Saturday, 24 June 2017

A Finish For a Birthday

Hello again. I know it's been a while. I think I'm going to have to be content with a blog post a month rather than pushing myself to do more as it's just not happening at the moment! I should do them more often as I just end up with a picture heavy post but never mind!

So my friend Gill had a 50th birthday coming up at the beginning of June but I didn't get chance to see her before hand and she was away on holiday for her birthday. I finally got to see her yesterday and give her her gift so I can now show it. I had a bit of a problem finding something to stitch for her. She loves the beach and the sea but I didn't have anything in my stash and nowhere in the UK seemed to have anything in stock that took my fancy so I had to resort to plan B! I remembered her saying that she really liked something I had stitched for someone else a few years ago so I stitched that! I am happy to say that she liked it. Phew!

Homespun Elegance Family, Friends, Faith Forever ( from the Jan/ Feb 2013 issue of Just Cross Stitch )

32 count white jobelan

Victorian Motto Sampler Threads Faded Berries

Started 21st May 2017

Finished 29th May 2017

Birthday gift for Gill.

The other night I had another finish. I just love this piece. I've stitched it for Abi :)

Lizzie*Kate Promise Me

32 count Sparklies Gingerbread Murano


I just can't get a good photo to show how pretty the fabric is.

So I had a new start because I'd finished Promise Me. I had another Lizzie*Kate kitted so that is what I started. It's one of the Boxer series and it's I Cannot Count My Day Complete. I'm stitching it on the fabric that came with the chart and DMC.

Barb and I are still doing our sheepy SAL on a Friday evening. I have nearly finished mine and just have a little backstitch to do to finish the sheep off. It is Forget Me Not which I won in a giveaway from Chris in the USA a while ago. 

Barb and I are also stitching together on a Monday evening but we are doing different themes at the moment. She is stitching Spring by Cross Eyed Cricket Collection and I am stitching Silver Creek Samplers Through the Storms. I have restarted the verse and got it all stitched!

Mini Jolly Old Fellow has been a bit slow going. I think I'm getting a bit bored now but I am nearly there. Well I say nearly but I do still have 2 more partial pages to go after this one!

I have finished the first bit of The Magic! I am so glad that I persevered with over one on 32 count as it does look rather good. I might not finish it the same as the model. I made a small start of the next bit.
Everytime I do a post I forget about LHN My Lady Christmas but not this time! I only stitch on this for a couple of hours a week at the craft group I go to. I love how it is looking.

I have been a bit naughty since my last post *hangs head in shame yet again* but I have done really well so far this year with my stash buying. Anyway I have been looking at the Stitchrovia charity SAL for a while and finally decided to buy it. I think it is for such a brilliant cause ( MIND in case you haven't heard of it or seen it ) and as someone who has suffered from mental health problems and whose Mum went through it and tried to commit suicide I felt I just had to have it. Both my girls have anxiety issues and struggle with depression from time to time too so it something very close to my heart. I haven't made a start yet but hope to soon.

My next purchase happened when I was surfing on Peakside Needleworks and I saw Sue had an LHN chart called House Rules which I really, really wanted so I ordered that along with a piece of 36 count fabric to stitch it on and a DMC I was running out of.

Then this last week I needed that DMC to finish Promise Me and my local shop is now closed so I can no longer just nip in there when I need the odd one. So I went through my charts and my DMC to kit up a few projects for the next few months and popped an order in with Lakeside Needlecrafts as they are the cheapest I've found DMC here in the UK. They arrived very quickly too so I was impressed :)

Now I need to behave for a few months at least! As I said I have done well on Stitch from Stash and hope to keep it up for the rest of the year. I have signed up for part B starting next month. 

Thank you all for your lovely comments last time especially those congratulating Abi on passing her driving test. She now has a lovely little Fiat 500 Pop to drive around in. It is taking some getting used to and her anxiety kicked in big style when she got it but she's getting there now. She hasn't been far in it yet but she did pluck up the courage to go to Beverley the other day and that boosted her confidence.

That's all my news for this time. I have some pieces half made up so hopefully by the time I post again I'll have them fully finished!!

Until next time.

With much love,

Sally xx