Saturday, 30 July 2011

Happy Birthday Julie, A UFO and A Gift

I have a few things to share today:) Today is my dear stitchy / knitty friend Julie's birthday. I was wondering what I could stitch for her and as she has a bit of a liking for Shepherd's Bush designs I chose the Joy freebie. I am very happy to say that she likes it. Julie I hope you having a fantastic birthday especially as it is your first one as a grandma:)

Shepherd's Bush Joy Freebie
28 count fabric

Started 23rd June 2011

Finished 26th June 2011
Birthday gift for Julie.

I have been steadily stitching on my WIPs this week and have had one small new start which I can't show :) I spent Monday evening finishing the cross stitch on the middle bit of Shepherd's Bush Family Sampler and also did some of the speciality stitches. My plan for this coming Monday is to do the rest of the speciality stitches then start on the border. I think I'll leave the personalisation until last. I'm aiming for an end of August finish on this then will decide which SB to stitch next for my SAL with Barb and Colleen.

Tuesday and Wednesday I picked up Drawn Thread The Sanctuary but I also made a start on my secret stitch. As I have finished A New Day I thought I'd concentrate on what I already have started for a bit. Lisa and I are starting LHN Travelling Stitcher next but not until our meet-up on 10th August:) I decided to have a bit of change once I'd finished the top right hand block and started on the borders. I love how this is looking.

I have been thinking about getting back to my UFO, HAED Guardian, for a while but I just keep thinking no matter what I do it will never get finished but this piece is just so beautiful that I can't give up on it all together. Lisa has been encouraging me to get back to it as has Julie so as my GAST threads for BBD AotH Happy Birthday have not arrived yet I decided not to stitch on it this week and I picked up Guardian after stitching a little on my new start! Here is where I left it a year ago and this is it after an hour or so last night. Not that you can tell but I did get a few stitches in! So I'll be carrying on with this tonight too.

Plans for tomorrow stitching wise will be BBD Loose Feathers Peacock Pin Keep. I might take this one to craft club on Tuesday. I wonder if the ladies have missed me the last two week!!
I received a lovely gift through the post today from my dear friend Michelle. She said it was something to cheer me a little and to thank me for being such a good friend. I absolutely love this and I'm going to hang it in my living room where I can see it. Thank you so much for thinking of me Michelle {{{{hugs}}}}

Finally thank you all for the good wishes for the job interview on Tuesday. I don't actually know if I would have been offered it or not but the lady seemed very keen. I decided, though, that it was not for me. It was advertised at 16 hours a week with no mention of having to work elsewhere. I knew they expected you to be flexible and I expected that to be holiday cover but it was more than that and I didn't want to work too many hours or have to work in another store which I'd have been expected to do. I don't want to work away from where I live. Anyway it was experience for me and I am now going to apply for another job and have the application form filled in ready to pop back in. I'm not entirely sure I am ready for it but unless I try I will never know.
Thank you for all the lovely comments you leave:) I read them all as I love getting them and I appreciate your visits:)

Take care everyone.
Love & hugs


Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Before I forget totally I thought I better do this blog post. I have been awarded the Stylish Blogger Award by three lovely ladies, Rebecca, Elisa and Cath. Thank you so much. I am honoured to receive it.

Now the rules are:
 1)Thank the person who gave it to you .
2) List seven things about yourself , and
3) Pass it on to fifteen other blogs .

I'm struggling with the 7 things which I always do when I have to these things and I nearly always end up repeating myself!

1. When I was pregnant with my eldest daughter for the first three months I had horrendous nausea and just about the only thing I could eat were cheesy puffs. Now I can't stand them!

2. I hate the way I look and when I look in the mirror I see an old ugly person.

3. I have struggled with my confidence levels for many years but lately it has got rather bad so going to craft club and applying for a job have been huge moves for me.

4. I used to spend my spare time reading and could read a book in an afternoon but now that I stitch I hardly ever read. 

5. I've had two jobs; one in a caravan and camping accessory shop and one in a china, glass and hardware shop. I'd love to work in a china shop again but scared I'd drop everything! 

6. I love blogging and reading blogs and I love receiving comments ( who doesn't!)

7. I adore Professor Snape ( Alan Rickman) in the Harry Potter  films. Always have done even when I thought he was the evil one!

I am not going to pass it on to anyone else as there are way too many to choose from but if I read and comment on your blog consider yourself a stylish blogger:)

I am now making my blog an award free one:) although I truly appreciate all those that I have been given.

Love & hugs


Monday, 25 July 2011

A Teeny Finish

I started stitching this little beauty at craft club when I started going a few weeks ago. As I didn't go last week I decided to stitch on it at home and see if I could get it finished off so I could take something else this week. So here it is all finished up:)

Shepherd's Bush Christmas Candy Roll ( As kitted)
Started 28th June 2011
Finished 22nd July 2011
This one is a little different from the other rolls and it looks so sweet:) I now have just one more in my stash to do and two others to get at a later date.
I didn't stitch on BBD AotH Happy Birthday on Friday evening and didn't stitch much on it on Saturday evening either. I think the thought of those Lazy Daisies is putting me off but I did a few and will do more when I pick it up again. As you can see I did do some of the over one. I was going to use different wording but decided to still go with Happy Birthday. This block is going to be for my late mum-in-law.

Last night, as I'd finished my SB ornament for the month last Sunday, I had a new start. Dear Barb very kindly lent me Blackbird Designs Loose Feathers Peacock Pinkeep after I had tried to win it on Ebay but got outbid at the last minute. So at the weekend I dyed some 28 count Antique White fabric with tea and made a start on it :) I'm quite pleased with how my fabric turned out. I'm not using the Belle Soir silks as, to be honest, I can't afford to get them so am using the DMC conversion. I think the next time I go to craft club I'll take this with me as it's quite simple to stitch ( famous last words!). I may not be going tomorrow as I have a job interview just after lunch.

I'm way behind on blogs ( yet again) so will try and get caught up when I have the time. Hopefully when I get back from my interview. Jess has to have her blood tests done again on Wednesday as they found an abnormality with the last ones so want to repeat them to check it so she wants me to go with her again. I am rather worried.
Right better dash and get something done! If I do any good at this interview I will have to manage my time better and will not have as much time on the PC. My blogging, reading and commenting will not stop but Facebook might!
I cannot end without sending my thoughts and prayers to the people of Norway after the tragic events there. Just a complete waste of innocent lives.
Love & hugs

Thursday, 21 July 2011

A New Day

Last night was SAL night with Lisa when we stitch on My Big Toe Designs A New Day and I have a finish!!!! This was such a joy to stitch and I have enjoyed every single stitch of it and absolutely love the finished piece. Thank you so much Lisa for SAL-ing with me. This design means so much to both of us which is one reason why we chose it.

My Big Toe Designs A New Day

36 count Flax linen

GAST, Carrie's Creations, WDW

Started 20th April 2011

Finished 20th July 2011

I'm not sure what I'll be starting next Wendesday. I may stitch on something I'm already stitching for a while:)

On Monday I stitched on Shepherd's Bush Family Sampler with Barb and Colleen. Barb has finished French Heart so I'm looking forward to seeing that but she has broadband issues at the moment. I'm hoping Colleen has made some progress on Checkered Sheep :)

Tuesday I stitched a little on Drawn Thread The Sanctuary another SAL but this time with Chris and Kajsa. I've had this in my stash for so long and can't understand why I've never started it before!

I'm happy to say I've finally had an invoice for my GAST for BBD Happy Birthday so hopefully I'll have them sometime next week :)

My Pifs have nearly all been received now and so far everyone likes them :) I was rather worried as they are not what I originally had planned but I messed up with the size of the fabric so had to change my way of finishing. I was so worried that no one would like them but I think that's the way I am at the moment! I won't show them here just yet as two have not been received yet. 

Jess is now home for the summer. I have to admit that I despair at the amount of washing she brought home and I truly wonder just where I went wrong! It's a wonder she had anything left to wear there is that much and I have to get it washed, try to get it dry with the typical British weather and iron it all. I could honestly sit and cry and I've given her a good talking to. ETA She will be ironing it all!

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows pt 2 was utterly amazing! We all think it's the best one of them all and I loved it! It definitely brought out several different emotions and I will admit that I shed a few tears. I felt really flat when it ended as both my girls have grown up with the books and the it became a tradition for us to see each film as it came out then buy them later as they were released on DVD. Even though they are no longer children it sort of signifies the end of their childhood.

Well I had better dash. I am way behind on blogs and I must apologise but I will get caught up hopefully when I get back in later today.

Take care everyone.

Love & hugs


Monday, 18 July 2011

Thank You Jeanne :) & A Finish

On Friday postie brought me another box through the post and I was so excited when I saw it was from Jeanne so I knew it was the prize I won in her giveaway:) I was one of three lucky ladies to receive something so I feel very honoured.  I could hardly wait to get it open and look at my gorgeous goodies. I won a gorgeous project pouch which Jeanne made herself, a Whitman's tin with pin cushion, pins, cute mini stork scissors, fob and needles. I absolutely love it all and I feel so blessed to have won these pretties. Thank you so much Jeanne for your generous giveaway:)

I have a bit of stitching to show you. Friday and Saturday I continued stitching on BBD AotH Happy Birthday. I'm going to have to make up my mind soon whether to put this one on hold until I get my threads or use DMC instead of GAST as I'm still waiting to hear about them. I love how this one is looking but am dreading the Lazy Daisy stitches as I can never seem to get them right!
Last night I finished two things but can only show one. This one is my SB ornament and I love how this turned out.

Shepherd's Bush As Bethlehem Slept
36 count Sand linen

Started 3rd July 2011

Finished 17th July 2011
I'm looking forward to stitching on SB Family Sampler tonight with Barb and Colleen:) I do love my SB SAL nights:)

All my PIFs are now finished and in the post so if your name is on my PIF list look out for postie!

DH is off this week so we're moving Jess back home for the summer. Her lease is up at the end of the week on her student digs. God only knows where all her stuff is going as she's coming back with a damned sight more than she went with!
Tomorrow DH, Abi and are going to see the final Harry Potter film. We're really looking forward to seeing it but in a way I don't want to see it as then it's all over! I think we'll need tissues!

Have a great week everyone!

Love & hugs


Thursday, 14 July 2011

Lots to Show

I have lots to show today. A little finish that I sent across the pond for a friend's birthday, lots of WIPs and some things I have received in the post! You may remember a while ago that I won Angela's 3rd blogoversary giveaway and I chose a stitcher's box. Angela and I were emailing each other for a few days to decide on a design. I chose an LHN, gave her some ideas then left it up to her what to stitch as I love surprises. Just look at what arrived for me today! Angela I absolutely LOVE it! You could not have chosen a better design to stitch for me as it has everything I love! It is absolutely gorgeous and I will treasure it:) Thank you so much Angela xx:) I have sent you an email.

Julie had been reading my other blog and sent me this book to help me get back into reading. It is written like a diary so has lots of nice, small entries so it's easy to just pick up when you have a few minutes and read an entry. I started reading it as soon as it arrived. Thank you so much Julie xx

Onto my stitching now. It's my SAL buddy Colleen's birthday today and as she likes Shepherd's Bush I decided to stitch up this little freebie and make it into a pincushion. I heard from her earlier today and she loves it so I am one happy stitcher :)
Shepherd's Bush Tiny Garden Freebie

28 count ice blue fabric

Started 9th June 2911

Finished 15th June 2011

ETA the SB freebie can be found here 
Last Friday I started the 6th BBD AotH which is Happy Birthday. I love how this one is looking so far. I'm having to work round some bits as I'm waiting for my GAST threads. I ordered them in the JJ's 4th July sale so hoping to hear from them soon.

Sunday I stitched a little on my SB As Bethlehem Slept ornament. I was really tired after having a bad night with the neighbours then being up early on Sunday morning so not much done this time.

Monday as always was SB SAL night with Barb and Colleen. Barb had run out of a thread so didn't stitch on French Heart and started Sophie's Pincushion instead. I completed the sheep on Family Sampler and stitched the acorn (?).

I popped off to craft club again on Tuesday morning suffering from toothache and earache and not sure which is causing what! Lol! I was going to stay home but decided I'd be better off with people rather than sat on my own feeling sorry for myself. Anyway this is my progress on SB Christmas Candy Roll. And thanks to the ladies at craft club I bought a knitting magazine yesterday!

I hope you're not fed-up with my WIPs pictures. As I am stitching on some bigger stuff it's mostly all I have at the moment. I thoroughly enjoyed stitching on Drawn Thread The Sanctuary on Tuesday evening. It's really beginning to take shape nicely and is stitching up quicker than I expected.

Finally last night I almost finished my SAL piece with Lisa which is My Big Toe Designs A New Day. I reckon I will get this finished next week. Both of us are hoping to have it finished by the end of July as we are meeting up next month when Lisa, her DH and DD come on holiday to where I live and we're having a stitchy day and hopefully starting LHN Traveling Stitcher :)
Phew! I think that's everything! 

Time for me to get out of here and start preparing tea. Fajitas tonight!

Take care everyone.

Love & hugs



Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Just a Quickie

I have some progress to show you but haven't got photos taken so just going to show something I finished a few weeks ago and can now show. Last Friday it was Karan's birthday and I stitched up what I think is a really sweet freebie design and made it into a little pincushion. I am very happy to say that Karan loves it :)

Chessie and Me Bird and Flower
Unknown fabric

Started 16th June 2011

Finished 23rd June 2011
I added our initials to the back.

I've been to craft club again this morning and there were a few more ladies there. It's funny how you recognise faces but can't for the life of you think where you actually know them from!

I'll be back in a day or two with my WIPs and by then I'll be able to show another wee finish which was for a gift:)
Take care everyone.

Love & hugs

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Blessed to Have Friends

I am always saying how blessed I am to have such wonderful stitching friends. They are always there for you to give good advice, tips etc and will go the extra mile for you. In my last post over on my other blog I was feeling very low and sorry for myself and I had some lovely emails. I said I just wanted a hug so Lesleyanne stitched this for me:)

She said because she couldn't give me a hug in person she sent me this :) Isn't it lovely? I felt so blessed when I opened it and will treasure it always. Thank you so much Lesleyanne {{{hugs}}} I just love thought that has gone into it :)

Yesterday afternoon I was just popping to get my Dad some milk when my mobile rang and it was Chris :) I was so happy that she'd rang as haven't seen each other for ages with petrol and bus fares getting so expensive and we had a quick chat while she was waiting for her washing to finish at the launderette!

Before I show my progress pictures I am very excited to have won one on Jeanne's gorgeous giveaways on her blog:) Her DH picked my name out of the "hat" for the Whitman's tin, project pouch and scissors:) Thank you Jeanne I'm so looking forward to receiving them {{{hugs}}}

I was on cloud 9 yesterday with my gorgeous gift from Lesleyanne, my phone call from Chris and my giveaway win :)
Right I had better show my stitching now :) I get a bit confused as to what I showed you last time so I have to go back to my last post and check! Duh! Sunday was SAL night on the Shepherd's Bush ornaments with Chris. I started As Bethlehem Slept. I've subbed the GAST and WDW for DMC and am hoping that they look OK!

Monday was SAL night with Barb and Colleen. Barb was feeling a little better this week so stitched on French Heart and I'm not sure if Colleen did any on her piece or not. I stitched on Family Sampler and I'm not sure if you can see it or not but I have the beginnings of a sheep! Love it!
On Tuesday morning I popped my stitching stuff in my bag not sure if I was going to go to craft club or not but I ended up going! I was just in one of those moods where I wasn't sure what to do but I'm glad I did. I met some more ladies this week who were knitting some lovely things. Anyway I've remembered to take a pic of my SH Christmas Candy Roll this week. I made good progress and as far as I know I didn't make any mistakes this time. We were in a different room this week and the lighting seemed much better plus I was sat near a window this time!

Tuesday evening I picked up Drawn Thread The Sanctuary. I forgot to ask Chris if she'd done any on hers lately and I wonder how Kajsa is doing. I finished the top left block and made a start on the top right. I love how this is looking.

Finally ( are you breathing a sigh of relief??!!) last night was MBT A New Day SAL with Lisa. Now I'm afraid I have been quite bad as I'm feeling rather low so the PC is my evil thing and I was on it for a while after tea last night so I didn't get as much done on this as I'd hoped. However it's progress:) I am hoping for a July finish on this.

Tonight I'm hoping to start something new. I've tea dyed a piece of fabric ( how I wish I'd bought more 32 count when Wimble Bees were closing down as I prefer it to 28 count now and I'm getting down on it) and am hoping it'll be dry so I can make a start tonight.

Family stuff now. Abi is enjoying her extended time off school although she has been let down by a friend who she was supposed to be seeing today so she was upset. Yesterday she went to see new Transformers film with another friend and thoroughly enjoyed it. She's in school two days next week for 6th form induction and some photography bridging work to do before then. I keep telling her not to leave it until the last minute! 

Jess rang yesterday to ask me if I'd make an appointment for her to see a doctor. She never registered with a Hull GP with her not being too far from home but it's a bit of a nuisance with bus times etc. However I managed to get her an afternoon appointment. She was in a lot of pain and it turns out she has a urine infection so she's now on antibiotics ( medicine as she struggles terribly with pills). She's also having blood tests on Monday to see if there's a reason for her irregular, painful, heavy cycle. She was in so much pain she was pacing the room, bless her. I wanted her to stay home but she insisted on going back to her student house but she's coming back tomorrow until Monday when she gets her blood done, then she'll be home for the summer anyway the week after.

I almost forget ( well actually I did and am editing my post!). I have been awarded the Stylish Blogger award by Rebecca:) Thank you so much Rebecca! I cannot think straight at the moment so will list the 7 things about myself etc in another post:)

Well I've waffled enough so I'd better end it here:) Hope everyone is having a good week so far.

Love and hugs


Sunday, 3 July 2011

Farm House Finished :)

As we were up late on Friday waiting for Abi to arrive back at school from her prom so we could pick her up I kept on stitching until I'd finished BBD Farm House. Every time I finish one of these AotHs I say it's my favourite so far then I stitch the next one and that becomes my favourite! I really love this one. The colours are gorgeous. The initials are those of my Grandad's cousin, the year is the year he died in the first world war and the initial above the house is for Arras which is the battle he died in. Happy Birthday will be next :)

Blackbird Designs Aoth #5 Farm House
36 count Rosewood linen

Started 10th June 2011

Finished 1st July 2011

The only things I have to show are WIPs for now :) Monday evening was SAL night with Barb and Colleen but I know Barb did not stitch as she has not been well :( Hope you are feeling much better my dear friend. I was stitching away on Family Sampler and thoroughly enjoying it. I fear I could spend a fortune on SB kits if I had the money! How lovely it would be to have a good lottery win, visit the shop and have a spending spree! 

Tuesday was DT The Sanctuary with Chris and Kajsa and I made more good progress. This piece is looking so pretty. 

Wednesday was SAL night with Lisa on A New Day but I had a visit from the frog:) I very stupidly stitched some of it with two strands of thread instead on the one I'd been using throughout the design and didn't realise until I'd stitched quite a bit so had to rip it all out! As you can imagine I was not happy! So I didn't get quite as much stitched as I might have done but it's still progress!

And that is all I can show:) I am hoping to get my sewing machine out this week and finish my PIFs so that I can get them in the post. I've been so slow with these and feel bad even though I'm within the time I have to do them.

Not sure what I'm stitching tonight. I will probably start the next SB ornament and get a move on with that :)

I plucked up the courage and went to a craft club at the local museum on Tuesday. There were only two us cross stitching, one lady doing tapestry and the rest knitting. I kind of wish there were more stitchers but never mind. I quite enjoyed it and think I will go again this week. I took my Shepherd's Bush Christmas Candy Roll kit as I thought it was easy to carry rather than having to take a thread box etc. I forgot to take a picture of my start so will show that another time. The only thing I found was the lighting was not very good so I struggled considerably:( 

Thank you all for your lovely comments on my photos of Abi:) I cannot tell you how proud we are of the beautiful young lady she has grown into. She had a fantastic evening! She said that people had probably seen a different side to her that night!
I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. Belated Canada Day greetings to my Canadian friends and Happy July 4th to all my American friends! Hope you all had/ have a fantastic day:)

Take care everyone.

Love & hugs


Friday, 1 July 2011

My Baby's Prom ( Picture Heavy Post)

This evening I have a non stitching post with lots of photos:) It's Abi's prom and she should just have arrived at Willerby Manor:) We took several photos so I'm showing a few here. We are so proud of our youngest girl. She looks fantastic in her dress and I did have tears in my eyes as I watched her walk away to get on the coach with her friends. Anyway I shall let the photos do the talking. She is getting a photo taken there but we won't get that until GSCE results day in August.