Friday, 27 April 2012

A Cup of Tea For Shirlee!

You may remember in the post about my lovely RAK from Shirlee that I said I'd stitched an RAK for her too but had been ages getting it made up. Well I am happy to say that it has arrived with Shirlee and she loves it:) You will see the reason why it made me giggle when I received my RAK from her. The term great minds think alike came to mind immediately as while she was stitching a tea design for me I was also stitching one for her!
Le Chalet des Perelles A Cup of Tea

Unknown fabric

Carrie's Creations Old World Red

Started 25th March 2012

Finished 1st April 2012

RAK for Shirlee

I have another RAK in the post so hopefully it'll arrive at its destination in the next day or two. I'm enjoying doing these RAKs and have another two in the pipeline but doubt I will get them done for a while now.

Last night I added the last few stitches into LHN Summer Splendor. I shouldn't really have stitched on it again until next Wednesday but as I was so close to finishing I asked my SAL partner Mouse if she'd mind and she didn't so here it is:)
Little House Needleworks Summer Splendor

32 count Kiwi Illusions Merino


Started 28th March 2012

Finished 26th April 2012

SAL with Mouse

After I'd finished my LHN I decided to pick up L*K 6 Fat Men Snow Day and managed to stitch a bit more without making any mistakes ( I hope) and think I will carry on with it tonight.
Thank you for all your comments on my decision on HAED Guardian. It's so good to know that so many of you know just how I feel. I've said it before I know but I'm not cut out for such a massive project and I'll just stick to the quick stitches and tiny treasures in the future. OK they've not exactly quick but they're more doable!

Thank you also for your good wishes for my surgery. 2 weeks time and fingers crossed I should have it over with and be back home!

It was our 26th Wedding Anniversary yesterday :) Wow it doesn't seem like a year since it was our 25th and we went away for the night. We didn't do anything this time but my DH's auntie gave us some money to go for a meal or whatever we want to do so I think we'll do that. With all the stresses of late I think it'll be nice to do that.

We're still hospital visiting although I didn't go on Wednesday evening as I wasn't feeling well. It's my FIL that's in, he's been in a week now, and I thought I was going down with cold ( but haven't, fingers crossed!) and don't want to give him it as he has breathing problems. As it is I don't want to pick anything up either or I'd have to cancel my surgery. We've known what is wrong with him for a long time and this admission could probably have been avoided had he told the doctor everything when my DH took him the middle of last week.

Well I better get photos on this post and get it published as I have to be at my Dad's in a bit. I'm meeting with his ex carer who will be taking over my role on his Lifeline list while I'm recovering from my surgery. My sister and I aren't happy about it ( long story!) but it's what my Dad wants so what can we do?

Take care everyone.

With much love



Margaret said...

Lovely RAK for Shirlee! Love your finish too -- the colors are wonderful. And the WIP is so much fun! Hope your FIL is better soon. Also that your cold gets better and your surgery goes as scheduled. So hard to wait for surgery!

Vickie said...

Happy Anniversary! You have made good progress with stitching. Stay well. :)

Mrs. GraceWorks said...

What a sweet cup of tea you stitched! And your new finish is wonderful, too! Congrats on 26 years! That will be me, next year. : )

Stay well so your surgery can be over and done with and you can stitch on all the treasures you have picked out. Hey does that mean you are off of your stash only stitching once surgery is done??? Or was it until June?

Shirlee said...

I do indeed love my RAK! Thank you again Sally : ) I wish you a belated Happy Anniversary!

Kate said...

Gorgeous RAK Sally - amazing coincidence!
I absolutely love your LHN finish - I am still managing not to make a start on mine!
Hope your FIL is better soon.

Solstitches said...

What a lovely RAK for Shirlee.
I love that dotty teapot :)
Summer Splendor is beautiful and you are making good progress on your WIP.

Southpaw Stitcher said...

Sally, you "Cup of Tea" RAK is so darn cute! All your stitching is just beautiful! Good luck with your surgery and best wishes for a speedy recovery!

Petitesxxx et Cie said...

I love too much your Summer Splendor!
I will continue to keep you (and your Fil) in my thoughts.
Take care.

Christine said...

Beautiful RAK Sally, I love the red thread. Summer splendour lives up to it's name, it is definitely splendid

♥ Nia said...

Great minds think alike, it's true ;) heheheh Looks lovely =)
Happy anniversary :D and best wishes for you sweetie!!

Julie said...

Summer Splendor is a super finish. Gorgeous RAK gift.

Ranae said...

Lovely RAK for Shirlee
Pretty SAL finish
Best wishes for your FIL and you, of course.
I know I said it on FB, but
Happy Anniversary and many many more

cucki said...

very sweet stitching dear...i love it so much.
happy anniversary..
big hugs cucki xxx

Anne said...

Gorgeous RAK for Shirlee! I love that design! Your finishes are very good and precise!!! Love the SAL you are doing with Mouse! Such a sweet design :D

Hoping that no colds come your way and that all goes well!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sally

Your RAK for Shirlee is lovely and hers for you is too!
Happy Anniversary to you!
Your finish is lovely.
Hope your surgery goes well.

Michelle said...

I know Shirlee was delighted with her RAK Sally. The LHN finish is stunning well done. Will be thinking of you with the surgery - also wishing your FIL well x

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

What a wonderful RAK! Very pretty!

Summer Splendor is really pretty - such happy colors.

Hope your FIL gets better soon and that you keep those nasty colds at bay.

Finally, Happy Anniversary!

Carol said...

That is so cute that you and Shirlee stitched each other the same design, Sally :) It looks beautiful and your Summer Splendor finish is perfect. Makes me want to start mine soon, but I'm holding off until June :)

Penny said...

What a sweet gift for Shirlee! And a pretty finish on Summer Splendor! Wishing you a belated Happy Anniversary. :) Hoping you FIL is feeling better soon .

Katrina said...

Happy belated wedding anniversary Sally. The Cup of Tea RAK piece is lovely and so is Summer Splendor -I've had this chart on my to do list for sometime now.
Take care :)

Lesleyanne said...

Gorgeous RAK for Shirlee. How funny you were both stitching each other a tea design. Congrats on your LHN finish. Sending hugs for all you are going through at the moment.

Wendy said...

Happy anniversary! And such lovely stitching, I love tea designs

Catherine said...

Great stitches ~ sending along hugs and prayers!

Ellen said...

Love your gift for Shirlee! Summer Splendor is gorgeous!

Hope your surgery goes well, take care!


Lynn said...

Happy Anniversary! Lovely progress on your WIP and a great finish on your LHN. That one is a favourite of mine. It's sitting in my stash at the moment. You stitched a very pretty RAK for Shirlee. I'll bet she was thrilled with it!

Nicola said...

Good luck with your surgery, sending you a BIG hug xxx

Fiona said...

Your RAK looks great and your LK is making good progress. Congratulations on your anniversary.

Sharon said...

The RAK you sent Shirlee is lovely!