Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Hermitting & Frogging!

Well I hermitted a little this weekend but not much was done and what was done on one piece was frogged last night! Darn and I just remembered I haven't taken a photo of my SB progress from Monday night. I'd better rectify that in a minute! 

So I was feeling pretty fed-up what with one thing and another so not much stitching on HAED Guardian on Friday. I've finally come to a decision on this piece and at the moment I'm not sure if it will work or not but I can't stand to carry on stitching this and it take me many more years. I love this piece but it's taking too long and I can't stand to stitch on it more than I am now so................

See where I'm at now? Well I'm thinking of stitching the angel's wings on the next page along then stopping. Framing it or whatever just so the wings show and leaving it at that. Not sure if that makes sense or not but as I feel right now this is never going to get finished so if I finish it at that point at least I can display it and move on. I just don't want to stitch this much more that I have to. I will probably do another HAED at some point as I've promised Abi I'd start Holly Fairy again but I'll never start another big one again.

Saturday we were hospital visiting ( long story so won't go into it ) so I didn't pick up a needle until gone 9 pm. I'd decided not to pick up Guardian so stitched on L*K 6 Fat Men instead. Here is where I got to.

However when I picked it up again last night I had to frog and restitch and this is where I left it when I went to bed! 

Picture taken of Shepherd's Bush The Journey now. The border met ( yay) so I've now started on the flowers at the top left. 

Finally this is the pile of projects I've picked out to do when I'm recovering! I won't stitch them all but these are what I fancy so will sort fabric and threads before I go into hospital then take one in with me.

Tonight is LHN Summer Splendor SAL night with Mouse so looking forward to that :) Might be hospital visiting again though so might not get much done.

I had my pre-op assessment yesterday and it looks like I'm good to go providing, of course, my MRSA swabs come negative ( no reason why they shouldn't) and my bloods are OK. I am feeling very wound up at the moment and could really do to relax or my BP will be sky high by the time I go! Family stuff is really not helping!

While DH and I were out yesterday I bought some wool. I've taken the plunge and found a couple of shawl patterns free on Ravelry one of which was recommended by a stitching friend. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on wool in case I make a mess of it so just bought some cheap in Boyes. It's a lovely raspberry red colour. I want to finish my snood first though.

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments for Abi on my last post and to those who emailed me ( you know who you are) thank you so much for sharing your experiences. Her ECG was fine but we do intend to keep and eye on things. Abi was saying that since she had the ECG it's not happened!

The weather is horrible here today so not feeling like doing much of anything. I just want to stay by the fire and keep warm!

Take care everyone.

With much love.



Julie said...

You might find it easier to knit when you recover than stitch, easier to pick up and put down when you tire as you recover.
Lovely progress on your projects.
Hope all is well for your hospital patient.

Vickie said...

Sally, I think that sounds like a great plan with your HAED. Why stitch something dreadfully? Keep stitching other things to keep your BP down. :)

Shirlee said...

Staying by the fire & keeping warm sounds like heaven to me : )

Anne said...

I like your idea of finishing just the wings and framing the part you like. Why bother plugging away at something when you're just not into it?! Glad to hear Abi is okay, hope all goes well for you too!!



valerie said...

It sounds like you have a good plan with your Guardian. I do think it's a lovely piece but if it's no fun stitching...forget it! Great progress on your snowman and SB piece. Good luck with the surgery!

Michelle said...

I like the idea of staying warm by the fire - weather dreadful here. I will be thinking of you and glad to hear Abi is ok xx

Petitesxxx et Cie said...

Nice progress on your stitching projects.
Take care my Dear

Christina said...

Hasn't the weather been terrible? I got soaked on the school run this afternoon!
What a great idea to organise what you're going to stitch post-op. it gives you something to look forward to.
I'm very pleased that the border on your SB matched up...I bet you had a few nerve-wracking moments!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sally

What a nuisance your IHSW was hit by that darned frog!
Your projects are all looking great.
I like your idea for your HAED.
I am pleased that Abi is ok.
Good luck for your surgery, hope it goes well.

Mrs. GraceWorks said...

I think I would feel that way about an HAED, too. I love the ones that my dd has worked on, but they are just too big for me. I don't do well when there is no end in sight!!

You have a wonderful pile of projects pulled out for your recovery stitching. Have fun kitting them up!


Margaret said...

I hope you can relax and not get too stressed about your surgery. I know how it is though. Hope it goes well. Lovely stitching as always.

Carol said...

So glad to hear your daughter is doing well, Sally. I think you should stop with the next page, too... no sense in spending more time on a piece when you would rather be stitching something else. Life is too short :)

You've picked out some lovely charts to work on during your recovery. Best of luck with your surgery...

♥ Nia said...

I think it's a good idea for your wip, if you're not having fun it's better to finish it at some point! Looks like a good solution :)

Veronica said...

I think it's a good idea to stop where you want to on your HAED. No point continuing something when you're no longer having fun with it. This is why I probably won't ever stitch a HAED. I just can't see myself sticking to it for that long. Besides, the solid stitching scares me.

That's too bad about the frogs. Wish they would just stay in their ponds. Lovely progress on SB though. Love the projects you've had picked out.

Good luck with the surgery. Do take care!


Fiona said...

Hope all goes well with your up coming surgery and that you feel up to stitching/knitting as you recover. I'm glad your daughter is recovering and that she has had no more scares. I admire anyone who would take on a HAED, I don't blame you for finishing off on the next page. The design is beautiful and you really have achieved something irrespective of where you finish.

blue star stitcher said...

I like your idea of just finishing the wings on guardian.

Lois said...

Glad to hear that Abi is okay and feeling better and I'm also glad that your pre-op assessment went well. Your HAED is beautiful, even if you don't finish it all, what you'll frame is already stunning.

dulcinella said...

Lovely stitching! I think you're right concerning the HAED. life's too short to be stitching hours and hours on something we don't want to stitch on. I do hope your surgery goes well. Maybe you'd better take a few projects with you. This way you can see how you feel and what you're up to stitching after the surgery.

Joysze said...

I like your plan on framing up what you have with the HAED. Sounds like you're really over it, and it'd just be too stressful to keep pushing on with it.

Hope all goes well with the op.

Lesleyanne said...

I think you plan for Guardian is a good one. If you are not having fun with it anymore then it is time to draw a line. Sorry you had to frog your 6 Fat Men. I will be thinking of you on the day of your operation. Look forward to seeing your stitching. Glad Abi is feeling better.

butterfly said...

Hi Sally I enjoyed reading your post today.
Poor you I have days like that , your HAE looks great and yes it would look great framed like it is ,once the wings are stitched. I started one when they first came out , it is so much stitching I may pick mine up one day but at the moment I have moved on and stitch something else. There is nothing like starting some thing new to get you back in the swing.
Sorry you have allot going on in your life at the moment.
But good to hear your Abi is ok.
Have a great day, hugs.

Brigitte said...

I can see why you won't go on with your Gardian Angel. It's a beautiful project but a big one and when there isn't a lot of colour changes in it it easily becomes a bit boring, I think. And besides - why stitch on something when you don't like doing so. You have so many other projects that are so beautiful, so stitch on them, lol.

Solstitches said...

Life's too short to keep stitching on something when your heart's not in it.
I think it will look just as lovely framed at the point where you decide is a good place to stop.
Love your SB Journey.
Looking forward to seeing your shawl.

Ranae said...

I love that HAED, it's so romantic looking.
I love the charts you picked to do while recovering
Take care!!!

Catherine said...

Your plans for the HAED sound good. I don't think I could ever stitch one of those and admire those that can. All of your other goodies and stitches look great. Sending hugs and prayers to you!