Saturday, 10 August 2019


Seriously how did it get to be August?! The weeks are just flying by and it's been a while since I blogged. I have to admit that I find it a bit of a chore but I want to try and keep on so that I have a record of my stitching. That was my plan when I said I'd post finishes only and it would seem I can't even do that lol!

Anyway I have been stitching and have had some finishes and I even have some FFOs too. Not many but I have some anyway!

The first finish I have to show is also an FFO! No I can't believe it either! 

With Thy Needle and Thread Snow Birds

32 count pearl grey linen


Started 28th May 2019

Finished 23rd June 2019.

I joined in the Summer SAL on the Sheep Loving Stitchers group on Facebook. We had 4 designs to choose from and I chose this one.

Plum Street Samplers Woolemina

35 count light mocha linen

DMC & Classic Colorworks

Started 8th June 2019

Finished 7th July 2019.

Absolutely loved stitching this one!

Christmas in July stitching started on Instagram and I managed a finish!

Country Cottage Needleworks Merry Christmas

32 count mushroom dot murano

Classic Colorworks & DMC

Started 2nd July 2019

Finished 30th July 2019

Started and finished this next one in a day! 

Shepherd's Bush Joy to Ewe

18 count natural fabric


Started and finished 30th June 2019.

I really don't like stitching over 2 on 18 count!

Another Christmas stitch started and finished in a day is my July ornament.

Brightneedle To Thee Hope

28 count fabric


Started and finished 7th July 2019

Final finish is this beauty. Loved every single stitch!

Little House Needleworks Honeybee Sampling

Unknown fabric

DMC & Classic Colorworks

Started 14th July 2019

Finished 27th July 2019.

Of course I can't post without showing a WIP of A Saviour's Praise.

I ended the first half of Stitch from Stash with a very good + figure of over £300 so I was very pleased with ,myself. I'd sold lots of stash as I'd finished with it and also sold threads that I knew I wouldn't use as well having lots of finishes. So part B has started and we are allowed to use any balance leftover and not declare any purchases ( it gets used as a gift). So I have been buying some stuff which isn't good I know. I have still declared some of it though and no I haven't spent £300 or anywhere near that! Lol! I've been wanting some OOP Blackbird Designs books and managed to buy a couple ( Tokens of Friendship and With Needle & Thread) at a very reasonable price ( not extortionate Ebay or even some of the selling pages on Facebook prices!). My dearest friend Barb then gifted me another one ( Peppermint and Holly)  from her stash which made me want to cry but in a good way! I have also bought a couple of sheep charts from the USA that I couldn't get over here ( well I did end up with two of one as a shop over here had one so Barb bought that off me so look out for a SAL of Lulu's Flock next year). The other one was Sheepish Designs Betsy which I have wanted for a long time. Had to get that from The Silver Needle as they were the only ones with stock left. I read somewhere that a distributor had found some stock of it which was why it was available again. I am also trying to collect the Blackbird Designs Magical Mystery Tour charts and so far have ordered Blackbird and Strawberry Fields Forever. BBD have reprinted Eleanor Rigby and The Long and Winding Road which I am waiting to come into stock over here as well as Yellow Submarine which is OOS at the places I buy from. I'm hoping the BBD ladies will decide to reprint Octopus's Garden too. I think I need to hide myself away! At least I'm stitching my stash and getting that down more than I'm adding to it!

Well that's all from me now. I know my blog is pretty boring and I apologise for that and also for the fact that I don't visit your blogs. Maybe one day I'll come back to it properly.

Until next time.

With much love,

Sally xxx


Linda said...

Congrats on all of the gorgeous finishes Sally.


Susan of River Ridge said...

Sally, I enjoyed your blog and all of your beautiful work. I particularly like the first canvas as i love snowmen
(With Thy Needle and Thread Snow Birds). Your work if fabulous and i hope you don't stop blogging.

Julie said...

Social media and it's quickness/speed has left a lot of people not blogging. Personally, I like the fact people have had to take time to write a post and think about what they want to say and not just a quick comment and move onto something else. Your blog is not boring at all, people stop by to visit and comment as they care about you and what you are doing, they've made time to read and you haven't just popped up in their feed and they can add a quick emotion and move on like other social media platforms.
Lots of lovely stitching, and plenty more new things hopefully we'll see in the future. X

Kay said...

Your stats enhancement is fabulous, BBD are my favourite designers. You have eden lots too. I really like the colour of the flowers surrounding the sheep, a very pretty design. The honeybee design is gorgeous too, bees are one of my favourite motifs to stitch. Your blog is certainly not boring, it is always lovely to have a catch up with your work. x

Christine said...

Great stitching and finishing Sally. I particularly love the little SB Ewe ornament

Carol said...

Such lovely stitching you've shared with us today, Sally--I especially love your finishing on Snow Birds! Beautiful! Have a great week ahead :)

Jackie's Stitches said...

I always love seeing what you've been stitching and finishing Sally! Great job on the stitch from stash! That is a huge accomplishment!

Katie said...

Gorgeous stitching and fantastic finishes!

Astrids dragon said...

Welcome back and so nice to see all your lovely finishes! Especially the Snow Birds, they are adorable. And that Honeybee is sweet too.

Shelly said...

I never find your blog boring. Banish the thought! I would love to have Peppermint and Holly! Every now and then I see it posted on a FB stash selling site but I'm either too late or a tad bit short on funds:( Love the rest of your stash.