Thursday, 28 December 2006

Post Christmas Blues

Yes I'm afraid I have a touch of the post Christmas blues. It's the same every year when Christmas Day and Boxing Day are over I just feel so empty and fed-up. DH doesn't go back to work until Tuesday and the girls aren't back at school until 8th Jan but I'm already feeling the loneliness of them being gone all day again. I'm never really sure of why it feels so bad after Christmas. Probably because there's all the excitement and the wonder of the season and then, bang, it's all finished.

Anyway we had a lovely Christmas. It was quiet with just my Dad here but we enjoyed it. We talked, watched TV, laughed at the girls with their Nintendo DS Lites and Nintendogs games and just generally relaxed and had fun. All four of us received some lovely gifts and the only disappointment I had was my Valentino Rossi top is too big! If it fits DH he's having it and if not I'll have to send it back to Grand Prix Legends and get another one. I received some very nice stash. As I already said in a previous post my Dad gave us money to get what we wanted and I got the Chatelaine Spring Morning chart and kit, from DH's auntie I got Summer Tresswell's Big Book of Finishing and from DH I got Country Cottage Needleworks Forest Snowfall, Little House Needleworks Winter Wonderland and a Jayne's Attic Christmas Lights stash pack which contained two pieces of gorgeous fabric and several lovely threads. I also received clothes, perfume, candles, books, CDs and chocolates.

On the stitching front I started Chatelaine Christmas Mystery IV on Boxing Day. The first part is the border and so far I've got all the way round with two shades of green and am making a start on the next shade! It looks like it's going to be a lovely Christmas piece but rather a huge undertaking which I'm hoping to be able to keep up with! LOL!

Lisa and I have been talking about the stash wagon again ( yes you can mock and laugh all you want) and have decided we are going on it for the first three months of 2007 at least and this time we are both very determined to see it through. We both have lots of charts in our stash and have plenty to keep us going so it's not as though we need anything. We have agreed that if we see a chart we like it will go on our wish lists and the only things we will buy are threads and fabric if we need them for a chart we are going to stitch. So wish us luck! LOL!

Last night I did a couple of hours on HAED QS Dragonette but not enough to warrant a WIP picture. Come 1st January I seriously need to get back to a rotation so I can make some headaway on my HAEDs whilst keeping up with other, smaller projects too. I will having a think about how to do it this time but think it will be similar to the one I had before I went hell for leather to finish Blossom ( which DH's auntie loved and said she thought it was Jess!). I think Sara Butcher's Winter could well be my focus piece seen as it's a big piece then I should be able to make good progress on it, or I may not have a focus piece and just work on three main pieces ( two HAED and one non HAED), a QS for QS Wednesdays ( Dragonette) and then smaller pieces another week with the Christmas mystery maybe on weekends. Not sure yet!


Lisa said...

Sending hugs for you feeling down, I know just how you feel, I'm the same right now, will be glad to get back to work actually and normality.
We will stay on the wagon this time, no matter what anyone says!
Hugs Lisa

Julie said...

looking forward to seeing progress pics on Chatelaine Mystery, sorry you are feeling down, no stash buying here either for a while, have more stuff than i could ever sttich and really need to get some of it stitched LOL. Sending lots of {{hugs}} Julie x

Dede said...

I get the same feeling right after Christmas. So much planning and anticipation and then it's just... over. I should go on the wagon, myself, but I just can't do it. Something about vowing not to buy anything makes me want to that much more! When do we get to see a pic of the Chatelaine Mystery?

Stitchspice said...

Looking forward to seeing pics.
Also hearing about how you are doing on the stash wagon!!
I feel the same as you after Christmas.
Hugs Fi

Stitchingranny said...

oh poor Sally, think its being so busy before Christmas and then you dont quite know what to do with yourself once all the rushing around stops. I too am trying to be on the stash wagon, I got 8 charts for Christmas and with what I already have I will need to live to about 120 to stand a chance of completing them all. Good luck with it lol.