Monday, 31 December 2007

Last Post of 2007!

With last Monday being Christmas Eve and today being New Year's Eve I didn't stitch and won't be stitching on Just Nan Queen of the Needle so last night I decided to do a bit on it. I am pleased with how it's looking and I love the effect of the roses. They didn't take me too long to do and I managed to finish that band and make a start on the next so here is my progress:) Do you think my piccies are better? LOL! That's because I borrowed Abi's digital camera that her Grandad M bought her for Christmas! I even managed to take a decent close-up of one of the roses:)

I won't be stitching tonight as the four of us have decided to play on Mario Party for a while then watch Take That bringing the New Year in:)

Tomorrow Karen and I are starting our SAL on Ink Circles Sea Stars:) I'm really looking forward to this as I've never stitched an Ink Circles before so it'll be very new to me. Can't wait to see what Karen does with hers as we're both using different threads:)

While I had Abi's camera out today I took pictures of my new stash.

This is from Lisa:)

The cute little box and one of the threads is from Julie and the other thread is from Jayne ( there was a Cadbury's Magical Elf but I have eaten it!) :)

This is from Karen:)

And finally from DH:)

I have to say that I was overwhelmed that my stitchy friends had sent me presents as I truly did not expect anything so I feel bad that their pressies were either chocolate or candles as I did not have chance to buy anything stitchy for them.

So it's the last day of 2007 and 2008 will soon be upon us. I want to thank each and everyone of you for being with me through the last year and hope you will continue to visit me as I will all of you. You are all my inspiration and I feel blessed to have joined this wonderful community of bloggers. Thank you for the encouragement you give and for all your kind words. Have a wonderful New Year and I will see you in 2008:) {{{{hugs}}}}

Saturday, 29 December 2007


Sloane the Snowman!! I finished up this little chappie on Christmas Eve but I haven't been on the PC since to show him. This is the design by The Trilogy that I mentioned in a previous post. He was stitched on 32 count linen using GAST. I'm not sure how I'll finish him off yet but I will have a think and decide:) As I said before this chart was an RAK from Missy on the SMO MB so I'd love to pass this on to one of my regular blog commenters so if you would like the chart just leave a comment saying so and I'll pick a winner late next week.

Anyway I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We've had a brilliant time just chatting and playing. We were lucky enough to get a Nintendo Wii for the girls from my Dad ( just in the right place at the right time when Gamestation had stocks) so we've spent quite a lot of time on playing bowling, golf etc.and generally having a laugh. The girls were really pleased with their presents as were DH and I. I received a Nintendo DS Lite ( I think we're keeping Nintendo going this year!) along with the Brain Training game and I won't embarrass myself by telling you all what my brain age is at the moment! I also received clothes, body spray, shower gel, boots, a book, several CDs ( Mika, Nickleback, Westlife and 2 by Take That), a DVD, slippers, and a bag.

I did get some lovely stash. DH bought me AMAP Victoria's Quaker and Blackbird Designs With Needle and Thread book, and I also received some fabby and threads from Karen, Drawn Thread Spot of Winter from Lisa, thread and a lovely little box from Julie and thread from Jayne ( along with a Cadbury Magical Elf!). I haven't done a deal of stitching though over the past few days. Chatelaine Christmas Mystery IV came out and I did a little bit of that but I'm not sure I have the enthusiasm to finish it. Last night I prepared my fabby for the RR that Lisa, Chris, Tracy, Jane and I are doing and I might even start that tonight. Will see how I feel as I'm full of cold and not feeling too brilliant. I thought I'd missed out on it as DH has had his about four weeks now.

Time to review my goals for 2007 and see how I've done. I must admit that I'm quite pleased as I've just about completed everything I wanted to stitch barring Winter Sampler from Cross Stitcher ( not started), Indigo Rose Bee Charmer ( not started), Chatelaine Christmas Mystery IV ( started but not finished) and Midsummer Nights Designs Sweet World ( not started). So not too bad really! I haven't even looked at my stash to see what I'd like to stitch in 2008 but I may well just leave it open and decide as I go along! Anyway here is my up-to-date WIP piccie of the Christmas Mystery. As I have said before this has put me off ever doing another of the Chatelaine mysteries without seeing a lot of it first! Once bitten, twice shy as they say!

I am now doing the 20 project challenge and am keeping my finger's crossed that I can do well with it. I was going to wait until 1st January but I won't be buying anything else now so I may as well make a start:) I fancy a new start tonight but I think I should just concentrate on what I have on the go for now! I'll have a new start on 1st January as that is when Karen and I start our SAL on Ink Circles Sea Stars which I'm looking forward to. I need to sort my fabby but my threads are wound onto bobbins ready to go!

That's it for me! If I don't get chance to blog before I'd like to wish everyone a Happy, healthy, prosperous, stash- filled 2008:). I promise to catch up on blogs over the next couple of days. Google Reader tells me I have 127 posts to catch up on! LOL!

Monday, 24 December 2007

Happy Christmas!

Wishing all of you and your families a Happy, peaceful Christmas and a Happy, Heathly, stash- filled 2008!

Thank you to everyone who reads and comments on my blog. Without you all there would be no point to this little place on the web. {{{{{HUGS}}}}}

Saturday, 22 December 2007

My Christmas Biscornu:)

Yesterday I was able to finish off my Just Nan Christmas Biscornu and I am delighted with the finished thing. It is so beautiful and so sparkly although the pictures do not do it justice at all. It's so dull I am struggling to get decent photos. It's too dark without the flash yet the flash bleaches it out. Anyway thanks to photo editing software these are not too bad! I am definitely not going to be putting this one away with the Christmas decorations:)

Now that is finished I have made a small start on The Trilogy Sloane the Snowman. Nothing to show yet but there might be before Christmas! It uses WDW and GAST but I tried to match the colours to GAST as I don't have WDW. I decided ages ago that I couldn't collect both and prefer the GAST!

Postie was good to me today and I finally have my Christmas ornament from Simone's exchange just in time for Christmas! I honestly thought I had been forgotten in this exchange so it's nice to have this at last. This is from Tina B and it is lovely.
Well the shopping is done, the pressies are wrapped and now all that I need to do is make a Yule Log and prepare the food for Christmas Day. I have had a weep this morning for my Mum as I still miss her so much even after 22 years.

Whilst we were grocery shopping this morning ( seems like everybody had the same idea of going early and it was bedlam) DH asked me if a lady stood across the aisle was Alison who was my best friend at secondary school. I said no it isn't but she had her head down a little reading her shopping list. When she looked up I realised it was so went over to her. It took her a while to realise it was me but when she did she flung her arms round me! It was lovely to see her as we've not seem each other properly since my Abi was a baby and now we're hoping to get together in the New Year!

That is all for today. I may not get to blog again until after Christmas so, just incase, Merry Christmas to all my lovely blog readers, and a Happy, healthy, prosperous, stash- filled New Year:) {{{{hugs}}}} to you all.

Thursday, 20 December 2007

UFO Night

Tuesday evening was UFO night on Stitch and Stash as usual so out came Heaven and Earth Designs Winter ( artwork by Sara Butcher) and I finished the 10 rows I was working on last Tuesday and started the next 10. I truly cannot believe the progress I have made just on a Tuesday evening for these past few weeks so I may well be carrying on taking part in 2008 BUT I will have to cheat as I have something else on on a Tuesday starting 1st January ( waving at ya Karen!) so it may be UFO Wednesday for me instead! Lol! I decided to take a photo of the whole piece so far this week. Image should be clickable but I know sometimes in Blogger it doesn't work.

I have spent two afternoons secret stitching and it is done! I just need to make it up but, of course, it has to remain a secret for a bit longer yet! Last night I made a start on the snowflake side of the Just Nan Christmas Biscornu and managed to get lots done, so much so that I may get all the stitching finished tonight then I'll add the beads tomorrow in what day light we have here!

I have a real urge to do some snowman stitching! It's all
June's fault ( hi June!!!) as she's been doing a lot recently so I've kitted up The Trilogy's Sloane the Snowman to start next. I was RAK'd this chart with the buttons a few years ago by Missy from the SMO board and had not got around to stitching it so decided the time was right. He might get finished for Christmas but he might not but either way I'm going to enjoy stitching him!

I have been doing a wee bit of stashing recently before my self imposed trip on the chart stash wagon. I used my birthday discount to buy two Bent Creek charts, Christmas Eve and Christmas Carols, with the idea of stitching them up for myself and my DH for next Christmas ( they're stockings). I saw them om somebody's blog and loved the idea ( guess which one mine will be!). I also placed a small order with Down Sunshine Lane and bought Homespun Elegance All is Calm along with the latest issue of Sampler and Antique Needlework for the last part of the keepsake book. I did a small order with Thread Bear ( which has just arrived) as I needed some sewing maching oil. I did not realise that I needed to oil my new sewing machine before I used it so am still waiting to try it out! I thought I had seen it on Thread Bear and sure enough it was there so I also ordered Brightneedle Pretty in Pink which I have been wanting a while:) Yes naughty I know but it is Christmas and I need lots to keep me going next year! Oh and I also bought a Prairie Schooler leaflet as I've seen so many lovely PS ornament finishes so I got A Christmas Visit and will stitch these ornaments up over the course of next year ( I hope). Wow now I've written it all down I feel quite ashamed of myself!

Anyway I am seriously thinking of joining
Teejay in her 20 project challenge. That should get my stash down quite a bit but not sure how long it'll take me to do. I know it depends on how big each project is but I usually do smaller stuff in between my HAEDs. If I do it I'm not going to list what I'm going stitch as I could change my mind but I will have a 2008 goals list:) Just need the enthusiasm to look and see what I fancy stitching next year.

Jess came home on Wednesday and announced that they were finishing at lunchtime on Friday as opposed to 3.30. Nothing like leaving it until nearly the last minute to decide is there? I thought it must just be 6th Form but then Abi came in and said they were finishing at 1pm! I bet there'll be a few working mums who won't be too pleased about it being so last minute.

Thank you for all your hugs and messages after my last post. I'm feeling a little brighter but that's about it. I am struggling with my back and just know it's going to go before long so I'm trying to be very careful how I move etc and I've even bought some heat pads in anticipation! There are other things getting me down too which I won't mention here. I try so hard to let things go over my head but sometimes it's just not that easy.

Anyway, before I forget I have a couple of Winnie the Pooh charts here that Sew and So included in my last order. They are both exactly the same and look as though they have come off a calender. If you like stitching Pooh and friend It's Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore and Pigelt with butterflies) just email me ( email is in my profile) and I'll send to the first two people, but it will after Christmas now:)

I am going to leave you with this email I received. I don't think it happens too much here in the UK but one day it will.

MERRY CHRISTMAS....On the way home last night, I was listening to the radio when a newscaster called his little 91 year old granny to talk to her about the 'Holidays'. He mentioned that he had noticed that Christmas has become so 'politicallycorrect' that no mention of Christmas is made by most retailers, we now wish people 'Happy Holidays.'His granny said she missed the Old Fashioned Christmas when everyone wished each other 'Merry Christmas'. I thought about it and this year I will be making a conscious effort to wish everyone Merry way of saying that I am celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Just a Quick One Today

Just a quick post today as I'm not very happy with myself. If I am honest I haven't been for a few days so it's best I just show what I have to show and go away!

Last week I stitched on HAED quick stitch Girly Gothic after the SAL with Helen and UFO night on S&S. I am very pleased with the progress I made and at last I have an ear and an eye!! It has really given me a boost on this getting to where I have so when she comes out again ( in the New Year!) I shall be raring to go on her:) Stitched on 25 count Stormy Skies using DMC and Madeira Glissen Gloss. Unfortunately the sparklies don't show up too well.

Last night was Just Nan Queen of the Needle SAL night with Helen. It went well for me last night; how about you Helen? That rose was rather fiddly but the effect is just gorgeous!

Tonight is UFO night on S&S so HAED Winter will becoming out then for the rest of the week it'll be Just Nan Christmas Biscornu and some secret stitching:) I like secret stitching! Lol!

I am still waiting for my Christmas ornament to arrive from Simone's exchange. I know there's still a week to go before Christmas but you know when you just get that feeling that you're going to be one of the ones who doesn't receive theirs in time or get one at all! This has been the first exchange I've taken part in for a long time and I am going to be so disappointed if it doesn't work out right. We shall see and I'll keep you posted.

How is everybody's Christmas preparations going? I've got all presents wrapped, non-perishable groceries are bought so all I have to do now is get fresh stuff at the weekend. We have to go through to Beverley on Saturday to pick Abi's new glasses up so we may get the fresh stuff from Morrison's then.

Hope everyone is having a good week. I'm going to be very lazy this afternoon and watch a few episodes of the CSI Miami DVD Jess bought me and stitch! To hell with housework today!

{{{{hugs}}}} to everyone!

Friday, 14 December 2007

Thank You Michele!

Some of you may remember that a few weeks ago I won Michele's blogoversary contest. Well yesterday I had a package to pick up from the PO and look what was inside:) The gorgeous Shepherd's Bush Believe ornament/ wall hanging, some lovely NN thread, some cording, some chocolate and it was all packed in the snowman tin:) Wow, Michele certainly spoiled with this prize. I am not going to want to put Believe away when the Christmas decorations get put away so this may well stay out all year:) Thank you so much Michele, I love it all! Here is a better picture of Believe.

Thank you all for your birthday wishes and thank you to those of you who sent cards too:) I had a lovely day, although I did feel a bit down towards the middle of the day but I was soon lifted up again by my lovely DH and my two lovely DDs. I had gone and bought myself a cake as I didn't think anyone would bother to get me one then Jess came in from school and had bought me one! The funniest thing was she had bought the same one as I had!! So I now have two cakes:) My DH came in with these gorgeous flowers for me

Abi made chicken curry with rice for tea ( which was delicious) then she disppeared back into the kitchen with instructions for me to stay put in the dining room. A while after she shouted to Jess to turn the light off and in she walked with my cake with 10 lit candles on it. They then sang Happy Birthday to me by which time I was in tears:) They really spoilt me and I am just so proud to have two wonderful daughters who make me feel so special and so loved:)

I have been busy stitching on HAED QS Girly Gothic since Wednesday evening. I want to get lots done but it's not really happening! I want to start QS Holly Fairy which I was gifted with for my birthday but I really can't until I finish GG and I haven't even finished the first page of 4 yet! Lol! It'll happen one day I hope; God willing:)

Thank you all for reading my blog and for all your lovely comments. I have been so blessed at "meeting" you all in blogland and I love you visiting and love visit your blogs too {{{{hugs}}}}

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Yes it's time of year again:) Today I am 44. I don't want to be 44! I don't feel as though I should be 44! LOL! BUT I am and I am having a lovely day although I am a little lonely sat here on my own with my little budgie Billy for company!!! Anyway just for the awww factor or to give you a giggle here I am with my Mum when I was christened all those years ago. I miss her. Aren't I a cutie?!!!

I have been totally spoilt today and received many lovely cards and some gorgeous presents:)From my DH I got the latest Westlife CD and some body spray, from Jess a CSI Miami DVD, from Abi a gorgeous pink necklace, from my cousin and her husband a stationary set and cute little teddy, from family friends some Avon body lotion, body scrub, bag, and manicure set, from my Dad a Brother sewing machine and from DH's auntie some socks and money. I also had money from my FIL and from my BIL and his wife. Abi bought me a helium balloon that says on it So Many Candles, So Little Cake!

Yesterday I had an early birthday present from Jeannie- Maree ( Fudgey) from the Heaven and Earth Designs Yuku forum of this gorgeous chart. Isn't she sweet? This was released not long ago and went straight onto my wish list on HAED and now I have her I am delighted. She is going to be my next new HAED start when ( yes I did say when) I finish QS Girly Gothic! Thank you so much Jeannie- Maree {{{{hugs}}}}

Now I have a couple of piccies to share and I think some people have been in cahoots here! LOL! The needlebook is from Karen, the fob is from Lisa and the tin is from Julie See what I mean about being in cahoots?! Girls I love it all and I am so blessed to have friends like you who have taken the time to make these beautiful gifts:) Big hugs to all of you and I wish you were here to share some cake with me. Here is another photo to show the inside of the tin as there is a teeny needleminder, a Dragon Floss thread and a pin.They are all going to be put to good use:) I took the needlecase and tin to show my Dad this morning and will take the fob to show him tomorrow as that hadn't arrived when I went out. He loves seeing stitched stuff.

Onto my bits of stitching now:) First up is Just Nan Queen of the Needle, the SAL I'm doing with Helen on a Monday evening. Helen is a bit ahead of me now as I'm onto the white perle bit and it's a bit hard going. Still loving stitching it though and can't wait to get onto the next band. I just love everything about this piece and those who know me quite well will know how much I love Just Nan designs:)

Last night was UFO night on Stitch and Stash and the fear of Julie and Mr Stick gets everybody motivated to stitch and I made a bit of progress on HAED Winter. I am actually really enjoying this piece a lot now I'm getting a bit done very week and it's keeping me well motivated so thanks Mr Stick ( and Julie!).

While I remember Chris and I are going back on the chart wagon starting January 2008 and Paula is joining us. We are going to keep each other motivated to carry on for as long as we can so would anybody like to join us? It would be brilliant if there were a few of us to help each other out. I think Karen and Julie are also going on the wagon! Of course we will have exceptions such as fabric and threads if we need them and I am seriously thinking about getting the new Lizzie*Kate flip-it's for 2008 but I'd put them on auto somewhere! Still making my mind up about that yet!

That's it from me today. Abi is going to make chicken curry for tea tonight so I don't have to cook so I'm looking forward to that. She made one at school last week adn it was delicious! I hope you are all having a wonderful week and thank you to all those who visit and leave comments. {{{{hugs}}}}

Monday, 10 December 2007

Some Finishes:)

Apologies for my lack of blogging over the past week. I just haven't anything to show or blog about really but now I have! Lol!

It's my friend Sheila's birthday coming up soon so I decided to stitch a little something for her. I wanted somethign quick and easy to make up so chose the Papillon Creations freebie Tiny Little Quaker and stitched it up using GAST Purple Iris and made it into an ornament. I do hope she will like it but time will tell:) I don't seem to be able to get my cording stitched on neatly somehow but never mind:)

I have also completed my second bourse but on this one I did it a little differently and stitched a Mill Hill heart treasure on each fold over bit. I am quite pleased with the way it turned out but it is not square as it should be as I stitched it on Belgian linen. Anyway it's now wrapped up with a pair of earrings inside:) I really love stitching these and now I've learnt how I shall do more using different charts.

Once I'd finished these two I decided to have a new start and started Just Nan Christmas Biscornu and I have loved stitching it:) The first side is finished but I had a bit of job with the beads in bad light last night as I had bother telling the difference between the gold and silver and had to take a few off and re-do them today! I think this is a beautiful design and I can't wait to get the second side done and make it up ready for Christmas. Having said that I won't be putting it away with the Christmas decorations as it's too nice to put away!

That's all the stitching I have to show for now:) Tonight is Just Nan Queen of the Needle SAL night with Helen and tomorrow night is UFO night on Stitch and Stash so HAED Winter will be coming out. After that it'll be HAED quick stitch Girly Gothic for the rest of the week. I really should get Chatelaine Christmas Mystery IV finished but I can't get motivated to get it out. It might happen, it might not!

I wrapped a few Christmas presents this morning but my back and neck ached that much I didn't get them all done! There's always another day:)

Right I shall go and catch up on some blogs for a bit before the girls get in from school. Hope you all have a good week:) Stay warm if it's cold where you are. It certainly is here!

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Done and Dusted:)

Christmas shopping is done and dusted barring a gift certificate and some bits and pieces that we've ordered online! Phew! I just have the second bourse to finish stitching and make up then I might just get some Christmas stitching in for me as I'd love to try and get the JN Christmas biscornu done and Lynne Nicoletti's Christmas Robin but I can't see it somehow. When I plan to stitch in an afternoon I find something else I have to do and end up not stitching! Lol!

I have a few things to show you in this blog entry:) First off Andrea from The Craft Room emailed me to say that she'd like to send me one of her stitched Christmas gifts. She had wanted it to be a surprise but did not have my address. Now Andrea's stitching is beautiful as is her finishing. Look what I received from her yesterday. This picture really does not do it justice I'm afraid. It is absolutely beautiful and is backed with the prettiest rose fabric. It is so me! Thank you so much Andrea. You truly made my day with this gorgeous gift {{{{hugs}}}}.

While I remember I really must show Chatelaine Christmas Mystery IV part 11! I have started part 12 but have only stitched so much of one angel's wings. Yes we have two angel heads to stitch this time with over one faces! HELP! It's a long time since I stitched over one on 32 count fabby so it may prove interesting! I'm not sure when I'll get it finish but I think it's certain that it won't be on display this Christmas. I don't see how I can get it finished and made up for Christmas!

Still unsure about this but I think the angels might make a difference to the piece.

I sent Karen's PIF gift out to her last Friday and she received it yesterday so I can now show it:) This is the Assissi Pincushion from the June issue of The Gift Stitching. I know that Karen likes pink so I stitched it with DMC 68 I think it was. I hope you like it Karen:)

My last piccie today is of the ornament I stitched for some family friends. I chose Charlotte's Web Needlework For My Friends from the 2006 JCS ornament issue. The couple it is for have been friends of DH's family for many many years. Margaret was his Mum's best friend and it hit her very hard when she died. We have kept up giving them a small present at Christmas for all his Dad does not bother with them and their family much anymore and I thought this little ornament was quite apt.

The ornament I stitched and sent to Kerri in Simone's ornament exchange has reached it's destination safely and I'm happy to report that she loved it:) If you'd like to see a better piccie of it as well as the back of it head on over to Xmas Ornament Exchange 2007 where I have posted it:) Still excitedly waiting to see what the ornament I have been sent is like and who has made it for me:)

Oooh I almost forgot ( bad girl!). Last night was JN Queen of the Needle SAL night with Helen. I didn't get much done as I was messing about on the PC trying to sort some stuff out BUT I am pleased with it so far. I love the colours in this and am so pleased I chose the fabby I did for it. Nancy the fabby I'm using is Polstitches Dragon Shades Dusky Rose. Anyway here is my progress before I forget to upload the photo!

A few of you asked what I was going to order from Needlecraft Corner using my birthday discount. Well the answer now is nothing:( I was going to get Just Nan Christmas Wallet chart with embellishments, fabric and Pamela's Finishing Touches finishing kit BUT Drema no longer stocks older JN charts so doesn't have it nor does she have the finishing kit. As you can imagine I was very disappointed but I have ordered the chart and embellishments from Sew and So with some threads I needed ( then I forgot I needed more perle for QOTN and white DMC!) so at least I will have those. I have no idea where to get the Graziano fabby from so will more than likely end up stitching it on plain fabby but I'm not that bothered really.

I hope everyone is having a good week and not getting too strssed doing Christmas shopping etc. I'm feeling much more in the Christmas spirit now especially now we have all the decorations up:)

Thursday, 29 November 2007

Just a Little Stitching

I only have a little bit of stitching to show this week as we've been so busy Christmas shopping plus last night was the GCSE Celebration Evening at Jessica's school and all I wanted to do when we got home was sit, relax and watch Heroes:) The celebration evening was really nice and all the students who had said they would be there were presented with their GCSE certificates:) Of course Jess had to wait until the last batch of names were called out so she was yawning and getting rather bored:)

Anyway Monday night was SAL night with Helen so out came Just Nan Queen of the Needle. I didn't get a great deal done but was fairly happy with it anyway. I love the colours so far as they are so pretty. I'll eventually get around to seeing how Helen did this week when I catch up on blogs!

Tuesday evening is UFO night on Stitch and Stash so out came HAED Winter. Again I didn't get as much done as I would have liked as we'd been to Meadowhall in Sheffield and I was tired! Anyway I did manage to finish the 10 rows I'd been working on last week and make a start on the next 10 so progress was made; albeit a little:) I should be stitching on this all week this week but I think I'll carry on with the second bourse tonight so that I can get it finished, made up and wrapped.

I did manage to make up the ornament I have stitched for some family friends and I even managed the beaded finish but not without a fair bit of cursing and crossed eyes! Lol! I have no picture to share as yet as it's been way too dull when we've got back home from shopping to take a decent picture so that'll be something to show another day.
I keep forgetting to show you part 11 of Chatelaine Christmas Mystery IV! I have photos on the camera but forgot all about them. Somebody please remind me for the next time I blog! Part 12 came out this week but I don't know when I'll get around to stitching it!

Tuesday I received my birthday discount letter from Needlecraft Corner but I didn't think I was going to take advantage of it this year as I have had a few new charts since coming off the chart wagon but I have changed my mind! I shall be placing an order in December but I'm not saying what although I will say it is not on my wish list!
Jess' biology group have gone to Salford University today. She left the house at 7am and won't be back at school until 7.30pm so I think she might just be tired when she gets in! She texted me a while ago to say she'd had a good day.

Christmas shopping has gone quite well and we have done what we are doing in brick and mortar shops; the rest is getting done online. It has been a bit of a nightmare as my Dad and DH's Dad give us money to get the girls what they would like and for us to get what we would like. Well this year it has been easy for DH to spend the money my Dad gave for me and we have pooled the money his Dad gave us to get something. I have struggled a bit to get DH something from my Dad but I think by the time I'm done it should be OK! Of course as the girls get older they don't know what they want so it's more difficult and they would rather have presents than money so we have struggled a little but think we have got there! Then there's getting presents for DH's brother and his family, my sister and partner plus both our Dad's. This year we asked his brother and family as they just buy their kids what they want when they want it so chances are they will already have what you've bought them. Anyway I am now less bah humbug than I was at last Saturday and actually starting to look forward to Christmas!

Well I am going to catch up on a few blogs for a bit. I hope everyone is having a good week. Tomorrow evening we're going to our town's Christmas lights switch on:)

Saturday, 24 November 2007

A Couple of Better Pictures

Just thought I'd post a couple of better pictures of my bourse as the one with the digital camera wasn't very good. Here's the inside.
And here's the outside:)
I finished up part 11 of Chatelaine Christmas Mystery IV yesterday but haven't taken a picture of it yet so that'll be a blog entry for next week when I have time. DH and I are Christmas shopping next week and I think I'm turning into Scrooge as I'm really not looking forward to it. If it was a just case of going and doing our own I think I'd be fine but I'm getting towards the end of my tether with it all and we haven't even started yet!

I received my fabric from Drema at Needlecraft Corner today for the Quaker RR I'm taking part in starting January. I decided upon the fabric used in the model and it's gorgeous! I've never seen a piece of Lakeside Linens before and I love it! It's 36 count Maple Sugar.

I've finished the ornament I was stitching for some family friends for Christmas so will get that made up when I'm done on here. I'm going to try a beaded finish so wish me luck! I've never done it before so you could hear me shouting and screaming all over the world!

Right that's it for today. Just a short post I'm afraid. My blog has been very quiet since my last post. Are you all busy stitching and celebrating Thanksgiving? I hope all of you who celebrate had a wonderful time:) Just a normal day for us here I'm afraid:( {{{{hugs}}}}

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

JN SAL and UFO Night

Monday was the start of the Just Nan Queen of the Needle SAL with Helen. I've been looking forward to this SAL ever since we decided to do it so I was eager to make a start:) I'm stitching it on Polstitches Dusky Rose and so far it looks lovely! Not got a lot done but for one evening I'm really pleased. I can hardly wait until next Monday to get more stitched! Helen how did you do?

Last night Mr Stick threatened as always on a Tuesday ( UFO night!) so out came HAED Winter. I was determined to make good progress last night so managed to get sat down quite early after tea and stitched for about 3 1/2 hours on it. I think Mr Stick will be happy so there'll be no bashing for me this week! It's been good these past three weeks getting a bit stitched on this. Next week there might be a bit more progress as I should stitch it on it all week, barring Monday as that's SAL night, so we'll see how I do! No stitching Wednesday evening next week as it's GCSE celebration evening at Jess' school and there's no way we're missing that:)

I received my SANQ magazines yesterday from SB&B. They are lovely mags and have some gorgeous things in them. The keepsake book is beautiful so I will definitely be stitching that sometime in the New Year just not sure when! I really need to slow down and think about what I'm doing for a while instead of going feet first and saying yes I'll stitch this such and such a time! My DH says I take too much on and at the moment I have to agree with him as there's so much I want to get done before Christmas. The main things are getting the ornament for our family friends finished and made up and the other bourse stitched and made up. After that I can do what I want as regards Christmas stitching. If it doesn't get done for this Christmas it'll get done for next! Lol! Anyway back to SANQ. The final part of the keepsake book is in the latest issue then it looks as though that's it but I think I'll check with the publishers by email.

I'm trying to get caught up on Chatelaine Christmas Mystery IV before the final part comes out on Sunday. I have to admit that I have not looked forward to any of the parts since about part 4 and if I have to stitch one more star on the final part I will scream! Anyway after I'd been to the surgery to see the nurse yesterday afternoon ( once every three year thing; not pleasant) I set about stitching and got one lot of longstitch stars done and hope to get the others done and dusted this afternoon if I can.

I couldn't believe it on Monday when I was blogwalking and discovered I'd won
Michele's blogoversary drawing! I am so excited as I never win anything so thank you Michele:)

Happy Thanksgiving to all my dear American readers. I hope you all have a peaceful, safe, wonderful time:) Hope everyone in the UK is staying dry. It's been an awful few days for rain; please come back frost! Have a great Wednesday everyone! {{{{HUgs}}}}

Monday, 19 November 2007

Lots to Show!

First of all I'd just like to pass on hugs and thanks from Abi for all the good wishes you left her for her birthday. For all she was at school she had a good day ( especially because she didn't have to go in uniform as they were having a non-uniform day for Children in Need!) and her close friends really spoilt her:) Here is a piccie of the birthday girl and a piccie of her cake:) She had a friend to sleepover on Saturday night which she enjoyed.

I've been doing a little bit of finishing these past few days but I can only show you two bits as one as them is Karen's PIF gift so I will post that when it reaches her but that won't be just yet! So, without further ado, here's my very first bourse! As you already know I stitched The Cat's Whiskers Heartstrings and was going to wait until I'd stitched it again before I tried my hand at a bourse. I decided at the weekend to have a go at the first one as I need it to be ready wrapped to go to DH's auntie early December. It's not a very clear picture but it gives you an idea of how the finished article looks. I'm really pleased with it for my first attempt and it was much easier to make up than I expected.

I also finished up the blogoversary giveaway prizes. I just hope the winner likes them:) As Winter is fast approaching I decided upon Trail Creek Farm's Winter freebie, stitched it twice and made a pinkeep and a fob. I added a little snowman to to the bottom of the fob. Unforunately it wasn't until I had the pinkeep all made up that I realised I'd missed some stitches so I must apologise to the winner about that. I guess it makes it unique! Anyway I guess I'd better tell you who the winner is! Thank you to those of who entered! The winner is( drumroll please!)................... Gill! Gill please email me your address and I'll get these in the post to you sometime this week:) ( My email is in my profile). Also in the piccie you can see my Gingher Sophia scissors. Chiloe asked to see my scissors so there they are. I love them!

My last picture for today is my progress on Heaven and Earth Designs quick stitch Girly Gothic which was in my rotation for the last week although I will admit to not stitching on her every evening! Even though I didn't I still feel as though I made really good progress almost completing 20 rows. There was quite a lot of confetti stitches in her hair so that held me up quite a lot but I am still pleased. I think I should get a good go on her next time as it's coming up to an area with quite a few big blocks of colour:)

I received my With My Needle Ackworth Friendship Book chart from Thread Bear on Friday ( I think!) and must say that I am very impressed with it. I don't think I've ever seen a chart so nicely put together and I just hope that when I make the book up I can do it the justice it deserves. I was going to use 32 count fabric but I really like the way the model looks in the photograph so have decided on 36 count Lakeside Linens in Sugar Maple. I finally found that Needlecraft Corner stocked it and actually had it in stock, plus there was 20% off it, so I ordered it from there. I have ordered from Drema many times before and she is always so helpful.

I had a bit of stash through the post today as well as Pirates of the Caribbean At World's End on DVD! I pre-ordered it ages ago from Play and got it at a very good price for a 2 DVD one. Anyway the stash was a Cat's Whiskers/ Dinky Dyes collaboration called Happy Holidays which can be seen here but you have to scroll down almost to the bottom. I am hoping that I can have at least one of these stitched to hang on our tree this year:)

I am getting a little worried about my Sampler and Antique Needlework Quarterly magazines as it's two weeks since they posted to me by global priority ( or whatever it's called now) and I'm still waiting. Oh well guess they will turn up sooner or later! Also just noticed that the latest issue has part 3 of the keepsake album in, which is what I wanted the other two for, so can anyone who gets this magazine tell me if there are anymore parts to it please? I don't want to order this issue then find that there are more parts to come. I'd rather wait until they're all done and buy them then.

Tonight, as far as I know, Helen and I are starting Just Nan Queen of the Needle. I'm really looking forward to starting this as it's a beautiful sampler.

Well I guess I'd better end here and go catch up on your blogs:) It's lovely to come and see what you are all up to. I've had so much inspiration from you all:) Have a wonderful week everyone!

Friday, 16 November 2007

Who's a Teenager?

Happy 13th Birthday Abigail!!!!!
Yes my baby is 13 today! I was going to take a photo of her this morning before she went to school but it was all a bit of a rush this morning so didn't get one taken. So this one is from the summer holidays of Abi, Jess and me. Abi is in the middle:) We are so proud of her and think she is growing up into a fine girl:) Yes she has her moments like any other child but she is so loving. I hope you have a wonderful day sweetheart, even if you are at school, and that all your hopes and dreams come true {{{{hugs}}}} and kisses.

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

UFO Tuesday

Last night was UFO night and Julie had Mr Stick out ready to bop anybody who didn't do their stuff so I though I'd better get my finger out and do a bit on HAED Winter! I didn't get that much done but did complete the 10 rows I maade a start on last week and did a bit on the next 10. So here it is! I hope Mr Stick is pleased!

I don't have any other stitching to show I'm afraid! I was so excited that I'd got my refund yesterday that I didn't get back to finishing up the giveaway for my blogoversary and I've been catching up on blogs this afternoon so I'm hoping to get that done Friday afternoon unless something else crops up!

On the ONS Yahoo group front it seems the owner had changed the settings until things calmed down but did not know why some people could post and others couldn't. Last night after I'd done my blog post I found that I could post again but others still couldn't!

I'm hoping my Ackworth Friendship Book chart arrives soon and my mags from SB&B. Tracy got her friendship book chart today so keeping my finger's crossed mine will be here tomorrow:)

Better go now as I've been on this PC all afternoon! Hope everyone is having a good week:)

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Happy Blogoversary!

To my blog! LOL! Sorry I haven't been here to celebrate today but I've been a little busy trying to finish up something to give away to celebrate! So if you'd like to receive something from me in commemoration of this wonderful event please leave a comment saying so. All readers welcome:)

Good news on the ONS refund front. This morning I decided enough was enough. I started my dispute with her a week ago through Pay Pal and hadn't heard a thing. Things were getting heated on the Yahoo group, I was finally able to post and added my two pence worth and nobody was getting anywhere so I decided to escalate my dispute to a claim. This afternoon I had my refund plus she has finally updated her website to stop taking orders. Downside is I appear to have been stopped from posting on the Yahoo group along with a few others.

More good news. Kate from
Thread Bear rang this afternoon to say she'd got mine and Tracy's With My Needle Ackworth Friendship Book charts so mine is now on it's way to me. I can highly recommend Thread Bear as if they don't have it in stock they will try and get it for you.

Hopefully I'll be back soon with some stitchy updates! Have a great week and don't forget to join in my contest if you'd like to:)

ETA I just gave Dawn a good giggle as the title of my post was Happy BOGoversary! Just gave the girls and a good giggle too when I realised!

Friday, 9 November 2007

Christmas is Coming!

Bah humbug!! Lol! I don't mean that really! Although I might do by the time we've done three lots of present shopping at the end of the month! Thought I'd post the ornament I stitched for the exchange. We don't know who we are receiving from so even if the person I'm sending to reads my blog ( which I don't think she does) she won't know it's for her! Lol! This is Patricia Ann Designs Christmas Poinsetta from last year's JCS ornament magazine. Instead of backing it with Christmas fabric I used the same fabric I had for the front and stitched our names and year over one on it. Hopefully this will be on it's way to it's new home next week:)

Last night I put the final stitches into my first Cat's Whiskers Heartstrings. One down, one to go! I did cheat a little ( well a lot really) and left off the backstitched vines. I just couldn't face doing them for some reason so decided not to attempt them at all. So once I get the second one stitched I'll make them both up into bourses for DH's aunties. I have found the perfect silk dupion for them on Ebay so think I will buy that to save looking for some in the shops.

I made a start on one of my PIFs last night! Yes I know I have 365 days but I'm quite eager to get started on them so number one is started and I have ideas for the other two too!

Last photo today is of my framed Papillon Creations Seredipity. It's not a good photo though as it really does not show the colours very well. Abi has claimed this piece and it's now hung in her bedroom! I don't mind, though, as it is perfect for her room:)

Well I shall go and catch up on your blogs now. Thank you for reading mine and welcome to new readers and commentors. You are all very welcome to drop by:) {{{{hugs}}}}