Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Before I forget totally I thought I better do this blog post. I have been awarded the Stylish Blogger Award by three lovely ladies, Rebecca, Elisa and Cath. Thank you so much. I am honoured to receive it.

Now the rules are:
 1)Thank the person who gave it to you .
2) List seven things about yourself , and
3) Pass it on to fifteen other blogs .

I'm struggling with the 7 things which I always do when I have to these things and I nearly always end up repeating myself!

1. When I was pregnant with my eldest daughter for the first three months I had horrendous nausea and just about the only thing I could eat were cheesy puffs. Now I can't stand them!

2. I hate the way I look and when I look in the mirror I see an old ugly person.

3. I have struggled with my confidence levels for many years but lately it has got rather bad so going to craft club and applying for a job have been huge moves for me.

4. I used to spend my spare time reading and could read a book in an afternoon but now that I stitch I hardly ever read. 

5. I've had two jobs; one in a caravan and camping accessory shop and one in a china, glass and hardware shop. I'd love to work in a china shop again but scared I'd drop everything! 

6. I love blogging and reading blogs and I love receiving comments ( who doesn't!)

7. I adore Professor Snape ( Alan Rickman) in the Harry Potter  films. Always have done even when I thought he was the evil one!

I am not going to pass it on to anyone else as there are way too many to choose from but if I read and comment on your blog consider yourself a stylish blogger:)

I am now making my blog an award free one:) although I truly appreciate all those that I have been given.

Love & hugs



Margaret said...

Oh, I had terrible morning sickness with my second child!!! It was awful!!! Ugh! And yes, I have confidence problems too. I think I'm going to have to look for a job sometime too. As for reading, you should try audiobooks. Stitching and listening to a book is one of my most favorite things to do!

valerie said...

You're making little steps in the right direction and that's what matters. The confidence will come back soon. Just keep putting yourself out there.

mdgtjulie said...

Congrats Sally. I'm not a fan of Snape's although I think the casting in the whole series is fabulous!!! Mom and I just watched The Sorcerer's Stone. She hasn't seen them all (and I happen to have them all).

Catherine said...

I don't like looking in the mirror either!!! UGH!!

Lois said...

Enjoyed reading your seven things. I had horrible morning sickness with my daughter, when I was pregnant with the boys it didn't bother me half as much. Just keep taking small steps and your confidence will grow. Sometimes when we look at the whole thing it seems overwhelming.

Michelle said...

You'll get your confidence back Sally. Its just another thing that gets in the way of life. You'll come through it. Watch for the postman. I have sent you a little something just to cheer you a little x