Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Not Too Happy

Well the start to the day was not very good. I won't go into huge detail but my Dad is driving me to distraction. He decided that he was giving up and not bothering getting pills for his arthritic knee and I think it's all because he asked me to ring the doctors to get him an appointment and I asked why he couldn't do it! Then I told him that I had no idea what time DH would be home and he'd need to make arrangements just incase he wasn't and I couldn't take him. Well he went off on one. It didn't help matters that he couldn't get an appointment with his doctor for this afternoon because he wasn't in! The trouble with my Dad is he won't do for himself when it comes to ringing people up and he's already had to ring the surgery to see if his consultant had sent a letter because I couldn't because of patient confidentiality. Also he expects me to run him to the doctors everytime he has to go and I just don't have the car to do it all the time. I was so livid and so upset. He knows DH doesn't have a normal 9 til 5 job and I never know what time he's getting in. I've just about had enough of his attitude and also that of my sister. When we visited her on Sunday she was so busy with her partner's sister and husband that we might as well not have been there plus my Dad put on an act that he could walk OK and was as fit as a fiddle in front of my sister. I was just about fit to burst this morning. It's a good job I've calmed down now that's all I can say!

Last week the hair straighteners I got last year threw one! Everytime I clamped my hair in them they switched off. I thought it was me catching the button but when I was doing Jessica's hair they did the same thing. Anyway where I bought them from wouldn't take them back because they were out of the year guarantee ( by 3 days!) but as they've got a 3 year guarantee I could send them to the service centre to have them repaired or replaced free of charge. Well i sent them first class recorded last Thursday and they still haven't arrived. I just hope they haven't got lost in the Christmas mail.

I decided to print out one of the advent calender charts from the Chatelaine Yahoo group today. Decided while I was on to save two more I'd downloaded in previous days. When I saved them all the others disppeared! No idea where the hell they have gone but I am so mad because it was one of those that I really wanted to print out and stitch. I checked every single CD of charts I have to make sure they weren't on another and they were nowhere to be seen. Also the broadband modem appears to be playing up. Both the USB and ADSL lights go out completely and we have to shut the PC done and restart it to get it going again. Got in touch with Virgin, who is our ISP, and they totally misintreted what I'd reported was happening and gave a load of totally useless info! Anyway I have ordered a new modem just in case it goes altogether.

Finger's crossed the Kaolin seems to helping Abi. I have upped her dose to the full one and it does seem to be working. She is still "going" but it's getting better.

I have a sudden thing about Death! Yes I did type Death! Not Death as in Earth Death but as in Terry Pratchett's Discworld Death! We watched Sky One's adaptation of The Hogfather on Sunday and Monday and we loved it! So I now want the book to read and may end up collecting a few of the others too. David Jason was brilliant as Albert, Death's assistant and Marc Warren was at his usual best as a psycho in Mr Teatime. We're hoping it'll be released on DVD in the near future so we can watch it again.

Stitching wise I've been doing my usual HAED Summer. Still determined to get page 2 finished tonight but it's doubtful!


Mary Ann said...

Oh Sally, it sounds like you had a rounder of a day--I hope tomorrow is tons better!

Claire said...

What a day its been for you. Hope the rest of the week and holiday season is better for you. Don't be afraid to let of steam and tell people your feelings.


Karen said...

Sorry to hear your dad is giving you problems LOL it must be dad's everywhere mine drives me nuts as well mind you I have a 3 week break now he is off on holiday as he has decided he doesnt like Christmas and everyone is money grabbing!!!!
I hope tomorrow is better for you

nancy said...

Sally, I hope your week has only gotten better from that disastrous day! And that Abi's continuing to do better!! Sending you lots of hugs & comfort!

Anonymous said...

Hello Sally,

I watched the first part of The Hogfather and thought it was great, but missed the second part, as I'd completely forgotten all about it. Fortunately, my dad's got the book, so I'll have to see if he'll let me borrow it.

Please do not take this the wrong way, but I am pleased that I'm not the only one who's had to contend with things breaking down. However, I guess it is fortunate that you'd got a 3 year guarantee, as opposed to a 1 year guarantee (I'm referring to the hair straighteners).

Rebecca x