Tuesday, 5 December 2006

I am In!!

Wahoo!!! I received my acceptance from Martina to the Chateaine Christmas Mystery IV yesterday evening! I am really looking forward to this mystery as I love Christmassy designs and it's in traditional colours too. It starts on 24th December so I think Christmas evening will be spent stitching on it, providing I have everything I need by then to start it. I'm using DMC so have all those, the Rainbow Gallery Petite Braid are on order barring two that Shirley from Country Cottage didn't have, but my friend, Claire, has granted my wish for one of the others on the San Man Originals message board. I have ordered the bead pack from European Cross Stitch so just need to sort out some fabric. I'll do a floss toss with the DMC and see what looks best. The suggested fabric is cream linen but I am honestly not keen on linen and much prefer evenweave so I'll have to see whether antique white will work or ivory as it appears that you can't buy cream evenweave.

I am intent on stitching all afternoon today! I want to try and get the ornament finished that Jessica has chosen for her group tutor. I started it last night after finishing the Monsterbubbles one. I thought if I got the other one finished today I can sew it up tomorrow and maybe sew up San Man Originals The Perfect Tree too so that I can get it on display for Christmas!

I'm all wired up today! Those of you who read my MSN Space will know that I am having a 24 hour ECG and I've been to the surgery this morning to get all wired up until 8.30 am tomorrow! The little box is quite bulky really but, thankfully, if I'm going out my coat covers it quite well. Just looks as though I've got something in my pocket! There was so much spare wire dangling from the little pads the nurse stuffed it up through my bra so I'll have to sleep in it or I might end up strangling myself in my sleep! LOL!


Anonymous said...

thinking of you, hope all goes well with your ECG moonitor. {{hugs}} Julie xx

Heather said...

Hope all goes well with your ECG, don't strangle yourself Sally, sellotape them to your arm!!!!

Claire said...

See nothing to fear with the 24hr tape - is there?!

Now don't get up to mischief in the bedroom!! ;o) Remember the tape will know!!



nancy said...

Oh my word .. hadn't thought of someone getting all tangled in the wires in bed! *lol* Behave! ;-)

Nona said...

I hope that all goes well with your ECG... I've had that done myself, but don't remember all of those wires... :)

Michele said...

oh my, that mystery sounds like such fun .. and intriguing too! I'm such a Christmas/Winter girl, this really has me thinking .. I've never done one of her mysteries before .. hmmmmmm ;)