Wednesday, 5 August 2009

An RAK For Lynda

A while ago Lynda very kindly offered to send a Blackbird Designs chart I had on my wish list which she had two of. Stitchers are such kind people and I do like to repay that kindness when I can. It may take me a while to get around to it but I do try:) Anyway I decided to finally finish up Blackbird Designs My Pink House and send it to Lynda as a thank you and I had a lovely email from her to say she received it and loved it:)

Blackbird Designs My Pink House

Sugar Maple Fabrics but I can't remember the name


RAK for Lynda.

Today is Helen's ( stitching granny) birthday but I can't show what I stitched for her as I'm not sure she has received it or not yet so I'll save that for another day:)

I haven't got much else to show other than some WIPS. Sunday evening, as always, was Winter Wingding night. I'm now at the bottom. Unfortunately the picture does not do this piece justice. There is an owl ( minus it's eyes) at the bottom but you can't see it. It was difficult to get a decent picture as it's so dull here today
Monday night it was time for hunky HAED Guardian to come out to play and I decided that I just can't put him away at the moment so he came out again last night as well. He's also coming out tonight and tomorrow night if I get chance to stitch then:) I just love how this is looking
:) It's so nice to actually see his face.
I didn't get my Shepherd's Bush needleroll for July finished in time as I didn't quite get the stitching finished but here's where it's at now. Just needs the lace stitching on and I can finish it up:)

I had a message from Barb ( no blog) asking if I would like SB Emmanuel's Song kit. She'd found it when she was having a tidy up of her stash. Well it's Christmas and it has sheep on it and it's a gorgeous design so I said yes please and she sent me it:) Thank you so much Barb. It is greatly appreciated and I know I will have great pleasure stitching it:)
I've got a busy-ish day tomorrow shopping for drinks for the small family get together we're having for Jess' 18th on Friday and I also have to pick her cake up. Then I have my appointment with the ENT specialist in the afternoon. It hasn't been bothering me as I've been so wrapped up thinking about Jess' birthday but now it's near I'm in a panic!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week. I must say the weather is leaving a lot to be desired at the moment. Abi and I had planned a nice long walk on the beach but it's raining:((

Take care everyone and thank you to those of you who continue to visit and comment.



Angela said...

Love the RAK.

You've certainly been busy with your needle this week.

Hope the birthday plans and your appointment go smoothly.

staci said...

A very sweet pinkeep! I'm sure Lynda was delighted with her surprise!

jane said...

lovely RAK gift Sally and Winter Wingdings is coming on great. Have a lovely time on Friday - it's hard to believe they grow up so fast isn't it

Dianne said...

You've been very busy! Everything looks lovely!

Ranae said...

love the charts you received. The pinkeep is a cutie. The stitching looks great as always. The needleroll is going to be gorgeous.
Happy Birthday to Jess, have fun with the party
GL at the ENT

Kim B said...

Stitchers are so generous! And your WIPs are looking great!

Michelle said...

Beautiful progress on your WIPS and the RAK is beautiful!!

sammyjo said...

good luck at the ENT specialists, hate those check-ups but it's best to get them over with lol! Happy birthday to Jess, hope she has a good one!

winter windings looks great sally! wish i had time to do some stitching but everythings packed up from moving out last weekend lol havent gotten round to unpacking much yet! to busy trying to figure out the washing machine lol!

Julie said...

You've been a busy stitcher again, guaardain is lovely.

Hope Jess has a lovely day, aqnd good luck with your appt.

Maxine said...

Love all your stitching Sally, I especially love watching WW grow. I think stitchers are a very special breed:) and good luck with your appointment hun I hope you get some answers (((hugs)))

Ginnie said...

Lovely work as usual, The Guardian looks fantastic, you are working really well on this. Hope Jess has a nice birthday and good luck at the ENT. x

Cindy F. said...

What an adorable RAK!! I LOVE it!!
Good job Sally:)
Your wips are AMAZING!!! Beautiful stitching girl!

Chiloe said...

Sally, your stitching is always amazing! You are stitching such great pieces and I really admire you!

Brigitte said...

What a nice gift for Lynda. I love this design very much, and the fabric you used for it looks fantastic.

Karan said...

Thoroughly enjoyed my catch up & seeing all the beautiful pieces, both finishes & WIP's. :0)
Hope all went well at the ENT appointment (((((hugs))))).

Anonymous said...

Hi Sally,

Just to say publically another great big THANK YOU for your lovely pinkeep RAK.
To say that I am still overwhelmed is an understatement. My husband is making a special box frame for it, so I can display it so everyone can see it!
Hope your daughter had a wonderful birthday, and that all is well with you.
Love and best wishes,