Wednesday, 14 March 2012

I Sew'd My Heart and A Couple of RAKS

Thankfully my DH knew how to blur out my maiden name on my finish of I Sew'd My Heart and how to is now firmly lodged in my brain for the next time I need to do something like that! I had a little "Duh!" moment when I realised where I was going wrong:) Anyway I personalised it with my maiden name and added the year 1970 but I'm now thinking I should have stitched a later year. Did schoolgirls of old stitch samplers are the age of 7????

Heartstring Samplery I Sew'd My Heart

32 count Vintage Country Mocha Linen


Started 3rd February 2012

Finished 11th March 2012

I have to say that I just love this piece and it is definitely my favourite finish this year so far. If you're interested in finding out about this design and how to obtain the chart please read here:) I don't know how I'm going to this yet. Any suggestions?

The two RAK's I entrusted to Royal Mail yesterday have safely reached their destinations. First off this little pin cushion arrived at the Mouse house.

The Primitive Hare Please Enter Your Pin

35 count coffee dyed fabric


Started 8th March 2012

Finished 10th March 2012

RAK/ Thank You for Mouse.

Mouse kindly sent me some pretty pins so I stitched this up as a thank you for her:) 

The second RAK went to Jane as she's been very much under the weather with a nasty chest infection. As soon as I saw this design I just knew I had to stitch it for her. Those of you who know Jane will know she has two of the cutest little bunnies called Tilly and Oscar so I thought this would be nice for her :)

Pilgrims & Pioneers 1820 Bunnies and Tulips

35 count coffee dyed fabric


Started and Finished 8th March 2012.

RAK for Jane.

 Mouse and Jane love their little gifts and that makes my day :)

I've got another piece all finished up from my finishing pile. My Feb ornament The Cat's Whiskers Joyeux Noel.  Please excuse the dull photo.

I have been stitching on my WIPS SB The Journey and L*K 6 Fat Men but forgot to take photos of them so will save those for my next blog post. 

Still catching up on blogs too so if I haven't got around to you just yet I will do soon. 

I was intent on maybe doing a little stitching this afternoon but I guess I'd better do some housework instead!

Thank you to those of you who take time to read and comment on my ramblings :) It means a lot to me.

Until next time:)

With much love



Siobhán said...

Beautiful stitching, Sally! Love the 'I Sew'd My Heart', and the gifts are lovely.

Ranae said...

I just love I Sew'd My Heart, gotta love that mocha linen.
What fantastic RAK's and so very thoughtful
Take care!

Deb said...

Beautiful stitching Sally and the two RAKs are fantastic!

Julie said...

Sew'd my heart s a stunning piece, no wonder it's your favourite so far this year.
2 lovely RAK gifts

Margaret said...

I love that finish of yours! And the finishing as well! I bet both ladies were thrilled with their RAKs too!

Lesleyanne said...

A gorgeous finish Sally. I'm glad you sorted out how to blur your name. Two beautiful RAKs sent out. I am not surprised Mouse and Jane were thrilled with them. Look forward to seeing your progress on your other two wips.

Anonymous said...

Hello Sally

your finish is beautiful.

Lovely RAK's too.

Happy stitching!

Christine said...

I sew'd my heart is just gorgeous, and I love the two little RAKs you made

Barb said...

Sally love your I sewd my heart and I have downloaded the one from Isabella to stitch sometime.
Such lovely gifts

Christina said...

As usual Sally, the finishing on your 2 RAK's is just perfect. I'm not surprised that Mouse & Jane were thrilled to bits.
I Sew'd my heart is really lovely - I look forward to seeing how you finish it. I'm not sure at what age girls started embroidering back in the day. I had a quick look online and found simple samplers stitched by 6 year olds. I also found a sampler stitched by a 10 year old & it was stunning!!

Mouse said...

well done on your I sew;d my heart finish .. think I am going to do something similar to Beth's once mine is done *whistles
and thank you so much for my wee pillow it is gorgeous and over one *sigh
Jane's is really cute too and I hope she starts to feel better soon :)
love mouse xxxxx

Heather said...

I remember seeing an antique programme like Bargain Hunt or something and they found a sampler stitched by a 5 year old girl back in 1790 and it sold for over £3,000

Michelle said...

Oh Sally your finish is adorable as are your RAK's xx

Michelle said...

'I Sew'd My Heart' is such a lovely piece - congrats on the beautiful stitching! I love the RAK's too!

Catherine said...

Great rak pieces and The ornament is so cute! I love your finish of I Sew'd My Heart. I finished mine last year and completely understand your love for this piece!

Mylene said...

Beautiful finish and what lovely pieces you've sent out.

jane said...

Lovely finish on I Sew'd My Heart Sally and 2 beautiful RAK gifts.

Deborah said...

The rak's are lovely. I sew'd is beautiful!

Karen said...

Very pretty finish! All of your stitched pieces are wonderful... great way to make a friend's day.

happy stitching...

Ellen said...

"I Sew'd My Heart" is gorgeous, love it!

Great RAKs!


Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

I love the "I sewed my Heart" and have to get that chart one of these days when I'm out and about! Certainly, girls of 6 and 7 stitched quite intricate samplers so yours is perfect.

Lovely RAKs and your ornament is very pretty, too!

Veronica said...

Beautiful finish, Sally. Oh, that Enter Your Pin pillow is just adorable. I really HAVE to make one for myself soon. I love how you added the blue ribbon to it.

I'm trying hard to catch up on blog reads too.


Lois said...

What a lovely finish, Sally! And what nice gifts for Mouse and Jane.

Kate said...

Gorgeous finish and lovely RAK pieces too. I may have to add I Sew'd My Heart to my stitching list.

Pumpkin said...

Oh Sally, what a beautiful finish! I'm glad to hear you're happy with it :o)

I just saw Jane's gift on her Blog. What a truly thoughtful thing for you to do for her and Mouse.

Your ornament turned out great!

Anne said...

Such pretty Rak's you made SAlly! I love the pin one for Mouse! It's so sweet and tiny!!! The schoolgirls really did stitch at age 7! Some of them did massive samplers! I'm always amazed when I see that a young girl stitched a huge one and they aren't even 10 yet!!!

Beth Pearce said...

Your Sampler is beautiful, and your RAKs are fantastic! I really like your ornie too.

Patty C. said...

The RAKS are just awesome ;)

Carol said...

Oh, I just love that finish, Sally!! Thanks for the link on how to get a copy of the chart, too... Looks like an enjoyable piece to stitch :)

Such nice RAK's to Mouse and Jane--you are a most thoughtful friend!

Angela said...

Love both of your RAK's! Wonderful progress of the Sew'd My Heart.

Tatkis said...

Your RAKs are so lovely, but the first sampler is so sweet and delicate!


♥ Nia said...

Beautiful finishes :) Congrats sweetie!!
Happy weekend to you :D

staci said...

Compared to the little girls who used to stitch samplers, my skills must be infant-like ;) Your sampler is lovely.

Very sweet RAK's Sally, I'm sure your friends were thrilled with them!

Lynn said...

I'm in love with I Sew'd My Heart! I'll definitely be checking into this one some more. You did a beautiful job on this one.

Wonderful RAK stitches too!

Solstitches said...

Two pretty RAK's and I Sew'd my Heart is gorgeous.
As always you are an inspiration with all that you achieve.

Suzanne said...

Such pretty little finishes! Love the pin one the best.