Saturday, 29 December 2007


Sloane the Snowman!! I finished up this little chappie on Christmas Eve but I haven't been on the PC since to show him. This is the design by The Trilogy that I mentioned in a previous post. He was stitched on 32 count linen using GAST. I'm not sure how I'll finish him off yet but I will have a think and decide:) As I said before this chart was an RAK from Missy on the SMO MB so I'd love to pass this on to one of my regular blog commenters so if you would like the chart just leave a comment saying so and I'll pick a winner late next week.

Anyway I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We've had a brilliant time just chatting and playing. We were lucky enough to get a Nintendo Wii for the girls from my Dad ( just in the right place at the right time when Gamestation had stocks) so we've spent quite a lot of time on playing bowling, golf etc.and generally having a laugh. The girls were really pleased with their presents as were DH and I. I received a Nintendo DS Lite ( I think we're keeping Nintendo going this year!) along with the Brain Training game and I won't embarrass myself by telling you all what my brain age is at the moment! I also received clothes, body spray, shower gel, boots, a book, several CDs ( Mika, Nickleback, Westlife and 2 by Take That), a DVD, slippers, and a bag.

I did get some lovely stash. DH bought me AMAP Victoria's Quaker and Blackbird Designs With Needle and Thread book, and I also received some fabby and threads from Karen, Drawn Thread Spot of Winter from Lisa, thread and a lovely little box from Julie and thread from Jayne ( along with a Cadbury Magical Elf!). I haven't done a deal of stitching though over the past few days. Chatelaine Christmas Mystery IV came out and I did a little bit of that but I'm not sure I have the enthusiasm to finish it. Last night I prepared my fabby for the RR that Lisa, Chris, Tracy, Jane and I are doing and I might even start that tonight. Will see how I feel as I'm full of cold and not feeling too brilliant. I thought I'd missed out on it as DH has had his about four weeks now.

Time to review my goals for 2007 and see how I've done. I must admit that I'm quite pleased as I've just about completed everything I wanted to stitch barring Winter Sampler from Cross Stitcher ( not started), Indigo Rose Bee Charmer ( not started), Chatelaine Christmas Mystery IV ( started but not finished) and Midsummer Nights Designs Sweet World ( not started). So not too bad really! I haven't even looked at my stash to see what I'd like to stitch in 2008 but I may well just leave it open and decide as I go along! Anyway here is my up-to-date WIP piccie of the Christmas Mystery. As I have said before this has put me off ever doing another of the Chatelaine mysteries without seeing a lot of it first! Once bitten, twice shy as they say!

I am now doing the 20 project challenge and am keeping my finger's crossed that I can do well with it. I was going to wait until 1st January but I won't be buying anything else now so I may as well make a start:) I fancy a new start tonight but I think I should just concentrate on what I have on the go for now! I'll have a new start on 1st January as that is when Karen and I start our SAL on Ink Circles Sea Stars which I'm looking forward to. I need to sort my fabby but my threads are wound onto bobbins ready to go!

That's it for me! If I don't get chance to blog before I'd like to wish everyone a Happy, healthy, prosperous, stash- filled 2008:). I promise to catch up on blogs over the next couple of days. Google Reader tells me I have 127 posts to catch up on! LOL!


Teejay said...

Good luck on the challenge; it sounds like you have a lot of wonderful charts to work
on in 2008, can't wait to see your progress.

Dawn said...

Sloane looks great :) Would love to be in it to win it :)

Sounds like you had a lovely xmas and some great pressies!

Paula said...

Happy Christmas and New Year Sally....sounds like you all had a great day. I WANT a dslite Then again I'd probably get no stitching done!!! ll

Sloan is gorgeous, I'd love to enter your contest for him... thanks.

Good luck with the 20 project challange you'll have no problems doing it Sally..

Eh...what's google reader?? How do you get that?? And does it tell you when blogs are updated????

Happy New Year to you and all the family Sally, hope it's a great year for you all

Stitchingranny said...

Well done on the snowman Sally. Glad you had a nice Christmas with your family and hope that the New Year brings you all health and happiness.

I am envious of your Victoria Quaker, I have been wanting that one for ages, but Santa missed that one lol. Still I did get lots of other nice ones.

Karen said...

I love your snowman very cute, I can't wait to start our sal

Julie said...

Cute snowman, good luck with your plans for 20008

Happy New Year to you and yours Sally

Dawn said...

Sloane is adorable! I would love to enter your drawing:)

Happy New Year to you and your family!

stitcherw said...

Sloan turned out very cute, congratulations on another finish. The mystery one is looking very elegant. I've never been brave enough to try one of the mystery ones as want to know what I'm stitching before I stitch it.

You did great on your 2007 goals, and I can't wait to see you start Sea Stars, that is such a neat piece. Glad you had such a nice Christmas, sounds like lots of wonderful goodies were had by all.

Ranae said...

The snowman is a cutie alongside the birdhouse.
I bet the girls were happy to see the Nintendo Wii.
Good Luck with the 20 challenge.
Happy Holidays!!

Sam said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous (Nintendo!) Christmas Sally :o) Your snowman looks great! Lots of luck with the challenge and a very happy new year to you.

Annemarie said...

Sloane is gorgeous! I might have to dig that one out of my stash pile...

Good luck with your challenge!

sammyjo said...

The snow mans pretty grovy looking lol and the christmas mystery looks great. have a happy new year sally.

P.S. is'nt he bowling on the wii adictive lol

kathyskreations said...

Glad to hear you had a great christmas Sally. Hope you have a great New year and that 2008 is a good one.

Awww he is a cute finished congrats hun.

Hugs xxxx

kathyskreations said...

Glad to hear you had a great christmas Sally. Hope you have a great New year and that 2008 is a good one.

Awww he is a cute finished congrats hun.

Hugs xxxx

Hazel said...

Happy New year Sally. You did really well with all your goals. Well done. xx

lena-lou said...

Sloane is gorgeous, I love him :-))

All very best wishes to you and your family for a wonderful Happy New Year 2008 :-))

Have a great time and thank-you for visiting my blog throughout the year !!

Anita said...

The snowman is very cute. What a wonderful christmas you had and the christmas stash. Have a wonderful new year.

Michelle said...

Your snowman is so cute! You really did great on your goals, and your new stash sounds so fun!