Thursday, 6 March 2008

Yahoo Julie!!!!

Just a quick-ish post today as I have the leftovers of a mild migraine that started with the old flashing in my left eye yesterday morning. I needed to go out and do some grocery shopping for my Dad and also needed a few bits for myself and by the time I got to the local Co-op I only had about 50% in my left eye so I dashed round there, took my Dad his stuff, came home and laid on the settee for the rest of the day.

Now Julie was very excited that Helen and I were back to Just Nan Queen of the Needle so just for her here is my WIP pic from Monday night! Lol! I got most of the band done but except for the over one ladybirds which I should get done next week as there's only two of them. I'm hoping to have this piece finished in a few weeks then I will move onto something else on a Monday:) I will miss Queen though as it has been a pleasure to stitch and it's always nice to have someone stitching along with you.

Tuesday was Sea Stars with Karen and I am still slugging away at the ship's wheel! Lol! Finger's crossed I will get that finished next week and be able to move onto a motif. Having said that the ship's wheel does look good with the octopus draped over it! Karen have you managed any this week?
So with the migraine yesterday I haven't touched Chatelaine Spring Morning as yet and don't think I will today either. I will see how I feel later on today and decide what to do. I may just do something I don't need to think about too much!

I have a confession to make! I finally caved and ordered Bygone Stitches A Quaker Christmas:) Yes naughty I know but I could not resist any longer. Jayne kindly sent me a few Carrie's Creations so that I could see some of the colours up close and I have chosen Frosty Pine, Old World Red and Antique Gold. I was going to have the green as my main colour but then decided, as I'm not particularly fond of a lot of green, to go with the red as the main colour. I still need to sort some fabric and after much deliberation I have decided to go with a plain colour as opposed to a hand dyed. It's fine looking at them on a computer screen and thinking they'll be just what you want then find when they arrive they don't go at all. One of the disadvantages of not being able to go to a LNS and actually see the fabric first hand.

Hope everyone if having a good week. Stay safe ( again) in these high winds that are forecast here in the UK.



Louanne said...

Queen Of The Needle is looking gorgeous, so is Sea Stars. And silly, in that context the ship's wheel IS a motif! LOL! They both look like a lot of fun to stitch. Can't wait to see your start of 'A Quaker Christmas'. I've been coveting that one since I first saw it. I am using Carrie's threads on my 'Bouquet for Cheryl', and the colors are yummy. You will like them, I think.
Also, I find that I know when I am going to get a migrane. I see a weird kalidoscope thing in my left eye when it's about to start. If I load up on asprins right then, at that very moment, I can semi catch it and it doesn't get too bad. Hope you're feeling better!

Karen said...

QOTN looks great
Yep I posted a photo of ss this morning lol.
Hope your head is fully recovered

monique said...

I'm with you on the green... I'm thinking of using navy for the main color on mine. (well, if I ever start it LOL)

Great progress on your JN; it's very pretty!

Itching To Stitch said...

Wow, both your pieces look awesome ;)

Stitchingranny said...

Lol guess we are about even I have a line and you have the satin stitch. Like you I am looking forward to getting it finished now as it seems so near (and yet so far) to the end, though I shall miss stitching with you its been fun.

Your Sea Stars has certainly grown while I have been away.

Novice Stitcher said...

Queeen of the Needle looks fabulous - I just love it. How wonderful it will look when framed. Hope you feel better - migraines are no fun!

Laura said...

Queen of the Needle just gets more lovely everytime I come by. You are so close to finishing. Quaker Christmas is so tempting. I am eager to see your start on it.

Mylene said...

WOW! I really love the Queen of Needle, it looks gorgeous.

Hope you are feeling much better today.

Julie said...

LOL a post for me ... QOTN is super, such a springtime piece.

SS looks great too, that octopus is very effective

Hope you are better today

Paula said...

Hi Sally, ohhhh Queen of the Needle is looking I'm loving it. And your Sea Stars is really growing to. Loving the colours you are using.
Hope you are feeling better soon, I hate migraines.

Hmmm you've been buying stash Sally??? Huh?? lol Naughty naughty!!! lol

(((hugs)) and happy stitching

tkdchick said...

Urgh I'm sorry to hear you've had a migraine, they really can ruin a couple of days nicely can't they?

That ship's wheel is just fantastic! Keep going with those wips!

Michelle said...

You have been so busy - such gorgeous photos. I think I may break down and buy that chart too - it's too pretty to pass up!

stitcherw said...

Sorry you've been fighting the migraine, I hope it is completely gone soon.

Sea Stars is looking great, and Queen is gorgeous. What fabric are you doing it on? And did you use the DMC or Silks? It is looking so pretty, I'm starting to think that it just may need to join my stash. :)

Joei said...

Hi Sally,

Your QOTN is coming along very pretty. I have it in my stash and had planned on starting on it long time ago. Seeing your WIP makes me want to pull it out and start soon.

Sea stars is lovely as well. Can't wait to see your progress of the Quaker Christmas.

Happy Stitching!

Heather said...

ooooooo you are naughty Sally!!!!!

I've got that on my wishlist, but I've just ordered a mini Quaker to start myself slowly on them.

I can't wait to see your progress on it, will you be starting it as soon as it arrives?

sammyjo said...

Just Nan Queen of the Needle is looking good sally, and sea stars is coming along nicely. hope your head gets better

Anonymous said...

Both WIPS are looking fantastic! Hope your migraine has cleared off now, they are awful!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you have such terrible Migraines. I hope they go away for awhile. Queen of the needle is gorgeous. I love the Ship's wheel on Sea Stars. Your stitching is beautiful. I can't wait to see your beginning stitches on Bygone Stitches a Quaker Christmas. Have a great week ahead!

Wanda said...

Hope you feel better soon! The JN is simply gorgeous and Sea Stars is super!

Carol said...

Hi Sal, I sure hope you are feeling better! Your Queen of the Needle is so amazing that I went and got the fabric, and yep, I hope to start soon!

Hazel said...

Hi Sally. Some pretty stitching here. xx

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Dear Sally, I feel like I've been gone forever and missed so much with you and your blog!! Back on track in wellness now...and happy to find you stitching beautifully, as always. I love your "Queen.." You've really made some serious progress and it's beautiful.

Karan said...

QOTN is gorgeous - I'll miss the updates! SS is another stunner, love the octopus & wheel colours.
Intrigued & looking forward to seeing your QC piece when you start it. :0)
(((((Hugs))))) for the migraine - hope you feel better soon.