Thursday, 21 July 2011

A New Day

Last night was SAL night with Lisa when we stitch on My Big Toe Designs A New Day and I have a finish!!!! This was such a joy to stitch and I have enjoyed every single stitch of it and absolutely love the finished piece. Thank you so much Lisa for SAL-ing with me. This design means so much to both of us which is one reason why we chose it.

My Big Toe Designs A New Day

36 count Flax linen

GAST, Carrie's Creations, WDW

Started 20th April 2011

Finished 20th July 2011

I'm not sure what I'll be starting next Wendesday. I may stitch on something I'm already stitching for a while:)

On Monday I stitched on Shepherd's Bush Family Sampler with Barb and Colleen. Barb has finished French Heart so I'm looking forward to seeing that but she has broadband issues at the moment. I'm hoping Colleen has made some progress on Checkered Sheep :)

Tuesday I stitched a little on Drawn Thread The Sanctuary another SAL but this time with Chris and Kajsa. I've had this in my stash for so long and can't understand why I've never started it before!

I'm happy to say I've finally had an invoice for my GAST for BBD Happy Birthday so hopefully I'll have them sometime next week :)

My Pifs have nearly all been received now and so far everyone likes them :) I was rather worried as they are not what I originally had planned but I messed up with the size of the fabric so had to change my way of finishing. I was so worried that no one would like them but I think that's the way I am at the moment! I won't show them here just yet as two have not been received yet. 

Jess is now home for the summer. I have to admit that I despair at the amount of washing she brought home and I truly wonder just where I went wrong! It's a wonder she had anything left to wear there is that much and I have to get it washed, try to get it dry with the typical British weather and iron it all. I could honestly sit and cry and I've given her a good talking to. ETA She will be ironing it all!

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows pt 2 was utterly amazing! We all think it's the best one of them all and I loved it! It definitely brought out several different emotions and I will admit that I shed a few tears. I felt really flat when it ended as both my girls have grown up with the books and the it became a tradition for us to see each film as it came out then buy them later as they were released on DVD. Even though they are no longer children it sort of signifies the end of their childhood.

Well I had better dash. I am way behind on blogs and I must apologise but I will get caught up hopefully when I get back in later today.

Take care everyone.

Love & hugs



Christina said...

'A New Day' is a fabulous finish, if only we could live each day as it suggests, we'd be happy people!
Enjoy having Jess home for the summer...after you've done all of her washing/ironing! X

Margaret said...

Love all your stitching! Congrats on the finish too! As for your dd's laundry- my DD does the same thing. Awful, huh? She always claims she'll wash it all, but if I wait for her to do it, it'll never get done. I just finished doing it all, bit by bit thrugh the summer. And in August, she'll come home again (she's away for her summer job) and have even more to do! Sigh. So don't feel alone.

Catherine said...

Congrats on your finish!! Lovely stitches on your wips as well!!

Sharon said...

Beautiful finish Sally! Would you believe I have never seen Harry Potter or read it either?

KarenV said...

OK, I might be the lone dissenter here...but I would make Jess do her own washing and ironing! She's old enough - why should you have to do it all?

Anyway, lovely finish Sally, it's a nice piece and I can see how it appeals to you :) Family Sampler is looking very pretty too.

Lesleyanne said...

A gorgeous finish Sally. Lovely progress on your wips. I am hoping to go to see Harry Potter in the school holidays. I would get Jess to help with the washing and ironing since it is hers.

Mouse said...

oooo love the finish :0 yeahhh happy dance ... and harry potter rocks and its sooo sad the end of an era isn't it .. we want more i tell you and mmmmmm think jess needs to give you a wee hand with all that washing ... I refuse point blank to do the ironing for mine .. I just wash and once dry put into a wash basket and say there you go deal with it !!! dd2 has moved out soo it was good grounding for her to learn :) love mouse xxxx

Anne said...

Beautiful finish Sally!! It looks so good completed!! Lots of great progress too on the Shepherd's Bush sampler. As for laundry, well we have heaps of it too and its just the two of us!

geeky Heather said...

Congratulations on your finish! It's so beautiful!

I also thought HP Deathly Hallows P2 was the best of the bunch! And I definitely shed tears (and cheered/clapped out loud with the rest of the theater)!

valerie said...

Congrats on your new finish! It's wonderful! I'm with KarenV a little in regards to the laundry. By the time I was in college, I had to do my own laundry. I was on my own except my parents gave me a place to stay.

Nicola said...

Afraid I'm another one who thinks Jess should do her own washing and ironing. She'll soon do it if she finds she has nothing to wear.

Your finish is lovely and your WIP's are coming on a treat.

Beth said...

A New Day is fantastic!! I love what it says and you stitched it so beautifully! Those other samplers just really overwhelm me because I could never do anything like them at all! Great work.

Michelle said...

Lovely stitching all round Sally. Beautiful. Sorry about your pile of washing - I have looked at ours sometimes and then around the lounge littered with toys and I could cry but then when my little one says 'I love you Mummy' I feel blessed! Sending you love and hugs xx

Ellen said...

Gorgeous finish, I love it! Great progress on your wips!

My DD does the same thing. I hate ironing!


Carol said...

What a wonderful finish, Sally!! I really love it...

So sorry about all the laundry your daughter appeared with--I've been there many times and thought it was just a "boy thing!" Apparently not :)

Enjoy her visit!

Angela P said...

Your finish is just wonderful! I love all your WIP's :) I hear you about kids/laundry it is never ending and I can't wait to see Harry Potter next week.

mdgtjulie said...

I can understand being a little flat after the movie was over. I'll feel a little flat, and I've not grown up with the series or let my children grow up with the series. I can't wait to see it! So many bloggers have seen it and loved it!! Congrats to you on your finish. It looks great, and I love the colors you used in it. Also, good progress on the others. Congrats due there too! I can't imagine having that much laundry. Of course, I have very few clothes, so after a week, or ten days, I have nearly all my clothes in the dirty clothes, lol. Have fun getting them all dry. I'll wish you warmer weather, and no rain!

Myra said...

Gorgeous finish! Love all the sentiments. Love all your WIP's too. My twin sons are both in college and do their own laundry. I do help out sometimes when they get distracted between loads but for the most part they do it all themselves. We do very little ironing here so don't have that to worry about.

Colleen said...

Happy dancing, Sally! 'A New Day' is lovely. Glad to hear you enjoyed stitching it. I am making some progress on Checkered Sheep. At least the Shepherdess is no longer headless. LOL.
I would take Jess by the hand, show her the washing machine, hand her the laundry soap, remind her where to hang her clothes once washed and let her know where the iron is. Then Sally can pick up a stitching project and busy herself with her that.
Good luck, Hugs, my dear.

Lois said...

What a lovely finish Sally and nice progress on your WIP's. Must admit once my three hit 18 I explained how the washing machine and iron worked and left it to them.

BrendaS said...

Congratulations on your finish! Love that piece.

Your SB and DT pieces are coming along very nicely too:)))

Have a good weekend

Gabi said...

What a beautiful finish Sally. Love it.
Love all your wip's too.
My daughter is bad with laundry too. Last time when I put my foot down so that she had to wash her own laundry, she washed the wool on HOT, same to silks and everything else she had come dirty out of the machine bc of using the wool program. I gave up Going wrong here too.

Christine said...

What a fabulous finish Sally.
I think Jess definitely owes you for doing all that washing

Barb said...

Wtg Sally,
Chinese Laundry comes to mind, hmmm we mums have the word "maid" written on our forhead,or so the offspring think .Although now my dd is married with teenagers of her own. oh does she know how it feels!! I did take great delight at times quoting my mum to her "you wait my lady when you have children of your own you will see". What goes round comes round Sally and you will be able to play my game one day!!!

Love New Day- your stitching is lovely as usual - Family is super duper and your others too.Hope to get an update on the blog this weekend somewhen.
Take care and enjoy your summer with your girls.

Elisa said...

A fabulous finish Sally and your WIP's look great too. Glad you enjoyed HP...I am ashamed to admit I have never got into the whole hype of it...I think it's because my kids are too young!!

Kate said...

Fabulous finish Sally!
Laundry/ironing are never ending tasks - something I learned from my Mum very early on - my job at home was to do the ironing and when I started there were 10 of us at home!

Julie said...

Beautiful Big Toe finish x

Suzanne said...

Wow, you have had so many beautiful finishes! I love 'A New Day', it has such a lovely saying on it.

Your ornament, SB and quaker finish are all great too.