Thursday, 7 December 2006

Ornaments Revisited!

My sewing machine and I have been working in perfect harmony today sewing up the two ornaments I showed yesterday and ( at long last!) San Man Originals The Perfect Tree! I haven't done anything fancy with them but I'm really pleased with how they look. No piccie of The Perfect Tree at the moment though as I haven't sewn the hole up where I stuffed it with filling! The piccie of the ornaments isn't very good as I took it with my digital camera- one with the flash and one without and this one was the best. I must say that I love my sewing machine. It's rather old as it belonged to my grandma and my Dad thinks her Mum before that. It's a Singer one and my Mum had it serviced many years ago and it goes like a dream. OK so there's no fancy stitches but that doesn't bother me!

Last night I decided to stitch on HAED QS Dragonette seen as it was QS Wednesday on the HAED ezboard. I got quite a bit done but not enough to warrant a scan really. I'm not quite sure whether to do a bit more on it tonight or get more stitched on Little House Needleworks The Counting House. I'd like to finish this and Just Nan Barnabee's Quest before Christmas if I can then have a clear run on a couple of new starts.

I took Abigail to the doctor's this morning. She's had an upset tummy since Sunday afternoon and for all she's not having to "go" as often the poor child is still going and is looking really washed out. Anyway the doctor said it was probably working it's way out but she wants a sample ( yuck) to send away and test just incase. Finally got one so will get DH to take it up to the surgery when he comes in! LOL! Tomorrow can only be better can't it?! Please!


dani263 said...

Hi Sally,
Thanks for your comment on my blog! I had to figure out how to get back to you but managed
My fabric hasn't come in yet, so I'm gonna bite my nails a bit
Hope Abigail will be OK soon and I love your Christmas decorations!!!

Nona said...

Your ornaments look great! I can't wait to see your finish on the Perfect Tree. I'm glad that you and your sewing machine are working well together, me and mine still are battling for the alpha position... :)

I hope that Abigail is doing well very soon.

Anonymous said...

{{hugs}} to Abi, hope she feels better soon, my sewing machine is an old Singer one too, basic but it doesn what i need LOL
take care, Julie xx