Saturday, 3 November 2007

Autumn Pin Keep Revisited and a PIF!

I have finally finished up my Autumn pinkeep from The Gift of Stitching:) I sat yesterday afternoon whilst waiting for Jess to get in and stitched it up and added the ribbon and pins. I am delighted with this little piece as it's so small and cute:)

I have just signed up for a Pay It Forward ( PIF) on Nic's blog. So in return the first three people to comment and say they'd like to take part will receive a stitched gift from me in the next year:) In return all you have to do is post on your blog that you will make gifts for three other people:)

I am hoping to finish stitching up the Christmas ornament for Simone's exchange this afternoon. DH is at work so thought I'd have a quiet afternoon stitching until he gets in, although my head is sore again so I am feeling pretty fed-up with myself and have all sorts going through my head. I don't know if these sore heads are hormonal related but I have about had enough. Oh well there are people worse off than me so I guess I should just pick myself up and get on with it:)

I still haven't made up my mind whether to get those two issues of Sampler & Antique Needlework Quarterly. I don't want to get it then realise I won't stitch the keepsake book because I'm too scared to give the finishing up a go. So I'll mull it over for a few days then decide, although it would be nice to have a go at something that's different to your normal framed pieces etc. It's not as though I have nothing to stitch and I sometimes look at what I have and think there's not a lot of point in buying anymore. Still that's the fun of being a stitcher isn't it- adding more stash to your already overflowing pile? Lol!

Small change to my rotation! I have decided for now to have two smalls weeks so that I can get on with Christmas presents, ornaments etc. There's not a lot of point in starting the Winter Sampler when I haven't even got gifts sorted!

I've made my Christmas Cake this morning and it's now cooking slowly in the oven. Can't smell it yet but I know my kitchen will soon be filled with the most gorgeous aroma:) All I can smell at the moment is lemon as Abi is making the lemon cheesecake she should have made at school the other day! I can't wait untl teatime:)

It's my first blogoversary in 10 days so I'm hoping to stitch something to give away to celebrate. I can't believe I've kept this blog going for this long and have made so many wonderful new friends over that time:)
Right time to go and do the girls and I some lunch! Have a wonderful weekend everyone:) and thanks for visiting.


Karen said...

I love that design it makes a super pinkeep, Yum Christmas Cake I am not a biig fan of the cake but I love the smell of it cooking and I adore the marzipan and icing lol the fruit is too healthy;O) I would like to take part in your pif if I am in time LOL

Little Cat said...

Your pinkeep is really cute. I love the autumn colours.

I can so empathise with you over the headaches. I've been suffering recently too - seem to have one more often than I dont - and was also wondering if it was hormonal. I hope yours clears up soon. I've just had another dose of painkillers.

Wish I could take in the smell of that cake cooking :o)

Dawn said...

Love the pinkeep! Hope your head is getting better by now! Can't stand xmas cake to eat but I like the smell of it cooking - I know I am strange!

Gill said...

I sympathise about the sore head...I suffer chronic migraines so I know what that's like!

I also know what you mean about that piece in SANQ...I bought all the issues with the With My Needle aphabet book ages ago, bought the fabric and everything, and haven't touched it yet. The finishing on that thing just intimidates me! lol

Mylene said...

That is sooo cute and so neatly done. I love it!
Hope you feels better very soon.

sammyjo said...

i love the pin keep and hope you feel better soon. i dont really like christmas cake but love the iceing lol.

Nic said...

The pinkeep looks great - I love the colours, and you've finished it really nicely.

I haven't decided on whether to make a Christmas cake this year or not - with only two of us, we'd be eating it until Easter anyway! I might make a stollen if I can find a recipe.

Thanks for joining up to my pay it forward - when you get a moment, do you want to remind me of your likes and dislikes?

Michelle said...

Your pinkeep is pretty! I need to do one of those! So much stitching, so little time :)

Hope your head feels better soon.

Julie said...

Hope you're feeling better today, i love Christmas cake, better get mine done this week. Your pinkeep is beautiful, well done

June said...

Great pinkeep! :) Christmas cake - just reading the name makes me drool... Will be baking mine soon and I can't wait! I love the way the house smells when it's baking.

Hope you feel better soon.

Paula said...

Yuuuuummmm I love the smell of the Christmas Cake and pudding cooking in the house, lovely. Do you make a pudding too Sally? I don't make them myself, my mam used to but hasn't for the last couple of years. I like the sainsbury one so will have to get one if I'm up North before Christmas!!

Have you decided on the mags yet? Why don't you ask dh to order them for you as part of your birthday pressie......

Hugs and happy stitching....

Kyrie said...

I'll join the PIF, if you like :) I've been reading your blog for ages (and LOVE your HAED Winter...she's on my 'to buy and stitch' list, along with the other seasonals. Currently I only own Autumn, and have for a year (and have yet to start her) but that will change soon enough.


(I will put up the PIF post in my blog tomorrow when I am more awake, it is 11:41pm and I am about to stagger off to bed here in Australia)

Vonna said...

I love this wee pinkeep and your finish is stunning :)
I made four of these for others...and I'm hoping to someday stitch one for myself. You're right they are so cute!

Michele said...

congrats on the finish .. very cute pinkeep!

did you get all your PIFs signed up?? If not, I'd love to sign up .. I'm almost done with mine and was going to offer up more in January :)

Carol said...

Your pinkeep is lovely Sally. I still pick mine up now and think how small and cute.

Hope your feeling better now! I hate those bad heads...I keep getting them really regular myself lately and like you I keep telling myself that perhaps they're hormonal!

Karan said...

Love the pinkeep & how you've photographed it. Hope your head clears soon Sally (((hugs))).
Cor, Xmas cake & Cheesecake - lucky you! :0)