Friday, 29 August 2014

I am..

A Needleworker.

Little House Needleworks Needleworker

32 count Vintage Country Mocha linen

Crescent Colours ( or Classic Colourworks as they are now known )

Started 16th July 2014

Finished 28th August 2014.

I loved every single stitch of this. I made a mistake so my borders are just single rows but I'm very happy with it. The chart is now for sale along with the leftover threads.  I think there may be enougn to stitch it again. Please email me ( email in my profile ) if you are interested :) SOLD

No other finishes but I did have a new start last Saturday . This is Carriage House Samplings Alphabet Sampler from the JCs mag. It's a companion piece to the 1823 Emma Elizabeth Blackwood Sampler. It is stitching up quite quickly.

No progress on June's Honeysuckle this week as I had something else to stitch so I will, hopefully, get something done on that on Sunday. I did make good progress though on Snowy Friends.  Still keeping my fingers crossed that my placement of this is correct but I don't think I'll be frogging it if it isn't! 

I have almost stitched all the wording on Garden Bliss. I am just loving this as it is so pretty and, of course, it means an awful lot to me. I think my Dad would have loved this on display in his house so, hopefully, he is watching me stitch it and smiling.

No Marching Orders this week either as I didn't have much to do Needleworker and wanted to finish it. After that was done, rather than get more stitching out, I decided to see if I could finish knitting the front of my top and here it is! It's not going to be finished this summer but finishing one side has given me some incentive so get on with it but I don't know when!

On Tuesday I spent a lovely day at Gill's caravan again. I took my blanket to knit this time and finished the strip I was working on and started another. Really need to get on if I'm going to have it finished by the end of the year!  We never seem to stop chatting when we get together but we still manage some crafting!

Then on Wednesday I was so excited to have my surrogate sis Lisa visiting for the day. It was so good to have a catch up and do a little stitching. Lisa was stitching a lovely AAN design called Corsetto in red and black silk. It looked stunning.  You're not going to believe what I stitched on! HAED QS Spirit of Winter Robin!  I had a bit of a panic when I picked it up though as I struggled to see the holes and I must admit I'm now worrying that I'm no longer going to be able to stitch on them. Once the Alphabet Sampler is finished I'll bring the Robin into my rotation and see how I get on. It may well have been the light so I'm hoping I do better using my  lamp. Fingers crossed as I really want to finish this one. Also Gill and I have decided to bring our Gelsinger mini Santas out again in October and Lisa is going to join us with hers too :).

A wee while ago I was saying I'd just started to collect Country Cottage Needleworks Cottages of the Month and Heather said she would happy to send me any I didn't have when she had finished stitching them. I felt quite awful as I only had the first two but look what arrived yesterday :). Thank you so much Heather. I'm looking forward to getting started on these hopefully in October then I can display each month next year in place on the Lizzie*Kate ones I've had on display each month for many years! I have promised Heather I will send her something for sending me these :)

On Sunday we went to the Driffield Country Fair. I'm afraid to say I don't think we'll be going again as it wasn't very good. I did snap a few photos and have just quickly sorted these two of Fluffy ( yes he really was called Fluffy!) the Monitor Lizard and Zorro the 8 week old Little Owl :)

I think that's all my news for this time. I may not get a post in next week as my DH is having the week off. Don't think we'll be going out much but we do have the odd job to do at home. First one will be going through boxes in the loft to see if there's anything we can get rid off! Then me and the girls are having our hair cut. New hairdresser as ours is finishing and moving to Tenerife. I've never found choosing a new hairdresser so stressful but Vicki has cut our hair for about 10 years now!

Take care everyone. Looks like summer is back next week here in the UK so enjoy it while it lasts! I've been enjoying the slightly temperatures.

With much love.

Sally xxx

Saturday, 23 August 2014

August Stitch From Stash and A Finish

Here we are with just over a week left in August.  The year seems to be flying which is quite scary!

So just 4 more months to go on Stitch From Stash although I would like to carry it on next year and just buy fabric and threads when I need them. Even though I've felt a bit of a failure when I've bought charts I haven't bought anywhere near what I have other years and only once did I dib into my carry over budget. So this month we had a £15 bonus because of St Charles market which we were allowed to spend before the actual budget. I did spend at the beginning of the month on Hands on Designs At The Beach. I'd asked Karla at Patchwork Rabbit if she could get me it about 6 weeks beforehand so I spent £6.80 on that ( when I get around to it I'm stitching it is for a gift ) then one of my stitching friends on Facebook was selling off some of her stash so I bought Blue Ribbon Designs Sampling in the Square for £5. I also had to buy a skein of white DMC at a cost of 80 p. So I spent £12.40 of my £15 bonus meaning I have my full £15 budget to carry over. So that's a total of £57.90 to carry over :). I have been tempted to  buy more as there are sales going on here and there BUT I now have something spurring me on to be good. I have been bursting since my DH suggested it and I can't keep it in any longer! My DH suggested we go to the knitting and stitching show in Harrogate and stay over a few days so he's booked a guest house and all I need now are show tickets and a list lol! I would not have gone had he not suggested us going as I am terrible and think of the cost etc. He's told me I had better buy something! I know it's a while away yet but I have never been before to that one so I hope I can find something to buy! So I will either use my carry over or make that my free month! It will depend on what I spend.

Right better get onto what I've been stitching before you get sick of my rabbiting on! I've had a finish since my last post although that shouldn't be a surprise as I was close to it last post.

Carriage House Samplings 1823 Emma Elizabeth Blackwood Sampler ( from JCS mag June 2005 )

40 count cream Gander linen


I have loved stitching this and it looks pretty finished. Not sure how I'll finish it yet. I need some inspiration! Tonight I'll be starting the Alphabet Sampler chart to go with it.

I've had a few new starts since my last post which is good as getting through my stash a little lol! I started this one last week and it is stitching up beautifully. It is Just Nan Marching Orders which I'm stitching on a 28 count Silkweaver Solo using DMC and the Soie D' Alger Lady in Red silk that came with the chart.

I started CCN Snowy Friends from the Frosty Forest series. I just hope I've got this right as I should really  have started with the border but I had run out of white and didn't have any in my stash! How typical is that! I have a wee story to tell about this piece as I had a lady ask me if I did commissions and how much would I sell this for when it was finished! Needless to say I had no idea and it's not for sale anyway! 

Barb and I made a little progress on Day 11 of the 12 Days of Christmas. I think we might have all these finished in September then we're planning on starting the Tra La La sheep chart.

I think Needleworker might just get finished this week. I got a good bit stitched on this on Wednesday as I went to see my friend Gill for the day at her caravan so we spent the day chatting and stitching and that is what I stitched on. It was lovely to get away for the day and just chill and the beauty of it was it just a 10 minute bus ride away but I could have been hundreds of miles away! Anyway I just have the red bits to stitch then the top and bottom border but because of the mistake I made I think the borders will just be a straight row of stitches.

Garden Bliss is coming along really well and I have to say that I am loving stitching it and I think the fabric I have chosen is perfect for it.

Finally a little bit of progress on June's Honeysuckle.

The other week when I had finished Wintry Mix I asked dear June if she would like the chart as she had said that she really liked it. So I popped it in the post to her. Look what she sent me! Isn't that snowman chart so cute? June said she had stitched this and thought I would like to stitch it and she is most definitely right! She also sent me a sweet sheep, some thread and some lovely ribbon as well as a beautiful postcard of her garden and a thank you card. Thank you so much June. I have the perfect fabric for the snowman so he's on my to do list :)

I have seriously been thinking about changing my rotation and stitching on less each week but then I think about the variety I have and I don't get bored quite so easily. However I then think I'd get things finished quicker lol but then I'd have more to make up and end up frustrated because of that! Finishing is not my strong point and I'm always on the look out for different ways. At least when I go to Harrogate I'll be able to see finishing fabrics, trims etc and get some bits to finish stuff in my pile off! I'm planning on staying away from buying anymore "big" designs and sticking with smaller ones but any I have in my stash will get stitched. Well maybe not all the HAEDs I have! I'd need to live until I'm about 300 to get those done and have a mansion to hang them all in! Lol! I'm going to have to pick out the ones I really, really want to stitch which will be difficult!

I'm getting excited for the new series of Doctor Who to start tonight. Can't wait to see what Peter Capaldi is like as the new doctor .

That's all from me for this post. I'll be at Gill's caravan for a day again next week with my knitting this time then on Wednesday I'm excited to be seeing my surrogate sis Lisa as she's coming for the day :).

Until next time take care everyone.

With much love

Sally xx

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

A Little Bit of Winter

No, not the weather! Just my finishes from the past week! All winter themed ones which is nice. 

I only had a little bit to do on Day 10 of The 12 Days of Christmas with Barb on Friday so it didn't take me long to get it done. Only 2 more to go now. I have loved stitching these as they are so quick and easy. I think I'll wait until I get tne other 2 done then make them all up together.

The Little Stitcher 12 Days of Christmas Day 10.

32 count Vintage Country Mocha linen


My second finish is this one. So pretty and I think I'll make it into an ornament for my tree.  Loved stitching this and this week I plan on starting Marching Orders which is another Just Nan.

Just Nan Wintry Mix.

32 count unknown fabric


Final finish this time is part 3 of 9 but still a finish! I took it to craft group yesterday to pop the final few stitches in and many of the ladies were admiring it.

Country Cottage Needleworks Frosty Forest Snowman's Cottage

32 count Pearl grey linen


I was stitching away in the hope of getting Carriage House Samplings 1823 Emma Elizabeth Blackwood Sampler but didn't quite manage it! Just the rest of the border and a couple of black stitches to go. I'm going to stitch the alphabet chart as well then, if Faye still would still like the mag, I'll be passing it on.

I think my needles were on fire stitching June's Honeysuckle on Sunday. I've got behind on these as I really would have liked to get one per month done but as we're now into August and I'm still on June something tells me it's not happened! 

Finally progress on my lovely Garden Bliss.  This is just so nice to stitch and so comforting to work on.

Has anyone signed up for the new ornament series by Country Cottage Needleworks? I haven't as I'm going to wait and see what each one is like. I was extremely tempted when they were first announced but as time has gone on I talked myself out of it. Glad now that I did as I need to be a good girl for a few more months then I can have a good spend up lol. I have bought already this month ( more about that slip up in my Stitch from Stash report ) but as we have a bonus this month that we can spend before our budget my whole budget will get carried forward!

I tried to get a photo of the super moon the other night but because of the cloud couldn't until it cleared which meant it was high up in the sky so, to me, it looked like a normal moon! Posting a few more of my recent photos too.

We have a lovely sunny day up here today although it is rather windy. We've had a couple of days of awful wind and rain and even though we do keep getting the odd shower the sun is shining brightly in between times. It is feeling rather autumnal is a morning now but I don't think summer is over yet. The forecasters are saying it will return but I have to admit that I'm enjoying these slightly cooler temps.

Until next time.

With much love

Sally xx

Thursday, 7 August 2014

It's Arrived!

Wahooo guess what arrived last Thursday? Yep my last Frosty Forest auto AND my lovely Silver Creek Samplers Garden Bliss chart. It is as gorgeous in real life as it is in the photos online! I will admit to feeling a little emotional when I saw it. Of course I just had to sort some fabric and converted the GAST and WDW online to DMC,  although I did change the skin tones a little, so that I was ready to start it on Tuesday evening. So this is my start on 32 count Crafty Kitten Vintage Petals. This will now be my Tuesday evening stitch. My Dad would approve of this one although he approved of all my stitching and always took great interest in it.

When I ordered my chart I also ordered one for my long time online friend Fi, as she had asked if I would get one for her, and on Monday I received an RAK from her of an extremely cute sheep needleminder. Thank you so much Fi x

Before I show my other WIPs I will announce the winner of the JBW Designs Our Family chart. As only one person showed an interest in it and that person is Michelle! Congratulations Michelle! The chart will be in the post ASAP.

So what else have been up to? Well I have finally got some trims on some bits and pieces that have been sewn up for a while so here they all are. I decided to pop outside and use my holly etc as props! These were mostly stitched last year. Still have several to decide what to  do with.

I have been beavering away on LHN Needleworker and I took it with me to Gill's on Monday.  She was having another open day for her wool store and I took it just in case we had a bit of time for crafting which we did . Unfortunately I realised I'd made a mistake in my counting last week but I have done too much to frog so it is staying. I will have to be careful with the top and bottom border when I stitch that to make them right or just leave them off. I'll decide when I get to them! Almost finished the wording last night.

Just Nan Wintry Mix is almost finished. I have been enjoying stitching a Just Nan again. It's been a long time since I stitched one and I have loads that I've stitched.  This one is just so pretty. I might sit outside this evening, depending on the weather, and see if I can finish it. I'll be stitching another Just Nan when I have finished.

I made a good bit of progress on my CHS piece from the Just Cross Stitch mag. I love how this is looking. The colours are so beautiful . I plan on stitching the alphabet design as well.

Not so much progress on June's Honeysuckle this week. Sunday afternoon we went to the cinema to see How To Train Your Dragon 2. The cinema is getting rather expensive now but I used some of my Tescos club card vouchers to get 4 adult tickets so it didn't cost anything other than £10 of my vouchers which is a good deal. Afterwards we went to KFC so by the time we got home and I got settled down to stitching time was getting on. It was good to get out though and the film was fantastic although we all ended up crying. Won't say why in case any of you are planning on seeing it!

Monday evening I cut my stitching time short so that  we could commemorate 100 years since the start of World War 1 with "Lights Out " from 10 pm to 11 pm. The idea was to just have a single candle or light source. It was very poignant.  My Grandad's cousin died at the Battle of Arras in May 1917 from the wounds he sustained. 

So this is how my Frosty Forest is looking.  Almost done with Snowman's Cottage.

Today is Jess' 23rd birthday but we're just having a quiet day . I can't believe she is 23! How on earth did that happen? 

That's all from me for this time. I hope you are all enjoying the rather hot weather we've been having over here. I'm sorry to say that it is way too hot for me. I have been sitting out in the garden but only in an evening when it's not quite so hot!

Also another message for Sue about the Better Homes and Gardens A Cross Stitch Christmas book that Lo How A Rose was in. On my last post I did leave links that would take you directly to the book both on Amazon UK and USA but I'm guessing that you didn't see them. I have just found a photo of the book from when Lois sent it to me so here it is :)

Thank you all for continuing to visit me and for leaving lovely comments . I appreciate each and every one so much.

Until next time.

With much love.

Sally xxxx