Thursday, 14 December 2006

Another Finish!

Well I am definitely on a roll this week with my stitching! LOL! Having said that when you consider the three pieces I've finished have been on the go for a while it's not that good really! In my pre-HAED days I'd have finished them a lot faster! Still, I love my HAEDs so I really can't complain. And speaking of HAEDs I've got Guardian printed out and it has huge blocks of colour so looks relatively easy compared with some! LOL! Even more to reason to start it BUT I'm planning on concentrating on getting this week's part of the SMO SAL stitched up then getting more done on Winter before I decide what to do!

So here's my latest finish and probably the final one of 2006. This is San Man Originals Dream a Little Dream stitched on San Man Starry Skies using San Man Strands. The variegated one was a gift on the San Man mb for becoming a maniac ( for having posted 1000 times). The chart and thread was a gift for becoming a double maniac. It's a sweet, little design and it was lovely to stitch. Not sure how I'll be finishing it off as yet. I will probably wait until Christmas now and get some idea from The Big Book of Finishing!

My birthday is lasting many days this year and I have a few more thank you's to say. Firstly thank you to Karen and Lamby ( Cindy) for the lovely birthday cards. Karen I nearly lost Winnie the Pooh to Abi but I told her she couldn't have him! LOL! Thank you also to Heather for the flossogram. The threads are gorgeous and I shall be finding something special to stitch with them. I got Olde Willow Plum Madelyn and Weeks Dye Works Navy. Last but by no means least thank you to Rita in WI who very kindly sent me a $10 gift certificate for EHandcrafts so I decided to pre-order LHN The Chocolate Shoppe. Mary Kathryn emailed me to say I had about $3.50 left as the shipping was on her for my birthday which I thought was really sweet. So I ordered Country Cottage Needleworks A Place We Call Home and will pay the difference when Mary Kathryn lets me know how much it is. I "met" Rita on the LHN Yahoo group when I joined a while ago and she is one of many ladies who make me feel very welcome there. So thank you all for making my birthday extra special. {{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}

Time to go I think and get the SMO SAL out for the afternoon. Abi is still home and now has some work from school! I'm hoping she may manage to go back tomorrow though.


Heather said...

You're very welcome Sally.

Hmmmmm so you've spent that GC already LOL I knew it wouldn't last long.

Just you enjoy your Birthday goodies.

Your SM looks great too, well done on another finish.

Heather said...

WOW I've just counted 39 finishes this year Sally.

Mary Ann said...

Sally, Dream a Little Dream is lovely!! And, you received some more wonderful birthday presents!!!

Claire said...

That is soooooo cute!! Congratulations on yet another brilliant finish!