Thursday, 5 April 2012

Some Progress

I can't believe it's a week since I last posted. I think because I only have progress to show on my WIPs I sort of didn't feel like posting  in case you all get bored with them! I do have a finish but it needs making up and popping in the post and I hope to get the finishing done over the next few days then get it in the post after the Easter weekend.

I'm still stitching away on HAED Guardian and wondering if it's really worth putting a photo up. As anyone knows who stitches these or anything like them progress is slow if you only stitch a couple of nights a week but in all honesty if I did more I'd turn tired of it! It is good to have it out again and be stitching regularly on it ( for now!).

Barb and I stitched on our SB pieces on Monday evening. She started Poor Robin and I carried on with The Journey. I didn't think I was going to get much stitched on it but I did. I love how it's coming along and am quite pleased with my conversion to DMC. 

Tuesday evening I started my final Lizzie*Kate 6 Fat Men ( SAL with Lisa) which is Snow Day. As you can see I've done the border and a teeny bit of snow. I've loved stitching these cute snowmen and will miss them when I've finished the whole piece.

Last week I started Little Needleworks House Summer Splendor and Mouse joined me:) This pic is my progress from last night and Wednesday last week. I'm using DMC and Kiwi Illusions 32 count Belfast Merino. The cream flowers don't show up too well though so I think I'll have to backstitch around them. The house should be cream so I'll probably decide on another colour for that. 

I wasn't going to go to craft club on Tuesday as my washer broke last Thursday and an engineer was coming out to it Tuesday but of course they couldn't give me a round about time. Thankfully I have an insurance on it so nothing to pay out! Anyway the engineer arrived and was gone by 10.15 so I gathered all my stuff together and dashed to the museum. I made a bit of a start on my April ornament for the Christmas All Year Round SAL.

I went out and bought some wool the other day. I'd seen Hazel stitching the Deramores KAL snood and really loved the look of it but never went to find the pattern. Last week I decided to go back through the Deramores FB page, found the link and downloaded the pattern. I didn't want to get the Rowan wool as it's quite expensive and you need 2 balls so onto Ravelry I went to see what I could use instead! I ended up buying King Cole Mirage and Abi chose some so I could knit one for her. Watch this space!!! Lol!

The Easter weekend starts tomorrow so I'm hoping to get plenty of stitching in although we're going out one day depending on the weather! We had higher than normal temperatures for Spring these last few weeks then yesterday, wow, what a change! Still I have to admit that I was glad of the cooler temps but the high winds- no thank you! We missed the snow too which was a shame but we did get much needed rain.

I haven't got any photos of the new hamsters ( Wesley and Fozzy!). I tried to take some of Fozzy the other day but he wouldn't stay still long enough. He is trouble with a capital T as he's a huge bar chewer but he chews the bottom bar of his cage that hard it lifts a bit and bangs against the plastic bottom! Abi and I came home armed with lemon juice yesterday and wiped it on the bars as that is a solution we found on the internet! Wesley is a bit more laid back ( at the moment!) and just plods along like tomorrow will do!

Now I would normally talk on my other blog about stuff but I've kind of given up on it so if you don't want to read look away now! Lol! I've been considerably fed-up of late and in truth I don't think I've felt this bad for a long while. I had come quite a long way since the way I was early last year but it has been quite a struggle the last few weeks. I think lack of sleep is not helping and I worry too much about things. I think because I'm a stay at home Mum people think I'm just there regardless of what I'm doing or how I feel. I can't really say anymore than that as my blog comes up on Facebook and I don't know who reads it! And I feel so alone even though I have my girls and my DH. My stitching is truly my therapy. Anyway enough of that!

That's it from me for now. I caught up on blogs yesterday and loved reading about and seeing what you are all stitching. 

Take care everyone.

With much love



Diane (di) said...

Sally (my birthday buddy). I know exactly how you feel. I'm a SAHM mom, too and sometimes... yikes! One thing I do know is I'd be lost without my stitching. I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't put needle to fabric. If it helps at all, you are most definitely not alone. :)

Your stitching looks amazing as usual (Guardian, wow!) and I'll be holding you in my thoughts and prayers. ((hugs)) di

Mouse said...

oooo you have done a lot and well done on the summer one with me :) it was fun last night as was yacking to you hehehhe... will show progress later on once uploaded :)
and I'm here if you need to squeak :) usual place
love mouse xxxx

Chris said...

Hey Sally!
I love all your projects. You are making great progress.
I hope that the blues pass by soon. It is so hard when you are not sleeping well.

Margaret said...

Sorry you're feeling low again. I think being a SAH mom can be tough sometimes (I'm one too). And yes, I worry too -- that's what we're for, right? Like Di said, don't feel you're alone.

Love your stitching as always. Glad that washer got fixed in time so you could run to craft club too. And yay for insurance!

Vickie said...

Well Sally, count me in too. I am a SAHM also. I suffer from loneliness a lot. Yes, I have hubby and 3 teenagers, it is not the same as a girlfriend. Stitching and prayer, and my little dogs help immensely. I am sending prayers and hugs Sally. Easter blessings. :)

Jackie said...

Oh sorry to hear that you're having a tough time. Please get some rest and take care of yourself. It's times like this that you need to focus on pampering yourself and doing what you want/need to do. Put yourself first!

Your stitching is amazing as always. I'm always surprised at how much you get done. Glad the washer repair man showed up early so you could go to your group - that kind of stuff never happens here. Service men are always late!

Catherine said...

I always love seeing your stitchy progress, Sally!
As for the other matter, I agree with Diane, you are definitely not alone! Hugs!!

Christine said...

Lovely stitching Sally. Looking forward to seeing your progress on the KAL. Mine is almost finished. Might crack on with it this afternoon now that the weather has turned cold again

Kate said...

Ooh Summer Splendor - I just bought that last week and I'm trying my best not to start it until Simple Joys is finished. Lovely start on yours & your SB piece is looking great too.
Personally I applaud SAHMs you all do a great job and definately should not think that you are any less worthy than other people - in fact more worthy than many. Hope the "down" times pass quickly Sally.

Shirlee said...

Sally ... I remember the days of being a SAHM. People do take advantage but I think most of them don't really realize that they're doing it. They just assume "you're home anyway, so ...." SAHM or not, our stitching is a lifesaver for many of us. If I miss stitching even for a day then I'm lost.

I don't think any stitcher would get bored looking at your WIPs : ) Everything is looking great! I don't think I knew you were a knitter. That is another love of mine but I haven't done it for at least a year. I've always wanted to make a snood & still intend to do so one of these days. I mainly made socks.

I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend!

Mrs. GraceWorks said...

{{{Hugs}}} Your stitching is just lovely, as always, Sally! I can't believe how far you've gotten on your Fat Men! Yay!!


Julie said...

The Journey is looking lovely.
Stitching is therapy for so many, it should be on free prescription!
Can't be helping with each day getting nearer to your op, have a lovely Easter break with the family at home. Hope you get some nice weather and can have time out so you are able to remember the memories of those times when they return to work and school.

Keeper of the Crowes said...

I think a lot of SAH moms feel like you do but may not be as brave as you are to speak about it. I hope you have a wonderful Easter. Just know that so many people enjoy enjoy reading your blog and appreciate all that you do!

Fiona said...

Your stitching looks great. Sorry that you are feeling low at the moment, but you are right stitching is great therapy.

BrendaS said...

Lots of great stitching Sally! LOVE your SB piece.

Happy Easter:)

Michelle said...

Lovely stitching Sally as usual. I particularly like the Summer Splendor. Stunning xx

valerie said...

Lovely stitching Sally! Hang in there. It's normal to have highs and lows. Find the things that make you happy. Hugs and Happy Easter!

Petitesxxx et Cie said...

Nice progress on all your projects. Love Splendor that I've bought last year and still on the "to do" list!
SAHM mom is a really great & hard job! Hope bad feelings will go away soon.
Take care my Dear Sally,
Bisxxx from France

demeter83 said...

I'm absolutely loving the Guardian, such a beautiful piece!

jane said...

Lovely stitching Sally, I love seeing your progress.
Sorry to hear that you are feeling down, I am not a SAHM but can well imagine how it is. If a "cyberfriend" is of any help my inbox is always open xx

Ellen said...

Love the progress on your wips!

Keep stitching, it's good therapy for us!


BeckySC said...

(((hugs to you, Sally)))
Lovely, lovely stitching :)

dulcinella said...

you did a lot of stitching last week and all on such beautiful projects. I understand what you're talking about feeling lonely as a SAHM. and lots of people seem to think you are there for everyone and everything. Good thing you got away to your craft group. Meeting other people and doing things you like, can be a big help. I sned you lots of good thoughts and hugs

Veronica said...

I, for one, will never get tired of seeing WiP photos. They're eye candies in my book. However, I do wonder the same as the only thing I've to show recently is my Stargazer WiP.

Last block on 6 Fat Man. I'll be starting this on Monday. Can't wait!

I'll be waiting to see pics of Wesley and Fozzy. They sound adorable!

Hang in there, Sally. I hope things get better for you soon.

Lesleyanne said...

Great progress on all your gorgeous projects Sally. Sorry to hear you are feeling low and if you want to talk or vent please feel free to email me. Sending hugs your way.

Carol said...

I hope you feel better soon, Sally... It is hard dealing with periods of sadness and I hope yours passes quickly. I can't say enough for the power of exercise in relieving stress and anxiety. I would be lost without my 3 mile a day treadmill workout and, of course, my stitching...

Your works are always so lovely--I hope you know how much we all admire them :)

Sending you a warm hug...

Patty C. said...

Great progress
Happy Easter ;)

Southpaw Stitcher said...

Looks like you have been busy! All your stitching is gorgeous, as usual. Yes, stitching (and blogging) are very therapeutic. Hang in there--hope you're feeling better soon.

Dani - tkdchick said...

For the last while when I've picked up my BAP I've been completing a 10x10 block each day before picking up my focus piece. That has really made it move along.

Your SAL pieces look great!

happy Easter

Jackie said...

Hi Sally,
You have quite a bit of stitching going on and they all look wonderful.
Try to get some rest dear and enjoy your Easter weekend.

Kay said...

I love reading your blog and seeing your stitching. Being a SAHM is not always easy, as I know too well. Take care.

Clare - Aimetu said...

Stitching is a superb therapy - I couldn't manage or have got through without mine BUT you should say how you feel.

Much love x x

♥ Nia said...


Sweet Easter to you :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely stitching as always Sally. Good luck with the knitting, that's something I've never been able to master, no matter how many times my Mum has tried to teach me lol. Sorry you're having a tough time at the moment, I can relate, I feel the same way too sometimes.

TeresaB said...

Hi Sally, your Guardian piece is just amazing! I'm always in awe when I see it. I never get tired of seeing the progress you're making on it.

Sorry to hear you're feeling down. Being a SAHM is a lot of work. Take care of yourself. It seems spring has come and gone here, but maybe yours is a little nicer. Take some time to enjoy the flowers and the sun, maybe that will make you feel a little better. You're in my thoughts and prayers!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sally

Your WIP's are looking great!

I hope you start to feel better soon.

Anne said...

Beautiful stitching Sally! I'm glad you found a solution to Fozzy's chewing issue! I was wondering what happened to your other blog. I hope that you get more sleep because that tends to be a big cause of the blues. Keep stitching and doing what you love!



Brigitte said...

Your stitching looks so lovely - and no, I never get tired to see progress pictures of your projects.
So sorry to hear that you are feeling so low right now. But just stitch away and feel somewhat better while stitching.
I hope you were having a nice Easter weekend.

Myra said...

You are so productive Sally. I enjoy watching your projects progress.

Rachael G said...

I am behind on blog reading etc, trying to catch up myself. I do love seeing your Haed grow.
Lots of lovely progress
It is good therapy to stitch, I miss it, I need to do more.