Wednesday, 21 November 2007

JN SAL and UFO Night

Monday was the start of the Just Nan Queen of the Needle SAL with Helen. I've been looking forward to this SAL ever since we decided to do it so I was eager to make a start:) I'm stitching it on Polstitches Dusky Rose and so far it looks lovely! Not got a lot done but for one evening I'm really pleased. I can hardly wait until next Monday to get more stitched! Helen how did you do?

Last night Mr Stick threatened as always on a Tuesday ( UFO night!) so out came HAED Winter. I was determined to make good progress last night so managed to get sat down quite early after tea and stitched for about 3 1/2 hours on it. I think Mr Stick will be happy so there'll be no bashing for me this week! It's been good these past three weeks getting a bit stitched on this. Next week there might be a bit more progress as I should stitch it on it all week, barring Monday as that's SAL night, so we'll see how I do! No stitching Wednesday evening next week as it's GCSE celebration evening at Jess' school and there's no way we're missing that:)

I received my SANQ magazines yesterday from SB&B. They are lovely mags and have some gorgeous things in them. The keepsake book is beautiful so I will definitely be stitching that sometime in the New Year just not sure when! I really need to slow down and think about what I'm doing for a while instead of going feet first and saying yes I'll stitch this such and such a time! My DH says I take too much on and at the moment I have to agree with him as there's so much I want to get done before Christmas. The main things are getting the ornament for our family friends finished and made up and the other bourse stitched and made up. After that I can do what I want as regards Christmas stitching. If it doesn't get done for this Christmas it'll get done for next! Lol! Anyway back to SANQ. The final part of the keepsake book is in the latest issue then it looks as though that's it but I think I'll check with the publishers by email.

I'm trying to get caught up on Chatelaine Christmas Mystery IV before the final part comes out on Sunday. I have to admit that I have not looked forward to any of the parts since about part 4 and if I have to stitch one more star on the final part I will scream! Anyway after I'd been to the surgery to see the nurse yesterday afternoon ( once every three year thing; not pleasant) I set about stitching and got one lot of longstitch stars done and hope to get the others done and dusted this afternoon if I can.

I couldn't believe it on Monday when I was blogwalking and discovered I'd won
Michele's blogoversary drawing! I am so excited as I never win anything so thank you Michele:)

Happy Thanksgiving to all my dear American readers. I hope you all have a peaceful, safe, wonderful time:) Hope everyone in the UK is staying dry. It's been an awful few days for rain; please come back frost! Have a great Wednesday everyone! {{{{HUgs}}}}


sammyjo said...

I love the SAL pattern it really pretty, it's been raining like mad here in the northeast lol i hope it stops soon and i hope everything went ok with the nurse

Anonymous said...

Your start looks amazing!! Fortunately the stunning white work is contrasted against your chosen fabric, great choice!

Paula said...

What a lovely start on the Just Nan Sally and great progress on Winter too...well done on both.
Happy stitching.....

Julie said...

You did loads on winter Sally, well done, UFO night is a great incentive !!!

JN is fab, i'll be watching this grow each Monday, i can see me wishing the weeks away to see how far you've got each time LOL

Wondering what the 'fantastic final part' of your mystery will be????


Karan said...

Great progress on Winter & I'm so looking forward to watching yours & Helen's progress on the JN. :0)

Michelle said...

Great progress.. I didn't get to pick up a needle.. too much turkey! Have a great weekend..Michelle

Ranae said...

Love the JN start.
How does a person know find out about these SAL's?
Winter is coming along great.