Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Begins with one little stitch as My Big Toe Designs says and if it wasn't for my stitching ( and a bit of knitting) over the last few weeks I think I'd have been tearing my hair out. It's been a week since my last blog post as I just haven't felt like posting so here's a few finishes.

My Big Toe Designs Happiness

32 count Kiwi Illusions Silver Birch 


Started 6th June 2012

Finished 17th June 2012

I loved stitching this one and am, hopefully, going to mount it into the top on the DMC box I bought with my birthday money the year before last.

I finished my June ornament for the Christmas All Year Round SAL. We had a free choice this month so this is the one I chose.

Plum Street Samplers Yuletide

32 count cobblestone linen


Started 12th June 2012

Finished 21st June 2012

This one doesn't look quite right as bits of are stitched upside down but it will be a pouch for a Just Nan Sheep Winder once I get around to making it up.

Just Nan Christmas Sheep

28 count Polstitches Sky High evenweave


Started 9th June 2012

Finished 24th June 2012

Final finish is my SAL with Barb.

Shepherd's Bush Elizabethan pincushion ( kit)

Started 4th June 2012

Finished 25th June 2012

I have had two other finishes and two starts but I can't show those as they are exchange pieces or gifts.

So the only WIP I can show is my SAL with Mouse of LHN A Stitcher's Heart. Loving how this looks.

I have some charts for sale at the moment if you would like to have a look. These are all ones that I have stitched in the past few weeks other than a couple that were already on the page and those I have reduced a little.

This is my progress on the Crest of a Wave Baktus. I'm halfway there so started the decreasing now.

Personal stuff now so if you want to stop reading please do :) After 10 months without a period I started last Wednesday. To say I was not a happy bunny is a huge understatement! I cried :( I know that is silly as it's not the end of the world and there are people in this world going through horrible things but I just didn't need it and I had settled to the fact that I was going to have no more. Two more months and I'd have been classed as being done with it.

Yesterday I had my post surgery appointment at the hospital. I didn't see the consultant who had done my surgery but I did see one of the doctors I had seen whilst I was in hospital so at least it was a familiar face. I told him about still feeling uncomfortable and how worried I was. However he did say it was still early days yet and it takes time for things to settle. He examined me and said that everything looked as it should, no signs of infection or stitches having come apart but I have another appointment for 3 months time. It did put my mind at ease a little but at the back of my mind I am still wondering if I'll ever feel any different. I know I must think positive! I forgot to ask what I can and can't do now so just going to build myself steadily with some light housework and no lifting still.

I do apologise for still not being back to visiting and commenting on your blogs properly. I have been commenting on a few but I really need to get back to visiting all the ones I usually do. I miss seeing what you are all stitching.

Thank you for all your lovely comments and for continuing to visit me :)

With much love


Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The Next Stitcher .......

For the Lizzie*Kate Life's a Stitch chart is....................

Michelle! Michelle I'll get the chart in the post to you tomorrow:) I hope you enjoy stitching it:)

Keep an eye on Michelle's blog if you'd like to be considered to be the next stitcher.

I'll be back another day with some stitching updates. I've had a finish and an almost finish :)

With much love


Friday, 15 June 2012

Travelling Pattern and Other Stories

I was lucky enough to be chosen by Susan to be the next stitcher of the Lizzie*Kate Life's a Stitch travelling pattern a while ago and it arrived the other day along with one of Susan's gorgeous handmade project bags.

As soon as I'd taken this photo I popped my LHN/ SP chartpack in it along with the fabric I'm stitching both pieces on. It is so pretty and I absolutely love it. Thank you so much Susan {{{{hugs}}}} It will be put to good use and I will treasure it.

So I duly started stitching the pattern and finished it last night. I did mess up but didn't realise until I'd got so far on the satin stitch border so I frogged that and have left it off. 

Lizzie*Kate Life's a Stitch

Polstitches fabric from grab bag.

DMC Variations

Started 13th June 2012

Finished 14th June 2012.

So let's get this travelling pattern on the move again! If you would like to be the next stitcher please leave a comment on this post saying that you would like to be considered. You must have a blog to participate and you must be prepared to drop everything and stitch it in a timely manner and offer it up again on your blog.

On Wednesday a package arrived from my lovely blogging friend Shirlee. Inside beautifully wrapped were a fantastic knitting magazine ( loads in it I would love to knit!) and a gorgeous Shepherd's Bush kit Snowman Treat Bag. Thank you so much Shirlee {{{{hugs}}}}. I hope you received my email. Naughty me still hasn't replied to yours but I will get soon:) 

Onto my other stitching now. I don't seem to have achieved much this week  ( considering what I have been achieving) considering I have nothing else to do but I have, hangs head in shame, been looking at knitting yarns online and have spent lots of time on Ravelry. Don't worry knitting isn't going to take over from cross stitch as for one it seems to be quite an expensive hobby but there are several things I really want to knit. Anyway I've had a new start this week. June is flying by so I thought I'd better get on with my ornament for the Christmas All Year Round SAL. This month is a free choice so I chose Plum Street Samplers Yuletide from last years JCS ornament magazine. I love this one. I decided to use the suggested GAST apart from one that I didn't have.

Monday was SAL night with Barb and I stitched more on my SB Elizabethan pincushion. This piece is so delicate looking. I should have it finished next week.

I've stitched a bit more on My Big Toe Designs Happiness. 

Nothing on LHN A Stitcher's Heart with Mouse this week as I wanted to get the travelling pattern done. Also nothing on JN Christmas Sheep.

Knitting now and I decided to use my spare ball of yarn from my Holden Shawlette to cast on the Crest of a Wave Baktus. I decided to see how I felt when I got up Tuesday morning and DH's auntie took me to the needlework group at the museum and I took this with me and managed to get a bit more done. I did feel a bit off it while I was there but I have to get myself going again and get out or at the rate I'm going I never will. It was nice to see the ladies again and they were all pleased to see me which was nice. 

That's it from me for now. I'm managing to walk a bit further now but must admit it's a bit scary! Still feeling uncomfortable and unsure if the surgery has done what it should however I'm trying to be positive but the more time passes the less confident I feel but whatever will be will be!

I just want to say a huge thank you to all those of you who have stuck with me, visited my little blog and left comments. it means a lot to me {{{{hugs}}}}

Take care everyone.

With much love


Sunday, 10 June 2012

A Few Finishes

It's been a while since I blogged last as my heart just hasn't been in it. So I've quite a bit to show in this post as I've had a few finishes, some new starts and a knitting finish. Not sure what to do with the old knitting now. I have a ball of wool left from my shawl as I bought two just incase and for all I really like the colour I don't fancy knitting anything else in it unless I try a pair of socks which I have never done before and not sure I can do it! I have picked out my next project which is Crest of a Wave and it's a Baktus. I'd love to get some nice sock wool for it but I could really do to see it IRL rather than online so I'll see. 

So here's my Holden Shawlette. It needs the ends weaving in and blocking as it's a funny shape at the moment, the top should be straight, but I really don't want to be down on my hands and knees pulling it about and pinning it plus I have no where to leave it with it Jess being home as I use her bedroom floor with towels on it!

Stitching now. I've had three finishes since my last post. First one is The Sampler Girls Diamond Jubilee Sampler. The photo does not do this piece and the fabric justice.

The Sampler Girl Diamond Jubilee Sampler

Fabric from Polstitches grab bag


Started 28th May 2012

Finished 1st June 2012

Next finish is another Sampler Girl one.

The Sampler Northanger Abbey

I think the fabric is 32 count Bay Leaf


Started 21st May 2012

Finished 7th June 2012

Final finish is the JBW Designs chart which Karan sent me. 

JBW Designs French Country Flower Basket

Fabric from Polstitches grab bag

Victorian Motto Antique Hydrangea

Started & finished 8th June 2012

My SAL with Mouse is going quite well. Mouse is stitching hers on a lovely piece of Silkweaver fabric. 

As Monday was SB SAL night with Barb I started a kit I'd had in my stash for a while. In fact Barb kindly bought me it for my birthday a few years ago. This one is Elizabethan Pincushion and it is so pretty. I had to frog some of it as I'd messed up!

I've been itching to start My Big Toe Designs Happiness so on Wednesday I did just that. There are two colourways for this, Autumn and Spring, and I chose Spring because I had all the GAST needed for it. 

Final piece of stitching is Just Nan Christmas Sheep which I started yesterday.

Just a bit now about me and my recovery so if you don't want to read stop here!

I am now 4 1/2 weeks post surgery and I still find some days better than others. Remember the I won't overdo it again quote from my last post. Yeah it didn't work! My DH thought I could go grocery shopping with him and Abi yesterday around our local Tesco. They would do the shopping and I would just walk round with them. I thought OK maybe I can do that. Not one of his best ideas! I got round but really did not feel well and by the time I was back in the car I burst into tears. I felt so fed-up and sorry for myself. 

My phone appointment with my GP did not do much to reassure me when the first thing she said to me when I'd explained was sadly it can come back out again. Not what I wanted to hear at all especially when I have done nothing to make it happen. However she did go on to say that it can take 6 to 8 weeks for everything to settle so it's just a case of wait and see. It is very disheartening though to have gone through surgery and for it to feel no different. I have a follow up appointment with my consultant ( or one of his team) on 26th June so I'm sure I'll find out then.

That's it from me for now. I've been blog reading and commenting a little and it's been good to catch up a bit.

With much love