Saturday, 29 May 2010

Prize FROM Christine and Other Stuff!

I have lots to show you today! Lol! First of all postie came with an envelope for me from Christine. I won her blogoversary draw a while ago and just look at this beauty that was inside :) She said in her note "better late than never" and let me tell you this was well worth waiting for :) Thank you so much Christine, I absolutely love it! Email on the way:)

I decided I wanted to stitch up a little RAK for Barb earlier in the week. Barb is a wonderful friend who always has kind words, lifts my spirits and has sent me needleroll charts and also kindly sent me SB Emmanuel's Song. Now I know she is a keen reader so I decided to stitch the Victoria Sampler Friends Count bookmark for her and now I know she has received it and loves it I can show it here.

Victoria Sampler Friends Count Little Learning Bookmark

28 count evenweave

DMC threads

Started 24th May 2010

Finished 26th May 2010

RAK for Barb

As I said in another post I made a start on Drawn Thread Spot of Spring and intend on trying my hand at a mattress pinkeep with Lisa. Well the stitching is now finished, I have the back stitched with my initials and year so now I just have to work out how big I need the sides then when Lisa is ready we'll have a go at putting them together! I really enjoyed stitching this and can't wait to do the others.

Drawn Thread A Spot of Spring

28 count evenweave


Started 18th May 2010

Finished 26th May 2010

My final finish for this post is The Sampler Girls At Home With Jane Austen the SAL I have been doing with Barb, Lesleyanne, Hazel and Tracy. This has been such a joy to stitch and I look forward to stitching more of Tanya's designs. I think I'll be saving up to have this one framed. Thank you so much ladies for SALing with me:)

The Sampler Girl At Home With Jane Austen

36 count flax linen

DMC and Crescent Colours

Started 9th April 2010

Finished 27th May 2010

You will not believe this but yesterday afternoon I was feeling pretty fed-up with myself. Thursday afternoon I started to feel unwell and was really peeved as I was supposed to be visiting Chris yesterday but had to cancel because of that. Then yesterday I had one of those stupid headaches that are something and nothing but made me feel yuck! If that makes sense. I just wanted a quiet afternoon and had a sudden urge to pick Chatelaine Spring Morning up. By the time it came to preparing something for tea I really did not want to put it down! So here's my progress and I think it'll be coming out more often now.

I am hoping to get block 5 finished on CHS SoHRH tonight. This is last weeks progress so I have done more since this piccie. I am really enjoying this block but not looking forward to the biggie that I'll be moving onto next!

My final WIP is, of course, Just a Thought Sampler Garden Casket and here is the finished casket top. I love these bunnies! I'll be making a start on the casket bottom tomorrow, fingers crossed!

Just a reminder that there is still time to enter the giveaway in my previous post. I will drawing a winner on Monday :)

Finally my stitching plans for next month will, hopefully, see HAED Guardian being stitched on regularly again as Lisa and I are having our own UFO night again this time on Wednesdays. I really feel the need to get back to this again as I need a guardian angel of my own:) lol!

I hope everyone in the UK has a wonderful bank holiday weekend. It's typical bank holiday weather as it's raining and a bit chilly! And to all my friends in the US have a safe Memorial Day:)

Take care everyone.


Sally xx


Jules said...

So many beautiful pieces! Thanks for sharing.

jane said...

Beautiful stitching Sally, the bookmark for Barb is very nice, I have stitched that one and enjoyed it a lot. Shores is looking great - not much progress here I'm afraid. Lovely gift from Christine too.
Hope you are feeling better soon - this miserable weather doesn't help, I find.

Elaine said...

What a beautiful gift you received Sally. Your wips as usual are all just gorgeous and your finished SAL is just lovely.
Hope you are having a lovely week-end. Hugs!

staci said...

That is a really wonderful prize you've received! Love the bookmark you made and all of your stitching is beautiful. I'm always amazed by how much you get accomplished!

Barb said...

Sally YES I DO love it,what a sweetie you are. OOhh lovely wips there too and well done on the At Home finish. Stocking next perhaps start July hmmm? Hopefully updating blog soon so you can see what I have been up to. Christine stitched a super piece for you,arent stitchers the best.
Take care and lots of hugs

Mylene said...

What a lovely gift from Christine!

The sampler finish looks gogeous as well your WIP. You sure been busy stitching.
Sorry though you are feeling down lately, i do hope you are feeling much better by now.

Sounds like we have the same weather over here at the moment.

Lesleyanne said...

Beautiful stitching as always. Lovely piece received. Congrats on your finish of Sampler Girl. Thank you for letting me join in.

Christine said...

So glad you like it :)
Some great finishes there, love the JA sampler, and the Drawn Thread piece is really pretty too

KarenV said...

You got a lovely giveaway prize from Christine, very pretty. Congratulations on your finishes and your progresses, you've been very busy!

Solstitches said...

Everything is so lovely.
The Sampler Girl piece is gorgeous and what a pretty gift you received.
I've had a lovely time catching up on your blog and, just like Staci, am amazed at how much you manage to get done.

Suzanne said...

I love the piece that you won, what a great prize. Your WIP's are looking great.

Nic said...

What a lovely gift.

And you have some fabulous finishes and works in progress, it's always a pleasure to come to your blog to see the pretties!

Michele B. said...

Sally, it is a pleasure to look at everything you craft. You choose such wonderful projects and you stitch them so beautifully. I don't know how you do it all, but I'm glad that you do!

Carol said...

What a treat to visit your blog today, Sally! You have so many beauties to share with us--especially love the Drawn Thread piece and I look forward to seeing your finished piece.

Hope the weather improves--we are enjoying a perfect Memorial Day weekend so far...

Brigitte said...

Wow, you've had quite a number of finishes lately - first the pinkeep finish of Peppermint Twist, and now all these lovely finishes. I can't wait to see the DT spring piece made into a mattress pinkeep. It seems to be a perfect finishing for the design.
Great stitching on your WIPs as well. I hope you are feeling better by now.

mbroider said...

Lot of wonderful projects going on here!!

Julie said...

Lots of lovely pics of great progress. Nice bookmark for Barb, i've stitched that a couple of times for people too.

I'll let Mr Stick know you wont be joining him on Tuesdays then LOL

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Dear Sally, My goodness what gorgeous stitching you've accomplished and finished. I'm in awe and green with envy! It's impossible to say which is more beautiful than the other. I think of you often, and love hearing from you by bits on facebook. :]

Raven/Missy said...

The sewing pocket from Christine is gorgeous! What a wonderful prize, congratulations!

What a beautiful bookmark you made for Barb, I am sure she loves it. It is very delicate and pretty!

Spot of Spring looks great! I am sure you will have fun making a mattress pincushion and that you will do a good job!

Your girls at home looks fabulous, well done!

Your Chatelaine, SoHRH, and sampler garden all look great! You have made wonderful progress on all 3 :)

Berit said...

Oh, Gosh! Who could know where to look first--everything is just so lovely. I think my favorite is your mattress cushion front--can't wait to see your foray into finishing it. :D

Hope you feel better soon! I know exactly what you mean by the "something and nothing"; I get that with allergies at times.

Kajsa said...

You have really gotten a lot done. Everything looks wonderful! Congratulations on all your finishes!

Karan said...

Gorgeous win from Christine & RAK for Barb. WTG on the beautiful finishes & your WIP's are a joy to watch as they develop.:0)