Thursday, 1 November 2007

Look-eee What I Got!

Yes my JCS ornament magazine arrived yesterday from Jayne's Attic along with Ink Circles Sea Stars! I had a quick look at the mag when I'd done a little stitching last night then this morning I had a better look and picked out 21 I wanted to stitch. For this Christmas??? Ain't gonna happen! I'll be lucky if I get one stitched! Lol!

I think I had better make that all my new stash for now although I do have With My Needle Ackworth Friendship Book on order and am still waiting for it. I have requested a refund as the ONS I ordered it from is struggling right now and, apparently, has outstanding orders from August so there's no way I'm going to get the chart before January when others have been waiting that long. I have been polite and emailed for a refund but if I don't get one in the next few days I will have to go through Pay Pal for it.

Actually I am thinking of getting a couple of issues of Sampler & Antique Needlework Quarterly. {hangs head in shame!} I saw the latest issue on Deb's blog and fell in love with the keepsake book so want the Summer and Fall issues as it is in both of those:) I have found somewhere in the UK that stocks it and am just waiting to hear when they will be getting the Fall issue in stock:)

And speaking of Deb I would just like to thank you to her for awarding me with the You Make Me Smile Award:) I was very humbled and surprised to have received it once, let alone a second time, and I actually left a comment on Deb's blog as I wasn't sure it was me! So thank you Deb, you have made my day {{{{hugs}}}} I am not going to pass on this award to just 10 people this time as I felt awful last time that I had to miss so many of you ( I never thought of passing on it!) so this time it goes out to all of you as you all make me smile. Starting my blog almost a year ago was the best thing and I have "met" so many wonderful people in that time and you are all precious to me:)

Yesterday, as we all know, was Halloween when witches and warlocks and all things scary appear and, wait, WHAT is this? Oh yes it's Jessica dressed up for her fancy dress day in 6th form! Now I know she may not look THAT scary from the photo but, believe me, she scared the hell out of me! Lol! I gelled her hair to make it look very untidy and Abi did her eyes and around them black ( Jess does not "do" make up!) and she had black skinnies, black waistcoast, white blouse and borrowed her Dad's burgandy cravat and my black jacket and went as Sweeny Todd the demon barber of Fleet Street! She said she got lots of funny looks walking down the street with her friend who went as a witch I believe! She stayed like this to greet trick or treaters at our door last night!

I will be finishing up my PS Autumn Pinkeep from The Gift of Stitching soon. Karen very kindly sent me some black pins and they arrived today. Thanks Karen {{{{hugs}}}}

Well that's it from me today. No stitching to show as I haven't finished my week on Winter yet. I've managed 10 rows on page 3 over three nights so I doubt page 3 will get finished this week:( Please head over to Lynn's blog if you have time to wish her good luck for her op. She's going into hospital this weekend. Will be thinking of you Lynn {{{{hugs}}}} Oh and the change to my blog template was not intentional! LOL! I clicked the wrong button!


Karen said...

glad they arrived, I am waiting for my chart to arrive lol , the scruffy look hair suits Jess lol

Julie said...

Jess looks good. Looking forward to seeing your pinkeep all finished up. I got my ornie issue too, there's a lot of nice ones this year

Lynn said...

Jessica looks great, very convincing as a mass murderer lol. I got my ornie mag too .... what to do first is such a big decision!.

Thank you for your good wishes for the op, it will keep me going through the week, till I get home next week end xx

Jaimie said...

Jessica looks so scary! Good job on the makeup! I can't wait to see the finish on the pinkeep!

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Geez, Sally...a mass murderer for a daughter? Jess looks so good!! LOL
Thank you for the sweet comments about all of us blogger friends. I think it's so true! This has been the most wonderful way to make and enjoy our friends.

Karan said...

I'm surprised the trick or treaters didn't leg it when Jess answered the door. ;0)
I was pleased with the JCS mag too - love the Tipsy Tree & lots more.

Heather said...

July, some people have waited since July, I had someone else email to say that she has been ignored since then.

Anyway I hope you get yours sorted, but I'd think about going through paypal sooner rather than later Sally. It might give her a wake up call.

Jess looks great.