Saturday, 30 December 2006

Christmas Mystery WIP.

Dede was asking me when she was going to see WIP pics of Chatelaine Christmas Mystery IV so I decided to take a piccie this morning. It's not a good one at all as you can't really see the different shades of green or the red but it gives you an idea of what it looks like so far! I still have a lot to do on this first part so think I shall work on it tonight and maybe tomorrow night then give it a rest. I'll share another piccie then and maybe a scan of one bit so that you can have a closer look.

I have just received the last part of the SMO SAL Let It Snow so might do a bit of that later on this afternoon. I had planned on using Light Effects for the snowman but not so sure now! It will probably be a pig to stitch with but I thought the effect might be nice.

I also want to start Country Cottage Needleworks Forest Snowfall as part of theWinter Solstice SAL on the LHN/CCN Yahoo group. I have everything ready to go and just need to make a working copy of my chart. I might make a start on it New Years Day so that it's my first new start of the New Year.

I am still feeling pretty low. Yesterday was the worst; I just felt like crying and running away from everything. Only thing is it'll all be here when I came back so I just might as well stick it all out and hope things improve. My sister and her partner came yesterday and she didn't help things along by the way she spoke to me on the phone from my Dad's. I should make a New Year's resolution to be kinder to myself ( I just don't feel good about myself) and let others take the heat a bit but it won't happen so what's the point of building my hopes up only to be let down.


Jo said...

Keep Smiling!

Look forward to all your pics of your 2007 finishes.

Julie said...

Chatelaine is looking good Sally, you have been busy. Gotmy part 7 today too, so really need to get that finished now LOL
Lots of love and {{hugs}}

Dede said...

The WIP looks great! Interesting that she started with the border. In the book I'm ready about being happy, one of the things you're supposed to do is speak gently to yourself -- so you're on the right track! I hope you start feeling better soon.

Karen said...

good start on your wip Sally I am looking forward to seeing more. Hope you feel a bit brighter soon

Mary Ann said...

Sally, your Christmas Mystery is looking great! I hope you are feeling a little better. ((HUGS))

IcelandMom said...

Hello Sally.

Loved to see the pic of your Christmas mystery, I am still waiting for my fabric and rest of the treads+beads to arrive. Hopefully next week. Hope you´ll feel better in the New Year. Take care of yourself my dear.

All the best,
Edda in Iceland

Nancy in IL said...

Sally, you're so brave to tackle such daunting projects. You give me courage to try one myself (and I have HAEDs and Convent Herbal Garden - all untouched). I'm so sorry for your blues, and you must be kind to yourself. You have developed an absolutely GORGEOUS new blog and have stitched and started lovely pieces (Let It Snow is toooo cute), and you are the friendliest, sweetest person, one of the sincerest people online, and it shines through. I was drawn to you from the first time you posted on our LHN list. Don't ever sell yourself short! You're just s wonderful person!