Saturday, 22 March 2008

It's Freezing!

'Tis a wee bit chilly here on the east coast of England this Easter weekend! The wind is rather brisk and the wind chill makes it feel much colder than it actually is. We've seen rain, hail and snow today and, if I'm honest, I'm hoping for a good ole snow fall over night! Lol!

I've been busy doing a bit of stitching in an evening, although I did get the first page of Tracy's RR stitched up and the second page started on Thursday afternoon after several games of Chinese Patience with Jess. She was quite disgusted at how fast I picked the rules up and beat her on my second attempt! Lol! Anyway here's Tracy's RR. She is using a lovely 28 count Brittney fabric and GAST and WDW.

Last night I stitched a bit on BBD Loose Feathers #29 Where My Heart Blooms. I have almost finished the house but got a bit bored with it last night so stitched a bit on the stem and leaves of the flower. The house should be finished next time it comes out! I must say that I am loving stitching this and can't wait to see what the next installment will be. I am hoping to keep up with the designs as they come out and my plan is to hang them all in my hallway after it gets decorated in the summer.

Finally this is my fabric and threads for Bygone Stitches A Quaker Christmas. I dyed this piece with coffee but I'm not 100% sure that I like it yet! It looks a bit dirty in places so I may do it again. What do you think? I'm waiting on the rest of my threads as Jayne ordered the Old World Red so I'd get all the same dyelot.

Well I'm going back to my stitching now. I'm hoping to get Blue Ribbon Designs Alphabet Tree finished tonight for the S&S SAL challenge. I'm stitching it using ............................. Yeah Like I'm going to let that slip!! Lol!

Have a wonderful Easter Sunday and Monday and stay warm:)



Julie said...

Lovely colours in Tracey's RR, the BD looks great too and i love the colours for your Bygone Stitches.

You can tell me what your Challenge will be, i wont tell *snigger*

Paula said...

Your stitching pieces are gorgeous as always Sally.
Hope the weather isn't too bad for you over the weekend....although you'd love to have snow wouldn't you?? lol
Me? I prefer the warmer weather!! lol

Happy Easter to you, Carl Abi and Jess, have a lovely weekend...

Happt stitches and (hugs)

tkdchick said...

That RR is just lovely!

Mylene said...

The RR block looks lovely. BBD progress is coming along great.

Happy Easter to all!

Karan said...

It's bitter out here too Brrrrr!
Love the thread colours for the Quaker Xmas - will look lovely on the fabric. :0)
Great progress on the RR & WMHB.
Forgot to say I love your gift to Julie - it's so pretty. :0)

jane said...

Love the RR, such pretty colours, I have almost completed one page of yours and am really enjoying it.
I have given in and ordered the Loose feathers #29 from Mary Kathryn, looking forward to stitching it.
It's freezing here as well so I think I will stay in and
Happy Easter

Stitchingranny said...

Love the threads Sally but cannot really tell how the fabric as turned out as it just looks off white on my computer :0( sorry, but it is fun to try something different and I am sure it will be fine.

Itching To Stitch said...

You do beautiful stitching. The RR piece is lovely and your BBD piece looks wonderful ;)

Lynn said...

lovely stitching Sally, well done:)

Happy Easter to you and yours :)

lena-lou said...

These are lovely Sally and I am looking forward to seeing your S&S SAL piece for this month :-))

It is so cold here I am further up the NE coast to you so we are probably getting the same although the snow hardly ever lays here as we are in a bit of a valley in my area. Shame really as I love the snow !! Hope you were lucky and got some that stayed a while?

Kim B said...

Your projects are looking great! The RR is beautiful!

Joei said...

Your BD is looking great. Nince new start, wanted to stitch it too but then again time is really the problem.

Happy Easter!

Carol said...

Beautiful - I love your colors for the Friendship Book.

Michele said...

Tracey's RR is lovely! Nice progress on BBD. I can't tell about your coffee dyed fabric either .. but if you don't like it .. dye it again :)

Happy Easter to all of you :)

sammyjo said...

The stitchin looks great, we also got snow and hail mostly when i was out jogging lol

Mad Dixie said...

I love seeing progress on my RR, your BBD looks beautiful I love the fabric

Anonymous said...

Traceys RR has some stunning colours :)

BD is coming on great and the colours for QC look great to me :)