love this piece. Still stitching on the house but finger's crossed I might get that finished this Friday evening.

Thursday and Saturday I stitched a bit on Chatelaine Spring Morning but then I hit a snag which put me off a bit. I started stitching the over one flower panel but couldn't work out what one the symbols was on the middle two panels. Nothing on the key looked anything like it and none of the threads in my kits matched the colour of the photo! So I posted on the Yahoo support group and was told it was Anchor Marlitt Pale Yellow. OK that would be fine but that is not on my key or in my kit so I posted that and was told to use DMC 307. Now I'm using all silks for this so didn't really want to use plain DMC for it. I emailed the designer and was told the same. I was also a bit mad that the thread wasn't on my list nor was the symbol in my key and, apparently, the designer knows this and the thread is left out of the kit because the design doesn't use much of it! As it is I am sorted as my local arts and crafts shop had some DMC 307 in their new Satin range so at least it will match up with the silks. So not much progress as I didn't feel like stitching on it Sunday.
I have S&S/ Jayne's Attic monthly SAL challenge to start yet. We are stitching Blue Ribbon Designs Alphabet Tree, a freebie which is no longer available but Belinda is kindly allowing the ladies taking part to use it so thank you Belinda. I have my threads and fabric sorted though!

I have had a go at dying some fabric for Bygone Stitches A Quaker Christmas:) I "stole" some 25 count I had been using for something else and popped it in some coffee overnight. It came out much paler than I expected and I did not get the mottled effect I wanted so today I've dabbed coffee mixture on it here and there and am going to let it dry a bit before I rinse it. Finger's crossed it turns OK!

Sue the fabric I'm using I'm Queen is Polstitches Dusky Rose and I'm using DMC.

Well I am going to catch up on a few blogs now but please forgive me if I don't get around to everybody I usually comment on for a few days. I don't want to risk staying on too long and aggravating my head. I haven't forgotten you all:) I hope you're all staying here in the UK as we are battered yet again by heavy rain and high winds. It's awful here today but I think we are lucky compared to some areas.

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Yahoo Julie!!!!

Just a quick-ish post today as I have the leftovers of a mild migraine that started with the old flashing in my left eye yesterday morning. I needed to go out and do some grocery shopping for my Dad and also needed a few bits for myself and by the time I got to the local Co-op I only had about 50% in my left eye so I dashed round there, took my Dad his stuff, came home and laid on the settee for the rest of the day.

Now Julie was very excited that Helen and I were back to Just Nan Queen of the Needle so just for her here is my WIP pic from Monday night! Lol! I got most of the band done but except for the over one ladybirds which I should get done next week as there's only two of them. I'm hoping to have this piece finished in a few weeks then I will move onto something else on a Monday:) I will miss Queen though as it has been a pleasure to stitch and it's always nice to have someone stitching along with you.

Tuesday was Sea Stars with Karen and I am still slugging away at the ship's wheel! Lol! Finger's crossed I will get that finished next week and be able to move onto a motif. Having said that the ship's wheel does look good with the octopus draped over it! Karen have you managed any this week?
So with the migraine yesterday I haven't touched Chatelaine Spring Morning as yet and don't think I will today either. I will see how I feel later on today and decide what to do. I may just do something I don't need to think about too much!

I have a confession to make! I finally caved and ordered Bygone Stitches A Quaker Christmas:) Yes naughty I know but I could not resist any longer. Jayne kindly sent me a few Carrie's Creations so that I could see some of the colours up close and I have chosen Frosty Pine, Old World Red and Antique Gold. I was going to have the green as my main colour but then decided, as I'm not particularly fond of a lot of green, to go with the red as the main colour. I still need to sort some fabric and after much deliberation I have decided to go with a plain colour as opposed to a hand dyed. It's fine looking at them on a computer screen and thinking they'll be just what you want then find when they arrive they don't go at all. One of the disadvantages of not being able to go to a LNS and actually see the fabric first hand.

Hope everyone if having a good week. Stay safe ( again) in these high winds that are forecast here in the UK.


Monday, 3 March 2008

It's Monday-again!

Where do the weeks go?! Hardly seems like 5 minutes since it was Monday last week!

I had a lovely Mother's Day. We watched The DaVinci Code which was quite good but a bit slow at times and Jess didn't like the end bits; she thought it would have been more exciting! It's often the case when you've read the book that the film doesn't quite come up to your expectations. I stitched on HAED QS Girly Gothic and the new Blackbird Designs Loose Feathers so have piccies to show of them. We had a takeaway for tea so no work for me, other than some washing! Lol!

So I stitched on HAED QS Girly Gothic for most of the week and managed about 1600 stitches on her. I'm really pleased with how she is looking. As with all HAEDs it doesn't look much when you look at it close up but when you hold it at arms length you can really see it coming together. So here she is!

Friday was the start of the Blackbird Designs Yahoo group SAL. This is my first ever Blackbird Designs so I was eager to join in with the SAL. We are stitching the new Loose Feathers design Where My Heart Blooms which is gorgeous. I decided to stitch mine on the suggested fabric ;30 count RR Korty's Special Blend. You may remember I thought this fabric was a little strange! Lol! Well I have to admit that it is just lovely to stitch on so I am going to enjoy this project very much! I stitched part of the roof Friday afternoon only to find that I'd used the wrong colour! As it was the colour I used, GAST Mulberry, and the colour I should have used, GAST Gingersnap, are very similar so I have left it as it is. I stitched more on Friday evening then again last night so have got quite a bit stitched up.

The fabricsI tried dying with tea and coffee are drying at the moment but I don't think I've got the effect I was after. The tea is definitely too dark ( I think I used too many teabags! ) and I have a lighter and a slightly darker in the coffee ones but I don't have a vintage, mottled effect like I wanted. I scrunched it up really well before I put it in the coffee so not sure what I've done wrong. I could keep at this for weeks and not get the effect I want so I may just have to resign myself to buying some:(

Helen is back from her holiday so we'll be back to Just Nan Queen of the Needle tonight. I'm eager to get back to it as I've really missed stitching on it. It would be nice to have it finished for the end of March but we'll see! As usual Tuesday will be Ink Circles Sea Stars with Karen then the rest of the week it'll be Chatelaine Spring Morning but I may have a break from that on Friday and stitch more on Where My Heart Blooms!

Have a great week everyone and stay safe from these high winds we keep getting here in the UK. I'm going to catch up on blog reading as I haven't done a few days.


Sunday, 2 March 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Its Mother's Day here in the UK and my girls treated me to breakfast in bed:) I also got beautiful cards from both of them and DH and Jess gave me The DaVinci Code on DVD and Abi gave me The Feeling CD which I've been wanting for a while:) Just been listening to it and it's brilliant. They have told me that I'm not cooking today so we're having a takeaway later on:) My plan is to have a go at dying some fabric ( some old aida that I don't stitch on anymore) to see how it turns out; one piece using tea and one piece using coffee. Then this this afternoon we're all going to watch The DaVinci Code and I'm going to stitch! Lol!

Yesterday Jess and I took some flowers to the cemetary for my Mum and my MIL. We miss them both so much although the girls never knew my Mum, which is a shame as they'd have adored her as she would them. All she ever wanted was grandchildren. Still some things are just not meant to be but I know she will be watching over them and be so very proud, as will my MIL.

Image courtesy of HAED

The RAK Fairy has been very busy on the HAED forum on the 29th February and I was one of the lucky ladies who received an RAK from the mystery fairy:) I only had one chart left on my wish list as my tastes have changed and some of the pieces I used to like I no longer do so I was gifted with the very beautiful QS Pale Rose which is by Jasmine Becket-Griffith. She will be the perfect companion to my beautiful QS Holly Fairy which Fudgey gifted me for my birthday:) I just love the eyes; they are so sad yet beautiful.

Have a wonderful Mother's Day!