Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Anothr SMO Finish!

Well I did say I might start something small yesterday and I did!! LOL! It's pretty pointless getting a HAED out during the day as there are always distractions of some kind to deal with so small things are ideal. So I made a start on San Man Originals Silent Night from the Secret Shop. I decided to stitch that and Holy Night on one piece of fabric and I'd like to try and get it made up into a wall hanging or something to go up in time for Christmas. Not sure I have any suitable material though. So this afternoon I finished off Silent Night and started and finished Holy Night. I stitched it using Seaside Treasures Night Sky ( I think!) and Kreinik silver braid. The charms came with the charts. Why is it pics uploaded from Photobucket look awful!! So I think this will be my last finish of 2006! I'm planning on concentrating on my HAEDs from now until Christmas. I am quite close to finishing page 2 of Summer so rather than go onto Dragonette tomorrow evening I'm carrying on with Summer! My rotation has gone completely to pot at the moment!

Blogrolling still hasn't fixed updates yet. I have posted a message on their forum twice now but they don't seem to take any notice and I'm not the only one complaining!


Heather said...

Yeah the quality from photobucket isn't as great Sally, but it still looks fantastic. Hope you can get it made up in time for Christmas.

On my blogrolling you are showing up as updated, but nobody else is.

Karen said...

I love your latest finish , I don't like photobucket much so I tend to just take the photo straight from the computer, after I have adjusted it and whatever else it needs.
I am hoping my last finish this year will be my Diane Graebner design just got snow and tree's to do now :o)
I don't think my blogrolling has ever worked properly

Claire said...

Love it Sally - looks so Wintery.

I bet you manage to squeeze in another small finish before the New Year!! lol

Kathy said...

Oh wow that is lovely.

hugs xxxx

ish said...

That's lovely. Please show us a photo when you've made it up

Mary Ann said...

I love how you stitched them as one piece--very nice!!

Jacqui said...

I don't use photobucket for blog photos for that exact reason. I just upload my photos straight from the computer. It's just as easy. However, saying that, your finish looks lovely. Well done.