Sunday, 21 May 2017

A Holiday, Good News and Stitching. ( Picture Heavy)

Oh dear it has been a while since I last blogged. I had intended to do it a few weeks ago but.............well it didn't happen!

I have been doing some stitching. Not quite so much in recent weeks due to a holiday ( more about that later) and just not really wanting to. I haven't hit a slump. I just haven't been wanting to stitch as much.

That is mostly because mistakes have been made and the type of fabric I'm using!

You may remember I had started Silver Creek Samplers Through the Storms. Well I had almost got all the verse stitched when I looked at the thread key and realised I had been stitching in the wrong colour! Arghhhhh! I could have left it but I wasn't sure I'd have enough thread to finish the verse and stitch what should be stitched in that colour so it all came out. Every last stitch :( I then got started in what I thought was the correct thread only to discover that it was the wrong shade of blue! Needless to say I haven't taken it out again as I think, if I did, I'd end up scrapping it and never stitching it! So here is where I'm at now. Please excuse my awful photos. I really should have taken them somewhere else.

I had a new start of Lizzie*Kate Promise Me. I'm stitching this for Abi. I did a little bit of this while we were on holiday. I have now run out of one of the colours and, as my local shop has closed, it's no longer a case of just nipping in there for more. So I'll stitch on other bits until I can do an order. I am really enjoying this one.

I am not doing so well on The Magic with it being over 1 on 32 count. I did consider scrapping it and restarting it over 2 as I don't think I'm going to finish it as it's supposed to be but I've got quite a bit done. 

I almost forgot that I haven't shown my finish. I looked back at my last post and saw it was only a WIP then. So...........

Lizzie*Kate Good Things

Unknown fabric


Started 13th April 2017

Finished 24th April 2017

My sheep SAL with Barb is almost finished so I'll be finding another sheep inspired chart from my stash to stitch. This one has been such a lovely one to do. Just the house to fill in and a bit of border.

Finally my Father Christmas! I have, at last, finished page 6 and made a small start on page 7. I can almost taste that finish!

That's all my stitchy news for now. I forgot to take a photo of My Lady at Christmas but it is coming along nicely.

I don't remember if I have mentioned it on here but my youngest DD has been learning to drive since October last year. She did her theory test earlier in the year and on Friday she took her driving test and passed :). She was so happy and on such a high she looked like she was fit to burst! So yesterday she wanted to go looking at cars. She said it a bit overwhelming especially when we came across a bit of a pushy salesman at the final place we looked. We'll be taking her again to look and hopefully she'll find something within her budget that she likes.

As I said earlier we have been on holiday. We only plan on going once this year rather than twice like we did last year. I already want to go back which isn't good!! We went up to the Galloway area of South West Scotland again and stayed in a lovely little cottage just on the edge of the Galloway Forest Park so it was quiet and peaceful. We had red squirrels coming into the garden and lots of birds. We visited places we hadn't gone to before, some we had seen before, and the scenery was just amazing. I'll pop up some photos so this might be picture heavy if I get a bit carried away!!!

So until next time.

With much love.

Sally xxx