Wednesday, 12 September 2012

A Stitching Crisis Lol!

A stitching crisis indeed! I blame all those weeks of having nothing else to do but stitch whilst I was recovering from my surgery. It was all very nice at the time but now I'm struggling. I won't say that I hate cross stitching but I'm finding it hard to get myself motivated. In my attempt to get back to how I was I've even picked up HAED Guardian again. I really feel the need for my hunky angel to help me out here and hear my pleas for some good things to happen to give us some hope and not just a fear of doom and gloom that we seem to have these days. I think part of my problem could be that I feel so despondent. I've gone off track a little there! Lol! I don't seem to be enjoying my stitching as much as I did and I'm not even sure that I like the few things I'm stitching on at the moment. So what to do? Start a load of new stuff? Persevere with what I'm stitching and see how it goes? 

Anyway enough of that. Time to show some actual stitching and some knitting. 

Barb and I both finished our Blackbird Designs last week so this Monday it was new start time. I chose Small Token and here's the little bit I stitched.

Last night I decided on a new start. Possibly going to be a big mistake as it'll mean I have two HAEDs on the go but I promised Abi I'd stitch this one for her. I did start it ages ago but the fabric wasn't right for my plan not to stitch the black background so this time I'm stitching the background. This means lots of black and here's my 400 stitches from last night. As you can see I'm using Magic Guide fabric which is brilliant! You just wash your piece when it's done and the marks wash out. Saves lots of times spent gridding:)

I've made a bit of progress on BOAF Sally Spencer Sampler. Not enjoying this as much as I had hoped.

As I said earlier I have picked up HAED Guardian again. I'm not sure if I will actually stitch the whole thing so I will just see how it goes. This chart was gifted to me for a reason by my surrogate sis Lisa and it means a lot to me. I think I managed about 500 stitches over two nights.

I've finally remembered to take a photo of my framed Lizzie*Kate 6 Fat Men. I still haven't got it hung on the wall!

Lastly some knitting. At craft club a couple of weeks ago I finished my Crest of a Wave Baktus. I'm really pleased with how it turned out but when I was sorting some needles for my next project I realised I'd knitted it on smaller needles than I should have! Duh! 

I had to get Jess' mitts finished before she moved back to her student house and I did. She wanted hers red and black and I love how they look. Oh that is her hamster Wesley getting in on the act!

Finally I started a new knitting project and this will be what I take to craft club with me each week and I may well do a bit at home when I've had enough of stitching in an evening. It is the Arsenic and Old Lace Afghan which I found on Ravelry. It is a huge undertaking but so far it's looking OK. This is my first block. I'm knitting it in Woolcraft Aran.

I'm hoping to get the enthusiasm back for blog commenting properly too. I feel so bad that I haven't been doing much but I just seem to be able to get myself motivated. I think I need a swift kick up the butt!

Need to get my finishing stuff out too and make a start on the boat load of stitching that needs making up ( OK boat load is a bit of an exaggeration but for me it's a lot!

Take care everyone.

With much love.



Vickie said...

Okay Sally, I do not want to kick you. How about a gentle nudge? Or what if you do that Wii exercise some more? Does that get you up and going? Your stitching does look great. Your knitting is wonderful. You gotta do what is making you happy Sally.

Kaisievic said...

Hi Sally, it seems like you are still doing quite a bit. I hope that you feel better about life and everything really soon. Remember that you have stitchy friends in blogland who are always here to listen to you.

lots of hugs, Kaye

Heather said...

I absolutely love six fat men and your baktus and Jess' gloves. Oh I love everything you do anyway I hope you continue with your stitching because you do inspire a lot of people out there :)

Margaret said...

I love to see your stitching and knitting. And the fat men all framed! Wonderful! I hope you stop feeling down -- I hate that doom and gloom kind of feeling. Feel better. And blog when you want to. Blogging should be fun, not a chore.

gracie said...

We are here to cheer you on! We all have that feeling at one time or another... hope you will soon be perky again. Love all the stitching and knitting...

Mrs. GraceWorks said...

Your Fat Men looks wonderful framed Sally! And I like that Magic Guide fabric. Too bad it isn't available here in the US that I can find. I'm going to try to finish the Tiny Treasure HAED chart that I'm working on before I start another, but I have my eye on one!


Gabi said...

Beautiful stitching and knitting. And the hamster is adorable.
I bow for anyone doing a HAED - or even more like you do.

butterfly said...

Oh Sally I have been there before, I think you need to really think what you would really like to do, buy a new chart and get your interest back , this is why I have so many things on the go I never get fed up now. I have a a very large bag of charts I want to stitch and have them all ready with material and threads so I can start a new one as soon as I have stitched one , because its hard to get going again. Then when I sit down at night I have a bag full of things to stitch so if I get fed up with one I pick another one up.
I also set my self goals now and just love to hit that goal every day . I sit down and mark my charts out for that week what part for Monday and that part for Tuesday and this works so well for me,try it.
I have a friend Sally who stays with one thing for years and is she still stitching NO she lost her mojo.hugs.

Julie said...

Love the new knitting project, gorgeous design. Fat Men looks wonderful, the framer did a lovely job.
My HAED is still in the bottom of the workbox probably covered in cobwebs by now lol.

WendyCarole said...

love the snowmen and the gloves. I am sure "hating" cross stitch is just a glitch. I reckon you either need a new x stitch chart to fire your enthusiasm or a little break and concentrate on the knitting.

There is nothing worse than hating something you love.

What ever you decide enjoy it.

BTW Wesley is very cute too. xxxx

cucki said...

beautiful stitching and knitting..
hamster is so cuteeeeeeeeeeee
love xx

Lesleyanne said...

I hope your mojo comes back soon Sally. I am sure we have all felt that way before. Your 6 fat men looks stunning. You have some great wips on the go and your new start will be gorgeous. Maybe Guardian will get your mojo back as well. Great knitting and Wesley is lovely.

Barb said...

Hey there Sally my friend, just love those snowmen , Wesley looks a real cutie.
Like the look of the new knitting and the finished items too. I too am feeling the same way Sally time of year I think . Nights drawing in sometimes affects people, I must admit I like the curtains drawn and to cosy up with the needles either sort. So I am hoping that will give me the boost to get on with something. Take care sweetie and I will see you Monday.

Shirlee said...

Hang in there Sally ... you will get your stitching enjoyment back again : ) Your projects look wonderful & the fingerless mitts are gorgeous! Congratulations on finishing the batkus & starting the afghan. I've decided to knit some dishcloths just to keep my hands familiar with stitches. I am giving myself these self-imposed cross stitching deadlines & goals & I sometimes feel I'm at the bottom of a hill & a big boulder is rolling toward me. Sigh!

dixiesamplar said...

At least you have gotten some stitches in...I haven't touched mine in over a week. Laying my hardwood floors has taken its toll on my wrist, hand, and back.

Ranae said...

Sally, your stitching and finishing are all so beautiful, please get back in the mood, your such an inspiration to me.
Love the 6 fat men in the frame
Have fun with stitching and blogging when you want, no pressure, hehe

Cath said...

Stop stitching for a couple of weeks and do something else.
Then buy a nice new chart or thread or something to get you back in the mood ,lol.
Take care xxx

Anonymous said...


Your finishes are all lovely and your hamster is very sweet. I hope you start to enjoy your stitching soon.
Your blog is lovely.

Anonymous said...

You and everyone who does a HAED really inspire me. I think yours are coming along nicely.

The Baktus and Gloves are really cute. I love the the start to Arsenic and Old Lace Afghan.

How adorable those 6 Fat men look in your frame! Awesome...

You keep me motivated to keep stitching Thank You!

Ellen said...

Hope your mojo comes back soon! I know the feeling, sometimes I just don't feel like stitching at all!

Love your 6 Fat Men, so beautifully framed! Great progress in your HAED! I really admire stitchers who do HAEDs, they are so huge!


Michelle said...

I love the cstart of the BBD Small Token oone Sally. Love your Fat Men framed. Sending you many hugs my friend xx

Christine said...

Hugs Sally, hope you are feeling more cheerful soon. You still do way more stitching and knitting than I seem to find time for.
Six Fat Men is great, and I love Jess's mitts. I was supposed to knit a hat scarf and gloves for Eloise before she went, I bought the wool and everything. It is all still in the bag from the wool shop. They can be a nice surprise when I post them down to her

Clare - Aimetu said...

I just adore your 6 Fat Men :-) i find I ave go and stop times in everything, stitching, reading, housework. Just go with the flow as pressure to do something can make you less inclined not more..I know when Dad's on my mind I am worse but everything gets done. As always your stitching is lovely, pop by at Needlecraft Haven and share it, you'll see others work too which might be a helpful boost :)

Carol said...

Your framed Six Fat Men is so cute, Sally--really a lovely job on both the stitching and framing :) And I always enjoy seeing your work--whether stitching or knitting...

Hope things begin looking up for you very soon. Sending a warm hug :)

Brigitte said...

Sally, I hope that you will find your stitching motivation very soon so that you can enjoy all the wonderful projects you have on the go. Maybe it will help when you get all your finishing stuff out and finish some of the stitched projects. Looking at them them might bring the mojo back, at least a little bit.

Anne said...

Love your framed Fat Men!! Great progress on your HAED..I should pick mine up too! Sorry to hear about your mojo being looks like you're getting it back. I hope you'll be okay! Hugs!

Oh and I love Jess's fingerless gloves. They are so cute!

Catherine said...

It is always so fun to see what you have been working on! Love the knitted pieces! I need to learn so I can make myself a pair of those gloves. They would be perfect for those early spring and late fall baseball games when I am trying to take pictures!!
My mojo has been off kilter for stitching and blogging as well. I need to gather my pics and do a post. I have been trying to keep up with reading those blogs I follow. Hope you feel back on track soon! Hugs!