Monday, 5 November 2007

Winter Page 3!

Wahoo!! I actually managed to finish page 3 of Heaven and Earth Designs Winter ( artwork by Sara Butcher). I didn't think I was going to get it done but I had a really good night's stitching on Saturday which left me with very little to do last night, although I had lots of colour changes so it did take me all night to do what was left! I must say I was feeling a little despondant when I first picked this up again but getting the page done has helped a lot with that and I'm looking forward to picking her up again in a few weeks time:) Another two full pages and a tiny bit of one and I'll be across the top of the design. I really need to get more than three pages in a year done if she's going to finished by the time I'm 50!

Please, please sign up for my PIF ( see previous post). I only have one taker so far ( waving at ya Karen!) and would love to have the other two places filled.

Edited to add: My PIF is now full. Thank you Karen, Kyrie and Michele for signing up. Please send me your snail mail addresses ( except Karen as I have it already!).

This week is another smalls week in my rotation so I'm going to start the week by carrying on with Cat's Whiskers Heart Strings. Love this design:) Once I've got it stitched I'll move onto something else before I stitch another. My ornament for Simone's exchange is all done barring the making up so I'll do that once I've finished off stitching a couple of things I have on the go and do them all at the same time.

I ended up ordering Sampler and Antique Needlework Quarlerly issues yesterday! I ordered them from Stitching and Bobs as, even with shipping, it worked out cheaper than ordering here in the UK. I'm not bothered that it may take a while for me to get them as I won't be starting the book for a while with everything else I have going on!

Oh and I'm still waiting for a refund from the ONS I was talking about in a previous post. I don't want to name names on here incase I get into trouble but she hasn't updated her website as yet which means those who aren't on her Yahoo group won't know what's going on and could still be placing orders. There are people waiting for stuff from as far back as August. Anyway I have now ordered from elsewhere in the hope that I get my refund soon.

Thank you for the good wishes you left for me. My sore head is still not fully gone. Yesterday I felt so much better for all it was still there a little but today I have got up with it again so I'm not very happy. I think I'll go out for a walk along seafront this afternoon and blow some cobwebs away; see if that helps!

Better get off here and get some washing hung out, although it's looking increasingly like rain. Have a great week everyone:)


Karen said...

waving back lol
well done on your winter design,I hope you filed your complaint today she shouldn't be taking orders if she has a problem. Hope the walk has helped your head

Julie said...

Winter looks good. Hope your walk did you good, a bit of sea air is just what i could do with LOL

Hope you get your refund

Jules said...

Winter is looking stunning Sally. You manage to get so much stitching done, I'm quite jealous! p.s. doesn't your daughter look like you?? x

Michele said...

Winter is looking great! as is your new blog look :)

Anonymous said...

You can add me to your PIF if there is still room...:) Wow oh Wow! What great looking work so far on Winter Page 3! Congratulations!

Ranae said...

Woo!Hoo! bye bye page three,lol
Hope you get that refund.

Anonymous said...

Winter looks lovely Sally!

I would like to be part of the PIF but not sure what it is all about and also is there a time limit on it. I don't know when I will be having my operation yet! Email me the details please :)

June said...

Winer is coming along fabulously! :)

I hope you get the ONS problem sorted out - what a pain. It's a disgrace that she's keepeing her customers in the dark.

Hope you feel better soon!

Cindy said...

Winter is looking fabulous...congratulations on finishing another page!

Mylene said...

You have had good progress with your 'Winter' project. Hope your walks had help. Take care.

Nic said...

That looks great Sally - I really admire that sort of stitching, so big and so dense, as I know it's something I could never stick to!

I dn't know how you manage to fit everything in !

PS Your new tickers at the top of your blog make it look very festive!

Paula said...

Hi Sally, hope the walk did you good.......and you're head is feeling better today.
OOhhh Winter is looking lovely well done with it.
Hope you manage to get your refund sorted soon, and glad you ordered the mags. If you hadn't you'd be wondering about them for ages.
hugs and happy stitching.....

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Darn...I missed being on your PIF list, Sally! I'll try next time. Look on my blog and be on mine!