Sunday, 10 June 2012

A Few Finishes

It's been a while since I blogged last as my heart just hasn't been in it. So I've quite a bit to show in this post as I've had a few finishes, some new starts and a knitting finish. Not sure what to do with the old knitting now. I have a ball of wool left from my shawl as I bought two just incase and for all I really like the colour I don't fancy knitting anything else in it unless I try a pair of socks which I have never done before and not sure I can do it! I have picked out my next project which is Crest of a Wave and it's a Baktus. I'd love to get some nice sock wool for it but I could really do to see it IRL rather than online so I'll see. 

So here's my Holden Shawlette. It needs the ends weaving in and blocking as it's a funny shape at the moment, the top should be straight, but I really don't want to be down on my hands and knees pulling it about and pinning it plus I have no where to leave it with it Jess being home as I use her bedroom floor with towels on it!

Stitching now. I've had three finishes since my last post. First one is The Sampler Girls Diamond Jubilee Sampler. The photo does not do this piece and the fabric justice.

The Sampler Girl Diamond Jubilee Sampler

Fabric from Polstitches grab bag


Started 28th May 2012

Finished 1st June 2012

Next finish is another Sampler Girl one.

The Sampler Northanger Abbey

I think the fabric is 32 count Bay Leaf


Started 21st May 2012

Finished 7th June 2012

Final finish is the JBW Designs chart which Karan sent me. 

JBW Designs French Country Flower Basket

Fabric from Polstitches grab bag

Victorian Motto Antique Hydrangea

Started & finished 8th June 2012

My SAL with Mouse is going quite well. Mouse is stitching hers on a lovely piece of Silkweaver fabric. 

As Monday was SB SAL night with Barb I started a kit I'd had in my stash for a while. In fact Barb kindly bought me it for my birthday a few years ago. This one is Elizabethan Pincushion and it is so pretty. I had to frog some of it as I'd messed up!

I've been itching to start My Big Toe Designs Happiness so on Wednesday I did just that. There are two colourways for this, Autumn and Spring, and I chose Spring because I had all the GAST needed for it. 

Final piece of stitching is Just Nan Christmas Sheep which I started yesterday.

Just a bit now about me and my recovery so if you don't want to read stop here!

I am now 4 1/2 weeks post surgery and I still find some days better than others. Remember the I won't overdo it again quote from my last post. Yeah it didn't work! My DH thought I could go grocery shopping with him and Abi yesterday around our local Tesco. They would do the shopping and I would just walk round with them. I thought OK maybe I can do that. Not one of his best ideas! I got round but really did not feel well and by the time I was back in the car I burst into tears. I felt so fed-up and sorry for myself. 

My phone appointment with my GP did not do much to reassure me when the first thing she said to me when I'd explained was sadly it can come back out again. Not what I wanted to hear at all especially when I have done nothing to make it happen. However she did go on to say that it can take 6 to 8 weeks for everything to settle so it's just a case of wait and see. It is very disheartening though to have gone through surgery and for it to feel no different. I have a follow up appointment with my consultant ( or one of his team) on 26th June so I'm sure I'll find out then.

That's it from me for now. I've been blog reading and commenting a little and it's been good to catch up a bit.

With much love



Vickie said...

Oh Sally, I am so sorry to hear of the slow, slow progress. I will keep praying for you.♥ You definitely are benefiting from this time in the project completion department. My your shawl is a beauty. I love Northanger Abbey the most. Those sheep are adorable!

Mouse said...

love the shawl gorgeous colour ... and nope you shouldn't be on the floor trying to block it !!!!

gorgeous stitching updates and you are further on than I am ... tell you more about that later heheh ...

sending (((HUGS)))) and a cuppa for you ... Rome wasn't built in a day you know .... take care and will squeak to you soon :)
love mouse xxxx

Carol said...

I'm sorry to hear you're not progressing as quickly as you would like, Sally. Everyone heals at different rates and I'm sure you'll be feeling much better very soon. I'm sure it must be very frustrating...

At least your beautiful stitching hasn't suffered. Your knitted shawl and all of the cross stitch you've been working on are all just lovely.

You take care now...

Hazel said...

You have been busy. Lots of lovely things to show. Love your shawl. I am sorry you are still feeling rough. Give it time. Like you say, wait and see. xxx

Angela said...

I do understand how frustrated you are feeling post surgery Sally. It took me forever to heal and feel better after mine so please don't give up hope and take extra time to relax :)

Lovely Sampler Girl finishes, and a beautiful shawl!

Take care of yourself :)

Jackie said...

So sorry to hear about your slow healing. I hope you improve and get some good feedback at your next doctors appt.

Your Holden shawl is gorgeous! I agree, don't block it on the floor. Use a bed! Turn a fan on it to help it dry quickly if needed.

Julie said...

The shawl is gorgeous, you've certainly had busy fingers whilst you've been recovering.
Sounds like you could do with a change of scenery, recuperation can give you cabin fever when you can't do much, maybe a short drive into the countryside to see a different view might lift your spirits.
Love and (hugs)

Nicola said...

Sally, your finishes and WIP's are great and I love the shawlette, especially the colour!

I do hope that you'll feel better soon, maybe the consultant will be more reassuring than your GP.

Barb said...

Hello there Sally, been thinking of you and hope things improve for you soon and you will be back to your usual self. Well you will never guess what I have been doing -copying you with the shawl thing and I am just "binding off". Will fill you in tomorrow when we see each other. Love the Nan sheep, and your other finishes. You are such and inspiration to all.
Take care sweetie will be in touch tomorrow.

Catherine said...

I can imagine your frustration. I do hope that you will find it better soon. Sending more thoughts and prayers your way.
All of your stitching is wonderful.

Catherine said...

I can imagine your frustration. I do hope that you will find it better soon. Sending more thoughts and prayers your way.
All of your stitching is wonderful.

Petitesxxx et Cie said...

Love your shawl too much! your stitching progresses are great too!
Hope you will feel better soon.
Take care my Dear Friend,

Mrs. GraceWorks said...

I was just thinking about you yesterday and wondering how you were doing. I'm sorry that your progress is slow. I guess that means more time to stitch and your progress there is wonderful! Beautiful job on all of your projects!! I'll try to drop you a line, soon!!


Karen said...

Your finishes are wonderful... you certainly have made good use of your time. Hope your feel better each day.

happy stitching...

Michelle said...

Oh Sally all your stitching is just wonderful. Your shawl is also beautiful. Hey you are doing really well - any surgery is difficult - sending you all my love xx

Chris said...

Sending good thought your way and hopes that the recovery speeds up and you start to feel like yourself again.
You have been doing some absolutely beautiful stitching. I love all of it!!!
Be well dear friend.

Heather said...

Totally Beautiful :-)

Margaret said...

All of your finishes are gorgeous! Love your WIPs too. Sorry to hear you are not feeling better. It must be so frustrating for you. I will be thinking of you and sending good thoughts and prayers.

Lesleyanne said...

Hang in there Sally. Recovery can take a long time and people are all different. Your stitching finishes are gorgeous and I love your shawl. Great progress on your SALs and new projects.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Sally I'm sorry to hear you're having a rough time post-op. My Mum is going through some similar thoughts and feelings after being very ill last fall. She gets really upset when she thinks of what she can't do and was so sure she'd be much further along than she is today. All recoveries are just one day at a time but its so hard.

You've finished some lovely projects I hope you take pride and joy in them!

Ellen said...

Beautiful shawl! Love all your finishes and new starts!

Hope that you are feeling better now!

Hugs to you n take care!

Susan @ Afford Your Passions said...

I love the Jubilee Sampler - just gorgeous!

Your shawl is lovely, too, Sally


Christine said...

I'm sorry your recovery is taking longer than you expected, hope things start to improve soon.
The shawl is beautiful, but you certainly shouldn't be thinking of crawling on the floor to block it until you are much better.
Great stitching too, those JN sheep are adorable

Diane (di) said...

Oh no Sally, I'm sorry your recovery is not going nearly as well as you would like. I'm holding you in my thoughts and prayers that you really start to feel much better soon.

Your stitching, shawl and your finishes? Wow. Everything looks absolutely beautiful. Taje care! ((hugs)) di

BrendaS said...

Beautiful stitching Sally.

I hope you are feeling better soon:))

Karen said...

Sally, I enjoyed looking at your stitching, you have some beautiful projects! Sorry you're not feeling great, I hope your recovery will speed up!

Mindi said...

Recovering from surgery can be so very slow, please don't get discouraged! It took me about a year to recover from a major ankle surgery, and I swear the first 9 months I seriously wondered why I chose to have it done, now I'm finally seeing the benefit.

Your stitching looks great, I love your Sampler Girl finishes.

Veronica said...

Oh Sally, tons of {{{{{hugs}}}}} from me. Do try to take things slow. Everyone heals at different rates.

Beautiful shawl and stitching. The sheepies on the Just Nan design is so cute ^.^


Siobhán said...

I'm sorry to hear that the surgery recovery is slow--you will get there in the end--take care of yourself!

Lovely finishes and stitching!

Anonymous said...

Your shawl is beautiful, colour is lovely.

Some pretty stitching too!
I really hope things pick up for you soon.

Mary Ann said...

The shawl is gorgeous--beautiful color!! And, wow!! Lots of lovely stitching! I hope that you see some improvement soon and start to feel better. (((hugs)))

Lois said...

I always enjoy dropping by your blog Sally to see what you've been working on. Your shawl is so pretty and nice progress on your WIP's. I'm sorry your phone call to the dr didn't do more to help reassure you. I hope you're feeling more like yourself soon.

mdgtjulie said...

Jeez, Sally, it must make you feel really loved to get so many comments on your blog. Good progress on everything, as usual. Your sheep are really cute. I like them especially well. Hope your recovery goes better than it has been so far. You're on my prayer list, and on lots of other people's prayer lists. I'm hoping God will answer them positively, and you'll just have to wait a bit to see the change. Sending love and healing hugs from Ohio, Sally. I'll keep you in my prayers!!