Tuesday, 29 May 2012

A Little Knitting and Lots of Stitching

I am still stitching and knitting away and doing as I'm told and not doing much of anything else. I still have a nap some days depending on how I feel. I have been feeling a bit low as I'm not convinced that my surgery has done what it should so I have been thinking about seeing my GP but I have to rely on my DH to take me in the car as I know I won't make it that far walking. I don't really want to waste an appointment when I would just basically be asking for reassurance so, as I had to ring to get an appointment for Abi's repeat blood tests, I asked if my GP could ring me and lo and behold they do phone appointments! I never knew that. Anyway she had none left for today so she's ringing me tomorrow. I know I'm probably worrying about nothing as it's probably still swollen and bruised but I just need that reassurance. 

So I've been stitching and knitting quite a bit since my last post. Not sure where to start so guess the finishes would be a good place.

Chessie & Me Scarlet's Christmas Sampler

36 count Lakeside Linens Vintage Pearled Barley Linen


Started 18th May 2012

Finished 27th May 2012

I absolutely loved stitching this one although there are a few mistakes where I've stitched the wrong colour ( part of the tree and the pot) plus I chose not to stitch the smyrnas and just did cross stitches instead.

Next finish is my SB SAL with Barb.

Shepherd's Bush Our Hearts Pincushion ( as kitted)

Started 14th May 2012

Finished 28th May 2012.

I do have to add the buttons but it'll have to wait until I'm allowed to lift an iron so I can get the creases out!

Last Wednesday Mouse and I started our SAL of Little House Needleworks A Stitcher's Heart/ Shakespeare's Peddler Gentle Stitches. This is my little bit.

I've been enjoying stitching The Sampler Girl Northanger Abbey and stitched loads on it on Sunday.

I treated myself in The Sampler Girl's Memorial Day sale to her new Queen's Diamond Jubilee Sampler. I much prefer to buy printed patterns but decided on the PDF of this one or it wouldn't get stitched in time. I made a small start on it yesterday.

Please excuse my photos. The colours are not true to life as I took them in a bit of a hurry and not where I normally take them.

Last week I had some lovely cards and gifts through the post. First off my dear friend Elaine sent me a lovely card, a gorgeous Shepherd's Bush ornament and a knitting magazine. See the red jumper? I'd love to have a go at that! Thank you so much Lainey for thinking of me. I will treasure the ornament and the mag will definitely be put to good use {{{{hugs}}}}

Then my dear friend Karan sent me this lovely card and a very pretty JBW Designs chart. I'm going to start this one soon as it'll be an everlasting basket of flowers to aid my recovery :) Thank you so much for thinking of me Karan {{{{hugs}}}}

Finally I was rather confused when a Graze box popped through my letter box! It was from my dear friend Heather and her daughter Marion. Look at the yummies inside which I shared with Abi. It was delicious! Thank you so much Heather and Marion for thinking of me {{{hugs}}}

Knitting time now. I finished knitting Abi's snood on Sunday. I do have to block it and sew it up but that will have to wait. That cute little penguin is what Abi bought me when I was hospital. Isn't it sweet?

So yesterday I finally plucked up the courage to cast on the Holden Shawlette. I'm a little scared but I'm going to give it a good go! This is how far I've got. I'm using Stylecraft Special 4 ply in raspberry.

Last week I gave myself one hell of a scare. As I said in my last post I'd had a couple of short walks so when Abi got in from her lesson on Wednesday ( after my blog post) I decided I'd see if I could make it to the PO and shop around the corner. Not much further than I already walked but I got into the PO and thought I was going to pass out. I was so damned scared and I have never been so happy to see my house when we got back! It scared me so much that I didn't go out again until Saturday when we went to the hairdressers in the car and I walked the little way from the car park. It really knocked my confidence to get out but I have walked just a little way each day since. I won't overdo it again. 

That's it from me for this time. Going to get my stitching out later  and maybe also get in some knitting if I can.

Thank you for all your lovely comments. I'm only sorry that I'm not leaving many myself at the moment but I will get there!

With much love.



The Crafty Pixie said...

Amazing work! Your stitching is fabulous! I hope you will feel much better soon! ^_^

Chris said...

Hey Sally,
I am glad to hear that you are making progress. Please don't over do. That scared going to pass out feeling is scary!!
You have done some beautiful stitching. I love Scarlet.
What wonderful treats you have received in the mail.
Keep getting better :)

natalyK said...

Lots of stitching and wonderful knitting!! I hope you are feeling better soon.

Margaret said...

I hope the doctor can give you some reassurance that your surgery did the job and you are good to go now. Take it slowly on the recovery -- hopefully you'll be feeling better and better. Love seeing all the stitching finishes! Nice presents from friends too. And nice knitting too!

Michele said...

lots of lovely stitching! :)

Shirlee said...

Loving all your finishes & WIPs & gifts : )

Mary Ann said...

Sally, I hope you are feeling better and back to normal very soon! Your finishes and stitching and knitting look wonderful!!

Vickie said...

I'm praying for you Sally. Take it easy and slow. Hope your talk with the doctor is helpful. You sure are getting projects done, good for you! :)

Rachael G said...

I do hope you feel better soon!

dulcinella said...

First: better safe than sorry. If you're worried, you better talk with the doctor. Maybe it's nothing, maybe it's something that can easily be cured or taken care of. After surgery especially one has to be a bit careful.
Your stitching is again so lovely. I love the Chessie and Me piece most. Don't worry about healing too slowly or not answering to blogs, enjoy your extra stitching time and the wonderful gifts from your friends:-)

doris said...

Behave yourself and just enjoy the time to stitch. Your projects are wonderful.

Petitesxxx et Cie said...

Amazing! what a busy girl you are... Hope you will feel better asap.
Take care my Dear and keep stitching or knitting.

Cath said...

Lovely finishes and starts, and progress ,lol.
Enjoy the free time while you can , I hope you will soon be back on your feet.
Good luck with the doctors , I'm sure everything will be fine. It takes time to heal .
Take care .

milly said...

Hello Sally

pleased to hear that you are making some progress and I hope your phone appt goes well tomorrow.

Your stitching is beautiful!
Your knitting is very pretty too.

Lovely gifts from friends!

Maggie said...

I've no idea what surgery you have had done, but i hope you feel better soon.

Lovely stitching and thoughtful gifts too! And what better way to recover than to have some knitting on the go, much easier to pick up and put down than stitching.

Take care x

Julie said...

The shawlette looks beautiful, such a pretty colour you have chosen. Hope the dr can reassure you tomorrow and you can get back to full strength soon.

lesli said...

Oh my...you have been a busy bee!
Beautiful work, Sally!
I hope you're taking it easy, it sounds like you had a horrible scare. So glad you're ok. :)

Devon said...

You have been a busy bee also,,love your work,,hope you feel better soon..

mdgtjulie said...

Be careful, Sally, for heaven's sakes. We don't want to lose you cause you conked out in the PO and hit your head!!! I'm glad you didn't let it get you too far setback, and even more glad that you're being more careful on your jaunts. Hopefully, you'll feel even better soon. Hope the phone visit (consult) goes well, and you get the reassurance you need. Lovely gifties you've got there, too. Awesome!!

Veronica said...

Happy to hear that you're getting better but do take it easy, Sally. Hope the doctor will be able to give you the reassurance you need.

Lovely stitching and knitting. I can't knit to save my life and always admire those who do :)


Juls said...

All lovely!!!!!

Lesleyanne said...

Please take care of yourself Sally. A slow recovery is best. Your stitching is gorgeous. Lovely gifts received. I hope the Doctor is able to put your mind at rest when you talk.

Christine said...

Lovely stitching and knitting Sally.
Those Graze boxes are wonderful, I have one every week for my lunches for work.
Take it easy and don't over do it

Michelle said...

Lots of stitching and wonderful knitting Sally - I am glad you are feeling better but take care of you xx

Kay said...

You have been a busy bunny. Hope you are feleing better soon. I do love the ornament you received.

Carol said...

I'm glad you have such "quiet" hobbies like stitching and knitting, Sally--at least you are still able to do them (so beautifully, I might add!) while you are recovering...

Take good care of yourself now!

Mouse said...

oooo you have got a lot done :) love your finish and your sals .... will be posting my update later today all being well ....
hope you are feeling a wee bit better every day and remember Rome wasn't built in a day .lol
love all your goodies and that graze box is brill :)
love mouse xxxx

Dani - tkdchick said...

Sally you just take care of yourself!!!!!

Congrats on your finish, and you've got a good variety of projects on the go!

Lois said...

Hope you'd a good phone chat with the dr Sally and were able to get some reassurance. Lovely stitching, as always and also the knitting! Look after yourself.

Catherine said...

Oh Sally, I do hope that you are feeling better.
Your stitches are lovely and you have received some wonderful goodies!!

Barb said...

Well you cannot keep a good woman down eh Sally. Hope the dr put your mind at rest . will catch up as soon as I am able. Hugs

Mylene said...

Such beautiful stitching, Sally!
Do hope you are feeling much better by now!

Brigitte said...

I've just read your last posts and seen all your lovely stitching and knitting. It's good to know that you can stitch and knit and that it keeps you busy as much as you want.
I hope your appointment at the doctor's was a successful one and he could reassure you that everything goes the way it is supposed to go. I hope you feel better and better each day.

Anne said...

Aw Sally I'm hoping you are feeling better soon! I'm sure those snacks helped a bit :D Those are lovely gifts the girls sent you and your WIP's are coming along wonderfully!



Heather said...

Oh Sally please forgive me, I never saw this post.

Wonderful stitching & knitting goodies you received. I'm so glad you liked the graze box, I just wanted you to have something a little different and if you needed a snack they were there to hand :)