Thursday, 14 July 2011

Lots to Show

I have lots to show today. A little finish that I sent across the pond for a friend's birthday, lots of WIPs and some things I have received in the post! You may remember a while ago that I won Angela's 3rd blogoversary giveaway and I chose a stitcher's box. Angela and I were emailing each other for a few days to decide on a design. I chose an LHN, gave her some ideas then left it up to her what to stitch as I love surprises. Just look at what arrived for me today! Angela I absolutely LOVE it! You could not have chosen a better design to stitch for me as it has everything I love! It is absolutely gorgeous and I will treasure it:) Thank you so much Angela xx:) I have sent you an email.

Julie had been reading my other blog and sent me this book to help me get back into reading. It is written like a diary so has lots of nice, small entries so it's easy to just pick up when you have a few minutes and read an entry. I started reading it as soon as it arrived. Thank you so much Julie xx

Onto my stitching now. It's my SAL buddy Colleen's birthday today and as she likes Shepherd's Bush I decided to stitch up this little freebie and make it into a pincushion. I heard from her earlier today and she loves it so I am one happy stitcher :)
Shepherd's Bush Tiny Garden Freebie

28 count ice blue fabric

Started 9th June 2911

Finished 15th June 2011

ETA the SB freebie can be found here 
Last Friday I started the 6th BBD AotH which is Happy Birthday. I love how this one is looking so far. I'm having to work round some bits as I'm waiting for my GAST threads. I ordered them in the JJ's 4th July sale so hoping to hear from them soon.

Sunday I stitched a little on my SB As Bethlehem Slept ornament. I was really tired after having a bad night with the neighbours then being up early on Sunday morning so not much done this time.

Monday as always was SB SAL night with Barb and Colleen. Barb had run out of a thread so didn't stitch on French Heart and started Sophie's Pincushion instead. I completed the sheep on Family Sampler and stitched the acorn (?).

I popped off to craft club again on Tuesday morning suffering from toothache and earache and not sure which is causing what! Lol! I was going to stay home but decided I'd be better off with people rather than sat on my own feeling sorry for myself. Anyway this is my progress on SB Christmas Candy Roll. And thanks to the ladies at craft club I bought a knitting magazine yesterday!

I hope you're not fed-up with my WIPs pictures. As I am stitching on some bigger stuff it's mostly all I have at the moment. I thoroughly enjoyed stitching on Drawn Thread The Sanctuary on Tuesday evening. It's really beginning to take shape nicely and is stitching up quicker than I expected.

Finally last night I almost finished my SAL piece with Lisa which is My Big Toe Designs A New Day. I reckon I will get this finished next week. Both of us are hoping to have it finished by the end of July as we are meeting up next month when Lisa, her DH and DD come on holiday to where I live and we're having a stitchy day and hopefully starting LHN Traveling Stitcher :)
Phew! I think that's everything! 

Time for me to get out of here and start preparing tea. Fajitas tonight!

Take care everyone.

Love & hugs




Natasha said...

Wow... you have been quit busy on the stitching front.. all your WIPs look amazing!!

Angela did a great job on that stitching box, I love looking at her finishes.

Very sweet of your friend to send you that book...
Take Care

Lelia said...

Beautiful stitching, thx for sharing your WIPs -- Beautiful box - Angela did a marvelous job stitching + putting it on the box lid.

Lesleyanne said...

A stunning box from Angela. Really gorgeous. Great book from Julie. Great progress on your wips which I love to see, my favourite being your AotH.

Pointed Stitcher said...

Wow, I'm not sure I've seen this much stitching in a post ever, lol. Everything is beautiful, love the pieces you are working on.

gracie said...

Lovely....all so very lovely!

Mouse said...

oooooo have had a real drool fest there girl :0 and love the box from Angela (we are doing a private exchange with each other ) progress is looking fab :) hope you have a great meet up and I've stitched the travelling stitcher and loved it :)hope you are feeling better soon :) love mouse xxx

Margaret said...

I love the box you won -- it's lovely! Love all your stitching as well. The SB fob for your friend is so pretty. And the WIPs are all wonderful too!

Rachael xxx said...

Lovely stitching as always!
Lovely of Julie to send you that book. I love that box the finishing of it is just lovely, Lucky you!

Solstitches said...

What a lovely post full of eye candy!
I love the box Angela made for you and the book looks interesting.
Gorgeous little SB finish. I've never seen that freebie before so must see if I can find it.
A lovely selection of WIPS. You are one very fast stitcher Sally!

Lynn B said...

Your work in progress photos look great Sally, I also love the box that Angela made for you, it looks really nice!

Christina said...

I enjoy seeing your wip photos Sally.
What a beautiful box finish Angela stitched for you. I must have a go at doing that myself one day. Ahhh, the 'to do' list just keeps on getting longer and longer!

Elaine said...

Your box from Angela is beautiful Sally and I just love the sweet pillow for dear Colleens Birthday.
I never tire of looking at all your gorgeous wips they are coming along great.
Looking forward to seeing how the knitting enabling goes. Hugs!

Carol said...

You have been a busy bee Sally, so many lovelies on the go!

Angela did a wonderful job with your stitching you with the little sheepie! :o)

Barb said...

Oh my goodness me !!! Crikey moses Sally what wonders you have performed. Don't know which I like best,all your work is perfect. I hope you enjoy the book, the box is gorgeous , sent you mail and I received my thread,so onward with French Heart next Monday-not to self to ignore it until then lol.
Take care

mdgtjulie said...

You just amaze me Sally. YOu get so much done!!!! Everything is looking great, as usual. Love your gift to Collen, and your box is lovely too. Grats on the win!!

valerie said...

Beautiful box from Angela! All your stitching looks great and I am so glad you keep going to craft group!

I love that little SB finish too! The tiny garden series is so happy!

Katrina said...

Hi Sally, its all beautiful stitching, thanks so much for sharing the link for the little SB freebie, I've been searching for this for ages :) Best wishes, Katrina in NZ

Ellen said...

Wow, what a gorgeous box! Enjoy the gifts from your friends!

Great progress on all your wips especially the SB ornament!


Beth said...

You have so many beautiful pieces that you are working on!! It is a good thing that many of them on with SAL's so you don't have to decide which one to work on when - LOL!!

Catherine said...

Everything looks wonderful!!

Gabi said...

Wow, so many lovely stitching going on. Love all of it. All your WIP's look simply gorgeous.
Great box too. Angela did a fantastic job.

Carol said...

What a great box from Angela, Sally--she does a wonderful job on her pieces, doesn't she?

And congratulations on your finish--I love it :)

Julie said...

You've had a busy stitchy week Sally.

You'll love stitching the travelling stitcher, its a joy - must get mine made up!

Hazel said...

Wowza. Lots going on in this post. Love the gift you made for Angela. Very pretty. I must do some boxes. Lovely wips too. Nice gift from Julie. Very thoughtful. xx

Michelle said...

What lovely stitching Sally - you have been busy all your WIPs look wonderful.

Angela did a great job on that stitching box, I love looking at her finishes. I own one of her boxes and like you will treasure it x

Lois said...

What great pics of everything Sally! Your needle has been flying these days! What a lovely stitching box to receive. Enjoy the books. I used to read so much more too, don't know why I seem to have fallen out of the habit.

Christine said...

Great progress on all your WIPs Sally, a lovely book from Julie and that box Angela made for you is stunning

KarenV said...

Lovely WIPs Sally! Angela did a great job on the box, it's gorgeous :)

Nancy in IL said...

Congrats on a lovely win! I can see why you're so thrilled with it!

Fed up with all your WIPs? Never!! I love looking at all your finishes and WIPs and don't knwo if I told you, but I'm particularl;y drawn to DT's Sanctuary. I started this several years ago but didn't follow through and don't know why. I need to dig it out and see how far along I am with it and work it into my schedule. It's one of my all-time faves. Looking at yours, I know you've gotten further along than I, and I love seeing each new progress pic. Keep up with your wonderful work. So inspirational!

Anne said...

Love that box Angela stitched for you! Now you can keep all sorts of lovely stitchy items in there. Your wips are wonderful! Can't wait to see them finished!!