Saturday, 22 December 2007

My Christmas Biscornu:)

Yesterday I was able to finish off my Just Nan Christmas Biscornu and I am delighted with the finished thing. It is so beautiful and so sparkly although the pictures do not do it justice at all. It's so dull I am struggling to get decent photos. It's too dark without the flash yet the flash bleaches it out. Anyway thanks to photo editing software these are not too bad! I am definitely not going to be putting this one away with the Christmas decorations:)

Now that is finished I have made a small start on The Trilogy Sloane the Snowman. Nothing to show yet but there might be before Christmas! It uses WDW and GAST but I tried to match the colours to GAST as I don't have WDW. I decided ages ago that I couldn't collect both and prefer the GAST!

Postie was good to me today and I finally have my Christmas ornament from Simone's exchange just in time for Christmas! I honestly thought I had been forgotten in this exchange so it's nice to have this at last. This is from Tina B and it is lovely.
Well the shopping is done, the pressies are wrapped and now all that I need to do is make a Yule Log and prepare the food for Christmas Day. I have had a weep this morning for my Mum as I still miss her so much even after 22 years.

Whilst we were grocery shopping this morning ( seems like everybody had the same idea of going early and it was bedlam) DH asked me if a lady stood across the aisle was Alison who was my best friend at secondary school. I said no it isn't but she had her head down a little reading her shopping list. When she looked up I realised it was so went over to her. It took her a while to realise it was me but when she did she flung her arms round me! It was lovely to see her as we've not seem each other properly since my Abi was a baby and now we're hoping to get together in the New Year!

That is all for today. I may not get to blog again until after Christmas so, just incase, Merry Christmas to all my lovely blog readers, and a Happy, healthy, prosperous, stash- filled New Year:) {{{{hugs}}}} to you all.


Claire said...

Love the Biscornu Sally - so festive and pretty!


Karen said...

very nice Biscornu, great orni that will look nice on the tree, how nice to meet up with a old friend

sammyjo said...

Happy Christmas i love the Just Nan Christmas Biscornu its really pretty can i steal it please? lol

Vonna said...

Your Christmas Biscornu is lovely! Superior Work!
Hurray on receiving your ornie! It's very pretty!

Dawn said...

Oh your biscornu is beautiful! The ornament is very lovely:)

Merry Christmas to you and your family:)

Marita said...

Your Biscornu is gorgeous.

So fantastic you got to catch up with an old friend. Great early christmas gift.

Julie said...

Stunning biscornu, it's beautiful. Nice ornie too. How wonderful to meet an old friend
{{Big hug}} Sally
Merry Christmas to you and your family too

Stitcher said...

Great finish Sally, and love the ornie you received. Have a wonderful Christmas.


Michelle said...


Your stitching is so pretty. I would keep it out longer than Christmas too! I hope you have a Merry Christmas.


stitcherw said...

Your biscornue turned out beautiful, and your WIP's are looking good too, I especially enjoyed seeing GG. What a pretty ornament you received in the exchange, I'm glad that you got it in time to enjoy it. Hope things are looking better to you now too, and be careful of your back. Have a wonderful Christmas.

Carol said...

Merry Christmas Sally! Your biscornu is so pretty, and I am so glad we both received our ornaments this week too :-)

Nic said...

What a pretty finish!

Merry Christmas!

Svenja said...

The biscornu is beautiful!

Merry Christmas Sally!

TeresaB said...

Sally your biscornu is so pretty! How lovely that you were able to finish it before Christmas Day. There's no way I'd put it away after Christmas either.

Hope your Christmas Day was wonderful!

Sachiko said...

So lovely Biscornu Sally!!
Have a happy new year!!!

Michelle said...

Beautiful biscornu! What a lovely design.

Karan said...

Love the JN biscornu, it's so pretty, & great progress on Winter. Cute ornie too. :0)